Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have watched my wife suffer through cyclical migraines for the last 26 years. Last year she fell and injured her back and neck. She spent the last year off of work and suffering through constant migraines. She went to a headache clinic in Iowa City last spring and had 3 days of migrainal drip and when that didn't knock the migraine back they sent her to the pain clinic where they gave her occipital nerve block shots in the back of her head. The migraine pain stopped immediatly. She had 3 painfree days, then the headaches came back. She was referred to a local pain clinic which confered with the Iowa City pain clinic. The then proceeded to go through weekly injections, upto 18 seperate shots a week for almost 4 months. She was put on doxipan as a preventive. In the last four months midrin has been able to stop any headaches that have started. A drawback was that the cortizone shots in her head caused clumps of her hair to fall out. She has been relativly migrane free for the past 4 months and it is great. The treatment is radical but as we know the treatments for migraines have to be. Thats all for now. John
John <>
Cedar Falls, IA USA - Date: 10/31/98 (Sat) Time: 07:21:51 PM
Hello Fellow Migraineurs...I absolutly know that some of you have been wondering just what has happened to Linda...especially Carole in Wisconsin and Tanti and Jana. Well my computer has suffered the "ultimate Migraine" and my hard drive crashed. It is in the repair shop for a new one, but it will take about a month and a half until it is done and paid for. (Isn't it funny how when the money runs out, the most expensive repairs arise?) At any rate, I am using the computer at the public library until mine is repaired so I am limited to one hour at a time...bummer, I could spend hours on here. As a result of my hard drive crashing, I lost a number of e-mail addresses from a great deal of friends from this journal. My e-mail address is still the they assure me that my account will be saved and that none of my mail will be lost, so I would appreciate all that have been sending mail to me to continue to do so, I will be collecting my mail when the computer is finished, or sooner if I can figure out how to access it from a different computer. They tell me that is possible, I just don't know how to do it yet. Borrowing a computer is a new experience for me. I would appreciate notes from new friends too...encouragement that this too shall pass. And now to address my headaches...since my last posting about two weeks ago I think, I have had several headaches, three last week, two which had to be treated at the hospital. Last Saturday night I had to go to the ER, and my doctor nor any of his collegues could be reached by beeper or telephone. No one knows why and I might add, neither do any of them (ha ha). Anyway, I had to see the ER doc. A doc that I know...but he was nice and gave me the medication that I needed...Nubain and Phenergan...and the headache went away after about an hour and I was pain free until yesterday. I had no medication to take for it, so I had to call my doc and ask for something. I thought that he would just order a shot, but he ordered Stadol. Thank goodness. It saved a trip, and others, to the ER and a great deal of money. Problem is he probably won't order anymore for about a month, so I need to be careful with this bottle. They usually don't last more than a week, so I just suffer the rest of the time. He has also stopped my flashes have returned...and my Fiorinal. What do you all think that he is trying to do to me????? I hate the headaches, but now the hot flashes are back and I think the headaches are becoming more frequent. What a vicious circle we have been subligated to. Anyway, my time is growing short on this computer for today, so I must close now. Please e-mail me from time to time...I am still alive and need your letters. It is the one thing besides my husband that keeps me sane. I will figure a way to collect my mail, but for now, this is the only way that I will be able to communicate with you all. Thanks for all your support. Linda
Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA - Date: 10/31/98 (Sat) Time: 03:53:54 PM
T too have battled with a "severe headaches" and on Thursday it started in my right eye and temple. It has now moved to the left side and I am having problens just lifting my head off of the pillow. Bending over is a NO-NO.... The only reason I am on the net is so that I can share my story with you. I was in charge of our church chili supper tonight, but had to bail out. Thank God, there are others that can take my place. I have taken "many" percodan, loratab and soma over the past couple of days, been to the family Doc on Thurs for an injection of Stadol/phenergan and still no releif. I am trying to avoid a visit to our local ER tonight. I don't feel like leaving my home and explaining my pain to a nurse or doctor. Afterall, they may or may not beleive me and it's not something they can see with their visable eye like a broken bone and such.. It hurts when I lay, walk, cough, talk and sat. What a life!!! I have prayed,cried and prayed some more. The ice pack on my head is so heavy and I lay with blankets on me to warm me from the chill of the ice. I am so thankful that I have a caring and sensitve husband and daugher. The pain is so bad that I feel that I would be better off dead than alive. My question is how can a cancer patient suffer anymore than I do with headaches??? When people say they understand, do they?? I really think they have to experience it to understand it. I just placed a lock on my front gate so that I won't be bothered with the trick-a-treaters tonight. Trying to descibe the pain is tough. It is like someone is pushing a knife into my temple area..... I am afraid that I am going to overdose on all of the pain meds. I also fear "rebound headaches." What have I done to deserve this???? Is there any releif in sight??? Why me??? I am thankful that I can share my story with others on this site. I don't wish this pain on anyone. It is unbearable...... I am the church pianist and as you know tomorrow is Sunday. Will I be able to attend and use the talent that I enjoy doing or will I let others down by staying home? Please remember me in your thoughts and prayers as I strive to take it one hour at a time. God Bless Each One Of You....
Angelwings <>
USA - Date: 10/31/98 (Sat) Time: 02:42:26 PM
I suffer from migraines frequently, especially when the weather changes...does anyone out there take a prescription medicine for sinus pain? I've been taking over the counter medicine to stop the sinus pain from turning into a full fledged migraine. Also, the muscles on the left side of my face seize up right where the jaw hindge connects...that pain can frequently trigger a migraine. I know I shouldn't be taking so much pain reliever and wonder if anyone has any ideas. I'm going to an ears, nose and throat Dr. on Monday who can hopefully suggest something. For the jaw hinge problem I've tried all sorts of bite plates but nothing works. My Orthodonist wont let me try braces for fear it'll make me worse. Also, I've been reading this journal for a couple of weeks and I get the impression that Zomig works better than Imitrex. Is that true? My e-mail address is Your ideas are very welcome!
Christie Greising <>
Marquette, MI USA - Date: 10/31/98 (Sat) Time: 11:20:40 AM