Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I'm trying to ignore the fact that a migraine seems to be coming, and soon. I have pain that ranges from barely there to annoying, which is how some of my migraines begin. I have tried some excedrin, but it does'nt help much. I have had this darned headache on and off for the past couple of days now, due to my period coming(and it was a few days late, so the aggrevation has been prolonged, I should be over this by now) I have to think about getting ready for the holidays coming up(starting shopping and such tomorrow) but I don't really feel like it. The holidays can produce some really bad headaches. I had one on Christmas eve once. Did everything I had to do by trying my best to ignore it that day. I think thats why I hate the holidays. It just adds stress and that could produce a bad headache.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 11/07/98 (Sat) Time: 03:08:35 PM
This is Carol again. I had made a mistake on my e-mail address. It's Sorry!
Carol Cardillo <>
Pawtucket, RI USA - Date: 11/07/98 (Sat) Time: 02:52:41 PM
Hi! This is the 1st time I'm writing. I'm 41 and have had migraines since 18. I have been keeping a med. journal for years and the migraines are DEFINITELY period related. I have about 9 good days a month if I'm lucky. My migraines are debilitating and depressing. I have been asking for a hysterectomy for years but they say they can't take healthy organs even though I'm living a life of pain. It seems to me that if I didn't have my period, I wouldn't have these debilitating migraines. Why can't they see this pattern? I've tried almost everything. The best med. that works for me is Maxalt (that dissolves on your tongue). It's expensive, but good. Is there anyone who has had a hysterectomy and still gets bad migraines? Do you take replacement hormones? Any ideas would be welcomed! It's nice to know I'm not alone - but not nice to know so many people suffer from the same hell. Keep praying! Carol
Carol Cardillo <>
Pawtucket, RI USA - Date: 11/07/98 (Sat) Time: 02:47:34 PM
I have been a migraine sufferer for 19 years and have tried everything. On 11-11-98 I am having permanent nerve blocks done. Has anyone else done this and is it successful. Please let me know. Thanks Carolyn
Carolyn <>
OH USA - Date: 11/06/98 (Fri) Time: 08:43:53 PM
Thank you to everyone that has given me suggestions advise and a lot of help... Thank You ALL
Karen <>
Ia USA - Date: 11/06/98 (Fri) Time: 08:24:36 PM
I AM FED UP. IHAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH MIGRAINES. I have seen many types of doctors taken many type of drugs, and yet still no RELIEF. Imtrex, tylenol 3, vicadin, fiorinol, madrin, exedrin, amerge, phenergan, zoloft, paxil, elevil,lithium, xanax stadol, darvacet, indocet, ETC.--- GET the message. I hope my liver is ok!! I've been in a mental institution beacause the drs don't know what to do with me. I find releif with narcotics mostly! Imtrex works only 1/2 the time. Why were narcotics even invented if they cannot be prescribed!! I am not a Drug adiict I need PAIN RELIEF. Iam so tired of being sick My poor husband and children are neglected due to my pain! I hope some person--or neourologst can helpme!! Ha Ha---most neourologists have never had a headache befor
A. <>
Sacto, Ca. USA - Date: 11/06/98 (Fri) Time: 08:21:50 PM
Several of you have asked about Maxalt on this journal and someone sent me a site where about it talks about the drug.
USA - Date: 11/06/98 (Fri) Time: 06:43:31 PM