Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hello again. This is a great page it has helped a lot hearing everyones stories and symptoms. BUT I have a question---- Does anyone feel as though they can't eat breakfast.? This may be a weird question but for me its almost impossible to eat breakfast. I have to force myself to swallow the food! And if I do eat then I won't be as sick. E/Mail me back
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CA USA - Date: 11/16/98 (Mon) Time: 11:58:44 AM
About IMTREX--- When I take a shot of Imtrex, It make I feel the medicine hit my body it makes my headache intensify for about 15 minutes It hurts sooooo bad I hate it. But then after 15 minutes it either goes away or goes back to the level of pain before I took the shot.. If it doen't work then I have to use a narcotic prefurably a shot of demerol---then it almost goes away FORTUNATLY ---most of the time... For me imtrex only works about half the time... E/mail me back if you have a simular experience.
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CA USA - Date: 11/16/98 (Mon) Time: 11:47:59 AM
Barbara B, I too get flashes of bright light. Sometimes without even getting a migraine. Do you also get a buzzing, electrical feeling? These really scare me and I haven't heard from anyone else who gets these. I haven't found anything that stops these. Even if my pain medicine helps the flashes still happen. I cannot sleep when this is happening no matter how much medication I have had. I hate that this also happens to you but it helps to know I am not the only one. Marina
LA USA - Date: 11/16/98 (Mon) Time: 11:35:23 AM
Hi everyone, Jana here again. I have a question to all of you in hope someone will have an answer for me. I have recently received a job offer with a major airline company. One of their prerequsites to the final offer is conducting a drug screening. HELP!! As you all know, we migraineurs have to digest certain medications that will show up on a drug screening test, right? What do I need to do in order to be exempted from being outcasted as a "druggie?" I am only having to take Tylenol #4 now and very rarely I have no alternative than to take a couple of Fiorinals also. As you all know, these particular drugs DO show up on pre-employment drug screenings. I know the Fiorinal will show up as a barbituate, but what does the codeine show up as? Is that considered an "opiate" or what? Or do you think it even shows up at all? I know I can get a letter from my neuro doc to justify my taking these narcotics, BUT I don't want the airline company to think I am going to be out a lot due to my medical condition. Of course, I do know they cannot discriminate against our disability of migraines, however, we know all companies DO discriminate to a certain degree without being caught. Know what I mean? I would appreciate any and all input/suggestions/advice regarding my search for answers on this topic. Thank you all! Please email me ASAP and let me know what I can do. I know I can always count on my migraine buds from this journal. You all are very supportive and that plays a huge part in our recovery from the migraines. I look forward to hearing from anyone about what I can do. Take care and I hope everyone is feeling good and has a wonderful pain free week ahead. I am in the middle of yet another migraine right now, a dull one, not *real* bad tho. I think it's due to the Prednisone I have had to begin for my asthma flare-up. I am on a quick taper beginning with 40mg of Prednisone and quickly tapering off of it. ~Jana~
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Atlanta, GA USA - Date: 11/15/98 (Sun) Time: 04:03:11 PM
Ive read that many of you have had pretty good results from Imitrex and Zomig. Some said that they didn't help. What I want to know is if anyone has had bad reactions to them. I've tried the Imitrex injections, the pills, and the nasal spray. Just last week I tried a Zomig tablet. I am never taking a vasoconstrictor again. It makes my whole body feel weird, but especially my head. My head starts hurting a lot more. It's the whole head from my shoulders up. It feels like it's going to blow up. Each time I've waited about an hour and a half before I took Fiorinal #3. Then by that time it has gotten so bad that your digestion has slowed way down so it takes another hour to hour and a half to start working. All I think is that if I had taken the pain med at the beginning that it might have stopped the headache. At this point, though, it only makes it somewhat better. Is this unusual?
USA - Date: 11/15/98 (Sun) Time: 03:21:44 PM
Julie, I just finished trying acupuncture, but it didn't work for me. I went to 6 sessions. My friend went and hasn't had a headache since, so it's individual, and if it does work for you, it's a more natural way to go. It's worth a try.
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RI USA - Date: 11/15/98 (Sun) Time: 02:55:26 PM
If any of you know of or have children that suffer w/very high temperatures w/their migraines could you post your experiences in the Journal? I know that several have children that suffer w/migraines, but I have not seen the problem with high temperatures posted. Thank you
USA - Date: 11/15/98 (Sun) Time: 02:41:52 PM