Journal of Migraine Sufferers

TO MELISSA MAJEWSKI: I have been prescribed MIDRIN, and have felt the sedating affects, but it has'nt been enough for me to fall asleep at my desk. I do data entry, and have to be fairly alert to keep from making mistakes, so I could'nt afford to be taking something that would cause me to nod off. If anything, I've noticed that there are times that Midrin actually seems like a stimulant in my system, although that may be only me, because, when I have taken close to the number I'm allowed to take in an eight hour period, I suddenly feel as if I'm wide awake. That's awful when you want to go to sleep, and can't and are already worn out because of the pain from a migraine. I don't want to confuse you, though, just to give some of my observations, and to tell you that the sedative, at least for me, has had a very mild effect on me.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 11/17/98 (Tue) Time: 05:05:25 PM
From an objective, intellectual perspective, I know that my migraines are due to a predisposition to vasomotor irritability. I also know that I fit the "stereotypical" migraine personality. I am aware that this description of the migraineur no longer applies, but in my case, perhaps, I should admit that I am a hopeless perfectionist and introspective to my own demise at times. Yes, to a certain degree, I have always wondered whether I am to blame for my migraines. Does that sound neurotic? Yes, definitely. My entry alluded to the current lack of emotional support from anyone. Maybe, I do blame myself. The life lived with a migraine is certainly isolating and hideous in many ways. This past weekend another "one" took over my life. I had decided to wait until the last moment to take the Zomig. I hate taking drugs. I remember a time, though it seems like centuries ago now, that I was clear-headed, coherent in my conversation and able to process information as quickly as it entered my brain. I long for the time when the "dance of the neurotransmitters" was always there to remind me I was a thinking, rational, intelligent individual. I fear that the past 36 years and the long list of medications have finally killed the fire in my soul and the fluidity of my intelligence. Whether this is due to age or other factors, I do not know for certain. I despise the idea that I should live another day, another week, another month with these headaches, and I know I must. With this past attack, I felt helpless and hopeless. I waited, and waited and waited, praying it would end, but it never does; the pain goes on and on and on. To tell the truth, I am sick of having this pain in my brain. I am sick of the nausea and life's precious moments lost. I don't see how any of you with daily migraines can endure the pain and suffering. I live in constant fear of the next one. Sounds like depression? Maybe, it is. Live life in a pit with a pain like this, and tell me how else should I react? Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
GA USA - Date: 11/17/98 (Tue) Time: 04:14:54 PM
I can't believe it took me this long to find a site like this. I will be 23 years old on Friday and have been suffering from severe headaches since I was about 7 years old. I had childhood epilepsy (petit mol) which I was cured of (ironically with Depakote, which I know is now used for migraine) and have always wondered if this has anything to do with my current migraines. I have been diagnosed with migraine, and have taken (in order)- Naprosyn, Esgic, Imitrex tablet Imitrex Nasal Spray, Fioricet and I just started taking Nortriptylene as a prophylactic. Each medication worked when I first started it, then slowly began to lose its effect. Last week I had to take 6 Fioricet (in a 12 hour period) to get rid of a migraine. I don't get the aura that I hear some sufferers do, just a sharp pain that starts behind one eye, usually left, sometimes right, then spreads over and around to the back of my neck. Eventually it feels like that if I could just pull my eyeball out, it would release the pressure. It scares me that at such a young age, I sound like I'm reading out of the PDR. I also take Desogen (oral contraceptive) and am wondering about the long-term effects of the Nortriptylene with the Desogen. I read in the nurses drug guide that it increases risk of toxicity, but I think that's in higher dosages (mine is 25mgs.) Anyone know anything? I am also interested in trying acupuncture, but there are so many in the NYC area that I would really prefer a recommendation. HELP!! Thanks Jeannette
Jeannette <>
New York, NY USA - Date: 11/17/98 (Tue) Time: 03:07:28 PM
I must say I wholeheartedly agree with the comments attributed to Good Samaritin today. The downward spiral is literative and figurative. I think there is a correlation between depression and a self-disgust over being depressed. BUT, how to break the cycle, when the physical reality is depressing? No answer here. I also want to comment that the issue of psychic alertness is associated with migraine suffering. Despite being a rational and "normal" individual, I, who have suffered so much less than the people on this list, and my son, who has suffered unspeakably both have a more advanced ability to read people or heightened perception, if you will. Without sounding like a kook, I believe we both represent what Good Sam was describing. Though in his case, it frightens him and in my case, I "don't want to go there". Both of us are, I think more charitible and caring/empathetic than average. Which can be a disadvantage in this world, wouldn't you agree? Victoria
Victoria <>
Purcellville, , Va USA - Date: 11/17/98 (Tue) Time: 02:38:10 PM
I Dont get migraines, but my wife does, alot. not as much as most, but enough to keep me worried. she gets them about 3-4 times a month and her eyes become sensitive to light. they have been real serious in the last year or so and have become more frequent since we got married (its either me or the pill, probably me though:)jk) anyway are there any suggestions for a new husband like me so that i can take care of my wife. we dont have alot of money, were still in school. i dont know what to do. please help, our doc. is an idiot and we dont have a choice because katherin has to go through him at Loma Linda University where she attends school.thanks
James Keddington <>
Hemet, Ca USA - Date: 11/17/98 (Tue) Time: 01:25:42 PM
I have had "migraines" since age 14 when I first took myself to the doctor & found out that is what they were. I am now 36 and continue to suffer with these horrible migraine attacks with no end in sight. Over the years I have spent countless amounts of $$ on seeking "answers" as to why I get the migraine and how to control the pain, how to make it go away during an attack...well you all know the story....I have tried so many different types of meds. I continue looking for a "cure" or at least a way to live with the daily pain - my migraines are termed 'INTRACTABLE" or hard to manage since I have pain on a daily basis - no aura - one sided w/all the other symptons combined. If anyone out there has any information on any new treatment programs pls send me a note...Amronh@AOL.COM & I promise to share what I have gathered over the years - information wise. I have been to all the best known headache clinics..Diamond, Montefiore, Mayo, Tampa Headache Clinic - pain management clinics..etc...sometimes my head feels like it will explode & it will then make the pain go away..other times I get extremely frustrated - canceled plans, dinners promises seems my life is slipping away & I have no control over it because 1st I have to take care of the migraine pain then deal with life...I at times feel horrible because I can see the cycle of my life & see how it is starting with my daughter...yes...she too has them, but at least I know what to do for her - take her to the DR & not ignore her pleas for help! I continue to fight this illness and remind myself that I am ME...and that one day I will find the right answer ight doctor ight medecine ight something I pray and hope to why I am so sick all the time with this excruciating daily pain which makes me feel so SICK every day. Thanks for taking the time to read this....may you have a MIGRAINE free day!
N. Himert <Amronh@AOL.COM>
Tampa, FL USA - Date: 11/17/98 (Tue) Time: 11:30:28 AM