Journal of Migraine Sufferers

To Victoria, I owe you an apology for my impulsive critism of you in this public forum. I should have e-mailed you my feelings and hope you don't give up on this page because of my behavior. I am very unreceptive to anything that i perceive as critism in regards to headache, migraine, meds, etc. and that is why i got angry when i read your entry. You've explained yourself although you certainly shouldn't have to and i see your side as you presented it. I hope you had a wonderful holiday as i did; migraine free for the last 5 days although.......UH-OH....... WENDY
wendy <>
stratford, ct. USA - Date: 11/28/98 (Sat) Time: 07:07:52 PM
Hello, Anybody out there having any info on the correlation of high blood pressure (or elevated blood pressure during migraine attacks) and migraines? I was at the ER on Thanksgiving night with a severe mig and my blood pressure apparently was skyhigh. They injected me with Imitrex and I was pain free within a half an hour. The next morning though I woke up with another migraine and my husband had to get me a prescr. of Imitrex pills, I took 1/2 and felt woozy and drowsy the rest of the day, bodyaches and such. Today is Saturday, and I am still not back to my normal self. I will get all the tests done next week, I had CT scans years ago when I suffered really a lot, but this is the first bad one in 8 years!!! Also, any info on feverfew would be greatly appreciated. I read a lot of postings about it but couldn't find it at the store yet. I am especially concerned since my aunt had bad migraines when she was young and in her mid-fortys had a stroke, triggered by a bad migraine. She survived, but suffered permanent paralysis on her right side, speech had to be relearned etc. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Sabina <>
AZ USA - Date: 11/28/98 (Sat) Time: 06:14:32 PM
Ama, I have had auras since I was 15---am 44 now. They really scared me at first; I thought I had a brain tumor or something. It wasn't until years later Migraine was diagnosed. I never got any pain with these until about 6 years ago. Now I have the usual classic migraine syndrome symptoms. Apparently occular migraines are not uncommon. As long as there is no pain there is little treatment. The aura is caused by the constriction of head vessels, while the pain is caused by the dilation of the vessels. Beta blockers can sometimes prevent the constriction which causes the aura. Ask your doctor about this. Good luck!
Mary Jo <>
IA USA - Date: 11/28/98 (Sat) Time: 04:24:02 PM
Please respond if anyone has a) visual auras without headache - resulting in temporary blind areas - and a feeling of overwhelming terror and panic and/or b) RETINAL migraines, which I've had for over 35 years: temporary blind areas in one eye at a time - start as a bright area like when you've looked with one eye at a photo flash. I recently discovered that by putting my head down these go quicker - must be increasing the blood flow to the temporary infarct area? I think these are due to spasms in blood vessels in the visual pathway near the eye. Sometimes the small blind areas have become permanent, but, thank goodness, not often. I'm wary of adding my email as it can well result in unwanted mail etc!
UK - Date: 11/28/98 (Sat) Time: 03:29:56 PM
Thank you for this journal and all the entries. I spent the better part of a day (with what seems to be my ever present migraine) reading them all and shaking my head in agreement. I am still amazed at how many people think that migraines are just a normal headache, or something that people pretend to have to get drugs. I have found that 90% of the drugs, be in pills or injections add a whole new pain to the migraine experience or help not at all. Currently I am on feoriset (forgive the spelling, I rarely look at the spelling as I am trying to get the pills out of the bottle) and Lodine, neither giving me any relief, I appreciate the Dr. I see because he doesn't make me feel like I am making my migrains up, but I feel like such an idiot going in constantly asking him to do something more for the pain. I am done with the cat scan and all the other tests as nothing seems to result from them not counting the astrinomical hospital bills. Is there anyone out there that has a smell that occurs to them just prior to a migraine coming on? I smell the odor of what I inturrpret to be cat urine or ammonia just prior to my migrains, I can tell that I am in for a good week of pure misery. Please let me know if there is anyone else out there that has a warning smell.
Isobel <>
Hale, MI USA - Date: 11/28/98 (Sat) Time: 03:16:47 PM
To Wendy and Shannon and anyone else who took offense at comments I have made on this site: First of all, this is a forum, and being so entitles the writers to their own opinion. I should feel comfortable about making comments and observations just as you should--unless they are directed to individuals personally in a mean-spirited way, and mine weren't. Second--I stand behind my remarks about caffeine being eliminated by those seeking to identify the trigger of their migraine headaches. There is much research and printed material to back me up. Caffeine can be a treatment, as well, such as the case of cafergot or Excedrine Migraine. But it can also be a trigger for certain sufferers, and if one is attempting to identify ways to ease their suffering, should be considered. My remarks were particularly directed toward nicotine, anyway. I presume you don't disagree with that? Third-regarding the ability to drive to a neurologist's office, sit under bright lights, make mathmatical calculations in a checkbook and use Stadol Nasal Spray concurrently--I do have a hard time with that because the migraines I am familiar with do not allow these activities--regardless of the desire to conduct a normal life and regular activities. Not the least concern would be the use of a controlled substance while driving. In my state, legitimately prescribed or street drug--it matters not the the judge. That is driving under the influence. Lastly, I continue to feel that correct pronounciation of the medications you are taking is a reasonable expectation of the health-care field. If one presents for pain relief to a clinic or Emergency Department, they are doing themselves a disservice if they cannot accurately relate the two, three or four syllable name of the medications they have used with or without relief. If it is too difficult to pronounce, then I suggest the individual write it down. My reason for writing my comments to the journal were likely the same as yours--to relate personal experiences, to indicate possible successes, to (if you read my posting entirely and without judgement) commiserate with fellow sufferers and to acknowledge the suffering of those who have a more difficult time than we do. I am not looking for your sympathy, and certainly received none, but would appreciate the same consideration of positive comments that all the people at this site desire and expect. You are welcome to write me personally. Victoria
Victoria <>
Va USA - Date: 11/28/98 (Sat) Time: 02:18:10 PM
Linda Long, where are you? I have written you twice and the mail keeps coming back as unable to be delivered. I thought it would store in your box until the computor was fixed. Please reply. Carole
Carole <DGau34810>
Green Bay, Wi USA - Date: 11/28/98 (Sat) Time: 02:13:47 PM