Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi everyone, I suffer from migraines due majorly to my neck problems. I am wondering if any of you have successfully used a migraine medication that has helped your neck problems and your migraines also. My doctor suggests Elavil or Panora(?). Have any of you tried it? Thanks, Genevieve
Genevieve <>
Plymouth, MN USA - Date: 12/03/98 (Thu) Time: 06:19:58 PM
The number of migraine suffers all in one spot are humbling. Not that you really believe that you are the only one suffering, but it certainly feels like that at times. All the pain that I have read about in these pages weighs very heavy on my heart. Amazing that nothing has been found to relieve us. On the brighter side, I am so happy to have discovered this place! My sister (40 yrs) and I (42) have been suffering for almost our whole lives. Nothing has helped. I have just re-entered a cycle, while my sister Pat has been in a severe state for 3 years now. We are meeting at Duke University Hospital for further testing. Not that I truly believe that anything different will be said. But I have read a number of things in these pages that are worth trying, and or mentioning to my current Doctor. I am so grateful to have a place to share my pain. My husband and I were talking this morning, and he told me that he could not remember a time when I did not have headache. That was pretty sad.
Karel D. <>
Cheshire, CT USA - Date: 12/03/98 (Thu) Time: 05:04:47 PM
Hi everyone! I've only written once, but I check in everyday and read all of your comments. Yesterday I felt good for most of the day. My pain didn't kick in until around 3, so I had a few happy hours! I should have known better, because I think I am making up for those hours today. This is a bad one. I have family coming tonight for an early Christmas, so I am praying that this subsides to my usual constant (by mostly bearable) pain. Is that so much to ask for?!? I've been on Feverfew for over a week now. I've heard it takes quite a while to kick in. Anyone that is using it, I would be interested in hearing how long it took to work (if it worked at all). Thanks, and have a good weekend!
AB Canada - Date: 12/03/98 (Thu) Time: 01:59:38 PM
This is for Doug. I'm an Imitrex user and it works for me. This week the third shot was the charm. I had a migraine that just wouldn't "break". I had been using the Nasal Spray, which I found to be ineffective. I just got my prescription to return to the shots and what a relief. Sine 2 am today, I feel almost human. The first day in 3 weeks thats relatively pain free for more than an hour or two. I'm feeling blessed. Hope you're feeling the same.
mary <>
NY, NY USA - Date: 12/03/98 (Thu) Time: 12:24:57 PM
Hi , this is AL. i would just like to say thanks to everyone who E-MAILED me about my migraine problems, especially Dolly. I went to the Rothbart clinic in Toronto. They told me what i expected to hear. As long as the weather is going to flop all over the place, I will have the migraines. Once the weather settles they should be gone. The other option was needles in the head and neck once or twice a week, no thanks!! The most intense pain I have ever felt in my life was when they froze my head for surgery. The thought of going through that twice a week does not thrill me. I will stick to the Fiorinal c1/2, Demerol and the Feverfew, which some of you nice people told me about and just hope winter finally sets in. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.....Thanks again, I hope everyone finds a cure for their problem.
al <>
toronto, ont canada - Date: 12/03/98 (Thu) Time: 11:57:31 AM
Hi all.This is to Kati.I don't know who told you that the fourth week is important but that is not what I heard.From the moment of conception everything is forming.My doctor treated me for my migraines when I was pregnant.I only had three bad headaches while pregnant.Hopefully that will happen to you to.Nine months of almost no headaches was pure bliss.There are several safe meds while pregnant.I don't think that the Lorcet would hurt the baby if you got pregnant while taking it occasionally.I think the it would be harmful in the last trimester if you took it regulary,because the baby would go through withdrawal.Look for another neuro because it seems like he's passing the buck he should be able to treat you until you become pregnant and even after just check with your OB if he perscribes medicine to make sure it is safe for the baby.I hope you feel better and good luck trying to have a baby hopefully your headaches will go away when you get pregnant like mine did.Lisa
Lisa <>
Richmond, Va USA - Date: 12/03/98 (Thu) Time: 09:51:45 AM
Hi everyone, want to thank you all for the helpful emails since my last entry...Still a bit lost about what to do when I do finally become pregnant-- it has not happened yet- but in the meantime I am suffering almost daily, especially since I have had to stop all of the preventative meds that I was taking. Also found out the my neuro moved out of state- so when a massive one hit two days ago- I was really lost. The other neuro's in his office tell me to see my ob/gyn- since I am trying to conceive- they will not advise me and told my that they do not know the effects on the fetus if I do become pregnant while taking meds that they prescribe- so I call my ob/gyn to discuss and she tells me that since I am not yet pregnant, she does not know how to treat migranes- the nurses' quote was "You wouldn't want your neuro delivering your baby would you?" hence they did prescirbe a few lorcets to get me through the day (I am certain that I am not pregnant right now)- but instructed me that I need to find a new neuro a.s.a.p.- and that he/she will have to treat me until I actually get pregnant. I am afraid that any new doc isn't gonna want to treat me if they know that I am trying to conceive, even though I know that there is no actual danger to the fetus until the forth week of pregnancy. So- will just pray that I am one of those whose migranes subside during the nine months of bliss. Thanks for listening.
Kati <>
USA - Date: 12/02/98 (Wed) Time: 10:55:25 PM