Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Feeling nervous tonight. I'm supposed to go to my neurologist's tomorrow(barring a snow storm that's predicted for the morning). I am hoping that he adjusts the abortive medication someway, because, I am tired of dealing with headaches that last from 2 to 4 or more days at a time. I am tired of taking off work to take care of a migraine, knowing that resting it does'nt always help. I can understand everyone's frustration in finding something that works. It seems that there is miracle medicines out there; they just don't always work for us all of the time. I would like to find something that takes the entire migraine away, and keeps it away. I don't know how much resistance to changing the abortive med my neurologist will give me, but I hope that he considers it, at least, to change either the dosage of Amerge that I am taking, or switching to something else. I can't take this much longer, as I know most all of you can't. TO BERNIZE, in Covington, GA: I get aura without headache pain all the time. I see flashing lights, not as pronounced as when a full blown migraine hits, but they are there. I don't know why you started getting them so late in life, but I do know that you will find a lot of support and caring in this journal. I don't know why I see flashes of light, or sometimes my vision is obscured and blurred a little, but I wish that I did. Will talk with doc tomorrow, to see what he has to say about occular migraines. Hope it helps to know that you have lots of company.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 09:14:40 PM
Experience with Acupuncture My son (14) has suffered from migraines for years. Typically he gets several per year. If he wakes up with a migraine, it usually lasts the day and by the next morning it is over. When this occurs I keep him home from school. On Monday he reported a headache when he arrived home from school. By Tuesday morning it was severe enough to require staying home from school. I predicted it would subside by Wednesday morning. Instead it worsened. By about 7:30 Tuesday evening it was evident the pain was the worst he had ever experienced. It continued through the night was still going full-force on Wednesday morning. Naturally I kept him home from school again. At this point I decided to do something different. At 8:00 I telephoned the Licensed Acupuncturist, O.M.D. I had recently begun taking my daughter to for an injury. He was able to see my son at noon. By noon the headache was still debilitating. The Dr. examined him and identified three blockages: liver, spleen, and neck. He administered needles to various places and set the timer. Some minutes into the treatment my son reported that the pain had eased up measurably. When the Dr. took the needles out, he taped some miniature "batteries" on one ear and sent us home, with another appointment set for Friday. My son reported an 87% (his quantity) improvement. He was able to resume normal activities immediately. Since that time, the vestiges of the headache have continued to gradually dissipate. I am very favorably impressed. We will keep tomorrow's appointment in the interest of balancing the body and hopefully minimizing or eliminating the occurrence of the migraines.
Julie <>
CA USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 09:01:54 PM
I will be 57 years old in February. In 1996, out of the clear blue, one morning while I was doing some paperwork, all of a sudden I could not see the writing in the middle of the paper. I blinked several times and it wouldn't go away. I closed my eyes and found a white arc with rainbow colors across the top in what appeared to be the lower right area of both eyes. After about 20 minutes, it went away, at which time the worst headache I've ever experienced hit me and my face felt funny. I immediately called my doctor's office because I didn't know whether I was having a stroke (my mom died from a massive stroke in 1982), or what. When I went to my doctor, he said it was a migraine and gave me a shot of demerol and a prescription for some type of pain killer (I think it was Fiorinol). I asked him if it wasn't strange that I'd never had a migraine before and now, at the age of 54 (at that time), all of a sudden, out of the blue, I get one. He said no. I had another mildler one about 6 months later. After that, no more until this week. Wednesday evening my husband and I were relaxing after dinner, and I was looking at a shopper's paper. All of a sudden I couldn't see part of the page; I looked at the TV and couldn't see part of the screen; then I looked at my husband and couldn't see part of his face. When I closed my eyes, I saw a wide C-shaped band with different colors with the curve of the C on the left side. I told my husband I thought I might be getting another migraine. After 15 minutes, it decreased and I opened my eyes, On the left side of my vision I saw a wiggly curve, and had no pereferal vision on the left side. After 15 minutes it went away and I fully expected to have a horrendous headache; however, it never happened. Yesterday I went to my doctor, and after checking me eyes and reflexes, he said it was migraine activity--that it didn't always result in a headache. I was really concerned because one of my coworkers told me that her mother experienced the same thing and it turned out to be mini-strokes. With my mother dying from a massive stroke, and my history of blood clots (I had a large clot in my left groin in 1975 following back surgery), I was afraid that I too might be having mini-strokes. I don't understand why I would start having migraines so late in life, and the fact that they've been so far apart. I also don't understand how I could experience the "aura" alone, and not have a headache. If anyone has experienced the same thing, or has any advice to offer, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks.
Bernize Riley <>
Covington, GA USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 08:08:12 PM
My son and daughter have had migranes since they were 3 and 10 years old. Their aunt has had them since she was ten. They are 16 and 18 now.
mickey stepp <>
lafayette, la. USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 05:28:13 PM
Just noticed that my email address isn't very clear on my is to hear from someone soon. Thanks, again.
Bj <>
ID USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 04:11:01 PM
just wanted to give everyone an update of my neurologist appt i had this afternoon. yes, this office does specialize in headaches. specifically, the dr said they handle adult neurology which mainly involves headaches. of course, i got another normal exam as i did in 8/96. he prescribed 8-12 visits of physical therapy for my neck tension & demerol to be taken as needed when i get a migraine during pregnancy. i am to stop taking tylenol & fioricet as they don't seem to be working for me & could cause rebound headaches. i've already stopped taking the almost daily excedrin due to the aspirin content not recommended duringpregnancy. have any of you ever used demerol? if so, how did it work for you? any side effects? girls, did you take it during pregnancy? if so, how many weeks were you when you took it & for how long? the dr said that he knows other dr's that specialize in headaches & they've prescribed it to pregnant women for over 20 years & they're babies didn't have any birth defects. demerol is a narcotic which is supposed to have the same side effects as codeine but w/ less nausea. please email me directly on with your comments. thanks for the info,take care!amyjoy
amyjoy andrews <>
bear, de USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 04:00:32 PM
To kathy from NJ, I have a friend who experienced the same symptoms you had. She too thought she was having a stroke. She is alright now and only has had the episode once. The doctors told her to get to the hospital as soon as she had the symptoms again, but they did not prescribe any medication for her. I hope you feel better soon.
Geneviève <>
Plymouth, MN USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 03:38:49 PM
Reading these journal entries made me both sad and glad. Sad that so many other suffer as I, glad to know that I am not alone. I was "visited" by the "demon" New Years' Eve and didn't get relief until Monday. This was the longest episode I have had. For years I have suffered, with the same experience with doctors that I read about here. I gave up going for help and have been trying to live with this on my own. After these last few days, I am once again searching for help. That is why I am writing. I realize it is difficult to find anyone in the medical profession that is sympathetic to what we all are going through, but I have hope. Does anyone know of a good doctor in the Boise, southern Idaho area. I think if we all start sharing our experiences with physicians in our areas, we can all save time and money. Please email me if you have any info...before the next "demon" comes. Thanks.
Bj <>
ID USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 03:27:48 PM
I've been suffering from migraines for the past 12 years. There is no pattern or regularity to them at all. Usually start in the evenings (I know most start in the morning) and progress through the night. Up until my last attack (a week ago today) I could take a couple Vicodin and pretty well be finished with the headache in 8-12 hours. Not this last one. It started out feeling like I was "coming down with something" (fever, chills, aching joints) but no headache to start. Went to bed convinced I had the flu and woke up several hours later with the worst migraine yet. Two Vicodin did nothing. Two more, still nothing. I suffered until Saturday night when my husband insisted that he take me to the ER. Believe it or not, they informed me I would have a FOUR HOUR wait! I was able to get through 1 1/2 hours (they put me in what they called a "quiet room" HA). I finally couldn't take the noise any more. Had to sign myself out against medical advice. Went home, two more Vicodin and FINALLY Sunday morning at around 9 a.m. I was able to get out of bed and walk without help. Now the strangest thing...I have what I call a "hangover" from this migraine. Still dizzy, "disconnected" and am getting black spots in my vision if I overexert. (I'm an athlete--runner, avid aerobics class attendee). Went to my personal doc and she advised what I had may not have been migraine but a bleed in my brain or encephelitis (viral infection). If my "hangover" symptoms do not clear up by Saturday, I "get" to have a tap and perhaps a scan. Anyone else have "hangovers" from migraines?
Kathy <>
Palo Alto, CA USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 03:09:10 PM
It seems as time goes by my migraines are more frequent and are stronger. I try to watch what i eat, when i eat it or the time of the month. the only thing I know for sure that causes my migraines are the time of the month for me. It seems no matter what i take i get immuned to the medicine. I have another doctor appointment coming this week. I hope this time something new or stronger will help to get rid or at least get rid of them faster. If anyone has any advice about what not to do or what not to eat or anything at all plelase e-mail me with any helpful advice you have used know of. Thank You
Barbara <>
West Hills, CA USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 02:01:52 PM
I have been getting migraines, with aura, without the pain since I have been 20. I am now 29 and until a year ago, I didn't know what these "flashes of light" were. I ignored them because they only lasted 15-20 minutes, and they had no physical or mental effects on me. They were just flashes of light. I was in college and I really didn't care what they were at the time. I thought they were from lack of sleep, bright lights, wearing my contacts to long, etc.. About a year ago I had the flashes, and for the firt time in eight years, after the flashes, I experienced a very weak overall feeling, like I was going to pass out, numbness in my left arm and on the left side of my face. My jaw and tongue were also momentarily numb. After a doctos visit. I was diagnosed with migraine, with aura, without pain. I thought I was having a stroke. It was the scarriest thing in the world. Since than , I have still been getting flashes, but that's it. But, Last month I had the numbness, confusion etc.. again. It was scary. I wanted tests done this time. I had an EEG, CAT, MRI, everything was "normal" It feels like a stroke. DOES ANYONE EXPERIENCE THESE SYMPTOMS< AND WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT THEM< HOW DO YOU COPE??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kathy <M.Priest.69>
Haddonfield, nj USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 12:20:09 PM
Hi, First of all I would like to tell everyone that I sympathize a whole lot with you. I am 28 and have been suffering from migraines for the past 6 1/2 years. The frequency of my migraines used to be one or two every week, but now I am lucky if I do not have one in a week. What really is upsetting to me is that i am in a period in my life where I am in the perfect timing to have a child. I am just wondering if anyone of you has decided to get pregnant even though you were having migraines almost every day? Sometimes I so deperartely want a child that I am willing to suffer 9 months, but then other times I am scared I will go crazy from the pain and that my pregnancy will have to be ended. I hope one of you can give me some feedback. This is not my first time asking this question, but I would really like to hear from women who are chronic migrainers, and have beat the odds to have a child. Thanks, Gen
Geneviève <>
Plymouth, MN USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 08:50:27 AM
Thanks for the info on the Newsweek article. I subscribe to it, but who knows when we will get it with these weather conditions. I found the website but could not find the article on migraines. could someone post some further info on finding this? As someone said, WE all know this info, but it is good for others to learn more about our condition. thanks!
USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 07:46:06 AM
I have a comment for those of you who are not getting the professional help that you are required to get when you go to the hospital. First, when someone comes in with a headache you are supposed to be put on the priority list. Now, of course, if someone comes in and is near dying well you know. A persone with a bad headache could possibly have something seriously wrong and not be able to wait. A two hour waiting time is insane! Even military hospitals do not make you wait that long with a headache! Second, I had a doctor refuse to give me anything stronger than Tylenol 3 in the emergency room because of my history. I went home in tears but determined. I returned to the ER a couple hours later and asked which doctors were in the ER that night. He was still there but I requested another doctor (without letting on that I had a run in earlier) and the new doctor treated me right. I have done this more than once. There are some very good doctors in the ER and some who have no compassion for those who are in pain. It was an ER doctor who first gave me Toradol and I couldn't believe that 30 minutes later I wasn't still lying flat on the table knocked out! It was also an ER doc that gave me Imitrex (in the shot form, pills do not work for me). (His wife is a sufferer and she used Imitrex with great sucess) Both meds work for me one sometimes more than the other. I guess what I am trying to say is if you don't get relief or proper treatment at the ER go back! PS- I also filed a report with the hospital about the nasty doc and on one of my subsequent visits he was my doc again! I thought "Oh no" but he did give me the meds I needed. I also wasn't asking him originally for something to take home. i wanted him to administer the meds to me! Don't most junkies want some for later? I don't know but good lord! Also, how many people are addicted to Compazine or Phenergan?! Good luck to all today and tomorrow!
Pamela <>
PA USA - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 07:42:10 AM
Why do I always get migraine when I am having a period? I never ever get on at any other time. Is there a reason or is it just coincidence? Does anyone have any ideas on the subject?
Samantha Kinghorn <>
Hong Kong - Date: 01/07/99 (Thu) Time: 03:47:39 AM