Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Dear friends in pain, I know of the pain you feel.I have had migranes so long I can't remember exactly when they started.Atleast 20 years.Have seen all Dr's,ran all test and tried all medications . I was having them atleast 3 times a week and would last sometimes 2 days.I found some relief after depakote,Inderal,& an anti-depressant.I Was on that combination every day for years.Four months ago I totally committed myself to God and have found GREAT RELIEF.If you have gotten to the point where your options are limited , I challenge you to turn your life over and to trust in Him.In my particular case I was able to get off all medication and am living a life not being controlled by migranes.I hope that you are able to find relief from that miserable life. There is hope---------Bonnie
USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 11:04:46 PM

Hello all!! Today was tough. I feel it coming-moving up the base of neck, crawling up one side and planting itself just above my right eye. I feel like clawing my eye out to relieve the pressure. It is times like this that make me wonder if the doc's missed something--anything--when they ran all those MRI's, CAT scans, EKG's, etc...maybe I do have a tumor--what else could cause this excruciating pain? All I know anymore is that I have NO time for this pain. I work full-time, am in my last year of college and dealing with a lot of family/friend crisises. If any of you pray please keep me in them. Thanks for letting me vent. Peace & love!
Emily <>
Lawton, OK USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 10:11:03 PM
Another awful day at work. Another headache that won't go away. Sometimes, I think that I could go on the highest dosage of whatever is available, and still have these headaches. I know that I have probably been clenching my teeth a lot, because I can feel it in my jaw, but there is also light sensitivity, nausea, lightheadedness, the usual migraine symptoms save an aura at the beginning. It started last night, and continued today. I thought that it would go away, but it has'nt. Work stress, and home stress, and stress stress. All contributing. And, a cantankerous computer, having crashed on me last weekend. It seems as if things have been crashing around me ever since, and produced this big headache. To all who see flashes of light, or even more, and no headaches, you are'nt alone. I have that, and it is annoying. Today at one point, there was a flashing blind spot, not zigzag lights like in a major migraine attack, but a blind spot nonetheless. The pain really came on after that. Other times, blind spot, flashbulb spots, all kinds of lights, but no headache pain. I also felt disconnected today, and like I was hearing people from down in a hole or something. A weird day, definately. But there are times that I think one is coming, and it is just flashes of light. What an aggrevation migraines are for us all.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 07:45:13 PM
I need some help with my mother who has and continues to suffer with migraines her entire life. Several of her doctors have recently contacted me and stated that they think she is addicted to fioricet( I think I have the correct spelling) My mother has been taking this drug for many years and they are now telling me that she is going to have to stop taking it. They have decided collectively to put her through a detoxification where they will prescribe a certain no. of pills and continue to lower the the prescription over the next 2 months. I am looking for someone familiar with this drug and some advice on dealing with my mother as I am sure her migraines will continue. One doctor suggested that she may be suffering from rebound migraines as a result of taking the fioricet frequently. Does anyone know if it is possible to be addicted to this medicine and if so what is in the drug that is causing this. I am desperate for help. desperate daughter
Rachel <>
USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 07:40:41 PM
Hello everyone! It is relieving to know that I am not alone in this painful struggle. I have been getting migraines since age 10, but the doctors just told me it was my imagination (because I had them all the time). Well that was several years ago....and if anything they have only gotten worse. I have gone to SEVERAL neuros and doctors and chiropractors, heahache specialists and even an iridologist. I usually get told to see a psychatrist (it is all in my head), or you don't fit the "classic" migraine so you don't have migraines. But I have found a few that believe me and I've tried everything it seems from paxil to imitrex (which i was the 1% that had the bad reaction). Most medications either did nothing or made the migraines worse (if possible) and I also had the weight gaining problem. In a month I gained 50 pounds. Now I take a few hydrocodones, which I have been on for 4 yrs) a couple times a day when they are bad and go in my dark room with the green light bulb (which is a couple of times a week). I try not to take too many though, because I was finally diagnosed with migraines, which casued daily chronic headaches, which due to the medications caused rebound headaches. I can not remember a day when I did not have some type of pain in my head. The severity of the migraines forced me to drop out of college. I missed to much class and was too drugged to learn anything. Don't you all just love it when someone says, take a couple of aspirin or it really can't bother you that much or often! I have had the food diary, MRI, MRA, Cat Scan, EEG, Blood work ups, you name it..... I will try anything.....if you have any suggestions tell me PLEASE A Fellow Sufferer Sabrina
Sabrina <Sabrina.Ripp@USA.Net>
Inola, OK USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 06:47:21 PM
I am an eighteen year old migraine sufferer who has headaches more often than not. I am from AL but attend school in Maryland. During the past year and a half I have had headaches continually, I have seen six neurologists and have been on all sorts of drugs. The only things that help during the attack are Tylenol with Codeine and a shot of DHE at the emergency room. I hate just waiting them out, because I can't fuction in class. Does anyone know anything about biofeedback? If so please e-mail me at I wish all some pain free days.
Anne <>
Baltimore, md USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 05:05:53 PM
Hi, Does anyone use Imitrex?? I have found that to be a lifesaver. Fiorinal, percocet, etc etc never worked for me however Imitrex works every time. I think the worst part is people being uneducated about this. I have been told to take two aspirin, that I am a drug addict,a hypochondriac, etc. Besides being incapacitated and worrying about losing my job, this is the worst part. Some of these historys are awful. I am not that bad - twice a month for about 2 days if I do nothing about it. Oh, prior to imitrex I vomited so much with them at 5'4'' I was under 100 lbs so I was also labeled an anorexic as well as bulemic. One physician I worked for did not believe I was not anorexic - he thought I purposely threw up continuously thru the day. I have two children and pray that they are not afflicted. It almost makes you want to not have children because I would not wish this on anyone. Thanks all. Anyone want to talk I'm at
Holly Vogt <>
Largo, FL USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 02:39:19 PM
I suffered with migraine's going on 20yrs now I have taken every new drug on the market but nothing has really helped. I took depakote for about 6mths and that didn't help all it did was make lose may hair and gain weight. The lavil also made me gain weight even though I am a light eater I still gain weight I have gain a total of 30lbs. and that is very depressing on top of my migraine's. I am really glad that i found this site i have read many of the journal and I am glad that I am not alone. I was taking Imitrex that did not work for me so I also tried amerch and the same for that too. Does any boby out there another solution on the antidepressants that won't make you gain weight please e-mail me at or thanks an i hope that you have a good day.
lali perez <>
edinburg, tx USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 02:27:59 PM
Hi Kris, Yes, I get flashes and little "jolts" without a headache, although I am sensitive to light. I saw the neuro last week and he said I have "migraine phenomina (sic). We'll see.
Mark Christiansen <>
USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 12:23:43 PM
I know that tests have shown that females usually have migraines more than males do. I have also heard that quite a number of women become migraine free after receiving a hysterectomy. This makes me wonder if migraines are somehow related to the different hormones in men and women. I wonder if men that get migraines, could possibly have higher levels of estrogen. Has anyone ever heard of any studies performed on this? It would be interesting to know of the results if there have been studies run. Keep Fightin'
Greg <>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 11:57:38 AM
THIS IS FOR LINDA. Hi my name is Kris. I sent you an e-mail, but just to be safe, I'll add my entry on this page. For eight years, I've had "flashes" of light. THAT'S IT. No pain, etc.. Last year after the flashes , I had stroke like symptoms, weakness, numbness, dizzy. Went to Dr. neuro, they said migraines were what I had. Eight months l;ater, same thing BUT WITHOUT FLASHES. That scared me. At least when I had flashes , I knew they were migraines. After tests, I was confirmed, everything was fine, and what I had were still migraines. Last week for no reason I started to feek dizzy, lasted two hours, felt weak, anxious, tingly, etc.. DO YOU EVER GET DIZZY WITHOUT THE PAIN, for no apparent reason. DO YOU TAKE MED? PLEASE write it is great to know other people experience these horrible episodes. I mean not great, but it helps to know other people exist like me. THANKS KRIS, MEDFORD< N>J>
Medford, NJ USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 10:30:07 AM
I have a 6 yo daughter with extreme migraines. She developed them them I year ago. We have been every test. The migraines have never left in that year period. She is now on Prozac and the doctors are running out of meds to use.She needs HELP.We are constantly at the ER, childrens hosp or pediatrician. She has lost weight in is now 42 pounds. The pediatrican recommended we remove her toncils and adnoids, which we did. NO help and Ido not recommend others do that. She gets demeral shots to help at the ER. She is sick in th am and late afternoon and evenings. She usually feels great only 10-4. She vomits alot with the most 14 hours straight. The stomach is always in pain. Can anyone help us! Please contact Thank you Vicki
Vicki <>
Wmbg, Va USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 10:08:55 AM
I haven't written for quite a while as something out of the ordinary happened last October. I normally suffer pain of varying degrees daily, but one day I woke up pain free, during the course of the day I started to experience numbness in my right leg , by late that night my right arm, right side of my face and my lips were also numb. I have had these symptoms before but always with a migraine, which is always on the right side temporal area. The next morning I went to my doctor and by then I felt as though I had been given some sort of drug that made me feel very light headed and my speech was somewhat affected. My doctor rang my Neurologist straight away and then came all the tests; CAT scan, echo cardiograph, blood tests more heart tests (camera down the throat),MRI plus a few more. They suspected anything from Stroke, M.S. to Lupus. The numbness and lightheadedness lasted for 6 weeks. As it turned out (after a lot of worry for everyone) it was a Migraine aura without the pain. I am now back to normal (pain most of the time) but I think that after all the anxiety this incident caused I'm happy that it was only Migraine and not something more sinister. If anyone ever goes through this try not to focus on the negative, have all the tests,but remember my experience and the positive outcome. Wishing you all some pain free time. Linda.
Linda <>
Australia - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 07:23:55 AM
Dear Overwhelmed: I would be glad to e-mail you if you had left an e-mail address. If you would like for me to contact you please provide you e-mail address. Thanks!
Denise <>
Midland, TX USA - Date: 01/14/99 (Thu) Time: 03:19:15 AM