Journal of Migraine Sufferers

SUE: Just a little help there with your paragraph breaks. You need to do it this way without ANY spaces between the brackets & the P: < P > that way you get the new paragraph. I hope that helps you out!

KATHLEEN: Thanks for enjoying our little banter. I love comming up to the NewEngland Area. I wish that there was a way to get in touch with all the pals I have made here.

LYNDA: You still covered with ice? I got up early this am & the sidewalk had ice on it, just a light covering from the dew I suppose & the ground was frozen. Perhaps when I get back to my home I'LL do a sun dance for you! We had a thunderstorm here last night...IMAGINE THAT. I understand that they are usually in the Summer only. Hmmmm must have brought that one with me in my suitcase! :) Hope you don't have to dig out too much!

MARS: What do I take? Well I take a muscle relaxer 3x a day (when I feel that it is necessary)I take Paxil for depression (haven't had many side effects) Furinol 1 or 2x's a day & Vicoden 1 or 2x's a day if the pain is bad. Lately I haven't had too many bad episodes. I did find a new trigger not only for my Migraines but for the IBS as well, PEANUTS. Damn!

To All: I wish you all the best. Please remember to keep our dear Estelle in your prayers. She is in dire need of them right now. As well as Lynda's family. Pray that the powers that be will make them well. Bright Blessings to you all...~Dianna~

PS Anyone got a spare HALO beanie Babie they'd part with? PPPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEEE! :P
Dianna < OR>
Norwich, (For Now), CT USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 11:13:25 PM

Hi again, I just read the entries from Sue, Rhonda and Tam. I had a partial hysterectomy 2 1/2 years ago and it was then the migraines really intensified. I was never sure if my migrianes were menstrual-related or not, but since the hyst., they really got a lot worse. Sounds like something for the researchers to look into. As for the "sore scalp" issue, I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one. (Not that I'm glad you all are in pain, but you know what I mean) It feels like your hair hurts. Yes, it must be something with the nerve ending. Thanks!
Betsey <>
Baltimore, USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 10:21:14 PM
Hi fellow sufferers. This is my first post and today I'll make it short. I've suffered from Migraines for almost 20 years (I know that seems like a short time for some). For the last several months they have been daily causing big problems with my employer. I have an appointment next month with Dr. Robbins in Northbrook, IL -- my question, has anyone had any dealings with him? I'm curious what people think of him. Please e-mail me @ Thanks in advance.
Kristi <>
Wood Dale, IL USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 10:18:47 PM
To Kathleen~ you're welcome for the laugh. And it made me smile ;-) that you took the time to mention it. I came home with a headache from not eating & had just started to make something to eat when my son called from the E.R. Not a good thing. He & his girlfriend were basically ok, after a guy passing in a No Pass zone hit my son's new truck (he'd had it only 5 days) head on. It could of been worse.( Of course the headache got worse). I'm thankful they weren't badly hurt & I'm thankful that the Zomig worked. So, another day in Paradise! ~L~
Lynda <>
USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 09:02:21 PM
Dianna and Lynda : I have enjoyed reading your chit chat back and forth about the Rain Dance. Sometimes it's nice to just laugh about something. Thanks.
NY USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 08:40:38 PM
Boy, thanks for all the good suggestions for my menstrual migraines. My doctor did ask me if I get migraines around my period, I told him yes. He has me on neurontin, 600 mgs a day, taken 3 times a day. It seems to help some, but nothing seems to take care of menstrual migraines. I also take Amerge for the really bad ones, the ones where I get full-blown aura. Thankfully, those don't happen often. Will check out the site suggested. Thought that these were tough to treat. Thanks again!
Anne Marie
Falls Church, VA USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 08:00:10 PM
Hello to all, I have had a rather better day today. I had a pain tretment done yesterday morning, they blocked the back of my head and both sides (temperal), and above each eye. This is the fifth time that I have had these treatments done. <> I have been having these headaches since I was twelve and I had gone six years without a single one. I have been reading others asking about hormone therapy and that is interesting to me. I had to have hesterectomy when I was twentyone and had takin hormones replacement for awhile but had to stop because of my liver. So I am 39 now and I haven't had any kind of hormones replacement treatment for over ten years or more. But that still leaves me in question cause, if that was the case then why did I go for six years without having any migraines. I don't know I wish I could figure it out but I can't. <> Another question that you others have been writing about was is anyone esle having trouble with there meds. Well yes I take so much junk that I really hate it and then if I don't I really pay for it. I'm cerrently taking Depakote 3 x a day, Vicoprofen 6 X's a day, Vistaril 4 x's a day, phenergan as needed for nausea, Zanaflex 1 @ noon & 2 @ bedtime, Doxepin 2 @ bedtime, I really would love to stop all these meds! <> I wish I could find a answer to all of our problems.But we have to be strong and try not to give up. I know that sometimes it seems very easy to give up, but we all have to stay strong. We get put into these cycles that we have know control over. Well I better stop and let someone else put their two cents in, Take care and thrive we a pain free day. Sue
Sue <>
Louisville, Ky USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 06:55:00 PM
To Tam: Your story sounds a lot like mine. I had a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago and have had constant migraine trouble ever since, although it is not as bad now as it was 2 yrs ago--then I was in agony! Now, I have daily headaches tht I can deal with and the whoppers seem to be getting further apart. I do take Vicodin at least once a day and I take Celexa and Xanax nightly as a preventative. Rhonda
Rhonda Nichols <>
TX USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 05:49:59 PM
Hi everyone! I've been a severe headache sufferer since I was 14. Now I am a 36 year old woman that had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and am taking hormone replacement therapy. I suffer daily headaches. I take from 1-10 Vicoprofens a day along with 30 mg a day of Maxalt. I was recently taken off Depakot which I was taking 500mg twice daily. I have had daily headaches for the past two years. Up until the past two months they were pretty well under control. I took all my meds and one vicoprofen a day and I was able to function, drive a car and enjoy life. 12-22-98 my life changed. I am in constant pain and nausea. I have no life. Each day I hope it will get better. My biggest fear is that I am causing rebound by taking the Vicoprofen. If I don't take it , I can't function at all. I have an appointment to be admitted into a headache clinic 2-3-99. I would love to hear from anyone who is in a like situation with their medicatiionl. Thanks for being there.
Goodrich, MI USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 05:34:03 PM
Hi, Hope everyone is having a pain free day. I have had 5 nerve block procedures since October. I am having 1 tomorrow in my front over the right eye in the forehead. Fas anyone else had these procedure? Did they help? Thanking you in advance for your advice, Thanks Carolyn
Carolyn <>
Hilliard, OH USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 04:53:33 PM
does anyone know of a good pain dr in ga or tn I live right on the line and I am willing to travel, got an appoitment tomorrow with my pc about getting authorization thru my hillary (:) ) insurance company. thanks need all help dalliss my e mail is dalliss
dalliss johnson <dalliss>
east ridge, tn USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 04:49:04 PM
In reply to Mars' questions about amounts, types of meds etc. - Hey, I'll jump in first. On average, I'll go through anywhere from 10-30 Tylenol #3/month, a dozen Cafergot, and I lost count of Tylenol #1. (These aren't available over the counter in the States as far as I know, what they are is 300mg. acetaminophen, 15mg. of caffeine and 8mg. codeine.) Since I also get sinus headaches that have a nasty tendency of worsening into migraines, I take sinus meds, mostly your average drug-store types. (Sinutab, etc.) Geez, that looks really bad when you list it all out like that, doesn't it? Please understand I don't take all this stuff at once. If Tylenol #3 and Cafergot doesn't kill the migraine, it's likely that nothing will and I usually just resign myself to that fact. Maybe 5-6 times a year I have to go to hospital for a migraine, but I can't remember what it is they give me. I know it's not Demerol, because all that did for me was make me nauseous. I tried Inderal as a preventative, and had very minimal success with it, so no, the amounts of pain killers didn't decrease, which is why I stopped taking it. Also, (sorry to take up this much room!) I've been taking St. John's Wort for mild depression for about a year, and it has had no effect on my headaches whatsoever. Frankly, I didn't know it was supposed to! Okay, I've come clean about my personal drug habits, how about the rest of you? Actually, it's an interesting question, I wonder if anyone ever bothered to study the long-term effects of the amounts of drug migraine sufferers take? Take care! Sav.
JT Savage <>
Calgary, AB Canada - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 04:30:39 PM
Anne-Marie, Check out this site: Menstrual migraines are supposed to be one of the toughest types to treat, because they do not respond as well to medications, for whatever reasons. I have hormonal/menstrual migraines, as well as others that I have yet to identify triggers for. I recently changed doctors, and told my new physician that I thought I was being UNDERtreated for migraines, and he agreed. Ideally you should have kind of a 3 pronged approach: 1)preventative medication (ie. your inderal, or elavil, or others), 2) abortive medication (Imitrex, midrin, Amerge, etc.. what you take once you GET a migraine), and 3) trigger identification and control (ie. avoiding certain foods, getting sufficient sleep, going off birth control pills). You might approach your doctor with these ideas (and go prepared.. print out pages from the website and take them with you!) It is hard for doctors to be experts in everything. So YOU be the expert on what affects you, and try to educate THEM. If your doctor is not receptive to listening and learning, I would seriously consider changing doctors, if possible. (insert standard disclaimer here: I'm *not* a physician, I don't proclaim to know everything about everyone else's migraines (heck, I still haven't got my own figured out completely!), etc, etc. But if I can help more, let me know! Corey
Corey <>
Greenwood, SC USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 04:19:55 PM
To Anne Marie: I always get a killer migraine on the 3rd day of my period, and have found that after ten years (give or take), not much has ever helped that one, including Inderal, which is supposed to be a 'preventative' migraine drug. It may be just that it didn't work for me, but everyone's different as to what works, as we all know. As far as your unsympathetic doctor, have you maybe considered finding another? I had to go through three before I found one that didn't tell me it was 'all in my head', and believe it or not, one of them actually told me I was being an 'hysterical female responding badly to stress.' Since we're trying to be nice on this forum, I won't tell you what my response to hearing that was! Good luck! Sav.
JT Savage <>
Calgary, AB Canada - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 04:03:34 PM
Just a quick question-Do any of you who deal with migraines around the time of your period seem to experience the worst headache pain then? Mine are like that, really intense, and very hard to get rid of. I wanted to try something to get rid of them, heard that zomig was good for menstrual migraines, but, of course, doc decided that it was easier to try to prevent migraines than control them. Ha! Typical male response, I guess, because HE does'nt deal with the intensity of the pain, and the duration, usually anywhere from 1-4 days, sometimes more. Anyone have any answers out there that work?
Anne Marie
Falls Church, VA USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 03:48:26 PM
this is to tracy: re getting rid of caffeine withdrawal HAs: I too am trying to do this. In my case it's cafergot rather than exedrine, but the same principles apply, i think. the only idea i have is to substitute some other abortive. i'm using imitrex injections, but hate to do that as often as i have the HAs (daily) because of its expense (my co pay is $20 for 4 of them), so i'm still on the caffeine (of course it might be the ergot causing the rebounds, but whatever) .... i do think, though, that i'm not using QUITE so much. I also try using lots of tylonol & occassionally exedrine (i know; it has caffeine in it). just keep trying; it's do-able (i've done it before .. i've been using cafergot for over 30 yrs & do a withdrawal thing every year or 3). it's HARD. rebound is a bitch!
Catherine <>
Jacksonville Beach, FL USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 12:44:09 PM
I am 38 years old and have been having migranes since I was 16. Initially, like most, I was prescribed narcotics, demerol, percocet, fiorinal with coedine and triad. The past 4 or 5 years I have been taking a product called Midrin, that works well most of the time and dosen't keep me from being able to function. At one point, I know I was prescribed a medecine which was in the same family of drugs as Midrin, that was a daily preventative. I can't remember what the name of that drug was though? Do any of you have experience with that medication? I have been having increasing frequency in my migranes of late, and would like to try the preventative again. I have an appointment with my doctor next week and I'd like to be able to tell her the name of the medicine. It's really great to find a place where I can ask that kind of question and not be treated as if I am an addict. I've found particulary with PPO's here in Texas that the doctors are very leery of giving out much in the way of narcotics for migranes but they seem quite happy to give you drugs if they fall into the same kind of category as Midrin. Thanks. Deb
Deb <>
Dallas, TX USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 12:36:47 PM
Anne-A good pain clinic should take your full history, do a full exam, find out how often you are having headaches, etc. And mine always asks me to rate my pain from 1-10, ten being the worst.The first appointment the Dr. should spend 30" or so getting to know you.I say that because mine spends 10-15" just on a follow-up. They also made me sign a narcotic agreement, agreeing to not sell the pain meds, etc.The agreement also says that if they find that you are an an abusive personality and not using the drugs for pain, they will taper you off. The doctor gave me pain meds right away, but it took awhile before we got to know each other. Then the trust was there, both ways. I would encourage anyone to find a good pain clinic. My life is now livable. My Dr. is also a pain sufferer, he is tall and has back pain. He seems to really understand pain. And he has a sincere desire to help his patients. I was in such bad shape when I first went. Good luck! Let us know how it goes. Hope all my fellows sufferers have a pain-free day! (I just did a no-no and ate chocolate, I hope I don't pay for it)---Brenda Martin
Brenda Martin <>
Dallas, Tx USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 12:34:55 PM
i would also like to reply to kathleen and tracy....i also get a "sore scalp" along with various symptoms of migraine. thought i was the only one, and this really was the only symptom my doc thought was weird. have gone the cat scan route, the m.r.i. route...nothing helps. even if i don't have a full blown migraine, i ALWAYS have a low to mid grade headache gonna sign off and call my doc. for another (sigh) appointment. have a pain free day everyone....will write again soon:) louisa
AUSTIN, TX USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 12:23:38 PM
Hello~ I'm considering going to a Pain Clinic. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Also, has anyone found a Dr. in S.C. that is not afraid to prescribe narcotics? Thanks Everyone! Anne
Spartanburg, SC USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 11:52:47 AM
Hello everyone. I came out on the net looking for resources for Migraines and for support groups. I encountered my first one a week and have not had much luck in getting rid of it. I have been to my doctor several times and have finnaly started to get a little relief. I was started out on Percodan and Imitrex...those didn't help much. When I went back to him yesterday I was given Fiornal and a steriod drug and a shot of Dimerol to help ease the pain. The shot worked for a little while but the pain came back quickly after the effects wore off and the new meds do help a little, the pain does come back harder each time when they wear off. I am new to the Migraine world and am looking for help and support and information that can help me cope adn deal with this new issue in my life. I am glad that there is a place where one can go and learn from others with the same infliction so to speak. Thank you for this place adn I hope that I can learn new information from you all. WayneP
Wayne P <>
Clayton, NC USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 11:45:20 AM
Hey everyone! Well I made it through 2 days free of Excedrin-my head throbbed the whole time but I thought maybe if I got the caffiene outta my system the rebounds would stop--needless to say I woke this morning with a killer migraine behind my right eye and and stumbled to the bottle of pills. After an hour or so the pain subsided--I definately think there is a connection! I checked out the Dateline Website mentioned earlier and it was EXCELLENT--described my experiences to a T. I just want to know how to stop the caffiene withdrawls without these horrendous headaches!?? RE:Sore scalps--Mine feels like it is bruised too--always after a major headache--I think it most have something to do with the blood flow and nerve ending being over stimulated when the headaches are in full swing. It sure happens to me! Take care all--I am off to work and praying I make it through the day! Tracy
Tracy <>
MI, USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 11:36:20 AM
I have been taking butalbital w/codeine for approximately ten years- with excellent results. I have also tried percodon, percocet, vicodin, codeine #3, codeine #4, fiorinal, darvocet-n, & a few others. None of these worked in knocking out the pain completely and only made me feel like S#!^. Something about the narcotic in combination with a mild barbiturate which seems to work. The prescribed amount (that being two capsules) will almost all the time get rid of a bad migraine, if I catch it in time. It also seems that the capsules tend to work faster than tablets. My pain usually starts to diminish within 10 minutes. Do any of you remember when Tylenol came out with those capsules? The ones that had the red and yellow "beads" inside? Funny enough those seems to work for me if I took them right at the onsight of pain. Must have been that they entered the body faster or something. (???) Tylenol never works for me- aspirin sometimes works. I have never been to the ER for demorol or stadol. Can you all truthfully tell me how much pain medication you take daily or monthly? And how often you get migraines or headaches? I see a lot of you taking pain medication along with muscle relaxers, or anti-depressants, or beta-blockers, or imitrex type drugs. If you are on any type of preventative, have you decreased the amount of pain medication you were taking? Or did it remain the same? If it remains the same, why do you still take anything esle?- Or is the pain just less servere?
San Francisco, CA USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 10:12:21 AM
Well you see Dianna~ I went out to do the SunDance, & it made my head hurt. (Bright lights, ya know) So then I heard you finally made it to Conn & I try to do the SnowDance but I slipped on the 7''of ICE that we have here in NH & all my powers went aiming in the wrong directions & oops, brought the Rain! The SnowBall fight isn't going to happen, sorry. Sending Cyber SnowBalls~ (((OOOO))) ~L~
USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 09:28:01 AM
Betsey Hi. I know what you mean about those annoying low grade headaches. I've got one today. I usually try to take some Aleve (Naproxin sodium). Even if it doesn't always kill off the headache it dulls it enough to keep going. Also, as I understand it, St John's Wort is more for Depression than Migraines. Some of my friends use Feverfew. I haven't tried it yet. Hope this helps a little.
Katherine <>
Eescanaba, MI USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 09:10:59 AM
I just read through some of the latest entries and have to respond to Tracy and Kathleen . . . I also get a "sore scalp" with migraines. What causes that? I've never heard of anyone else getting that and my doctor looked at me like I was nuts when I described the feeling. It's usually on my migraine "side" (the right), sort of from my eyebrow back to just behind and below my ear. Does any one have any info on this? It's so weird. It's feels as though you are all bruised. I always thought it was just me. Thanks again!
Betsey <>
Baltimore, USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 08:53:23 AM
HI, I haven't posted anything here in a few weeks, but have a question about the herbal supplements. I know some people take St. John's Wort and just wondered if it helped. I thought there was some controversy over that herb; that it wasn't quite what it claimed to be. Are there other herbal supplements that are supposed to help? I am currently on a beta blocker and calcium channel blocker and they seem to be doing the trick at preventing migraines. Also, what do you do about the low-grade headaches that occur everyday? These are not full-blown migraines, but just a constant throb, enough to be annoying. Nothing gets rid of the pain (not Excederin, Tylenol, Motrin, or Imitrex or any combination of them). Thanks for your help.
Betsey <>
Baltimore, USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 08:41:32 AM
I'd like to tell Sandy about my experince woth Paxil. I used it to treat depression and it worked great for that for awhile but then it started to give me daily headaches. I don't know if your doctor informed you but there are some antidepressants that can have headaches as side effects. Paxil is one of them. Zoloft is another one that caused me to have daily headaches. I have been getting migraines for about 14 years now. The best period I had was about 12 years ago when I was on Nortriptyline and got Completely off caffeine, followed a strict anti migraine diet and exericised regularly (yoga, running) Since then my life has been more complicated since I am a wife and mother, and work and go to school. I find that when I am caffeine free, I do much better. I am addicted to it in the form of coffee and slip back into drinking it off and on. I have had rebound headaches from meds and coffee and the cycle is awful as you all know. When it comes to prophalactic medications, I had bad experiences with Elavil (there is weight gain with it and Propranolol. It's been a long time since I used them but I believe they are in the same family of meds. Anyway I have had success with Nortrptiline which is in another family of antidepressants used for migraine. I mention the preventatives for those of you who are knew to migraine as I was 14 years ago and had to go thru trial and error to find something reasonably good. Nortryptiline works on the Seratonin connection in migraine (if you read Newsweeks january 11 issue it goes into the Seratonin factor) I have used Nortryptiline on and off (off when I was pregnant) and never had weight gain on it. It also helped with low grade depression. I have been having a lot of headaches lately. I am not on Nortryptiline at present. I had daily headaches this past week and decided to go back on the Nortryptiline and took just one and the next day I had no headache and felt great. I will consult my neuro again to get to the dosage I need. I also plan to give up coffee again and hopefully stay off. If any of you saw Dateline it just reinforces that caffeine connection as it relates to rebound headaches. I hope that you read this Sandy and consult an informed doctor about Paxil caussing headaches. We've got enough triggers, you certainly don't need to have an antidepressant be another. good luck to you and to all of us in trying to manage our condition.
san francisco, ca USA - Date: 01/19/99 (Tue) Time: 03:38:08 AM