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Hi my name is Shannon. I am 34 years old and have been suffering from severe migraines for the past 20 years. I have seen at least 5 different neuro docs and now I found a migraine neurologist. I have been on over 40 different meds. Nothing seems to work. I am currently taking Vicoden and compazine. That's the only thing that works without making me very sick with all kinds of side effects. I am really looking forward to this Monday. I am going in for Botox injections to help prevent alot of my migraines. They only do it in the most severe cases. I get migraines 3 weeks out of every month. So if anyone is interested in finding out how it goes please feel free to email me. Or I can also discuss all the meds I have been on in the past and what helped what didn't do anything at all. I feel for all of you that have to go through these terrible migraines.

Shannon <scg302000@yahoo.com>
Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 12:51:38

Hi everyone, I am new here , have suffered with migraines for over 20 years, have not worked in over 2 years. My M'S are a nightmare that I can not wake up from , please if anyone has any info that could help me please let me know, god bless********Tammy

tammy <twalker12@bellsouth.net>
Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 09:17:59


I am visiting this site in hopes to find some answers for my sister who has been suffering from migraines for over 30 years. She has taken everything under the sun, but for the past 15-20 years the only thing she gets any relief is from Demerol. Her usage supposedly has been approximately 10 injections/month for an extended period of time (years). I am so concerned that she now has an addiction to this drug, and that perhaps her continued migraines are from the days or week that may pass since her last injection. My mother who is a Psych nurse claims that her body is probably addicted but that it is the only thing that gives her relief. My sisters story is complicated. She currently sleeps in a hospital bed, is now about 100-150 pounds overweight. Her weight influx originally began from using Depakote, but now I believe that she has been hording food (using it for comfort) and has constant sugar cravings, which I understand is a symptom of withdrawal.

I could probably write a book about her life. But now, myself and our siblings are very concerned that her problems have now gone beyond migraine headaches.

Have any of you ever experienced a drug dependency to Demerol to help with the pain of migraine? And if so, at what point is the drug itself (or the absence/withdrawal from the drug) is the cause of the migraine?

Thank you,

desperate to find some answers to help my sister!

Cyndi Hansen <partyof5@neo.rr.com>
Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 07:45:49

I have never asked this question of fellow migrainers: does anyone else have an increased appetite during some migraines? Many times during a migraine I will crave carb heavy food.

dennis mccowan <dennismccowan@yahoo.com>
Friday, November 18, 2005 at 14:41:35

Here's my story...

I am 28 years a migraine sufferer and an artist.

One day at age 14 I was in my living room. Suddenly the whole became dark and all I could see was the shadows of the furniture. I stumbled into the kitchen scared and told my Mom. I soon had a full body scan and the doctor assumed it was migraines. I now know that I may have had a migraine with arua. That has been my first and last aura.

The 'real' migraines began showing up about seven years ago. They were tolerable in the beginninig and were treatable with Tylenol. Every year they grew worse. About four years ago I began taking a beta blocker and a narcotic. I have been hosptilized three times because the pain was so unbearable. Over the years I have tried different preventative medications and I am still searching for the right one. It is trial and error. Migraines have caused me to miss work, college classes, social events and family activities. The most memorable is on the day I was graduating and receiving my BA degree. I was sitting at the ceremony in my cap, gown and gold tassles in so my pain and I was flushed, dizzy and couldn't see straight. After the ceremony I was in so much pain that I didn't even get to take pictures with my family. (But I did take some another day, but it's not the same).

The past year has been the most difficult. I have been getting migraines more often than ever and have worked all that much because of this. I have been an artist for most of my life and being creative keeps me sane. I have written 'migraine' poetry and am currently working on a 'migraine' self-potrait.

A little over a week ago I was excited to be starting a new preventative med called Zonegran. It actually more hindered me than helped. It left me feeling extremley depressed and I even thought about suicide. I didn't know why I felt so doomed. I soon discovered that the very medication that was supposed to help was making me want to kill myself. Well, my new doctor told me to stop taking it immediately. I want to burn the stuff! So he is putting me back on a medication (Depakote) that worked for me a year ago and which I thought made me gain weight (maybe not). Needless to say I am excited about giving it another try.

I recently found out from my new doctor that I have been getting rebound headaches from taking a painkiller (for my migraines) for the past four years. I stopped taking it a couple of weeks ago and am now on three preventative medications, including Elavil, beta-blocker and Depakote (soon to start). So with the help of my loving boyfriend of eight years I am planning to put a career on hold for the next year or until I can get better. And I am going to use the extra time to use my creative energy. (I may put some of my art stuff on this website).

So that's my story... And I wish everyone good health and happiness.

Jen <jcwolf1977@aol.com>
Friday, November 18, 2005 at 14:03:10

Hi, I placed an entry on Oct 17th and there is a wrong
email for me. it should be dgonzalez16@cox.net. I
am really interested to hear from people who have/had
similiar experiences with doctors and meds.

Thank you

donna gonzalez <dgonzalez16@cox.net>
Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 16:26:17

I'm 21 and currently on Zomig for migraines. I've been getting them since I was 12. Try convincing a school nures that your head hurts to bad to stay in clasee three days in a row. She thought I was faking and kept sending me back to class. They even laughed at me one time when I told them that my dad gets migraines, maybe I do to. "hahahaha I didn't know migraines were contageous... that's so funny... go back to class."

So a few years later a doctors perscribed me something that I took twice a day. I couldn't function. I lost track of sentences... of words... it was awful so I stopped taking it. When I hit Jr. High I was taking tylenol like it was candy and barely making it through the class. They would reduce me to tears and I lay in the dark of the nurses office until she had to send me back to class.

High School brought another perscription of nonsense that made me incapable of coherant thought. So I stopped taking it. At least they believed me. I changed doctors twice for a stomach problem and the amount of over the counter pain killers was killing my gut.

After graduation things calmed down until I was planning my wedding. Bring on the migraines. So my new doctor put my on something, probly the same thing as twice before that made my brain cut out. I actually had to have my mother dictate words to me on the phone because I was incapable.

In the past year I've been to the hospital twice. They've given me a morphine IV each time. God bless them. I currently live on a military base and I went to the hospital a month ago. They decided not to use morphine but give me toradol. It didn't work. At all. So I sat there with an IV in my hand for an hour and a half until I finally told them I was fine, just to get out of there.

The Zomig is working so far. I had a migraine sneak up on me a few days ago and I was out for a day. But I find that if I catch them early with the Zomig I'm fine in a while with very few side effects.


Amanda <Mooncroww@aol.com>
Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 08:43:25

I am writing in reference to the postings I have read about Cymbalta. My Physician gave it to me a few weeks ago for back pain. I have to admit the back pain felt much better, but my Migraines got much worse, and I felt really lightheaded, and had difficulty sleeping. The headaches have continued so I am going to stop the medication as of today. I have an appt. to see my Dr. today. It is a shame because it did help the pain in my back alot. I am a Nurse, who is out of work due to my injuries, so I was so happy for this relief! They say if it is seems to good to be true, than it may be :(
Just thought this might help some of you out a little.

Jewel <Islandjewel0609@aol.com>
Monday, November 14, 2005 at 08:04:34


Shortly after dawn this morning, I was out walking my Llaso Apsa, Molly. An episode started where I started speaking nonsense and my left foot jutted out to the left making me limp. Well, sometimes there is nothing to do but keep on going.

It was such a beutiful morning ... autumn crispness in the air, the rains have brought green to the land as the second spring grasses are growing, you could hear the lambs bleating and the cows mooing ... it was a perfect morning. I refused to go home so I just limped along speaking nonsense to Molly and myself. It passed after a bit as it does.

We got on down the dirt road onto the paved lane. Then the confusion set in. You probably are aware of migraine confusion, too. I get lost often. It is two lane road with no cross roads, yet I often get lost on it. Like today. I couldn't have told you if I was in California or Delaware or Alaska. So Molly just pulled me along and I kept walking. It is OK to be lost sometimes ... I just go along for the ride.

We came to Miguel's place and I realized we were in California. Miguel has a beautiful black and white mare with a young colt. The colt came up to the fence to say "good morning." I scratched its nose and spoke soothingly to it. Such a magical moment. Then we went up the road a piece to visit with Miguel's ponies and Emu. He has the prettiest ponies I have seen in years and a very funny Emu ... it is 6.5' tall and just loves to escape and wander the roads. One day Molly had to herd it for a mile back to its corral ... but that is another tale.

We left Miguel's, and walked up tothe cemetary before turing around and heading home. It is so nice to have the leaves changing ... scarlet and yellows of autumn ... with the bright greens of springtime grass. We passed a field of goats with new kids and a field of sheep with five new lambs born just week. I love spring.

So a time of limping and nonsense and confusion and getting lost ... it's OK. I still enjoy walking at dawn in Northern California with Molly.

Hang in there,


Richard <rgseward@direcway.com>
Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 13:00:09

I am new here, but wanted to tell you all that I have a friend who takes a very low dose of Paxil to prevent migraines. She has been on it for over 10 years and doesnt get them anymore. I use tramadol right now to treat mine, but am looking for something different. I use to take tylenol sinus, but the new formula doesnt help me out much. This week I had a horrible headache and finally took 6 200mg ibuprofen because I was so desperate for relief. I am a stay at home mom to a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old so the pain killers are pretty much out of the question for me if they cause drowsiness. I also recently read an article that said if migraines are associated with your period then you may be low on magnesium. I have started taking a suppliment so I am excited to see how it goes.

Sunday, November 6, 2005 at 21:41:12

The problem I have found with migraine treament is that every migraine is as different as the people who have them. The meds never worked for me, and after 20 years of fighting it, I did something about it. I took a class at a college near my home to study a form of hands on healing(at that point I would try anything).
I then met others practicing the same, as well as other forms of this art and learned more from them. Now the clusters are gone, and my life is back to being MY LIFE.
Now, my goal is to help as many people break away from these debilitating events as I can. If anyone is in, or will be in the Phoenix AZ. area, please contact me. There is no fee, this is not about money.

Mike Martin <f8t@netzero.net>
Friday, November 4, 2005 at 09:50:42


Has anyone tried the new over the counter med "Head-On"?
It looks like a pen and is applied across the forehead.
Did it work for anyone?

Renate Anderson <renate@ocala.com>
Friday, November 4, 2005 at 00:21:41

Hi! My name is Lynn. I will be 45 yrs. old this week. I found this web site while I was scanning the net looking for fellow imitrex users with concerns. Thankyou! Imitrex has been a godsend for me over the years in the way that i could take it and still work usually. I started using it about 10 years ago. I�ve had migraines since around age 13 worsening by age 19-20 and subsiding for only the periods in my life when I was pregnant. I have had times in my life when I could experience 3-5 migraines/week. In recent years I have finally discovered that I have been my own worst enemy in triggering many of them. I have discovered a multitude of triggers that when avoided have drastically reduced the numbers. If I am very good I can have as few as 1-2/month (triggered most likely by hormones). The triggers I have found to be my most likely offenders are ALL artificial sweeteners, CHOCOLATE(ugh!!), ALCOHOL (although I have been able to partake without migraine sometimes by eating a full meal, using prophylactic Ibuprofen and drinking lots of h2o-to keep hydrated and not more than 2-3 drinks. FYI: Ibuprofen and alcohol mixing is not very highly recommended due to stress on liver) MSG (and you would not believe the # of foods that contain MSG monosodium glutamate -it is NOT just in chinese food- read your labels) As you might be able to imagine I have a hard time not partaking all the time �NO CHOCOLATE, NO ALCOHOL c�mon and then there are the times that I eat out and forget to ask how the food is prepared or they are not really sure. I know different people have different causes for their migraines, but if you have never tried to eliminate these items from your diet- try it. It has been so empowering to have a little more control over them.

I have concerns regarding what Imitrex might be doing to my heart, I have palpitatations /a heart pounding sensation following each dose. My Dr. does not seem concerned. I have 2 other health concerns going on and am curious if anyone else might be experiencing similar. I fear that the Imitrex could be responsible. I have been experiencing some hip pains especially on left but also some on right. It has been getting so bad that it interferes with normal activities. I had some arthritis- like pain going on for years but the pains I have now are much more uncomfortable. I have found it gets worse on days after I've used Imitrex. In fact I have pretty bad joint aching and stiffness in all lower joints on those days. A more recent concern has been my eyes I have always had good vision. I have only had problems with light sensitivity in the last 3-4 years. I mean really bad light sensitivity and not necessarily
because of having a migraine. I finally went to see an eye Dr. and the first guy said I had some serious scarring on my sclera. He sent me to a specialist who said it's not scarring but degeneration but felt that it was the kind that could be due to an autoimmune disease process like lupus or rheumatoid disease, etc. Well I tested negative for everything and now I'm starting to put some things together and wondering if they could be a process related to long-term Imitrex use. Are you experiencing anything that sounds like this? I didn�t experience this joint achiness/ stiffness on Imitrex days in the first 8 years or so of use. I'd appreciate your input. Thanks, Lynn

Lynn <reed_a_lynn@yahoo.com>
Monday, October 24, 2005 at 19:05:02

Hi All,

I just HAD to provide all of you with this website (www.migraineclinic.ca). From the bottom of my heart I feel for all of you. I've had migraines for 24 years and can relate to most of your stories that's until I met Brendan. Please visit his website and judge for yourself. You will be forever greatful to have your "life" back.

After suffering for so many years, I'll be the first to admit I'm a skeptic!

I've been migraine free for 9 months now. I never thought I could ever say that. I have my life back!



Natalie <nwhyton@sympatico.ca>
Wednesday, October 19, 2005 at 11:21:13

This is for Donna...if you have had a complete hysterectomy and do not have your ovaries you may want to consider hormone replacement therapy. Also I would suggest that you contact a specialist who deals with migraines and not a pain clinic as they are not equipped to handle migraines...I would like to refer you to the following website - http://www.stjohn.org/Migraine/

You also may want to see a neurologist and a neurosurgeon if you have not already done so and get a second opinion about those discs.

Also some people have gotten relief with occipital nerve blocks.

I hope that the information here will be of use to you. I have suffered with migraines since I was 16 and I'm 42 now.

Marian <bamacountrykitty@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, October 19, 2005 at 06:25:30

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