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Great web sight. I've got a question for anyone that has had exercise induced migraines. My daughter started with one sided clavicle pain with exercise last year, now this year (with puberty helping out) she starts with the clavicle pain and quickly escalates to a full blown migraine within minutes every time she plays soccer. The nausea, pain at the temples and clavicle is excrutiating for her. The clavicle pain also becomes sharp and stabbing. Imitrex not helping nausea but still working on doctors for help. Is clavicle pain associated with Migraine?? Can any others with exercise induced migraine that have the clavicle symptoms share their advise??

14 yr old daughter with exercise induced migraine <dmgrey@accesstoledo.com>
Friday, August 26, 2005 at 09:30:57

hello to all who have written and supported me for the last few days. i apologize for responding to all who had responded to me. i got a new one from someone who told all i had to do was let u all know how i am doing here. welp my trip to the er last nite was much better than i had anticipated. i did have to wait 3 hours in the waiting room (during the afternoon when the sun is the brightest - u know!! lol). once i got back i was treated like a human "bean". i was in basic care because it was not an "emergency". i was treated by a physicians assistant and he was absolutely terrific. he did the normal neurological exam and put that awful light to my eyes and determined a ct scan was unnecessary seeing how i just had one about 8 months ago. for the first time ever the pa communicated with my primary care physician (the one who takes care of my pain management) and he followed her instructions. he rehydrated me, gave me nausea medication and toradol. he waited about 15 min or so and asked how i was responding to his remedy. welp to me toradol is like taking baby asprin. he then gave me 2mg of dilaudid. checked back 15 min or so and gave me 2mg more. i left pretty much pain free. the MONSTER is gone. i was so afraid to open my eyes today for fear of the pain being back. it is now 3:14 p.m. and i am still feeling better than i have in a long long long time. now my morphine maintenance has a chance of working and i feel blessed. i am very grateful for all of the support, hugs and personal experiences i have received since i posted my story on sat nite. i did not know a place like this existed for people like us. i found this by accident (welp, maybe it wasnt, huh?) nothing happens by mistake, right?! you are all in my thoughts and prayers. keep me in yours too. stay in touch and i will to. the personal emails are appreciated to - you know who you are. thanx again everyone. i no longer feel alone and like i am the only in the world who suffers like this. again thanx. keep them comin! hugs to all.

christine <richri7@yahoo.com>
Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 14:14:03

Hi everybody,
this is a very interesting page, I decided to add my little contribution, even if it's rather similar to a lot of other posts.
I have hormone related migraine attacks since I was quite young, I think about 11, now Iknow that I get migraine especially during my period (I'm on a combined contraceptive, I used to get migraine at ovulation, thankfully this is over).

Both my mother and grandmother suffered from migraine, and started having this problem around puberty. The migraines disappeared almost completely after menopause, in one case surgical and in the other case natural with hormone supplement. My mother had clear triggers with perfumes, especially of flowers, and bad weather, I don't really have any.
None of us have aura or other alarm bells before an attack.

I also get migraines after something stressful is over (an exam, an important meeting, giving a presentation, arriving after a long trip and so on, as soon as I relax the little hammer starts in my head...pffffffff). Light is a problem, like movement, sounds mostly not, and smells, even nice ones, can induce a rather horrid nausea.

I take Difmetre (I'm Italian, and this seems to be a rather peculiar Italian medicament, but it works) or, since I live abroad and not always have it available, ibuprofen plus a strong coffee, but my stomach is quite unhappy about this last combination.....

Sometimes I wake up with migraine, which is a rather bad way of starting the day. Then at work I go around a bit like a zombie, it's not very good especially because it looks like I have a very bad hangover.

I take fluoexetine for depression, it helps a lot with this problem but I did not see any change in strength or pattern of appearance of the migraines since I take it (about one year).

Francesca <stefafra@hotmail.com>
Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 09:01:42

hello my name is christine and i have been suffering with chronic migraines since i was 16 years old. i am now 32. i have seen every doctor under the sun, every specialist, an accupuncturist, etc., etc.,. i was on methadone therapy for seven months and almost pain free - then it stopped working! now they have me on morphine sulfate. i take them twice daily and i am getting no relief. i have been home all day in the dark contemplating suicide. i have reached a point of udder hopelessness. they have tried all the "triptan" medications - no relief, preventative medication u know - neurontin, tegratol, depakote, blood pressure medications - no relief - fentanyl patches - no relief. now they have me taking the morphine. i have been told that my "opiod receptors" do not work like normal people because of the length of time i was on the methadone. i should be so messed up from this pain medicine, but it doesn't do anything but make me sweat! i had hope, but i lost it along the way. please don't call me crazy because i have been thinking of suicide - i just feel like i can't go on anymore like this. i am a train wreck. i am on social security disability and everyone just feels sorry for me. my dr. has not given up - but i sure have. i could go on forever, but i'll stop with it now, my novel has just started. i discovered this site and have been reading other peoples accounts and i am even more scared. i just need to know i am not alone, and i have discovered - by accident - that i am not.
any hope out there for me?

christine peddigree <richri7@yahoo.com>
Saturday, August 20, 2005 at 21:33:35

I only get migraines once or twice every few months. It had been six months since my last, until yesterday. Despite their infrequency, I live with the paranoia that today could very well be a "Migraine Day". I am nineteen years old and will not travel further than 10 minutes from my own house. I don't have a driver's license either, as I'm afraid of going blind while driving and causing an accident. Should I manage to pull the car over, I'd still be left to suffer the agony on the side of the road in a sunlit car. The fear has consumed me and is a deciding factor in everything I do. I feel like a burden to my friends as they drive me around, but am very grateful for their patience. Yesterday I got my aura in a neighbouring city twenty minutes away from the darkness of my room and the mild (but appreciated) effects of my medications. Usually only three to five hours of pain, but I'd go so far to say that the pain of this condition isn't solely from the headaches but rather from their unpredictability. They have been--and will continue to be--my shackles through life, until a cure is found or I can figure out once and for all what triggers them. Until that day, I will always be looking over my shoulder, so to speak.

The only thing that seems to really help ease my throbbing pain is for me to calm down, not panic or worry, and simply accept what is happening and try to sleep. I discovered this naturally one day when my sudden blindness was welcomed with my laughter at its terrible timing. I was visiting my brother in Toronto and felt as though I'd been found in a game of hide and seek. I sort of rolled my eyes and just took my medication and went to lie down. The pain hardly came at all (though I still lay motionless for the whole 4 hours) and it wasn't so bad. Sometimes I wake up blind (strange blind spots that flicker and such) and it's hard to calm down as it's rather frightening and disappointing to wake up to that, and the pain is worse. Nothing compares to my first migraine though, when I was absolutely terrified that I was going blind (this was in the 8th grade). I sat in school trying not to show my fear to the other kids and tried to come up with logical explanations, but I couldn't. Then it started going away and I was relieved. Then, as many of you are all too familiar with, I could feel the storm brewing inside my head. It grew and grew until I could no longer walk without someone's assistance. I got to office, called for a ride home, and waited outside in the bright, hot, sunlight for my dad to pick me up. Then I was taken to hospital, all the while thinking that I was going to die. My heart was racing, and with each beat my head retorted with a thunderous shock of pain. I was placed in an unlit room of the hospital where I spent the next few hours writhing in the worst pain I'd ever felt.

What I remember most about that day is the feeling of my migraine going away; the slow downbeat of my heart and the ever-weakening throb in my head. It's this feeling of relief that I cling to whenever I'm suffering from one. Knowing that it's going to be over in a predictable amount of time helps me tough it out, and that calms me down, and calming down means less work toughing it out. I don't know if this sort of "meditation" would work for most of my fellow migraine sufferers, but it does make sense that it would. It may not get rid of our headaches, but it has softened the blow for me on multiple occasions. After the last six years, I cannot imagine life without this fear of mine, but honing the technique of suffering through them helps me (and others) toss the worry aside more easily and hopefully it will help someone here, if only a little.

Aaron Wright <pinkbike@offtone.com>
Tuesday, August 16, 2005 at 09:50:12

Hi- I've been reading for almost an hour the messages on this site; I sympathize/empathize with fellow sufferers. I've had migraines for about 35 years and have had them daily for 8 or 9 years now. My story sounds like everyone elses. I used midrin back in the "60's" as that's about all there was. It never helped much but was better that nothing. My dr. perscribed a drug, Synalgos, after the birth of my 2nd child. It contains asprin, caffine & codine. Still didn't knock out the pain but some better than Midirn. I thought Imitrex was a miracle when it 1st come out; 1st time I'd actually had something relieve the pain. But... it didn't last. I've used all the so-called preventitive drugs: Topomax, Neurotin, Verapamil, prednisone, antidepressants,etc. Have tried all the different triptan drugs, plus some. Sansert was the absolute worst!! I know those things to avoid: caffine, msg, sodium nitrates, anything aged,plus I can't take B vitamins, diuretics, black cohosh. Again, the list goes on. I've seen chiropractors, acupunturists, massage therapists, used TENS units,had MRI's, CAT scans....Well,anyway. You get my point. I guess this is my biggest complaint. After everything I've tried, a zomig & codine are what help me the most & usually allow me to have a fairly quality life considering I deal with pain everyday. But Drs. don't want to perscribe them & insurance co.s don't want to pay for them. This is my greatest frustration because there's not much I can to do change their response to chronic pain. Thanks for the sounding board-I encourage everyone to hang in there.

gay pollard <gpollard1871@msn.com>
Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 23:20:17

Hi Everyone.. I have something really interesting to tell you all. I have suffered the most brutal debilitating migraines for 20 years, which are hormonal, always coming every month right before my period on the one side of my head behind the eye, and then right after the heaviest period day on the opposite side of my head. I vomited or dry heaved every half an hour for about 10 hours straight each time, when the triptans did not work. I missed so many days of work, etc, you all know what it's like! About 4 months ago, I read something in a book on natural cures, and discovered vitamin E, believe it or not! I thought it couldn't possibly be strong enough for these migraines! Well, I take a 400 IU capsule every day, doubling the dosage to 800 IU for a week before the period, right through the period, and then a few days after, and then go back to taking 400 IU per day. I HAVE BEEN MIGRAINE-FREE since I started taking it!! It seems impossible, but I am so happy, and hope it lasts! I have read about the benefits of vitamin E for artery health, and it thins the blood. Also women with endometriosis benefit from it too. So, I hope some of you will try it, and that it also works wonders for you! I was sceptical at first, but it is just amazing how simple it is..

Thursday, August 11, 2005 at 18:33:50

i am 34 years old and have suffered with migrains for 27 years. i have tried everything otc and prescription. my dr currently has me on nurontin and home injections of dhe. which does't seem to work anymore. i go to the er about 3 times a week and get treated like a junkie. it's frustrating not being in control of my life. my nuerologist wouldn't give me pain patches, so i went over her to my family dr and she gave them to me today. i would like to know if anyone else has tried it and what kind of luck they have had.

michelle eisel <redheadeisel@earthlink.net>
Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at 19:27:05

Hi! I'm a 36 y/o mother of three that has had chronic migraines for over 5 yrs. It all started when I hit both sides of my head in a mva in Aug 1999. I had an instantaneous migraine that took over three years to get any relief from. I have tried every medication you can think of as well as 22 trigger point nerve blocks, 4 facet injections, 16 nerves cauterized with radio-frequency (RF procedure) 9 on left and 7 on right side of neck, acupuncture, chranial-sacchrial therapy, bio-feedback, basically you name it- I've tried it. Currently I have been implanted with an ANS sub-occipital nerve stimulator in my head. The generator is in my back just above the gluteous even with the hip bone with wire extensions in my back at my right shoulder blade and then the wires continue up to the base of my skull. I had this implanted Mar 2, 2005 and today is Aug 9, 2005 and the thing has broken so many times it has only worked for 5 weeks. It seems to work but I refuse to trade one pain for another..I consistantly spike 2 to 6 full blown migraines a day when they are daily migraines but I also consistantly spike the kind that can last for 2 days to several weeks and after over 5 years of learning to deal with the pain it was nice to wake up from having the stimulator implanted pain-free..now I have to decide if the pain from the constantly broken stimulator is worth it since it does help the migraines..I have never felt so helpless in my life..I'm sorry my story is so long..I just feel so alone and confused sometimes and it feels good to vent to someone that understands.

Melissa <mmarvelous5@sbcglobal.net>
Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at 08:24:06

Hi everyone! After another long week with the MONSTER, 3 ER visis, and 1 Urgent care visit, I finally got some relief. Once again my work was upset with me and since on Monday I tried to work with the MONSTER, and finally couldn't go on, I went to our Urgent care facility. I forgot to clock out and now I got written up for violating the time clock rules! I'm just waiting for them to fire me, I know that I am not being very optimistic. It is just so hard to try to work, I am a switchboard operator for a medical center and on the days that I'm not on the switchboard, I am a medical interpreter for the clinic. It's kind of hard to function when the MONSTER is pounding away! Well I guess I will quit moaning and groaning...I send all of you a big hug, and wish you all pain free days.

Erika S <xerikaflowers05x@aol.com>
Monday, August 8, 2005 at 21:23:02

Hi. I have migraines since i was 3 or 4. They have been unable to find a specific cause of my migrines. I have tried seve=ral treatments...to no avail. I am glad i am not he only person out there that is suffering so much. Not that I wish this pain on anyone else... I am just glad that I have finally found that I am not alone. I have not yet actually met anyone with headaches that extend to the caliber in which mine do. Maybe my mom, but I don't think that hers are that bad as she does not end up in the ER or an Urgent Care facility at least weekly. I had a sinus surgery in hopes it would assist with the excruciating pain, It did help with the ridiculous amount of sinus unfections, but not with the headaches. I am just at a loss for hope...treatment has all but completely failed me...I just don't know where to turn or what to do anymore. If anyone can help me, let me know.

Thank-you very much,

Becca <Rorscachandprozac@yahoo.com>
Sunday, August 7, 2005 at 04:29:27

I found this site by accident. To be honest, I was looking for ways to end my pain permanently. Through surgery, drilling hole in my head, or anything.

Im 32, I have had migranes for 2 years. No not long, but they last for weeks. I started getting migranes soon after a severe brain injury, which I was lucky enough not to die, or suffer any damage that would be considered "brain damage" by most people. I should have died, was told that by doctors, specialists, people I worked with etc.

I was hit in the head by a pressure pipe at 3600 pounds of pressure. It split my skull open, from my hair line above my left eye, back 5 inches. I didnt pass out, double concussion, level 4 and 3, lost 1/3 of my blood, and after a couple years of therapy, im about 60% of where I was.

This injury ended my marriage, I changed alot because of the pain and everything with the injury, she couldnt take it and left. Im not able to work out side of the home because of triggers, and when I get migranes they usually force me to lay down under blankets. So I live with my parents, they know how I suffer, and look on helpless.

Because of this I work very part time about 10 hours a week, and thats almost to much. My pain affects my work to a point, and makes it so I cannot risk living on my own, partly money, but also when the pain is bad I can go several days with out food/water (which doesnt help)

The constant migranes have not been always constant, they did stop for a period of about 3 months. I was medicated to the extreme. 14 different meds (some for the brain trauma). But they caused some liver and kidney damage so im off all but 4 now.

A friend told me about a nerve doctors sever in the brain of burn victims who are burned allover, not expected to live, so they cut the nerve and the person has no pain, but adrenelin (SP?!) is over produced. But im on day 18 of a bad migrane. Forcing my self to get up and try to do something.

I see neurologists, neurophyscologists, and other doctors, but in the end they have no real clue it seems. They have me try different things like diet change, exercise, and more meds, but they dont really help. Its hard to change your diet when the only thing you can eat is Rye bread and ginger ale. Impossible to exercise when moving causes vertigo and I fall over. Im tired of meds. So tired of meds

One day they will find a cure for all migranes.

Brian Edey <brian@brianedey.com>
Friday, August 5, 2005 at 23:25:11

I came across this page today after yet another frustrating day of being in excess of a pain level "10" with my migraine. I've been a patient at the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago the past few months where I was surprised to find that I was one of the very few local patients. Unfortunately I've been told my migraines are not ordinary and therefore do not respond to ordinary treatment. This one has yet to break since January and I've been unable to work since the first week in February. I see the same frustration in a lot of you that I have. I've spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital and seen quite a few get helped, I just wasn't one of them. I was actually looking for an online support chat if anyone knows of one. And any suggestions anyone has....

Penny <pennyj1965@charter.net>
Thursday, August 4, 2005 at 17:38:22

I am 45 yrs. old. My First migraine was at 30 yrs. old. I took Elavil and the migraines disappeared for 13 years. Now, at 45, they have returned. Nothing works this time. I need someone to talk/vent with. No one I know understands that migraines are severe headaches. Most people think they are just "bad headaches". My headaches are daily and constant for the past year. I get confused, I lose concentration, I get dizzy, disoriented and weak. Needless to say I cant drive to work like this and my job is over an hour away. I am out of sick time on my job. Dont know what will happen when I get the next migraine and I have to call in. I tried elavil again and it did not work this time. It made me gain weight. The weight gain caused me to get high blood pressure. I tried Inderal. It seems to curb the early morning headaches but, not completely. I dont feel like I have a life anymore. I cant go anywhere without a purse full of pills. I cant go on vacation. I walk around scared to death that I will be "attacked" by the monster at any moment. This is no way to live. I want to share any information I have with others and I need to vent about the lack of empathy/understanding in the public and work place.

DONNA <dmcduffie@ajc.com>
Thursday, August 4, 2005 at 10:28:20

At 30 yrs. of age, I started having migraines. They lasted for a year. Then, they disappeared when I started taking elavil. I was free of headaches for almost 13 yrs. The elavil worked wonders for 13 years. Then, at the age of 43, they came back. I am now 45 so I have been battling them 2 yrs now. The elavil doesnt work like it did years ago. All it did was make me gain weight. The weight gain caused high blood pressue to occur. The blood pressure caused more headaches. I have tried Inderal and it helps the blood pressure headaches (morning headaches). But, nothing helps the daily pounding. All day, every day. I take imitrex but, it's expensive and it makes me sleepy. It's hard to work when you have migraines. No one understands the severity. Everyone at work thinks it's just "bad headaches." Migraines are more than "bad headaches." My migraines make me incoherent. I get forgetful and stare into space. I dont think rationally when I have a migraine. I am tired, weak, dizzy, etc. I cry because the migraines have disrupted my life and made me so unhappy. I dont have a life anymore. I keep drugs with me at all times. I cant plan vacations. I dont go anywhere except to work. I dont feel like working but, my boss does not understand the severity. I am looking for the ultimate cure, like the rest of us. I hope that by joining this site, I can give advice that helps others and maybe I can find some help.

donna <dmcduffie@ajc.com>
Thursday, August 4, 2005 at 09:10:00

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