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I am new to this site and have had bouts with chemical sensitivity which in turn causes me to have headaches. I think it will be years before there is an Awadening in the community on the products that are harming our families. Although these chemicals are all around us..and many times we have no choice as we go to work, the doctors office, or just about anywhere in general we can becom contaminated.
When contaminated it triggers migrane headaches in me as I am sure it does in alot of others also without them knowing. I have found an oil that I carry with me at all times for such ocassions and it has saved me from many a migraine headache. Perfumes can set me off too and all I do is grab my 100% organic grown essential oil and breathe in deeply and in a matter of minutes can detour a bad headache from happening. I have suffered for awhile with headaches and there is nothing that is so bad as a migraine. I cannot say it will work for others but that it has improved my life greatly. I thank god for this oil that has helped me control the things I am exposed to daily that I have no choice in the matter .

You may e-mail me for the name of the oil that I use that helped me control the effects of outside influences on my headaches. I pray everyone might be free from this awful pain. englandw2003@yahoo.com or wre19@comcast.net

Wanda L.England <englandw2003@yahoo.com>
Sunday, February 27, 2005 at 19:24:48

Hi Everyone,
It's always nice to hear from other people who suffer the same fate as myself. While it doesnt help the pain, it does make me feel not so alone in the battle. I have fought migraines all my life, and I do mean fought. I am still fighting them to this day and I plan to someday win the fight. I will never give up hope of a normal life. I, like most migraine sufferers, have had just about every test there is and been on every drug known to man (and some I think the Drs just made up because they didnt know what else to do : } ). My latest treatment via a migraine center is botox injections in my neck and scalp muscles. I started the injections 2 days ago. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, after everything we migrainuers go through, we could have natural childbirth while typing a letter and still keep smiling. As you can tell, I use humor ALOT to get through the bad things life throws at me but I am still swinging my bat, so I guess that counts for something! God bless you all and never give up hope guys!

Lisa <Lisa1avonrep@aol.com>
Thursday, February 24, 2005 at 08:10:19

I was first diagnosed with migraines when i was 19 years old. I do have a family history of them. I went for years with pain until the new medications came out. I started with the imitrex injections..remember those? man, my friends thought i was really wacko to shoot myself in the leg with a needle every couple of days. but it worked for me. my migraines have progressivly gotten worse. i have tried all sorts of prevention medicines...beta blockers,birth control, anti-depresents..the list goes on and on. i have just decided to try topamax. i have been reading alot about this medication, seems like most of the posts have been about really bad side effects. i am starting at 10mg per day for the first two weeks...i am praying that it might help!

brenda leedom <bleedom2@wi.rr.com>
Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 22:49:11

Hi. I had my first migraine in 1988. Have now got into the clusters. I have tried almost everything. I have been to Dianmond Headache Clinic, have had 12 MRIs and even had brain surgury. The pain I live with is so unreal. My doctors now tell me just to go to ER for the bad ones. The only thing that works is Demerol. I take Vicodin almost every day. I do not want these drugs to control my life. Over the last 5 years I went to the ER 2 or 3 times a year. Last year I went 15 times. Things that do help are not laying flat. I put ice on the pain and on my neck. It seems that stress and the weather seem to be my triggers. I have have learned to live with pain. I have had to sleep in a LazyBoy for the last 2 years. People that I work with often have no idea the pain I'm in. If I do wait to long to go to ER which happened last June we had to call 911. I am 47 and when my pain is a 2 or 3 I am so happy.That happens maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I have been told I am CRONIC CLUSTER MIGRAINE person and have to use the narcotis. Any ideas -- anyone? Thanks Billy Ray

William Stevenson <bilil@MCHSI.com>
Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 09:31:27

I had headaches (sometimes Migraine) for 10 years day and night. I have been tested for having allergies to dust, mold and some trees. I came across an article on candida and after reading about it, I tried the candida diet. My pain is gone and I want to share this incredible info. I hope it helps for many.

go to:


happy days are here again...

toni <toni_cassis@hotmail.com>
Wednesday, February 16, 2005 at 12:14:14

I am a 19 year old. My name is Emily Newcom. I go to Purdue Univeristy. I have suffered from migraines for over a year now and they are horrible now!! and it is horrible!! i went through depression and everything!!

Emily Newcom <enewcom@purdue.edu>
Tuesday, February 15, 2005 at 15:55:29

This is for Lynn Neel: I am a female age 53 and am officially menopausal but still have hot flashes. I have noticed a lessening of migraines since menopause--both in frequency and severity.

I still get them and take injectible imitrex which usually helps. My mother completely stopped having migraines after she reached menopause. This may not apply to all but it may apply to you--so there is something to look forward to!

Thursday, February 10, 2005 at 15:52:15

Hi,my name is Margarita,I'm so happy that I found people that talks about it.I'm 35 ,married with to girls. I have suffer migraines since I was 23,with aura sometimes and sometimes without it,but so painful.
In my second pregnancy I had 4 month of 3 to 4 times weekly such a bad migraines,but now my girl is three,and everytime is getting worst,the things I eat at the beggining were just about 4 and now the list is about 15,that really intoxicated me.
I don't know were to go to gastroenterologist o neurologist,because I have being with neurologist,but I'm sure that is my stomach .
But sometimes after a migraine attack,my body is totally devastited,like to funtion is almost impossible.and every time is worst.I can have periods without,I'm really panic when the aura shows up.
And I'm not taking any more migraine medice,but alka seltzer or anything like that and to pils of a very strong pain releiver,that sometimes makes the stomach hurt,but if is not gone in one hour I take another pill.Wich makes me be concern about my liver and other organs,Well I don't know what else to say,but I hope some one will writte me .

Margarita <margarita_leiva@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, February 9, 2005 at 18:17:12

I have been having monthly headaches since I was about 37. I am now 48. I am now in menopause. The menopause symtoms I can handle. The week long headaches each month during my period is so dibilitating. I am taking 500ml of Magnesium, a daily vitamin for women and also evening primrose. It is still not taking care of them. I have taken over the counter pills over the years and they all work for a short time. I am now taking Ibuproven to keep from going into a migraine but I have noticed my heart having palpitations when I take it. Any advise? Does anyone know if this will cease after I no longer have periods? Lynn

Lynn neel <neeljl@bham.rr.com>
Tuesday, February 8, 2005 at 12:36:56

Hello, i have this teribble headache that when ever i lower my head its like if my whole head is falling down and when that happens i cant read or think even i have to leave my office all i think off is to lay down so my head can get some rest to let the pain go. Secondly when i wake up after sleep still the pain is there.

i went to the doctor and he told me that i have "tension headache" and gave some medications it worked for some time but the pain came back, if i name of the it though i cant read it properly the doctors writing
(1. Proq(p) 2. indo 3. Am)

so really, i cant tell if i got migraine, is there any online reply someone please reply....

Really i cant tell if i got migraine, i need

Abdi <ashakurs@yahoo.com>
Sunday, February 6, 2005 at 22:49:23

I have been suffering from migraines since the age of 28. I have been to so many diffrent doctors and tried too many medications to list. Most of the time I keep my suffering to myself because I feel like the people around me does not understand what I am going through. My husband has even accused me of being over dramatic when I explain how I feel. It has put a strain on my marriage and my quality of life is not what I expected. I have two children and parenting has been quite a challenge. I want to get my life back and it is nice to know that I can write and people who visit this know what I go through.

Melinda Duncan <tmduncan@comporium.net>
Saturday, February 5, 2005 at 19:06:47

I've had migraines all my life but was not diagnosed until this year.. I always just thought I was crazy/paranoid/emotionally unstable/i couldn't explain what was happening to me when all of a sudden I had a loss of vision/ numbness traveling up my hand and arm/ difficulty speaking/ and sometimes difficulty breathing.

I'm almost 27 years old. I went to the doctor this year because i though I had a brain tumor. He had me have an MRI and determined that I don't have cancer but migraine with an aura.

This morning around 8am was my most recent one.
Its scariest when I become unable to communicate.
I've realized some triggers
-fake sugars
-too much carbs
-lack of sleep.
-extreme temperatures.

It seems to help sometimes if I'm able to take an excedrin at the first symptom and If I remember to take very deep breaths I am less likely to panic.

I used to call them panic attacks. but honestly I'd only panic after I realized that i was getting the symptoms again.

ruth ingraham <ringraham2000@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, February 2, 2005 at 11:25:04

I have seen many people getting cured of migraines going to my chiropractor. CURED. Others have cut recurrences from 2 or 3 a week to one every 3 or 4 months. People who spent days and weeks at a time in misery, pain, vomitting, unable to work, unable to function, you name it. People who have tried EVERYTHING. People who have seen every kind of doctor. People who have been told they were crazy and that it's all in their head. People like you. So, I asked the chiropractor what it is that migraine sufferers have in common, and how his adjustments work for them. He said "They have counter rotation in the upper cervicals. Usually C1 is rotating one way and C2 the other. Sometimes it's couter rotation in the occipital condyles and cervicals. This can cause pressure to delicate nerves or blood vessels. Drugs only mask symptoms. They are not cures."
Now I work for the chiropractor. I see the x-rays. I hear in exams when he does his palpations of the spine. He'll say to some patients "I am noticing some counter rotation in your cervical vertebra (frequently C1/C2) Do you get migraines?" They say yes almost every time.
I can't understand that if chiropractic adjustments can cure peoples migraine headaches (and granted, it does sometimes take a few weeks or even a few months of treatment), why don't doctors who would send you everywhere else and make you try everything else ever recommend seeing a chiropractor? All I can say is, I have absolutely seen it work, in people who had very little life left without migraines. Isn't it too worth a try? Help your body HEAL itself. Your body is designed to do that.
If you still aren't convinced and need more evidence, Duke University did a study called "Behavioral and Physical Treatments for Migraines" which was prepared for the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research" (contract #290-94-2025) April 24, 1998. This report clearly suggests that the best method for treating migraine headaches is Chiropractic Adjustment. Check it out for yourself:


Tami <thefitnessjoint@comcast.net>
Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 16:20:07

In reply to a previous post, yes, migraines are similar to many neurological conditions. The dilation of the blood vessels that cause the pain, is the result of a constriction in blood flow to the brain. It's this constriction which causes the blood vessels in the head to dilate. It's also the reason why migraine is the leading cause of stroke in people under age 50.

There is some excellent information on migraine at headaches.about.com. I'm also looking for the JAMA article I paraphrased in the above paragraph.

Every migraine I experience takes on a stroke-like quality, (which concerns me greatly) in that, it's difficult for me to move around. It feels like I'm walking in a pool, I struggle to make my arms and legs move, and I have difficulty with language and concentration. I also experience a 1 to 2 day wake after the migraine. I'm listless and my intellect is impaired.

Migraines are far more than a headache, they're a neurological condition every bit as serious as Epilepsy, in fact, there is evidence to support that migraines can lead to Epilepsy. My mother developed Epilepsy at age 50, and she was a migraine sufferer.

I hope some of this info has been helpful, and I sincerely hope you all become headache free.

TC <tc_triple3@yahoo.com>
Monday, January 31, 2005 at 23:14:28

Did anybody ever noticed how migranes are similar, in signs & symptoms, to seizure disorders? I wonder what the connection is, exactly.

This is what I learned so far:
Migrane happens, because of blood vessels dialating/swelling within the brain. This swelling/dialation happens as a response to various triggers.
The swelling results in pressing on nerve cells of the brain, which send down shooting,
stabbing, "I want to hide in QUIETEST, DARKEST DEPTHS of, let's say, a blackhole" -- P A I N.
I happen to have too much sensitivity to my overactive ovaries = too much estrogen, or surges of it with each menstruation, ovulation. At least that is the theory of my OB/GYN. This excess estrogen also causes fibroids, so if you have PMS, it is all related.

Since I found this out, I feel that most of the time my migrane pain is close enough to the surface to shrink these swelling vessels with ice packs.
I take old pair of stockings, drop ice pack inside it and tie it around my head.
The pressure of the stocking on my head also helps, (no matter how ridiculous I look.)
I prop my upper body on few pillows, to promote blood "draining away" from my head. Then, I cover myself from the neck down with the blanket, to warm up, and therefore dialate all the other blood vessels below my neck region, that also promotes blood pooling in my lower body instead.
When the migrane gets worse I do all of the above plus peppermint tea brewed with about 1 teaspoon of ginger.
Ginger is an antiemetic, (controls nausea), and a blood thinner, promotes digestion.
Peppermint is anti-inflamatory, digestion aid, and relaxes smooth muscle, which is what the blood vessels are made of.
If peppermint oil is available dab some around your head, not on your skin--it will burn!, put it on a pillow your laying on, for example. This also helps because I am very sensitive to "funky" odors while with migrane.
If I cannot walk around with an ice pack on my head, (at work, for example), I put a dab of muscle rub on my forehead, it "cools" me down and the smell is somehow soothing...

After the tea I lay down in absolute darkness, no sounds allowed and if possible I take a nap.

Feverfew works!, sometimes..., at its worst, it lessened the intensity of my migranes, but I had to take 2 each day.

Avoid triggers:

Smelly, stinky odors
Loud noises
Bright lights
Stress excess!!!


No caffeine = no black, green or white tea, no chocolate, no gotu kola, etc...
No wines
No vinegar
No cheeses
No anything else that may be a trigger - experiment on your own by eliminating suspect foods until you get a relief or less pain!


I constantly research new findings, maybe because I am fed up with Imitrex, Zomig, and all the other "pain-relievers", I had more side effects, than benefits with these, and some just stopped working!

I love this website!!!

Good luck and freedom from migrane to all!

Lin <bitext@hotmail.com>
Saturday, January 29, 2005 at 23:57:24

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