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Hi All
I am having a somewhat rare day/evening without pain and nausea. What a wonderful thing although I know it's temporary. I am a 53 year old woman; happily married for 33+ years; two grown sons and one simply gorgeous 3 year old grand-daughter. In addition to that I am a division manager for local govenment and am headed into my 32nd year. I still love the work, excellent salary and good benefits. So what am I doning here you may ask? Because all that good stuff is overridden with 3-5 headaches a week causing extreme pain, horrible vomiting since I was about 12 year old. That's about 40 years !! There are times I'd like to just cash it in but I do have a lot of life to live. I've learned to cope with pain filled days most of the time. Thankfully my pain tolerance is high and my boss is wonderful when I cannot get my head out of the toilet and make it to work. I use Inderal and Nortriptyline for preventative and Imetrix for acute - pills if they stay down - shots otherwise. I get some relief and they have lessened a little over the years but still I struggle numerous times a week.

One purpose for me joining in this share page is to warn my fellow migrainers about taking mega doses of acetometiphine (sp?). In my 20s and 30s I took Tylenol, Excedine and other OTC stuff that didn't help much if at all but it significantly affected my hearing according to my audiologist. I'm soon going to need to find hearing aids that I can afford. Be careful !

I also wanted to ask if anyone out there has taken Imetrix for several years. I've been taking shots and pills for about 7 years now, peaks an valleys on the amount. I am concerned about long term use. I have pain in my chest on occasion and I'm worried that I could develop some heart issues. Anyone out there have experience or knowledge about this? Comment would be appreciated. I've taken far too long here. My best to those who share Mi-agony with me !

marvelous <marvelous1950@yahoo.com>
Saturday, May 29, 2004 at 22:53:28

This week was awful. My migraine fequency has increased to the point that I am fighting them almost every day. Monday I fought one off with Darvacet. Tuesday the Darvacet did not prevent a medium grade from breaking through. Coincidentally, I had my intial appt with a new migraine clinic. The MD gave me 2 nasal doses of Lidocaine which did zilch and a script for more. The psych thinks I have hypoglycemia and a magnesium deficiency. The medium migraine turned into a severe one that lated until midnight teh next day. I tried the Lidocaine twice and it did nothing. The next day I saw my primary care doc and got a 60mg IM shot of Toradol, which may have helped a tiny bit, as I only had a mild headache and slight fever. She prescribed a new beta blocker and Zoloft. This morning (the next day) she called and is prescribing Indocin for medium and worse pain. This morning I took the new beta blocker and the Zoloft, although I am very ambivalent about the Zoloft and after reading a lot of sid effect horror stories on the web, I have decided NOT to take the Zolft. I am trying the hypoglycemic diet, the best I can, which is essentially a high protein, low carb, no sugar diet (the new diabetic diet) and will buy a supplement with the daily recommneded of magnesium. I have now missed 8 or 9 days so far this year at work and it is only the end of May. I will make an appt next week with a pain specialist my primary care and a drug rep recommened but it may be several months until I can get an appt; I tried this same doc this winter and was told it would be 5 months to get an appt so I went with a different neurologist and she was a bust (no pun intended). I will keep you posted on this new regimine. HAS ANYONE TRIED ZOLOFT-SIDE EFFECTS-DID IT HELP???? PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY INFO at dennismccowan@yahoo.com.

dennis mccowan <dennismccowan@yahoo.com>
Friday, May 28, 2004 at 13:36:22

Greeting to all. I am 46 have had these migraines most of my life. In the past year they have gotten real bad. I had them once or twice a year and now it is 2 to 3 times a week.
Have been on all kinds of meds. I am at a lost of what to do.
When they hit i cant take meds, throwing up all the time. I am on the new jell phinagina, i know i spelled it wrong, Sorry.
I got on line tonight because the last 2 days have been HELL.
Looking for some help of any kind. This has to end. There has to be something out there that will work. I have no life at this time. After a bad time with the headaches I can not think right for days. If you have anything that can help please write me.

Deborah <evangelistdeemc@wmconnect.com>
Saturday, May 22, 2004 at 01:29:59

I'm a 37 year old woman who has suffered with migraines since age 18. In the last 6 years they have progressively gotten worse. I suffer with moderate headaches every minute of every day and am dealing with severe migraines almost on a daily basis. They also seem to be in a cycle of lasting weeks. When these migraines first started, Imitrex injections worked wonderfully, over time they no longer worked and my neurologist suggested a preventative medicine--over the years I have tried Topamax, Neurotin, Depakote, Inderal, anti-depressants as well as "natural methods" such as vitamin E, Fish Oil and several others to numerous to recall. Because of the fact that I only have one kidney, this has limited my ability to try other preventatives and trials. On my last neuroligist appt it was suggested that I try a new anti-seizure medicine and was a little taken back when my doctor stated "Well, this is pretty much the last thing we can try...I think we are running out in the fields with the zebras but lets try it", of course it did not work. I keep praying every time I see my doctor he will smile at me and say Mary there's this new drug that I know will work for you, but it just never happens. For pain I take Imitrex (mostly just to tell the ER I tried it), Loritab, Stadol nasal spray and phenergan. Since April 1st of this year I have been to ER a total of 8 times and was admitted for 4 days in early May to attempt to break the cycle (the hospital's idea of breaking a cycle was to take me off all narcotics and try all the preventatives I've already tried!!) and I always have this horrible fear that I will be labeled a drug seeker and put in the ER's little black box. And to make matters even worse I have lost my job due to the excessive absences (a total of about 20 just this year). I have become completely frustrated with this illness and scared at what will happen in the future--I'm applying for unemployement but what then--I'll probably end up applying for disability, but what will I do during the YEARS it could take to be approved. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who has gone through what I'm going through and if there is anything else I could try or if there is any advice that could help me make it through.


Mary <mur_germantown@yahoo.com>
Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 15:27:30

Hello, Everyone!
I was referred to this site after seeking a specialist MD in migraines. I have seen many of you talk of using Darvocet. My family practice doctor would not refill mine in the middle of a migraine. I had just been limping along and making this jar last and last, as if it were the last jar on earth and after months... I ran out. When the other meds did not work and I was seeking a refill of the Darvocet to stave off yet another hummer, I ended up in the Emergency room which cost me hundreds of dollars and a few days of unproductivity.
Now I have found a doctor who seems fully interested in my experience and instead of telling me he can't do anymore for me, he is trying. I am tired of taking pills that cost me $12 each and I have to take 1-2 of these every day just to manage my migraines. I say manage because they seldom go away, they change in intensity depending on what crisis I am dealing with, how much direct bright light I am in and how much noise is around me. ANd who knows what other factors are out there that I haven't discovered. I do know that mine are attributed to stress. My shoulders and neck are rock hard and I have knots in those muscles. Weekly massage works briefly but with the first crisis, it is like I never went. The doctor has put me on muscle relaxers but it has only been a week and I see no difference in the tenseness. My migraines usually start with a deep pain above my left eye which increases. My nerves in my neck get involved and cause radiating pain around my head with a great intensity at the base of my skull. I have massage machines and electric stimulus for the shoulder muscles but all are short term fixes that offer no permanent or long term solution. I do some relaxation exercise when I feel the tenseness come on but it happens too fast and I can't prevent it. I have been on the hormone patch since 1998 and I still have my ovaries.

LeNae <lpeaveyonstad@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, May 19, 2004 at 22:44:56

I posted several months ago about my new regime with Darvacet. The two months I have missed several days at work due to severe migraines the Darvacet did not prevent. After one of my severe migraines kicks in, the Darvacet are about as useful as baby aspirin! I was afraid this would happen. The Darvacet appears to be successful in preventing the low to medium migraines. I have contacted my primary care doc to discuss a stronger med to prevent the severe ones, as I cannot afford to miss more work this year (I have already missed 6 days)but was told I would have to make an appt; exactly what I need, to miss more work. I will have to see my doc and I will discuss more dope or perhaps I will HAVE to try an Imatrex class drug for the severe migraines, which I do not want to do. I know stress has been a major factor and am going to (re) start running after to work to try and alliviate some of it.

I will keep this site posted.

Dennis McCowan

dennis mccowan <dennismccowan@yahoo.com>
Monday, May 17, 2004 at 15:12:19

Hi-I am 44 years old and suffer from migraines on almost a daily basis. I have been on Effexor, Depakote, Amatryptoline, neurontin, beta blockers, blood pressure meds, etc.-the list goes on and on. I am constantly going through rebounding as I take so much zomig, imitrex, fioricet. I have been a workaholic all my life and had a great paying job that I absolutely loved and now I'm on disability and just had to apply for food stamps. I also have an eating disorder which complicates matters. I am just so sick of the pain, the isolation, the low self esteem issues. Some days I just want to kill myself so I don't have to deal with with it anymore. I don't want to live the rest of my life with migraines. I don't feel that I'm going to act on the suicide-does anyone else feel the way I do. It is hard to have hope when so many things haven't worked for me. Thanks, Cheri

Cheri D <cherid41660@aol.com>
Sunday, May 16, 2004 at 18:54:47

Hi,everbody. Been awhile since I've visited this webpage. I was wondering. Have any of you tried mega-dosing on Vitamin E? My neurologist recently switched me from Depakote prophylaxis to Topamax, and (with his O.K) (actually, he just sort of sighed and said O.K.), I've added Vitamin E 800 I.U. daily plus fish oil 1200 I.U daily. (I've got my own bizarre theories on why this might work) I'm wondering if this might be why Noni juice worked for me for awhile. You know, Noni juice is that stuff that looks and tastes like transmission fluid -and costs about as much. The trouble with nutraceuticals is that you never know what they contain and sure enough the second bottle I bought didn't work the way the first one did. (Or else the placebo effect wore off).
Anyway, I'd be interested in knowing if any of you out there have tried and failed or succeeded in trying vitamin E and/or fish oil supplementation for migraine prophylaxis. For me the placebo effect -or miracle cure - is still working after one week of taking E and fish oil capsules; my daily headaches have eased up.

Marilyn <Marilyn.jess@pressenter.com>
Monday, May 10, 2004 at 11:44:52

Hi, my name is Lovice I am 25yrs old. I suffer from chronic and clusters. I was originally diagnoised with migraines at age 14. They were continuous for about 3 years. After those three years I seemed to grow out of them. The migraines seemed to completely go away until a couple years ago. Now I have them on a daily bases pretty much. Sometimes they will last for days, weeks, or months. Medications like Imitrex, nuerontin, axert, midrin, and maxalt don't work for me. I have tried preventative meds, but I don't think I will try them again (see my reasons below). ANY ADVISE OR IDEAS ON HOW TO DEAL WITH THE PAIN WOULD BE WELCOMED. What I know what for me are ice packs, caffiene pop (only once in awhile), and of coures pain killers (don't use more then a couple times a week to avoid rebound headaches).

At age 14 I had been put on a low does of Inderal (beta blocker) as a preventitive and imitrex for acute treatment.
In 2002 after having a constant migraine for a couple weeks, I went to my family doctor. They put my on Inderal again. The migraine continued and after suffering with it for 4 months straight I asked my doctor to please refer me to a neurologist again. I started with the neurologist. He increased my dose of inderal. He tried using Nortryptrolin along with the inderal. It seemed to dull the migraines for a few months. One side effect I had on the nortryptorlin was tiredness. I was always tired and slept for 13 hours or so a day. After taking me off that medication, he put me on a combination a three other medication.

1. Inderal
2. Effexor
3. Topamax

I will admit the combination did help a lot. I went from having a continuous migraine, to maybe 2 per month. But about mid February 2004 I began having shortness of breath. After a month or so I contacted my neurologist about, I felt it was a side effect of the topamax (a rare side effect is an allergic reaction causing breathing problems). He ignored me, and told me it was the inderal. So he took me off the inderal. I ended up in the ER a few days later (once inderal got completely out of my system) with a heart rate of 155 BPM and irregular (another potenial side effect of Topamax). The ER got my heart rate down and stable. The next day I called my neurologist. He didn't seem to care at all, he told me to just stop taking the Effexor (which have to slowly come down from). MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT YOUR NEUROLOGIST IF YOU CAN! MAKE SURE THEY ARE WILLING TO LISTEN TO YOU.My breathing problems were not caused by the inderal.

Due to all this I have been on disability from work. Almost any physical activity causes me to cough, heart rate to increase and have trouble breathing. My family doctor had to put me on a different beta-blocker to help calm my heart down. I am coming down off all the medications.

Lovice <lovice97@hotmail.com>
Saturday, May 8, 2004 at 00:43:28

I am posting this simply because my headaches have become nealrly intolerable. I have had migraines off and on for the past 10 years. I also treat them in my patients weekly. Always aware of the risk of abuse from controlled substances, and at the same time aware of the debitlitating pain of migraine and cluster healdaches, it is a difficult treatment regimen. Over the past two months, my own headaches have increased in frequency and intensity. I periodically lose part of the vision in my right eye and the headaches wake me from sleep. I have now been prescribed narcotics, barbituates, anit-nausea medications and benzodiazepines in addition to my triptans. Having to take these medications frusterates me and makes me angry besides the fact that I can not take them during working or call hours. I am getting ready to see a homeopath and looking forward to a long period free from pain.

Dr. K <shawldancer4467@yahoo.com>
Saturday, May 1, 2004 at 20:39:55

I have suffered from Migraine headaches for over 10 years!!! I tried everything to get rid of the headaches. The doctors had me on Imitrex and Prozac both of these medications only dulled the pain and I still felt lousy and nauseous. I lost my job because I couldn't work and cope with these headaches. I took to sitting in a chair watching TV and doing the absolute minimum of what had to be done each day. I felt old and lazy and didn't know what the point of anything was.
This past Lent season I decided to give up chocolate for Lent (part of the Catholic Religion) and my headaches went away.
It's been about 3 weeks now and I have done more work at my home than I have in the last 7 years (that's when we moved in). I feel so great I am off both the Imitrex and Prozac. I am so thankful I just wanted to let people know.

Kathy <klelo1@aol.com>
Friday, April 30, 2004 at 08:50:42

Hello all you fellow migraine sufferers. I am a 28 year old feamale who lives in NY. I have been suffeing from migraines for about the past 10 years, and believe it or not, I have noticed that the severity of them have gotten worse. I am currently under the care of a neurologist, and I am taking topomax for preventitive mesures. However, my problem stems from the fact that after awhile, one will begin to get what is called "rebound migraines" from taking fiorcet for too long. I have horrable reactions to triptans, ie: imitrex. and it seems that this is where most drug research is going. I actually work in a research hospital in Manhattan, for a pharmacy dept, and I am getting so frustrated that I end up in the emergency room on most attacks because me and my fiance are so scared about what is happening. My neurologist perscribed me Migranal, a nasal spray that is only available by perscrption only, that only ended me on the bathroom floor in convultions! And to add to matters, my migrane got worse! The next thing I knew, I was in the emergency room AGAIN getting doped up. This is no way for anyone to live. I'm so afraid to get married, what if I get a migraine on that day! We've found that one of my triggers is weather realated, whenever a big low front comes our way is when a big migraine comes my way.
I am luck that I am protected under the Family Medical Leave Act. It protects people with debilitating conditions, like migraines, and your job cannot fire you because of too many sick calls because of your desease. If your job offers maternity leave, it should offer FMLA. It is VERY easy to sign up for, maybe only 1 to 2 forms that you AND your doctor need to fill out. It's so worth it, to protect yourself and your job.
In the meantime, I'm trying to get into a research group affiliated with Cornell medical center. Hopefully, with some luck, I'll be able to end my trips to the emergency room. I'm glad to see a website out there for us who suffer with this disease. Anybody who wants to chat, you got a buddy out there who understands!

Kristy Taylor <cutieki_ki@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 12:37:01

I am an American (Gerald) and in Feb 1998 I was ordained as a Buddhist monk. Previous to that I was a very busy business man and suffered from blinding migraines about once a week to 10 days that sometimes just laid me out for a day or 2. It took days for me to recover because I was so tired. I was lucky that I found a good Neuro doc who also has migraines. It seems as if mine are focused on the 2 nerve connections at the back or base of the skull where those "little knots" are on either side of the muscles that are in the back of the head. Some of the conditions also eminate from a bad back that triggers the nerves up to and in the base of the skull. I also avoid different types of goods that really help. Imitrex was the key for me and it works alsong with Gabapentin daily. I also take occasionally, when needed, take Fioriect and Ocycodone. These are primarily for the back which staves off any headaches or migraines. I also have a friend who will have surgery soon for a severely deviated septum that puts pressure in the eyes area that causes his headaches. I have also found that my meditation practice helps. Tks for listening and the site.

Venerable Hui Yong Shih <enlightenedperspective@yahoo.com>
Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 08:18:47

Please enter a message. :-)
Hello Everyone,
I saw your migraine problem on here: www.migrainepage.com

This info could help you out. It did me!

I found your migraine problems on the above pages when I was looking up something on strobe lights triggering migraine because here in Manitoba, Canada, as they have been putting them on the tops of some school buses in a pilot test project and now announced that our government is giving school division $250,000 in grants to put them on top of all school buses. I have been enraged that they are doing this as I live in the country and sometimes must follow several buses all the way into my business in the city. I always try not to look at them but even the peripheral vision is extremely distracting and I have found the flashing can trigger a migraine which I am susceptible to anyway. You can see these strobes from miles away and who is going to cause a problem to school children from several miles away!? These buses already have all kinds of red and yellow flashing lights anyway that are extremely visible and sad as it is, the injuries and deaths to children exiting buses is extremely rare here. In fact, one of the last deaths several years ago was when a bus driver didn't watch and started moving when a child who had gotten off stood on a snowbank and then slipped and fell under the wheels of the bus itself so no strobe light would have prevented that.
Anyway, my husband and I operate a natural foods store called two farm kids NATURAL FOODS at www.twofarmkids. com online and over the 16 years, I have learned so much about various health issues, especially including the ones myself and my family suffer from. I started getting migraines between the birth of my first two children, right within the two months I began a different birth control bill after finishing nursing my eldest child. It was pure hell with a severe migraine for one entire week straight with handfuls of very potent painkillers doing absolutely nothing. Finally my husband carried me into emergency in the middle of the night where one injection of Demerol put me out entirely for the next 36 hours! I vaguely recall getting up once to pee. Needless to say I dropped the birth control pill like a hot potato. Things were fairly sane for the next five years with only rare twinges until my youngest was about three years old. Then the migraines returned, usually often period related, and very severe every year premenstrually around the spring equinox for the months of March and April (I swear my body can tell the earth is "tilting!")

Here are some of the things I have found very best to control them:

(1) Many migraine suffers are very low in the mineral magnesium. In North America, we tend to be obsessed with "getting enough calcium" because the dairy industry does a good job of promoting itself. However one cup of cow's milk has 291mgs of calcium and only 33mg of magnesium. This badly upsets the body's ideal balance which is 2:1 Cal:Mag ratio, meaning that our body really likes only twice as much calcium as magnesium and cow's milk (and cheese, yogurt, etc) has almost 9 times more calcium than magnesium. What that does is lead to the "stealing of any back up mag we may have from out of the muscle tissues" in an attempt to deposit the calcium properly into the bone because that is a role of mag. If the imbalance happens just once in awhile, it is of no consequence but when it happens day after day, year after year, it leads to a continuous lack of magnesium, meaning our muscles have way too little in storage. A lack of magnesium in muscles makes them tighten and cramp up all over the body, causing all sorts of "tight muscle" problems like fibromyalgia, high blood pressure ("strangles blood vessels"), heart problems, and migraines. These are all problems very prevalent in the developed world where Dairy products are consumed in great amounts and much rarer in third world countries where dairy is a small part of the diet and natural diets of living off the land still happens and processed food and MacDonald's don't reign supreme!! I personally take the Trophic Chelated Magnesium one per day for most of the month and take an extra one for about 7 days before my period. The chelated magnesium is dissolved in amino acid so is one of the best absorbed types. I rarely drink milk but eat some cheese and yogurt so I am not against dairy products because they have been a natural part of many cultures' diets for thousands of years. I am really for moderation in all natural foods so we get a very, very wide variety - that's the whole key. We ate more variety hundreds of years ago when we hunted and food gathered - a bit of this and a bit of that. I am really against all the "fake processed foods" that technology threw at us over the last hundred years because our bodies don't know how to deal with all that garbage.

(2) Epsom Salt baths are also a great idea because Epsom salts is actually a form of magnesium called Magnesium Stearate (don't use this type internally though unless you want a major colon cleanse as it will go right through you - it's the same form in Milk of Magnesia that people use for severe constipation!) It's what you would naturally find in many natural mineral waters or going to a fancy spa place and paying $50 for a mineral bath (they just put sea salt and Epsom salt and a bit of aromatherapy oil in your bath!). I regularly have a couple soaks weekly using 1-2 cups of Epsom salts before bed and it is so relaxing and helps you sleep better. For PMS symptoms and migraines, I'll make sure I get my Epsom salt soak. I am convinced that almost all North Americans are calcium overloaded and magnesium depleted - hardening of the arteries, blocked aortas, high blood pressure, calcification at the joints, bone spurs, and gall stones and kidney stones - are all signs of that imbalance. (If you can handle soy milk - it actually has only 10mg of calcium but 47mgs of magnesium so it can help reverse the imbalance as can eating all the "green" stuff you can get into your bod as a lot of it has about the same amount of cal as mag 1:1 balance - eg. spinach. Most nuts and seeds like filberts, almonds,etc have a little more mag than cal so again are helpful to correct the imbalance (but because of high calories in nuts, be moderate and use the "just a handful a day" rule.) Sunflower seeds have an awesome amount of mag to cal - a tablespoon has about 35mgs of magnesium and only about 10mgs of calcium and ground flaxseed has 24 mgs cal and 46 mgs mag in a TBLS. If you want to investigate the nutrient level in common foods, I have found the following very useful and often copy items for photocopying for my customers: www.hoptechno.com Click on Free Nutrition Lookup Program (Sante) and type the food into the search.

(3) Speaking of baths, that is the second thing that I have personally found most helpful for migraines. When someone suffers a migraine, our extremities feel cold and we can be quite shivery with a low body temperature when tested. All of the blood supply and heat is very focused on the head. A lot of people know about putting a cold cloth on the head and that can certainly help, but far better yet is to get someone to run you a bath as warm (start not too warm and get them to keep adding a little more hot as you get used to it) as you can stand it, (add a couple cups of Epsom Salts and a couple more sea salt if you want - I usually just use the Epsom), and get them to help you into the bath and supervise you (you may initially feel a bit dizzy even getting there so it's a good idea to use this caution and have help) while you have a soak (you can have them soak a cold cloth at the same time for over your forehead but I have never found this necessary.) Sometimes mine has been so bad that my husband has to help me moaning out of bed and then within 10 minutes the severe pain is gone - it is almost magical. I usually take the thermometer with me and keep testing until I have elevated it even a degree above normal before I get out, quickly pat dry and put on some warm cozy pajamas and have a great sleep. A lot of times my temperature will be as low as 96 or 96.5 degrees which is hypothermic (normal 98.6) and I'll get it up about 99.5 or 100 by the time I get out of the tub. Sometimes I'll actually feel the blood pumping and jiggling my butt and that gives me a laugh! I find it works best when I actually elevate it a bit over normal because then I will maintain that body temp for awhile as I get into bed and it keeps the blood flowing around. What this all serves to do, is encourage the blood supply all over the body which draws the toxins that may have created the migraine in the first place (food dyes, MSG, wheat, other food additives, allergens, etc) - in essence, it flushes the garbage out of the brain, puts it into the blood where it can then get filtered through the liver which catches the toxins in the spongy tissue and detoxifies it. Plus it is very relaxing so wipes out that tension and tightness that feels like a heavy board is glued to the back, neck and head. The flashy aura starts to disappear and is always gone by the time I finish the bath. I read all about this in a section on HYDROTHERAPY - the use of both warm and cold water to help conditions - in a huge encyclopaedia on natural health. Now that I know all this I can "nip so many potential severe migraines in the bud" and what would have been several day in-bed migraines are now so less severe. Last spring I thankfully did not have my usual severe spring doozies and so far this year, I have had only brief twinges.

I hope that this gets to you and you find it helpful.

Take care of yourself,

Sylvia Ubell


Sylvia Ubell <sylvia@twofarmkids.com>
Wednesday, April 14, 2004 at 23:36:48

Monday and Tuesday, I had my first migraine in 5-6 weeks, since I began my new med regime; see my last post in Feb. It lasted about 24 hours and was bad enough to take a sick day from work. I used to be able to sit it out at work many times and not do much, but the last few years I don't have the umph to do it as often,so I end up blowing a lot of sick, personal and vacation days on migraines.

I am hopeful my new med regime will still work but will wait to see. If, I start getting more migraines again, I am going to call my doc for stronger dope. The doc's office told me, to get stronger meds, I would have to pick them up from their office.

Dennis McCowan

dennis mccowan <dennismccowan@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, April 7, 2004 at 11:32:13

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