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Hi Alex..
I sorry that you have migraines... I had them when I was 4 years old.. Now I am 21... And I hate them alot... Take a hot hot bath, and put a hot pack on your head... And drink hot tea or coffee.. Coffee helps me with my migraines... Well take care write me back on my Migrainepage Journal.. And I will write you back... Joey.

Joey <vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com>
Monday, July 28, 2003 at 05:42:23

Hi Conita fader..
let your son take a hot bath, and make him a hot pack for his head, and send him to bed... If that works I would like to know.. If it works for him.. I understand... I have them too.. I hate them alot... Well take care Conita.. You will here from me soon. Joey.

Joey <vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com>
Monday, July 28, 2003 at 05:38:46

Hi Jessie
take a hot bath and put a hot pack on your head that would stop the pane. bye take care Joey.

Joey <vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com>
Monday, July 28, 2003 at 05:35:31

Hi Renee..
Take A hot bath and I think that would help you alot... And if it does not drink some hot tea or coffee. and put a hot pack on your head that would help it allways helps me.

will take care Joey.

Joey <vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com>
Monday, July 28, 2003 at 05:33:35

Hi theresa Boyer..
I am so sorry that you do not feel Good... I know how you feel about Migraines... And puking and All of that stuff... I have them too... I was 4 when I started to have them... and know I am 21 now.. Still having them... And my mother has them too... And she has them more then I do... And my mother has bad one the ones that you can not get out of bed in the morning if you know what I am talking about...
Well the way you can get them out of your head take some pills and drink coffee. and take a hot bath to go in your room and turn off the lights and go to sleep... take care and I hope that you feel better... Bye Theresa Boyer. Joey.

Joey <vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com>
Monday, July 28, 2003 at 05:29:33

Hi Jason.
I am very sorry that you do not feel good... And I know what you are talking about... I have migraines too... they are really bad... I had them since i was 4 years old... Now I am 21 years old now.... They hurt me so bad... I if i get a bad one I puke until it is over with... So My mother gives me a drink of hot coffee and some pills... So I would take them and go in my room and turn my light off and go to sleep... If it does not work I would take a hot bath and put a hot pack on my head... And go to sleep... And the next morning I would feel really good... Well Bye jason I hope that you feel good... Joey.

Joey <vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com>
Monday, July 28, 2003 at 05:21:09

Hi Bonnie..
I am very sorry that you have Migraines I hate them to... they suck... Take a hot bath.. And if you drink coffee take migraine relef and lay down and sleep in the dark... I allways sleep with a hot pack on my head... Well Bye Joey..

Joey <vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com>
Monday, July 28, 2003 at 04:51:25

Dear Cynthia
I know how you feel about Migraines... I understand alot... I have been having migraines since I was 4 years old... and know I am 21 years old... And still have them... And I have to drink coffee just it get them away... If you know what I mean... The way you can stop having them is to take Migraine relef, and take a hot hot bath, and but a out pack around your head and lay down in a dark room and sleep... That is what I do everytime I get a headche.. Well Thanks... Your friend joey.

Write me at vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com And I will talk to you latar today if you write me... your friend joey.

Joey <vampirebat1982@americanidol2.com>
Monday, July 28, 2003 at 04:39:33

It is so good to read through these postings and know there are people out there suffering in similar situations. It also helps to know that my experiences with migraines are not as bad as some and my heart truely breaks for those of you who have no relief from the pain at all.

I have averaged a migraine every couple of weeks for as long as I can remember. Lately though they though I get a migraine every afternoon about 3 or 4. The only mild relief is an imitrex and some oxicontin. But today after seven days straight of migraines I can't bring myself to take any more oxycontin because I'm worried about addiction or rebound headaches. I guess I'm just getting worried that I will never get rid of this daily cycle of migraines and it will be something I will just have to live with day in and day out.


Jason <jason@iveyfam.com>
Sunday, July 27, 2003 at 00:54:55

I have suffered with migrains when I got pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago. I have tried everything, medication, doctors, & accupuncture, I went to Oklahoma for stomahe problems,and this DR had that clear up in 2 days, that 5 doctor's down here in Alabama could do,they even let me bleed to death, after 5days in ICU and no food for 3 weeks you could imagin what a MIGRAIN I had. This doctor in OKLAHOMA is truely a great Christion DR.he only sees difficult diag. doctor as well as a migraine doctor. He is wonderful!!!! He put me on Elivil, vit, B2(400gm) a day, centrum silver,flexaril & numbing my head to let my nerves sooth them . If you ever could go to Oklahoma Please stay atleast 3 weeks,you will not regret it. His name is:

Dr Hanna Saadah M.D.,F.A.C.P.
phone: 405-749-4260

Carol Ann Patterson <carolp@hiwaay.net>
Saturday, July 26, 2003 at 22:21:53

hello, i am a migraine suffer for as long as I can remember. I was around 11 y/o and I was always told I inherited them from my fathers part of the family. My dad, his mom, his 3 sisters and brother suffered with the migraines. I have been told that each of these individuals were diagnosed as depressed, bipolar and I am scared!.

I have also been told by my aunts that migraines are a sign of alzhemiers. She was told when my grandmother last remembered something that was real, she was suffering a migraine. I was told to take lots of Gingko Biloba (I might have spelled that wrong).

I am afraid to go on sometimes because with mine, I start with a small headache and then take a Imetrex or Zomiz tablet if I know it isn't easing up. If I didn't catch it in time, meaning I woke with the migraine, I start vomiting and shaking like the EXORCIST- no doubt. My new husband of 2 years has held my hair while I vomit over the toilet while be both are asking why is this happening. I have never doubted that God, our savior, puts us on this earth for a reason and I just hope it is to love my dear husband and our children. My daughter of 12 has decided to go live with her dad (my ex) because she is scared when she gets them because I draw up into a fetal position, I can't stop vomiting and I have recently lost my will to control my urine and bowels. The emergency room says as always you must keep your syste, clean. I have never tried drugs, I drank and drink maybe 1 day in 3 months and we are on the vurge of giving up.

I have taken Imitrex pills anad shots, Fiorcet, Panlor SS, Stadol NS, Mepergen, Effexor XR, Xanax, Muscle relaxers of every kind and I am still as worse as I was when I was.

Everyone calls me a hermit because I was recently laid off from work . I do not know what to do with that situation- sue or leave it alone.

I am 33 y/o, my husband now who wants to have children have no children. We have frozen embroyes and I amm affraid of a miscarriage due to seizures and migraiens. Will anyone direct me to someone who will give some enlighted news? God Bless to all of you. I am sorry for such a long letter but I decided to stop, it seems like I am rambling but I am cRYING OU FOR HELP

MIGRAINES IN MISSISSIPPI <tobelegel@bellsouth.net>
Friday, July 25, 2003 at 03:17:44

It's 2 in the morning and my head is splitting. I would rather have someone slam my head in a door for a few hours. Nothing I have taken seems to be working and the frustration is growing, making the migraine worse and making me more frustrated. It's a vicious cycle that I want to see an end to very soon. It would help if my hubby would take care of me for a little while. I just want to curl up in a ball and be babied for a little while, instead of babying everybody else.

Shannon <shannonduke@adelphia.net>
Friday, July 25, 2003 at 01:07:17

Hi everyone, I just have some information & maybe someone might be able to help me - I attended an ear, nose & throat specialist 2 weeks ago as my GP thought I might have a polyp in my nose (suffer from migraine but lately have been getting very sharp pains in my left nostril & left cheek) so I had a catscan of the sinuses done & the results I got back were that my right septum (in the nose) is crooked or out of joint. I haven't been talking to the specialist yet but I was just wondering if this could be causing pressure on my face, head etc & causing the migraines - can anyone relate to this or am I insane.... Looking forward to some ideas Oh & I have an appointment with my migraine specialist tomorrow so I will update you on what he thinks. Take care.. Lisa you can e-mail me at dooballa77@hotmail.com

Lisa McD
Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 06:31:13

Greetings All: I'm a newbie here but I am so glad so finally be able to find someplace to write and have people understand what I am feeling. I've had migraines since 1992, after the birth of my daughter. As the years went by they got worse. So now I get a severe migraine every night and the only thing that works is a combination of medications that leave me looking like a zombie. But what else can I do? The pain is enough to drive me crazy...I will finally seeing a neurologist but I am having to wait until September 2nd. Have any of you seen a neurologist? I have no idea what to expect so a little advice will be greatly welcomed.

Shannon <shannonduke@adelphia.net>
Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 21:11:51

It's 4 in the morning, it's been three days, the Vicodin isn't working, and I've got to get to work in about three hours. I've taken the time to read and all I can say is that the tears that are streaming down my face aren't due to pain as much as the sense of not being alone. I'm 44, had migraines since age 4, am married (happily), have stress-related migraines that are aggravated by my menstrual cycle, bright light, flourescents, MSG, heat, cold, change in elevation, every food trigger under the sun, sleep deprivation, exercise, and heaven knows what else. I'm on Endorol 80 mg. to try to level out my bp (which is low). I'm way overweight (240), 5'3", cannot take any over the counter meds due to bypass surgery, and have a great family physician who cannot help me on weekends, when I usually get these puppies. The ER put on an alert that I was "displaying drug seeking behavior" because I knew when the Zomig/Maxalt, and every other form of non-medication relief failed, the only thing that helps is Demerol/Phenegren. Not morphine (worked with surgery but leaves migraine unscratched), not Stadol (radically nausiating), not Toredol, nothing. But damned if they don't always try to experiment.

I've been told by one ER doctor that I needed to find a new profession (I'm an attorney specializing in elder abuse/ dependent adult abuse litigation) and that I should consider "throwing pottery" -- I told her as the Demerol finally began to take effect she'd seen "Baby Boom" with Diane Keaton one too many times. I made friends with a DEA (yes, that is as in the federal Drug Enforcement Agency) agent who was injured in a helicopter flight during a drug raid which triggered migraines and when he'd go to Kaiser ER and ask for Demerol with tears pouring down his face and rocking back and forth, that he was displaying "drug seeking behavior" and to be a good boy, go home and put an ice-pack on his head.This guy has risked his life for twenty years to keep illegal drugs off the street but in seeking to be pain free a couple times a month, he suddenly becomes a hype.

I'm getting off of the Vicodin because it's no longer effective. I, too, have considered suicide due to the pain. I ripped up the prescription for Oxycontin because I was terrified I might like it too much. I'll admit I love the demerol because it lets me sleep and lets me go without pain for a few days. There is rarely a day in the past three years that I awaken and remain completely pain free.

My earliest memory of my father is of him crawling on the kitchen floor in circles, screaming and vomiting. My now 14 year old daughter gets them and has since age six. She could read "monosodium glutamate" when other kids were struggling with the word "soup." My mother never understood until I came home one day in college and found the lights off, my daughter in her room playing quietly, and her sitting with a cold cloth on her eyes. "My God, Annette, how the hell do you and your father drive, go to work/school, function at all with a migraine? I'm having the first headache of my life. I can't do a damn thing." The sweetest words I'd heard from my mom at the time, I was 25. My husband is the best, I mean it, the absolute best. Drives me to ER, calls the Dr. to arrange visits during clinic hours so I can get demerol without the hype attitude, can tell from my skin tone, my vocal tone, the way I sit, whether I have a migraine or one is coming. My oldest (22) who does not get them remembers being tied to my wrist by a robe belt tied to her little toddler waist, leading into the dark, cool closet that was my refuge when lack of insurance and no one to drive or care for her during my unconsciousness kept me from seeking demerol. I've broken my right hand three times in my life, pounding it on walls or car doors, the momentary pain in my hand overriding the pain in my head for precious seconds. I've done leads in musicals, blue book finals, and even a full blown trial in full migraine, taking the time out to puke and return.

Bottom line: never give up, never surrender! Migraines attack at all socio-economic levels and even those of us who should seem more credible are usually met with derision (did I mention my husband is a school teacher -- can you imagine a more respectable couple with not even a moving violation between us in our entire adult lives, and I am still treated like a drug addict!) I only wish more physicians were like mine -- she knows me, my husband, my mother, my kids, and has decided it is okay for me to have one shot of demerol every menstrual cycle if needed to break the pain and gives it to me at her office. Twelve times a year isn't too often. But believe me, she monitors -- the local ERs are all on alert that if I come in, I'm "okay" but to let her know so she can be sure I never take advantage of her trust. That is actually okay with me. As an attorney, paranoia is okay.

Some of you may not realize that flourescents can be a big trigger and they are everywhere. The low level vibration can set off a migraine. I purchased lamps and do not use the office lights at all. Since my assistant gets them as well, she loves working in my natural-light bulb lit office. Visitors tell me my office is "cozy."

Thanks for being there, everyone. Good luck and keep praying to whatever spiritual force helps you. Maybe one day they'll actually find a cure for it!

Annette deB <debellfay@netscape.net>
Tuesday, July 22, 2003 at 06:41:05

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