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Hi everyone. This is the first entry I have made. I have been to this website several times and read many of the posts. I have only posted myself once or twice and replied very infrequently. I suppose I am kind of shy. I am new to all of this, migraines, computers, sharing my problems...

I just started getting migraine headaches, on July 8 2002. I have tried several medications already. Actually I have tried over 20 different medications. Several preventative, some pain, some that made no sense to me to try. I have not yet found my combination. I am currently trying Topamax,( just started on 50 mgs.)phenergan for nausea, Fioricet for pain and I have Stadol Nasal Spray for pain. I am also taking Zestril for High Blood Pressure which I never had before these migraines.
I have a Neurologist who is very sweet and is not afraid to try new things. I really like her, she helps me to understand this whole outrageous and crazy affliction. She helps to put me at ease about making the trip to the ER. I can call her service at any time and she personally returns my call and tells me what to do (ex:go to the ER) she also says to have them call her if they have any questions. This helps grease the path in the ER however, I have had several encounters that I found distasteful. I make sure to mention them to my Neuro and every time she shakes her head and says "well did you tell them to call me?" I tell her yes, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.
I am 25 years old.I am having a hard time dealing with this. I just recently got married, wellas recent a June 29, a WEEK before all this started. My husband is wonderfully supportive, but I know has no idea what I am dealing with. He sees what happens to mephysically, but can't phathom the emotional aspect. (He wants to go to a support group for spouses!!! He tries really hard.) My Neurologist has already made mention of possible disability. Unfortunately the sort of migraines I suffer from are so sudden and severe and debilitatng not to mention often last longperiods of time and are very frequent that she fears if we cannot get control of them shortly, I may have to stop working atleast temporarily. I do not have any children, thank God. I am not sure what I would do if I did.
I do have a confession to make though. Before I ever suffered a migraine, I was one of those people who made your life harder. I was the person who thought "take two tylenol and get over it".(I never would have belittled anyone's pain to their face) For this I am truely sorry. I understand now how un-imaginable this terrible agony is. What this means is that I unfortunately completely understand how the NON-migraine cmmunity viws migraines and in like migraineurs. Again I apologize, there is no excuse for my ignorance, but I guess I get it now, don't I?
Any questions anyone has for me, feel free to ask. I will try to be a little less mysterious. Also my mailbox is always open. Stephybutt@aol.com Thank You -Steph

Stephanie Good <Stephybutt@aol.com>
Sunday, February 9, 2003 at 00:08:08

Hi!!! Does anyone know a good doctor in Oklahoma preferably in the city of Enid for headaches??? Jeanice

Kim <edledbedder@hotmail.com>
Thursday, February 6, 2003 at 21:55:40

I've suffered from migraines for 30 years and typically get auras before headaches. Although lately I've had three migraines without headaches just aura lasting 20 minutes.

In addition to this, I get a visual sensation sometimes on the side of my eye like a bubble arising in an aquarium. it lasts only a second and happens a few times a day sometimes less,more when I'm stressed. I was told by a neuro (30 years ago) that this was a migraine equilivalent.Does anyone out there experience this? I don't get a headache but its curious and I'm a little worried about it.

Please respond if you experience this also.

Patt <prczech@aol.com>
Tuesday, February 4, 2003 at 18:51:56

I have read several journal entries and can relate. I started having migraine's after I had my first child. I started out having one every couple or 3 months and could manage them with over the counter medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Those eventually became ineffective so then I started using Advil Migraine which was wonderful for a while. As that became less and less effective I finally went to the dr. She has been very helpful. She prescribed Zomig to treat the migraine's and Inderal to try to prevent. She also gave me some VERY useful information that so far I have not seen mentioned in the journal entries. Zomig (or whatever med is prescribed to treat your migraine) is most useful when taken @ the onset of the migraine not when it worsens. In other words, the sooner you take your med the better; the longer you wait, the worse the migraine gets, the more medication is needed. Last week was a really bad week. I had 5 migraine's during that week, 3 of which happened within 2 and 1/2 days. But it's not because the meds weren't working, I had stopped taking the Inderal for some dumb reason. So recently she has added an anti-depressant as an extra measure. I will make another journal entry after I've been on it for a few weeks. Lastly, I just want to say to ignore the nay sayers that don't believe you have a REAL problem. Remove them from your life if possible, they just add extra stress that a migraine sufferer doesn't need. If it's your doctor that doesn't believe you, keep searching until you find the right one. Get second opinions too and ask you dr. to refer you to a neurologist...even if your dr. believes the reality of migraine's they need to refer you if they're not getting anywhere. Good luck to everyone in finding the best solution for them! I hope the info I shared was helpful!!!!!!! Thank you! DMHS

deborah <deborahsalame@hotmail.com>
Monday, February 3, 2003 at 23:20:29

I have been having migraines ever since I was in middle school. I am 18 now, and I find that they have been becoming worse and worse. The first prescription drug I was on was Midrin, then, after a while, I switched to Imitrex. I just recently got the self-injection Imitrex. That is if the pill does not work. I am so sick of taking pills. I am scared of calling in sick to work, if my migraine has gotten that serious, because my boss doesn't understand. I am afraid that if I call in persistantly, I'll get fired. My worse migraine has taken me to the ER, and I had to leave in a wheelchair, I was so weak. I am tired of the pain, the pills, the vomiting, everything. It's like I'm not normal. I had to quit volleyball because of the stress workouts and practices gave me. The only comfort I get is sleep, and even then, I sometimes wake up with headaches. School only makes it worse. I don't use my back-pack anymore, which is good. I am glad I have found a place where I can read peoples cases, and relate. Has anyone tried the salt on the tongue thing? I just read that in an old entry. Feel free, anyone, to e-mail me. :)

Laura Pipp <ladyeowynrohan@yahoo.com>
Monday, February 3, 2003 at 14:02:56

Hi everyone, I have had migraines for over 25 years and I have been through just about every test there is and nothing has helped me. I am allergic to most of the migraine meds and cannot take any aspirin products so really limits me to what I can take. I have tried the self injection Imitrex shots and it causes tightness in my chest and the Dr. said not to use it. I have been on Loratab for the last 7 years and yes I worry about addiction and rebound headaches, also liver damage from all the drugs. My migraines are barometric ones, every time the weather changes, snow, rain etc I get a migraine, this is 2-3 a week I have sometimes they never let up and I have a headache every day of the week. I am 53 years old a grandma of 8 and hate every migraine I get and worry about passing them on. My youngest daughter that is 28 is starting to have them and I research as much as possible so that I can help anyone with migraines. I had a very understanding Dr till 2 months ago and she changed her practice to OB and is no longer my doctor. I had to find another one that would half way try to work with me on this and it isn't easy. So far he is refilling my meds but doesn't like it so I am sure it will come to an abrupt stop soon. What is a person suppose to do when they can't get pain meds??? Are there any doctors out there that have migraines that knows what the pain is? I am in hopes that one of these years to come that they will make pain meds easier to get once a person is diagnosed with migraines. I really don't think Drs know how to treat patients because they don't know much about migraines themselves. If anyone out there knows a good way to make your Dr trust you that you are not just after drugs that you are really in pain and need something right now; not when they feel you should have it. The ER rooms drs and nurses are so cold and heartless when I have to go there and I am sure all of you have experienced that too.
God bless all of you that have them and hopefully one day they will figure it out but in the mean time we all suffer!

Linda <llchoca@adams.net>
Sunday, February 2, 2003 at 16:48:58

Hi this is my second entry. My first entry was January 14th. My brains were so mushy from medication that I entered my email address wrong. I made the correction already. I would really like to hear from anyone who has used the imitrex epi-pen. I'm going to my pcp and I was going to ask about it. I know that he will send me for the mri, and probably to a neurologist. I've never been to one so I don't have the experience. My neck is feeling a little stiff right now, but I really don't want to take any imitrex at this moment. I hate the feeling of not being in control. Everytime I take them I end up feeling like a zombie. I just pray to my Lord that we all get healed. Most people don't know how bad and debilitating a migrane can be. It took me four days to get back to my normal self. People at work noticed that I was slow and my speech was a little slurred. That's what these episodes and the medication do to me. Thank God I have a very simpathetic doctor, as his wife suffers from migranes. My doctor's appointment is this Wednesday Jan 29th, so by next Saturday I will make another entry to update. Carmen.

Carmen Cordero <Eddieslove92@yahoo.com>
Saturday, January 25, 2003 at 16:02:26

Lisa@jetaime I have written to you in response to your letter but your email came back as undeliverable. Is your address correct?

Carole <CGau34810@aol.com>
Friday, January 24, 2003 at 23:10:31

I started having migraines about 7 years ago after the birth of my second child. It seems as though their getting worse each month , I just went back to work today after taking two days off the migraine was so bad that I had to go to the doctor and get a demerol shot I get them so freqently that my hip stays sore but sometimes the shot is all that helps. I'm currently taking Imitrex but I've tried every migraine pill available. I am thankful that I do have a boss who understands what I'm going thru she suffers from migraines also.

Sandy Fountain <GATORS9620@aol.com>
Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 18:46:33

Hi all, This is my story
I am sort of new to this website, I have been here a few times
in the past several years but never read the discussion forum.I have found it to be a wealth of information. Finally I have found others who suffer the same affliction as myself.
I am 39 and have been suffering for the past 15years. With the exception of escaping the "m beast" during two pregnancies (the 2nd one I did get a few). There is really no complete rhyme or reason to what triggers my M's. What may trigger a M one time may not necessarily do it the next time. I have elimated chocolate all together with a few other things which would set one off. I have figured out there is no way for me to avoid all possible triggers and be able to lead a normal life.
I may go a month with 3 M's and then have another with 8 or more Ms. It is just a constant cycle.
I discovered this sites forum and have found it to help me significantly. I have been down the same route as many of you. MRI, Neurologist and countless meds which have either gave me HA or sedated me too much or didn't help at all. I felt like I was the only one who was having 3-4 M's a week and trying so many different meds and get my hopes up with each one, that we finally found the magic drug. Only to be disapointed again.
I then would set out on my own and try vitamins and herbs for months at a time. Some like Feverfew have lessened the number of attacks but eventually wears off and I move on to something else. Then I return to the Dr and start the prescr med cycle once again. Two years ago he presribed Imitrex and I have been taking 100mg to treat each M (50mg does not work). It wasn't until just last week to my discovery on the discussion form that Imitrex can cause rebound M's. That explains it to me because I have become to believe that is 100 % true. So I am backing off my normal 3-9 a month tablets.
My husband, I know tries to be understanding and empathetic but he can not really know what I go through since he has never had one. I do not have the classic M. I don't always know when one will come on. I do get very tight in the shoulders and neck though. I always have them on one side at a time (my temple and above one eye). One side is worse than another. My scalp is very tender and it feels like every nerve ending is inflamed on my head. Massage will give relief but will not knock my M out.
I just started to take Amitriptyline again (it sedated me too much before). My current Dr suggested a much lower dosage and working up, because it did work before but I couldn't deal with the zombie feeling the next day. So that is where we are today and it has been a week, too early to know.

Vicki Duski <vduski@dellepro.com>
Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 15:46:46

Thank goodness for menopause! Got rid of those horrible migraines that virtually plagued me most of my adult life. Being in my fifties is absolutely wonderful! From my own experience, I know that using Vitamin B6 really helped--don't take a lot of it but very often it would totally take the headache away in an hour. Really good if you get headaches going to the movies--take it one hour before you leave plus a cup of coffee with caffeine. Really great also for those migraines you can feel coming on where you feel you are in a severe black mood--headache and black mood disappear in one hour! Stay away from highly salted processed foods--no TV dinners, ham, hot dogs, etc. Read labels on everything! Look at the food lists that are available in books, magazines, etc. and determine if any of these bring on the migraines (usually five hours later). Wine and alcohol will bring on migraines in minutes. Try to eat as healthy as possible (many of the "good" foods though will give you a migraine). Read everything you can on the subject to help yourself. Believe in yourself!

Now, what does one do about people who give you a very bad time about this horrible condition? People still pick on me because I had migraines! Usually in the past when they occurred I would rarely say anything about them. What is a good comeback?

Pat Bell <PatBell23@www.yahoo.com>
Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 21:19:10

Hello! There,
This might be my second time I write to Journal and today I woke up feeling terribly in pain, and to make it worse I'm under my menstrual period. Last week I went to the neurologist and he gave me more and more medication a endless vicious cycle that never ends I'm desperate cause I don't know what to do this severe migraines are getting thougher on me more and more and it seems like there's no day I could feel a final relief for this chronic illness. I don't even know how I can survive day by day at work and college with this endless pain. Today I feel like a stabbing of a ice pick on my right side of the head! That is hitting me constantly and too hard so imagine how painful it is. I feel sometimes like dying with this pain or like on Monday early morning about 4:00 am the pain disturbed my sleep I even jumped out of bed crying because of the pain and my mom put me a ice bag on my forehead the pain was killing me and I took some medication then it took a while to go to sleep till a few hours later to wake up and go to work I don't even know why I worked out I feel extremely fatigued and the back of my neck is so sore and throbbing sometimes there's days after I come back from work I just want to stay in my dark room totally all alone because it's just terrible. Fabiola from Roswell,NM

Fabiola Ruiz <tazmaniangirl88201@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 12:30:24

I am 19 years old and have suffered from migraines since i was 15 years old. These started after a stressful time in which bullying i had been subjected to came to a head. Even though the bullying has gone the migraines have remained and are sadly getting worse. They have gone from 2 every 6 months to 4 times a month!

I started off being able to comtrol them with Codine but now not even Migraleve or Co-Dydromol works anymore. I am constantly sick which drains me of even more energy and if medication ever works it takes 3 hours to work and the migraine is too far advanced. When i have an attack i go into a darkened room as i am photosensitive and have to bury my head into a pillow so that the pain become bearable enough to close my eyes. If i try and stand i fall over. I seems as if my balance i non-exsistant.

My doctor puts them down to the stress of collage but i haven't been happier or more understanding of my course. She has referred me to a shrink and that didn't work. I have now reached a point where i am sick of the medication and am seeking an alternative way of combating them. I would happy for anyone to give me any suggestions. I already have an aromotherpy massage every three days (my mum is an aromotherpist) but my calender seems full of migraine attacks (4 a months).

Zoe Morrison <gingernutt@lycos.com>
Wednesday, January 22, 2003 at 10:34:45

I'm 33 years old and up to date still suffering with those migraines since 9 years ago it's a endless nightmare and endless vicious cycle of pills after pills. Since these past years around 3 to 5 they had been worsening and frequent visits to the ER of course I know it's not good but the pain is pulsating and throbbing even though lately I started to see an aura when I get the early symptoms of the migraine accompained with nausea and vomiting and also I see like a zig-zag it's extremely painful and I sometimes feel like I want to die of this severe migraine however I try not to go too much to the ER I go at least 1 or two times per month usually when I have stress and anxiety plus experiencing my period it's worst the pain I can't even sleep that good and I get irritable and prefer to remain in my dark room and a thing that makes my migraine with nausea worst it's strong perfumes I can't hardly tolerate it that's why I don't use it at all then at work I paint at a paint shop area and when the noise is too loud I get out of control. It's hard and day by day I try to handle it but it's absolutely too hard this migraines are getting stronger than me I'd tried so many medications but some that are strong strenght have side effects that make you feel worse than this migraines.

Miss Fabiola Ruiz <tazmaniangirl88201@yahoo.com>
Friday, January 17, 2003 at 12:27:15

I am just recently suspecting estrogen as a problem for me. I have had migraines all my life, they've gotten much worse in the last 4 to 5 years. Imitrex works for me, but I use way too much of it. Just after Christmas I started weaning myself off of my estrogen (I'm 52 and had a hysterectomy 5 years ago, and have been on estrogen ever since) because of all the news reports about estrogen therapy leading to certain cancers. Anyway, I started spinning out of control with my migraines and they have been much worse, more often, and impossible to control since the estrogen decrease. After I went back up to my old dosage yesterday, I started doing better. I'm wondering if not having ENOUGH estrogen is contributing to my headaches, and my doctor has ordered a higher dose than I've ever used to see if it makes a difference -- I sure hope it does, and I know that I did worse on a lower dose. I'll come back and post after I've been on my increased estrogen to report on whether it helps.

Marcia <moop@ili.net>
Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 17:27:05

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