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Hi everyone:

I'm 39 and have suffered with migraines most of my live. I have
taken everything from effexor to imtrex they only work for a short
time. I was also on Prozac it did help for awhile, but then I
started have side effects that were not very nice. My triggers are
MSG, weather, stress, and my biggest trigger my husband. If anyone
has the same triggers I would like to hear from you. As of date
my migraines are alot better, from November 1999 to September 2000
I don't remember alot because I had a migraine everyday, and was
taking alot of pain killers. Then on Sept 16/2000 I went into the
hospital and came off every pill that I was taking (up to 25 pills
a day). My husband and I are now separated, we have been since
October 2000 and my migraines have got better, I now have a life with
no pain killers, but no husband also. That I can live with because
the migraines got better because there was just to much stress in the
marriage. I'm happy and would like to hear from other people who
suffer like I did.

Debora <lilonesmum@yahoo.ca>
Saturday, August 18, 2001 at 16:49:40

Hi migraine sufferers,
I am the mother of a 17 year old daughter who has had daily migraines since she was 12 years old. We have tried many doctors all of which have continued to prescribe medication without looking for the cause of the headaches. I have never been comfortable with putting all these drugs into our daughter. A friends father told me about the relief from migraines that he got some 15 years ago after doctoring for about a year he heard of a different kind of doctor. This doctor is called an Osteopath. He happened to live near a college that teaches this type of medicine and went to an Osteopath that does what is called Cranial Munipulations. He told me of his experience and results.
Our daughter was seen on July 3rd, by an Osteopath and he did the cranial munipulations on her. Our daughter walked out of his office with a new life. She has been nearly headache free since that day. She can live life again and we have our daughter back. She has not taken any medication since the first munipulation and previously she was taking preventatives, muscle relaxants and pain medication some of which were injectibles.
The Osteopath said that there were bones jammed in the base of her skull which were causing the operation of her head to basically malfunction. This jammed area was restricting the blood flow out of her head causing her to have the pain. Her head was sending the signal that there was a problem but no other doctor could make the diagnosis.
I don't know that this will be the answer to anyone elses migraine problem, but it has been the answer to our prayers. Our daughter has gone from barely functioning to being a very normal active teen. Good luck to all - some of us understand your frustration.

D. Ritchie <Woodsielady@aol.com>
Thursday, August 16, 2001 at 06:25:35

I'm 37 and have suffered with migraines since I was a kid. Needless to say I've been to several doctors, and tried pretty much everything out there to get rid of them, prevent them, or at least slow them down. Nothing works for long. I get 1-3 monthly; usually hormone related but also anytime the weather changes drastically. They can last 2-3 days and during that time I take Zomig to try to kill it, unless I've waited too long to take it (like sleeping thru the night!). At that point I can't keep anything in my stomach-even water, so I spend the remainder of time sleeping or with my head in the toilet! I also take Depakote (anti-seizure)AND Effexor (anti-depressant) daily. I've taken that combo for about 2 1/2-3 mos so far and all that's changed is I'm losing hair, my memory isn't so great, my hands are shakey. Has anyone tried these and/or had these side effects? A chiropractor friend suggests a Naturopath, who will try to get to the root of the problem instead of just mask it with drugs that can have long term, dangerous side effects, along with chiropractic treatment. Has anyone had luck that way? I'm sick of taking meds and ruining plans for my family, missing work, etc. Please let me know if you have any advice. Thanks!

Mary Ann <tmaples@teleport.com>
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 01:00:35

Hi All

I've been getting migraines since I was 7 years old (i'm now 27) and it has become a way of life really - there are times when i'm still driven to tears by the pain and it never seems to get any better but over the years I have developed my own ways of coping with it. Its a pretty ghastly condition and I sympathise most with children faced with what I had to go through as a child, particularly as many people are plain ignorant about Migraine considering it "just a headache" - that's like saying childbirth is just a stomach cramp! I'd be happy for any like minded individuals to email me, and happy to talk to anyone newly diagnosed.

Sparkle <sparkle1974@lycos.co.uk>
Tuesday, August 14, 2001 at 06:35:02

Hello. I am kind of new to this computer thing, so please bear with me. I am 34 years old, and have been getting migraines since my early teens. Most of my family gets them, though different things help them than what helps me. When I was 13, I just suffered with them, because no one knew much about them in my area. I always average at least one migraine a week that lasts up to 3 days. Within the last few years, the doctors have been trying different medicines. So far they only work for a short while, then I become immune, and they lose their effectiveness. The only warning I get when one is coming is that my face turns ghostly white. Usually my boyfriend will notice first. Right now I am on 240 mg of Varapamil to prevent them, ha-ha, and Maxalt MLT to stop them, again ha-ha. I usually end up in the Dr.'s office or emergency room to get a shot. Lately it has been Demerol, but even that is not helping much any more. I have to miss work due to the severity (lights and motion are my curses) and intensity, and I am almost out of options. My Dr. wants to send me to a Migraine Clinic nearby, but they do not have any room until November. I would appreciate any suggestions, as I am getting VERY tired of them.

Rhonda Westemeier <rhonda67@iowatelecom.net>
Monday, August 13, 2001 at 20:20:43

Just yesterday the doctor told me i have migraine. i have atleast 5 times a week some are very severe. i always take a tylenol to arrest it and after some time i went to take to 2 tylenols. now the doctor has precribed me amitriptyline. little scared to start so i need advice as i see so many of them having migraine for years. can i go ahead and take the medicine or still have to do furter diagonosis.

Radhika <radhikan@yahoo.com>
Monday, August 13, 2001 at 17:07:32

Well, I am back again, for anyone who reads this and keeps up with this. I am currently at a dead end with all my headaches. I have some form of a headache almost everyday now. I am tired of taking 4 or 5 midrin and nothing happening except severe nausea and some dizziness. Two weeks ago, I had the worst pain of my life. There is no scale out there that can measure the HELL I was in. It was a fire all over my head, with a separate stabbing on the right side of my head especially over and IN my eyeball. My eye has been sore ever since that night. I lost most of the vision in that eye, and the whole side of my face just sort of sagged. I couldn't speak very well either, and all I did was pray that I would throw up soon, so I might feel at least a little bit better. I tried to get up several times, but would start to pass out, and had to go to the couch again. My father called my doctor's office and got the number of the doctor on call, and called him. He said he would call in some Maxalt dissolvable tablets, and if one didn't even help in an hour, then to take another one, and if that didn't help either, then I would have to go to the ER for a shot of Demerol. I was very lucky that the Maxalt helped me the first time around, but I still had a headache the next day. I didn't sleep at all that night. But my headaches are getting worse, and more frequent, and last longer too. I am at a loss as to what to do next, because 4 Maxalt were quite expensive, but I need to find something else now that really works, but is affordable as well. Right now, I will settle for ANYTHING that will help me. It is getting harder to work now, because I have to stop every now and then and lie down for a few minutes of closing my eyes and giving them a break from the flourescent lights. The pain in my head is different all the time, as every few days it will hurt in a different area, and I have given up taking anything, because most strong painkillers will NOT stay in my stomach, and anything over the counter is like taking tic-tacs or something. Usually it is a Migraine/Tension headache, but some days I am not sure just what it is, because sometimes the pain skips around my head all day, and it makes me nauseated and a little dizzy as well, and the lights are all a little too bright for my eyes. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. I am also trying some relaxing techniques and deep breathing, and have a regimen of vitamins as well. But it is not helping!!! (although I do feel a little more relaxed) I am just not sure what to do anymore, and if anybody has anything they want to share with me, I would really appreciate it. Or if you just want to share and talk to me period, then that would be OK too! Thanks! And any other major sufferers like me out there, don't give up!!!

Caroline <eniloracdnalloh@hotmail.com>
Sunday, August 12, 2001 at 22:49:09

I am 33 years old and I have had chronic daily migraines for almost 3 years now. I always had maybe three to four per year, but after the birth of my son in 1998, they became daily. I underwent brain surgery to help, and it didn't. I went to specialist after specialist and nothing has worked. I have tried all the triptans, depakotes, DHE-45, Migranol, Imitrex, Zoloft, Nueronitin and the list goes on and on. I go to outpatient at least once a month for Demerol injections and control the pain at home with Percocet. We used the chronic pain form of MS Contin, but the sickness was too bad to handle. I have been on disability since Dec 15 of 2000. If anyone has any suggestions or can relate to this kind of daily pain, I would like to hear from you. People who don't have these things have a hard time understanding what we go through.

Bonnie <TheBelle1@aol.com>
Saturday, August 11, 2001 at 18:35:32

Hey, I've just started having migraine now for bout a year...I didn't know what to do when it first started...I jsut sat and cried...so I went to the doctor and they did all the tests and sent me to a neurologist...so now im on propranolol 4 times a day!!! AHH!! and for my REALLY bad ones i have to take Maxalt-MLT...It don't seem to help me much but the doctor says its the 'best thing for it' so there nuttin i can do...Im only 16...Also the propranolol has been causin me to have like depression and dizziness and stuff...ive told my doctor but he said 'it don't cause depression' so he wo't take me off it. Guess Ill just have to live wit it...Well, thats all i have to say...if neone knows of nethang i can do plz mail me....Thanx.

Nikki <nik_ki_03@hotmail.com>
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 at 13:26:39

Hello to Everyone:
i've had migraine/tension headaches for the past two years now. Since June of last year i can't remember being headache-free for more than a day or two at a time. In December 2000, a neurologist prescribed Depakote as a prophylactic. After a month or two of titrating the dose (ended up at 1500mg/day) my headaches were gone! February and March of this year were almost heaven! i say almost because i was noticing some side effects that worried me. i started shaking and trembling all the time, couldn't think straight, no concentration...on and on, but i wasn't willing to give up the Depakote. i figured it was an okay trade-off to be headache free, until the end of March and...the crash.
i got an incredible migraine on Saturday, the pain was so awful it was like all my previous headaches rolled into one. Couldn't sleep Saturday night, just rolled around in pain. i sort of remember hearing my husband asking me if i wanted to go to the E.R. i'm pretty sure i told him no, they wouldn't do anything for me anyway. Sunday morning my sweetie couldn't stand me anymore and went over to the neighbor's for an hour or so. When he got back, i was whacko, totally and completely off the deep end. i don't remember anything from that point on. He tells me i was arguing about the hospital again, then threw up and passed out. He threw me in the car and 5 days later i woke up in the hospital from a diabetic coma. My blood sugar was over 1135 when i got to the E.R. (normal is from 60 - 120) They almost flew me out to a major medical center because they had never seen blood glucose levels that high.
Depakote was named the culprit in the severe pancreatitis that has left me a diabetic for life. My headaches have returned full force and i'm just now able to see the neurologist again. (a NEW neurologist) He wants to put me on Topamax (Topiramate), an anti-seizure medication like Depakote. Has anyone ever tried this medication and had good results? As you can imagine, i'm a little leary of trying new stuff now. i'd love to hear from anyone who has any information on Topamax, or anyone who is diabetic and has migraine/tension headache.
In the mean-time, hang in there everyone! i believe there is help out there, i still dream about being headache free for a short 2 months. As near as i can remember, it was pretty spectacular.

audrey <cpt3ems@yahoo.com>
Saturday, August 4, 2001 at 20:35:46

Hi. My name is Danielle. I suffer from migraines. I have had severe headaches since I was a baby. I am 14 years old now and I still suffer from severe headaches. I first found out that I had migraines when I was about 8 years old. I had a very bad experience from a migraine when I was 12. I came home from school with a minor headache and it got worse. It got to the point that I could not lay down, stand up, talk, or even turn my head. I was crying for hours. That was one headache that I will never forget. well I have to get going.

Danielle Van Dyne <harleychik87@yahoo.com>
Saturday, August 4, 2001 at 19:55:28

I am 38 and I can't remember ever not having migraines.Midrin, Demerol and the ergots don't work for me. I'm told you get immune to stuff after a while and you and your doctor have to keep coming up with new ideas. All the pain meds and narcotics seem to do for me is get thrown up so... Here is what I have found that works for me

propranolol 20 mg three times per day (yes, every day!)this reduces the frequency of migraines by lowering the blood pressure in your head - no side effects to speak of and I've been on it for years. My Doctor gets migraines and he has been taking them since he read about it in med school!

Imitrex subcutaneous injection 6mg immediately when I notice the blurring and pain. (Don't wait for a full blown migraine or it doesn't work as well)I used Migranol DHE previously but it stopped working after a couple years.

Then if everything fails and you end up in the emergency room ask them to give you Reglan 10 mg IV in 1000cc of Normal Saline. They can give another 10 mg in the same 1000ccs if you need more.

Reglan is a new anti nausea and can work wonders for the pain-trauma as well as the nausea. Stopping the nausea allows you to relax miraculously. Then once you are less stressed, they can give you more of whatever you usually take.I was helped 100% by this parenteral treatment cooked up by a resident at my local Urgent Care. By 100% I mean I was carried in and walked out - I worked a full day the next day too.

Inga <idthornell@hotmail.com>
Thursday, August 2, 2001 at 21:37:43

Hi, I am a 27 year old mother of 3.
I just gave birth 5 weeks ago and about a week after the baby was born
I began seeing flashing lights, it was so bad I couldn't see to drive,
also fatigue, and began having bad headaches. Within the last week I have had
nonstop headaches that increase and decrease in intensity. They get so bad all or some
of my teeth even hurt!
They hurt more on my right side, especially in my temple. It's been nonstop and I finally
went to the dr. yesterday because the day before that my legs swelled up bad, and my right one
popped open a little bit and began leaking clear fluid. I told the dr. about the headaches
and he had a cat scan run on me and an ultrasound done on my leg to check for blood clots. The
tests came back negative. He put me on Midrin for the migraines and Lortab for extra pain relief.
I cannot breastfeed my baby now due to the pain killers, I'm having to pump and dump the milk.
Now, I'm still leaking fluid from my leg and the midrin isn't working so great. He said he'd put me on
imitrex if I'm still having bad headaches by friday (2 days from now).
Has anyone ever suffered from this postpartum?
I'm also noticing that my nose is dry, and my mouth is dry. I can't seem to drink enough to
help. I hadn't mentioned this to the dr. yet, but will on friday when I call him and probably go see him
again then.
I have had migraines since I was 16, but only 1-3 a year and they were some doozies when I would
get them, but this has been a nonstop headache for at least a week or longer now. I don't know how
much longer I can handle the pain and trying to take care of a newborn and not getting a good long sleep,
having to get up every few hours and having interrupted sleep isn't helping much, I'm sure.
Anyone with any advice/info I would greatly appreciate it.
Please email me!

Julie <bubblebuny@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, August 1, 2001 at 22:31:41

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has done any research or has any info on cervicogenic headaches. I have a daily headache that's usually tolerable with no meds, but tends to wrap it's fingers around my c-spine and up the side of my head until I have to break down and take something. I've been to the er 3 times in the past month and a half. Not my favorite passtime. Anyway, I've had 2 pretty bad cases of whiplash in my past and saw on Discovery channel that sometimes scar tissue wraps around the cervical nerves causing pressure which leads to a constant headache. I've been telling my neuro for the past 5 years that my neck always feels - for lack of a better term - congested and compressed. If I could only hang from my head and let the rest of my body dangle for a while maybe I'd feel better.

I've done chiropractic sessions, but can't afford to pay them after my insurance stops paying. (10 visits in 3 weeks and the ins. is maxed out. The doc wants $90 every visit now for an adjustment and elect. stim. Just can't shell that out every week.

They've gotten so much worse since that blasted tropical storm Allison blew thru here. I've noticed I can pretty much tell you about 6 hours before a storm. Then there's the hormone factor. Had a partial hysterectomy, but till have ovaries which means I still cycle. I just can't win.

NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING or anything. I still count my blessings for my supportive family and still try to make it thru each day. Here's one for you. My last er visit was unfortunately one of those horror stories where the doc didn't want to give anything to provide relief except tylenol. 3am with my husband and 2 young boys in the waiting room, me crying my eyes out, the doc asking why I didn't take some motrin or something "you know they have that motrin migraine out on the market now." Yeah, you imbicile. It's the same stuff as the regular, just packaged to entice more people to buy it, you stupid moron. Can you say marketing ploy???? Those commercials really send my blood boiling. Anyway, after watching me cry for a few minutes, I finally asked for another doc. He said he was the one on duty and for once it was sheer enjoyment and perfect timing because I proceeded to expel my stomach contents on his shoes. He finally got the picture that I wasn't some junkie looking for a fix and sent the nurse in with a shot. Poetic, eh?

Ok, done rambling. If anyone knows anything about those cervicogenic headaches or migraines associated with previous head/neck whiplash-type injuries, PLEASE e-mail me. It's jc72659@aol.com. Thanks a lot and remember we're not alone and someday it will get better.

Jen <jc72569@aol.com>
Sunday, July 29, 2001 at 04:55:00

I am a migraine sufferer living in Jordan. We have the advantage of having access to European as well as USA made drugs. I am now using a prophylactic called Sandomigran, made by Novartis is Switzerland. The generic name is Pizotifen and I don't know whether it is available in the United States. With this medication, the migranes are much less frequent and I think less severe as well. The side effects are mild and an acceptable tradeoff for me. I wish you all migraine sufferers good luck.

Rula Atalla <Rula@nets.com.jo>
Friday, July 27, 2001 at 14:00:35

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