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Hi Everyone,

I am a male, 42 years old and started getting migraines in high school. I would luckily only have to endure them about twice a year. The symptoms would be tunnel blindness (I can not see you if looking directly at you, but could see the periphreal) then face numbness on one side, then speech problems, then arm numbness on the same side, SEVERE pain in my face around my eyes that would lead to nasuea and even diahareha....all in that order. It would take me about 24 hours to recover, but as mentioned on this site, my memory was/is negatively affected after each episode. My friends always laugh at me because I have NO memory of so many things...it makes me feel really stupid most of the time. I can't prove anything, but I do know immediately following a headache my memory suffers. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I finally figured out the trigger; Chocolate. Yes, it took me 26 years to figure this out....apparently I would FORGET what I ate since each migraine was about 6 months prior to the next. Finally, I had 2 migraines recently with a two week period, and EUREKA, I remembered I had chocolate both times. I asuume everyone has already watched their diets, but just felt compelled to report my story regardless. Lastly, I just wanted to say that I really feel terrible for anyone that has regular migraines. I only had them twice a year, and that was almost more than I could stand. My heart goes out to you and I pray you find a solution or a way to minimize your suffering.
Regards, JessR

Jess Rodda <gotmyionya@yahoo.com>
Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 21:16:59

Hello All!

I just started the Nuva Ring this past month in an effort to help with my migraines. I still needed birth control, but my doc felt that even the low dose pills I had been using were contributing to my very severe menstrual migraines. Unfortunately, I could not get off of hormonal birth control all together because I also suffer from endometrosis and ovarian cysts and need the hormones to help control those conditions.

This was my first month on the Nuva Ring. It is a small ring that you wear vaginally for 3 weeks at a time and then remove it for one week to have your period. You cannot feel the ring at all once it is inserted properly. It secretes a lower dose of hormone than the pills since it is used locally and does not have to circulate throughout your whole system. It is also a different type of hormone than the pills if my understanding is correct. What a difference! I removed the ring on Sunday and began my period on Tuesday. I had no cramps or menstrual migraine whatsoever... in fact, I had forgotten I was even going to start my period! Due to the endo, I have always suffered from severe cramps even while on the pill, so this was such a delight not to have to go through that pain this time. Plus, this was one less medication I did not have to think about taking everyday. Once you put the ring in, you can leave it in for three weeks (or it is your option to remove it when you have intercourse. You can have it out for three hours at a time without throwing off your hormone levels. You just have to remember to reinsert in within the proper timeframe). I hate to sound like a commercial for this thing, but it is amazing and i think it has made a huge difference in my menstrual migraines and my severe cramps when nothing else has. And no, I am not affiliated with the company in any way!

My other meds are as follows: Topamax 200mg 2X daily, Atenolol 25mg 1X daily, Dilantin 300 mg 1X daily, Midrin and Naprosyn for migraines, Phenergan 25mg for nausea, Nexium 1X daily. (I also suffer from seizures).

I hope this helps someone.

Good luck all.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 19:20:46

Hi all,

Basilar Migraine sufferer here.

Does anyone with Complicated Migraines live on the East Coast of the US? Can you recommend a Neurologist? Please email me! The doctor who was my saving grace left the residency practice to pursue a fellowship in epilepsy.

On a positive note: I echo Vicki's recommendation for "Heal Your Headache, the 1-2-3 Program". The author is David Buchholz, MD, from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I highly recommend it. Buy it. Read it.

Renee <renee_mergner@hotmail.com>
Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 14:53:15

Wow, this is my first support site. I just now am looking for more support other than family and friends and of course my dr's. I need to find out a lifestyle that will jive with reducing my headaches. It seems just life, the little things, can add up to trigger a migraine. I have had migraines since I was 15, I am 31 now. My father and brother experience them, but not often. My Father has them more than my brother. I did not have migraines while I was pregnant at 29 yrs old, except one. Which was significant. I always had migraine occasionally, a few a year if that. I got into a car accident four years ago, and have had then regularly since. After my accident I had them 2 times per week, just when I was feeling like my baseline was back I was thrown into another migraine attack. I have the migraines that make you entertain the idea of how to kill yourself. The ice pick that is going through my eye socket and the pitch fork that is stabbing me in the back of my head and neck is the pain I feel, followed by uncontroable vomiting and often times just dry heaving, every time I excert pressure the pain worsens. Feeling like someone is pinching the insides of my eyes and the pressure so great. After the usually 4-6 hour attack (with my two doses of meds all I can take) it is followed by a visit to the ER to get an iv, morapheen and an anti nausea med. Then I go home to sleep for 10 hours. The next two days I feel dragged down, depressed, tired, like I just ran a marathon, and just like a major stressful,traumatic event happend in my life. This is really hard.
I want to know how I can get this to a point where I can still live life normally. Not call in sick, be here now in life and enjoy the days. Is this unrealistic?
Right now I am trying a new med. Going off of Depakote on to Gavapentin and also tkaing celebrex....no over the counter pain relievers whatsoever, NO IBUPROFEN, that sucks, I usually always have pain, every day in my back, neck, head. So please send me your thoughts and advice....I will try anything.
I am fortunate to have the supportive family and friends I do. Thanks for letting me vent and read others that experience the same pain.
Kat Graves

Kat <kbarons@yahoo.com>
Monday, August 25, 2008 at 15:09:27

Hi Everyone,

A couple of years ago, I posted an essay on migraines on this site. It was called "Relentless Torturer." Recently, an edited version of the essay was accepted for publishing, and I asked Ronda to delete the version posted here to avoid any copyright issues.

It is now part of "Migraine Expressions," a remarkable book compiled by Betsy Blondin. "Migraine Expressions" is a collection of art and writings on migraine, created and contributed by people who suffer from the disease. I am very proud to be part of such an ambitious endeavour. All profits from the book go towards migraine research.

To learn more about "Migraine Expressions," go here: http://www.wordmetropress.com.

Linda Gallant Potts

Linda Gallant Potts <gallantpotts@yahoo.ca>
Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 10:43:57

I am 34 years old. I have chronic migraines. I am at the point I've tried everything from Topomax to Migranal. I am waiting on my appointment to get Botox injections for my migraines. I am so drained emotionally. Sometimes I have to stay at home because they are so severe.

Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 18:26:55

My migraines have completely stopped!!!! I haven't had one in over 4 months!!!

My migraines were starting to get more frequent, 2-4 a month, all I could do was go back to bed, sometimes I'd even throw up. I started taking an amazing nutritional suppliment and I have not had a single headache since the first day. I have free samples to give out and want to give them to other migraine suffers who might benefit from them. This is a totally natural approach with no side effects and many many health benefits. Please contact me if you want me to mail you some to try.
Coral Barry

coral barry <coralseas@care2.com>
Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 14:48:32

Hi everyone,

My name is Jen and I'm 25 years old. When I was very young, about 4 or 5 years old, I started getting migraines. I had the bad ones where you see an aura, mine was a continuing spot on the wall and ceiling. The pain was unbearable and it made me cry a lot, I don't think a child of any age should ever feel a degree of sadness like that. I missed a lot of school and it was frustrating, because back when I was a little girl a lot of doctors didn't believe children could get migraines then, I remember even having an elementary school teacher who thought I was "looking for attention" I just wished she could have felt the pain I was in. My migraines lasted throughout my childhood regularly (sometimes having four or more in a seven day week) up until my first menstrual period at twelve years of age. They started to get less and less through high school and now I am very fortunate to get them once in a blue moon, but I will never in my life forget what I went through as a child. I'm happy to find this site so that we could all share our stories and make this condition a tiny bit more bearable for each other.

God bless,


Jen <jzionkoski@verizon.net>
Friday, June 27, 2008 at 21:54:05

I have the heredity migraine headache. I recall my mother with migraine symptoms esp. around her period. I too have them, but was able to locate phenergan, in the early days, imitrex maxaalt and zomig were life savers. I would have 3 wasted days in a dark room vomiting. I never though to go to the ER for an injection. Since then I have given myriads of injections to migraine sufferers. We give a cocktail of Nubain, benadryl and Thorazine, or benadryl decadron and reglan. these combinations seem to work.
I personally rather have a shot of Ketorlac aka Toradol. works like a charm with out the "drugged" feeling. I am looking into homeopathic avenues now.
there is a site that promotes "ice water or cold therapy sprayed in the mouth on the gums back where they "hinge" for lack of a better explanation. Hey when you have a headache you will try anything.
I have found wine triggers a headache, but top shelf tequilla is ok no rebound headache. CABO WABO woo woo. Can't drink patron though.I had actually quit drinking all alcohol but just tasted some margaritas made with CABO yummy yummy yummy and NO HEADACHE!!!!!!!!disclaimer: don't drink and drive, don't run with scissors, be responsible for the care of children or elderly, cook with fire or flame,use sharp knives, watch the HSC or get on Ebay while under the influence of alcohol..allegedly one could get in trouble.
Oh, There is a 42 day free trial for Topamax. Google it
You need a MD to write a script. It will either work or you won't be able to tolerate it. I am only taking 25 mg every other day. and so far so goood.....
Good Luck to all.

poodlewoodle <poodl ewood le@yahoo.co m>
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 17:42:18

Hi, I suffer from migraines with aura. Its been happening for 20 years, but fortunately only twice a year. Its not the head ache that depresses me, but the after effects. I suffer from this strange vision and confusion for months after the attack. If i cup my hands around my eyes to shade them from light coming in from the sides,my vision seems easier. But I feel pannicked when people talk to me, and constantly think Im going to have another migriane. The effects last for 3-5 months after the attact. Just when Im feeling better I have another migraine. Does anyone else feel the same? I dont know any one else who has them like me!
thanks for reading, Anna.

anna shaw <anna.shaw1@ntlworld.com>
Monday, June 16, 2008 at 11:43:27

Hello everyone. I am 25 years old and I experienced my first migraine with aura back in March after having my daughter. I got frequent headaches while pregnant but never with the aura. I can attribute the start of my MA to many things: the epidural, stress (I flew across the country for an interview 3 weeks after giving birth), lack of sleep, I was very sick with strep throat and taking antibiotics (I have heard of someone getting migraines only while taking antibiotics), hormone fluctuations. I have only had to MA attacks. It has been over 2 months since my last one thank god! They are very scary, I experience everything...visual disturbances, numbness on the right side, confusion, difficulty speaking. I think that I'm not getting MA attacks anymore b/c my daughter sleeps through the night and I'm not as stressed. Also, I am taking Zoloft and magnesium. I am also no longer breastfeeding so my estrogen level should be back to normal. I still get frequent headaches that feel like pain right behind my eyes. I am very sensitive to light but I don't know if it is due to migraines. I've always attributed it to having blue eyes and dilated pupils. If anyone wants to talk feel free to e-mail me.

Cydney <cjrenshaw06@yahoo.com>
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 09:40:16

Hello everyone,
this is my first time on a migraine support site and im so glad that i found this one. it upsets me that so many other people are going through the same thing that i am but it is nice to know that someone will understand.
I am 18 years old and I have been having migraines sense before i could talk. When i was a baby, just starting to walk, i would have terrible fits where i would grab my head and scream. My first memory of my childhood was a migraine. My doctor thought i had a brain tumor until i had an MRI and other testing. I starting seeing a neurologist in the fifth grade and went on my first preventative daily medication (i cant even remember what it was i have been on so many). As the years went by my medicines changed rapidly because nothing seemed to help my headaches. Finally in 8th grade they put me on Topamax. This worked for a long time. If my headaches started getting bad again my neurologist would just raise the dosage. It wasnt until my junior year of highschool when I really started having major problems. One day after cross country practice i just passed out with no warning. No one thought it was a big deal because it was a hot day and we did a long run. Although it just kept happening, and i was having other symtoms.. horrible dizziness, heart racing, and my limbs would go numb. so i had a bunch of test done with my heart and everything seemed to be fine. The cartiologist refered me back to my neurologist and said people with a history of migraines can have these symptoms. And as it turned out it was my headaches causing all of this. My neurologist determined i was having "complicated migraines" (or type B migraine)and decided i needed to change meds and he put me on Kepra. This did not agree with my system and i was having terrible migraines everyday along with passing out multipal times a day. I was going to the emergency room almost every week. I was admitted for further treatment. All this during the school year. I missed 46 days of my junior year- and lost many friends and boyfriend because they dont understand a migraine. But eventually my neurologist put me back on my topamax but raised the dosage but i also had to go on birthcontol-yaz. I took the yaz continuously so i wouldnt have periods because my headaches/passing out always seemed to be a little worse during that time. This worked well for about 10 monthes. In march (of this year)I started with terrible headaches and dizziness. I passed out at my job and began misses more school. My gyno thought maybe the birthcontrol stopped working in my favor so she switched me to neuvoring. But the headaches and dizziness continued along with 3 more passing out. My graduation was 2 weeks ago and i almost didnt make it. I basically "overdosed" on maxalt which numbed the pain for maybe 25 minutes but it did make me completley out of it so between that and having an intense migraine i dont remember recieving my diploma. My neurologist finally decided to take me off of the topamax and put me on neurontin. So as of right now i am being slowly taken off off topamax and put on this new drug. Unfortunatly it isnt doing much. I have had a horrible headache ( cant look at light or move your head up from the pillow kind) for the past month. The doc is calling it a crontic migraine and he is giving me two more weeks to try and break it with maxalt or zomag or drinking mass amounts of sprots drinks or whatever else i want to try that hasnt seemed to work yet or i have to be admitted into the hospital for a second time for treatment.
Anyway thanks for understanding. I hope something in my story can help. I wish i had something more possitive to say.

Kimberly <Kimberlyastc@hotmail.com>
Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 19:09:31

I am writing in response to Gen who wanted to know of a preventative med that doesn't cause weight gain...have you ever tried Topomax?
I have had migraines since my 20's... I am now 42. I am one of the lucky ones who didn't have any migraines at all during either of my pregancies (I have two beautiful sons).
When I first started seeing a neurologist in my early 30's he prescribed an ant-depressant and a beta blocker that results in a weight gain of about 10 pounds (which on me is a lot..I am only 5 feet tall) and did not help my migraines. I ended up switching docs because I ended up in the ER twice with status migrainus (headaches that lasted more than 3 days) My new doc put me on Topomax...immediately shed the weight...and the # of migraines went down dramatically. I have had mixed results but the migraines were less severe. I am also taking Wellbutrin (another anti-depressant), magnesium, and Feverfew supplments. Frova is a great triptan for menstrual migraines. It can be taken preventitvely the first 3 days of your cycle.
I hope that helps.

Mindi <m_maline@yahoo.com>
Monday, May 26, 2008 at 08:04:27

I am a 51 year-old female who has suffered with migraines for 30 years. Six years ago they went from bad to worse. Today, I have chronic daily headaches, mostly brought on by rebound. I went to a new neurologist and one of the first things he did was tell me about a book to get called "Heal Your Headache, the 1-2-3 Program". The author is David Buchholz, MD. He receives the patients who are classified as "failures" by other neurologists/doctors. It basically says that the number one reason he sees for problem headache sufferers is rebound headache - the medicine that is supposed to help is actually making us worse. Step 1 of his approach is to quit the quick fixes for our headaches. It is awful going through this 2-week period of detox but he assures his readers that this works. You are able to take somethings for the pain but nothing that can cause a rebound (he speaks of those medications in the book). I can't speak yet as to his claims because I too am trying to get to this point. But everything he says makes sense. The 2nd part of the book is the elimination diet, things that can trigger migraines. The 3rd step is preventive medicine. I encourage any sufferer to at least read the book for themselves. It is the most encouraging book to date that I've read to CONTROL this problem.

Vicki <vlgehron@yahoo.com>
Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 17:35:46

Wow. So glad to have found this journal. I have ocular/opthalmic migraines. There is a specific aura that lasts 20-25 minutes, followed by feeling rattled and light-sensitive. There is a mild headache. I have had them for years, but only rarely. They were triggered by MSG, chocolate, sodium bisulfite and bisulfates (often used in the drying of fruit), white grape juice and pork. Didn't eat those things, didn't have migraines.

I have just moved to a lower altitude, much stress in the move. About three weeks before I moved, I had recurrence of migraines, about five in two weeks; made the move, and have had three in three weeks. Glare now seems a trigger. And, neck muscle tension seems a trigger.

Love to hear from any of you who have these or any good information. Local doc said not to be alarmed; websites are reassuring. They are still very anxiety ridden for me. ms

Mary Sojourner
Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 11:49:05

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