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I deeply feel for all migraine suffers and totaly sympathize with you, especailly when you try to explain to your boss that you have a hedache and you cant make it in today.

Im 27 male and was told that i suffer from cluster migraines. Started out getting a mild headache about 4 years ago once or twice a month and now has progressed to a cluster in which i get once a week. It starts out like sinus pressure then an hour or so later the pain hits behind my right eye and temple area, sometimes last for hours if untreated.

About six months ago the doctor introduced imitrex to me and what a relief, works every time. My biggest concern now is the longterm affect on my body form using imitrex. I am also interested in supplements or herbal remedies to cure or prolong my attacks, if there is anyone out there that can help me with acheiving this or has some sort of information about it please contanct me.

Shane <Swick73@aol.com>
Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 23:06:03

My migraine stared with a small aura, developed into a blinding one. Horrible nausea--didn't throw up. Bad, frequent chills. Lasted long time, sleep didn' help.

Vanessa Steffl <vee_steffl29@hotmail.com>
Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 18:02:33

Hi! My name is Mark and I was a migraine sufferer as a child and now I am working on my doctorate in Psychology. I am presently in a class called Behavioral Medicine which looks at the psychological impacts and behvavioral impacts of our lives on chronic illness and how best to treat those illnesses. I want to write a report on how people cope with migraine headaches. I need anyones feedback. I do not require any full names or anything to identify who you are, but just your story on what is it like to live with a Migraine. What things you do that help you cope and what are some the things that you do and you should not. Please give a sense of how stress and your headache may be linked. Please fell free to say as much as you can about your experience. I will use this as part of a paper I am writing for my class. In addition, I will be working with people who live with chronic pain, and yr narratives will help me grasp the significance of yr struggles.
Rgds Mark

Mark Schneider <rondana56@hotmail.com>
Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 14:53:50

I am the husband of a chronic migraine sufferer. I very much appreciated reading the entries on this board. My wife has had a migraine that has ebbed and flowed for about 3 weeks now. She has received numerous injections of demerol and the ER doctors begin to struggle with treating her, as many of you seem to have encountered. The BIGGIE, that they like to use for questioning their treatment of her is REBOUND. She can got sometimes for days without a migraine and then other times, days in a row where the migraine doesn't go completely away. I find very little information about rebound migraines and don't believe hers are but I confess I can't be sure. At the same time, I need help in countering the doctors jumping on the rebound band wagon. If any one has any information on this issue, I would truly appreciate it.


Dave <eisha@newnorth.net>
Friday, February 9, 2001 at 16:57:29

I have been having the worst headaches in the world. My eyes throb, my ears ring and my temples bulge and I feel really bad. I was wondering what types of medication should I use to make all of this pain go away.

Jen <jenifermmack@hotmail.com>
Friday, February 9, 2001 at 14:50:50

Hi Everyone, I have so much sympathy for all of you in the grip of a migraine. I get my migraines on average of 3-4 a week. I don't have the classic migraines as mine are caused by Pseudotumor Cerebri. It still feels like a classic migraine though. The unbearable pain behind the eye, nausea and vomiting, the hopeless feeling you get. I am lucky that my doctor will give me home injections of Stadol and phenergan. If I run out I have wonderful doctors who understand what pain medication is for PAIN. As long as it is only a couple of times a week they will give me a shot of Stadol or Nubain. I try not to abuse this privledge as I have been through the adddict accusations before I moved to this town. I really hope more of you can find a good doctor that will help with the pain. My best wishes and hopes go out to all of you. I will keep all of you in my prayers. If anyone wants to talk to me please e-mail me at any time. Sincerely, Tay Hodges tayhodges@hotmail.com

Tay Hodges <tayhodges@hotmail.com>
Friday, February 9, 2001 at 01:18:37

hey everyone! so glad to finally talk to others that are going through what i have been going through since i was 10. i really feel for all of you , some of you hav it much worse than i have it. my dr. started me on a new med called Topamax that i feel has really done wonders. You sart out takng 15 mg. for 1 week then you increase to 20 mg. for 1 week then you increase to 25 mg. and so on until you get to 100 mg.. you only go to 100 mg. if you feel that you need them. i'm now at 30 mg. and am feeling great. i may just stop at this. my dr. gave me all this in samples so no $$ out of pocket as i have no insurance. i have found in the past that imitrix 50 mg. works the best for me when i get a bad one. it works 99.9% of the time. but now with the Topamax working so well maybe i won't even ned the imitrix. have taken so much otc medicine (asprine, tylenol) that i think i have distroyed my stomach. I really feel for you - all and hope you will talk to your dr. about Topamax.
good luck, kerri

kerri <militantmidget@aol.com>
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 at 13:38:09

Hi everyone. I am new to this journal and it is UNBELIEVABLE that soooo many others are in the same boat as me. I am 31 and have been getting migraines since I was 19. LUCKILY my only symptom is a 20 minute aura "flashes of light" before my eyes. I hAD NO idea what was wrong with me for about 7 years. I was in college and pretty much I just ignored the auras. I thought it was stress, not eating, etc.. UNTIL one time at 28, right after the birth of my first child, I had the flashes than very quickly my left cheek, arm, and foot went numb for a couple of seconds. WELL I thought it was a stroke. I went immediately to my doctor, neurologist, etc.. I was diagnosed with migraine with aura, without the pain. He said I was VERY lucky that I had no pain. It seems, from reading your articlrs very horrible. Thanks for listening, Please write if you have any questions. Kelly

Sunday, February 4, 2001 at 21:59:59

Hello everybody.

Wanda here again, 3:46 a.m. I got an aura and 20 mins. later the monster awoke. I have been fighting all day today and tonight too. I have taken my meds Percocet then when that didn't work MS Contin 60 mg 2 at a time, and still not gone, I will try 2 more MS Contin and if that doesn't work then it's of to the ER where they will hassle me for about 3 hours about what they are going to give me and "We can't just give you a Demerol shot and send you home" they will give me an IV and push the fluids through and then they will put something they think will work into it and tell me to go to sleep for awhile and see if it goes away. When they come back after a couple of hours and the migraine is still there, they will then give me 100mg of Demerol and Gravol and tell me to go to sleep and then they will come back and the migraine is still there they will send me for a CAT scan to see if anything is going on inside my head and then they call the neuro on call in and they will see that I really do suffer from migraines and finally give me the correct amount of Demerol & Gravol and send me home to sleep it off. I know you have all heard it all before, but I have always found it a little more easier knowing that I'm not the only one suffering from the Doctors & nurses lable us as junkies along with the migraine itself. I wish that they would listen to us ( the people suffering ) and finding out what works for us instead of what they think will work, sometimes I feel like a lab rat, always trying something new on me to see if it will work before they ask you what really does work to take the pain away, because that is all I want. Sorry for venting on everyone, but you guys are the only ones who know what I am going through.

Well 2 more MS Contin and bed to see if I can slay the monster lurking in my head.

Thanks guys for listening

Luv Ya

Wanda <vinky@sprint.ca>
Friday, February 2, 2001 at 22:52:43

Hello all. It's been a real eye-opener reading all the posts. To think that there are people who actually understand!
I'm 29 years old, mother of four, and a full-time information systems specialist. I've had migraines since 1992. My neurologist thinks they may have been triggered by my bout with meningitis in 92.

I feel very fortunate that I only get migraines about 3-5 times a year, but I have had two in the last four weeks. This is scary because I have been told they will probably get worse with time. I also feel fortunate to have the aura first, I feel like it's a "warning" that the headache is on its way. I usually have about twenty minutes to get to my medication.

The first time I had the aura, which is like huge C-shaped snake of thousands of flashing brilliantly colored triangles in one or the other of my eyes, I thought I was having a stroke. The migraine itself felt as bad as the headache I had had with the meningitis.

Now I've come to know the timing, signs and symptoms all too well. I take an Imitrex 50mg injection, and Duradrin. I am trying to find a different Rx than the Imitrex. While it does help a little, at least by making the pain bearable, it has awful side effects like an awful burning sensation in my neck, shoulders and scalp about ten seconds after the injection followed by nausea. I also have what I call a "residual" headache for a couple of days after the migraine that feels like a burning metal ball rolling around in my head.

My worst migraine came the morning after we took our seven-year-old for his birthday to Six Flags. I don't know if the roller coasters or the heat of the summer triggered it, but I honestly WANTED to die. There was no escaping the pain, and the Imitrex did nothing for that one!

I don't know why we all are cursed with these things, and I don't understand why there hasn't been more understanding in the medical field, but it's good to be able to come here and write all of this. Thanks for listening and God Bless you all.

Victoria <vweathers@kaydon.com>
Friday, February 2, 2001 at 14:19:59

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your suggestions. I have been headache free for about20 days now. It feels great after having a headache for 13 weeks straight. I woke up one day and the headache was just gone. I hope not to go thru that again any time soon.

Thanks again,

Hope all of you find some relief to your pain.


Dawn <deboltpat@yahoo.com>
Friday, February 2, 2001 at 13:12:57


I am 36 years old and have suffered with migraines since age 13. I also have epilepsy. As a teenager I spent a lot of time in emergency rooms after passing out as I traveled between school and home. It got a little better with a change in diet and Naproxen. I especially watched what I ate and took the Naproxen at least 48 hours before menstrual cycles (that seemed to give me a little control over the attacks).

After having my first child the migraines no longer seemed to respond to the Naproxen. After my third child I began to have the migraines daily in addition to seizures much more frequently. Assuming that stress was the cause, doctors simply increased dosages of Dilantin.

I recently found out that it was not good to mix OTC pain relievers containing Ibuprofen and B12 vitamins with the Dilantin as they could decrease its effectiveness.

Can anyone tell me a little more about the aura? I usually experience dizziness, nausea and this painful clanging sound just before a seizure. If I do not gather myself and lay down within a couple minutes after the clanging starts I pass out.

I am back to taking Tylenol for the migraines which are not too helpful but a little relief is better than none.

lily <lilyovalley@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, January 31, 2001 at 14:24:45

Hi everyone,
my name is Terry and I just kind of stumbled across this site.
I am 32 years old I have been suffering from migraines for about
6 yrs. Ive tried many medicines and many doctors, I guess I havent found the right one yet because I have a headache every
day of my life, or so it seems! I believe mine to be linked
hormonally, if anyone has any miracle cures please contact me.
thanks, Terry TACHD96@aol.com

Terry Cormican <TACHD96@aol.com>
Wednesday, January 31, 2001 at 11:46:38

I have been suffering from a chronic daily migraines for over 4 years now. I woke up with one day and it has been there ever since almost constantly. I have been treated with anti-depressants (several diffent kinds, with no success), all of the over-the-counter things, etc. I have been to my personal physician, then an allergist, an ear, nose & throat doc, balance testing, MRI & MRA etc. and other neurological testing. I am now being treated by a headache clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They are really good there. After being in continual pain for literally years, I do have several days each week painfree!! A lot of what I was suffering from was due to lack of understanding on how to prescribe the drugs I was given. They were giving me a dosage that a 6 year old would take and told to take daily. This was causing a rebound effect and making my migraines worse. I am also learning biofeedback and hope to get off all medications completely soon with their help. I really do feel like I have found the right place and am looking forward to many more painfree days ahead. Be sure to check for a specialized headache center close to you. The one in Ann Arbor, Michigan is great and I have heard of one in Chicago too that is good. I am sure you can find help, don't give up!!

Sunday, January 28, 2001 at 13:56:04

I have had migraines for most of my life. I use to get them during my periods alot, but then last year I had a hysterectomy and for awhile like about 5 mo. I didnt have one, but all of a sudden this mo. has been the month from hell. I started having them again,usually I get an aura but lately they have been sneaking up on me. I recently experinced speach problems along with my migraine. So I ended up in the ER, course you all know how the routine goes. I had to tell all my medical history cuz I switched insurances, well anyway the ER dr. examed me and asked me what usually works for me for my migraine and I said the no no word demiral, man you thought that I commented
the almighty sin the dr didnt want to hear that and acted like I was asking for drugs just to get high, well he came back in after talking to another dr. and said well does imtrex work for you I said I have tried it before and no it doesnt so he said well what about tordol and I said that usually doesnt help either well he said that what you can have so he procceded to tell the nurse to hook up and iv and put in some tordol and some compisene, so after about an hour of being there it still didnt that well, but it was easing up so I went home and laid down and when I woke up I had the speach problem again and the headache. I feel like when you go to the ER and you tell the dr what works that they should give you it why dont they listen to any of us? Well I just get so upset over these stupid migraines . I just wish I could find something that works nothing seems to help and I have tried just about everything if anyone has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate them
Thanks for listening and take care and may we all get to be pain free.

terry <tstazzie@hotmail.com>
Saturday, January 27, 2001 at 14:51:04

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