Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi Ronda,

I found your site after experiencing my first every migraine. My mother, grandmother and brother are all regular migraine sufferers but this is a first for me. I knew from all the experiences that my mother has told me about that I had a migraine but I was completely unprepared for the blurring and pain. This happened to me on Sunday (it is now Tuesday) and I still feel out of sorts. My question is, was this a fluke thing or will migraines become a regular part of my life?

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary on Sunday that I can think of. I felt absolutely great all day until about 8:30 p.m., then it hit. I had the aura, the zig zag, followed by intense head pain (all over, not just one side). I had to go home and lie down. After about 2 hours, the pain had decreased, but I was completely wiped out.

On a side note , I do take 10mg of Claritin (an antihistime) a day for my sinuses (doctor prescribed) and also use Flonase (a nose spray) for my sinuses. I wonder if there is any correlation.

Thanks for being a sounding board. I will continue to check this site for updates and if anyone has advise, email me at



P.S. I am 27 years old and am otherwise healthy.

Has anyone read any of the self help books available about migraines? Was it great, poor, what?

Does anyone know of a headache clinic ar specialist in the Seattle are? I wll be traveling there in August. Please E-mail.


Hello! Just noticed this site through a story on the CNN page. I've been a regular sufferer of migraines since the age of twelve. My mother, sisters, grandmothers on both sides, aunts and great aunts have all been migraine sufferers. I believe that my five year old is beginning to suffer from these dreadful headaches as well - she has been complaining of stomach pains accompanied by strange colours and patterns in front of her eyes. I really hope she isn't starting these as well, but I'm positive she will in years to come anyway.

My mother always said that my eyes, which are dark brown, always went pale when I had a migraine approaching, sometimes hours before I knew I would have one. I was told that my migraines were food related when I was a teenager, but lately nothing seems to be causing them, apart from stress and an ongoing problem with my wisdom teeth!

I had no problems at all during my pregnancy with my first child, a girl, but with my second child, a boy, I had frequent migraines. Has anyone proved a link with hormones? I have also been told recently that I am going through a relatively early menopause, at the age of 35. I have noticed in the last few months that I have migraines more readily, and that taking herbal supplements for menopausal symptoms seems to add to the frequency of the migraines. Most usually, I find that if I have the visual or sensational symptoms (such as numbness in a limb or sometimes my nose or ear) I cannot fight the migraine unless I take my medication within the next 10 minutes. This is fine if I'm at home, but with two small children, its not always possible. I guess one of my greatest fears is if I'm driving on my own with them and I haven't got my medication with me. Then how will we get home if I can't see?

My doctor prescribed a medication called Paramax back in 1988, which so far seems to be the only medication that works on me. I've tried lots of over the counter medicines, but most only get rid of a normal headache or my stomach ache, but don't even touch my migraines. My older sister tried the same medication, but she has to sleep for at least two hours after taking it to recover. I find that Paramax lets me return to normal within 20-30 minutes of taking it. I know that it's not called Paramax in the States, but I haven't seen the name it is called. I also know it's safe to take during pregnancy, as I took it throughout my last pregnancy with no ill effects, and with the recommendation of my physician.

I would be happy to correspond with anyone who has any information about family links with migraine, especially when no known trigger is understood to cause them. I am contactable on



I've already sent you a case history, but have some new information for people and some new questions. I've had migraines for about 5 years, but they have become veyr bad daily for the past 2 and I have been unable to work for a month. Because my neurologist is big on the new rebound craze, he has decided to cut me off from pain pills, though I have done the DHE in patient-thing already along with all of the preventors including depakote. DHE was a nightmare for me and I vomited for a solid week afterwards as well as being allergic to the compazine. On a more positive note: I decided I had to do something else so I went to a naturopath/M.D. an he gave me the following recomendations: Diet, of course, no hormonal birth control (but pregnancy can help migraine aparently, he says) and the following supplements, GLA (I think this is some sort of seed oil), Magnesium, Feverfew (which he says is probably not that effective,) Quercetone, and Bromelain.

He also said that it is better to take an occasional opiod than NSAIDs in terms of rebound. I am sure those of us who have run out of pain pills have all tried the 5 ibuprofen every four hour experiment and found that it doesn't work and it gives us rebound. What really works so I can function is to have a steady supply of Stadol for the bad bad headaches and about 2 percocet with a visteral a day. It is difficult to convince a doctor that unless you have adequate pain releif a person can not function. I may be a bit slow on opiods, but I can still be a good wife, worker, student, and so forth.

My questions for your readers are this:

1. Has anyone done similar supplements and do they work?

2. Has accupunture worked for anyone?

3. How do I convince my Doc. that my daily level 7 on a scale of 10 migraines are not rebound?

4. I have heard there is a surgery at the University of Pittsburg where a neurologist hollows out part of a bone in your neck to allow more blood to flow through thus prenventing clusters and migraine. My neurologist, who is probably one of the best on the west coast, has not heard of this and doesn't think it would work. If anyone has answers, please e-mail me at

hi everyone!!

ronda, thanks so much for providing this page for all of us. a lot of the suggestions here have really helped me. i have suffered from migraines for approximately 7 years. during my pregnancy and since then, they have lessened in frequency, however, prior to that i was a regular er visitor. i am writing in response to the lady who is concerned about whether or not she can take medicines during her pregnancy. i was also told that my migraines should decrease during pregnancy, and for the most part they did. however, at 4 months and 7 months i had several very serious migraines. the doctor said that this was due to the hormone increase that takes place during this period of pregnancy. they were able to prescribe acetominophin with codeine which took care of most of the pain. neither actominophin or codeine passes thru the placenta to harm the baby. after i delivered i had a three day migraine due (once again) to the change in hormone levels. since i was nursing, i again took tylenol 3. recetnly, my gyn doctor changed my birth control pills to a higher dose of estrogen and now i only have migraines during the time that i am not taking any pills. i have also found feverfew to be very helpful.

i hope that this will relieve someone's fears about migraine during pregnancy..

wishing you a happy and hurtfree day

I was wondering if anyone has any information about hysterectomy and its effectiveness or ineffectiveness in stopping hormanally-triggered migraines. I've been told that my migraines will probably stop once I've been through menopause. I'm 29...I don't want to wait that long!!! Anybody know anything about this?