Journal of Migraine Sufferers

...R - after 20 years of a life like those listed here, I finally found a solution that works on MEDLINE.....spray 5 squirts of 4% lidocaine, 1 minute apart, in one or both nosrtils at the FIRST tickle of h/a....repeat in 10 minutes and so on 'till pain is reduced....lidocaine washes out of your system a couple of hours, so don't worry about repeating thru the day to keep the pain doc and druggist and I put this together from WEB info.....too simple?....maybe, but I've had clusters since '77, been there, taken ALL that and this is the first "treatment" that has given me my life back....pass it on, please?


Dear Ronda

I have been suffering from headaches for about 7 years on a daily basis. I've tried everything, DHE etc and am well aware of the rebound effect. I have found the only thing that works for me is adequate analgesia. My doctor(who is now on a sabbatical) says I'm addicted to been pain free!!, however there is always that undercurrent stereotyping of drug addiction in ones dealings with family, friends and the world. At this stage in my life I have a good job and can cope as long as I'm pain free. I'm willing to try any new analgesia no matter what everyone else thinks. Its a pity my doctor is on sabbatical because its difficult to find a doctor willing to help. I've heard of a pain 'patch' called Duragesic which is normally used for cancer. Has anyone got info about its use as I really keen to try it. It give a constant level of pain relief and someone apparently has never felt better after having it.

Regards ---Andrew

Dear Ronda,

I would like to thank you for your efforts to connect others who sufer with migraines. It gives us an opportunity to share experiences and try new methods when we may have felt all has failed.

I have suffered migraines since a child (8 yrs old). I was never diagnosed until last year and i'm thirty three years old. I only went to the hospital once when i was real young because i was screaming hysterically and my father didn't know what to do. The said it was just a bad headache that had gotten worse because of my crying. It was from that point on that whenever i had a headache my parents would give me childrens aspirin and send me to my room where it was quiet and dark.The headaches got worse thoughout the years but i could always even at a young age know when they were coming and go to my dark quiet room and try to relax to get rid of them. Somtimes it would take days sometimes just hours. When i was in my twenties they came and went less frequently and less agressive. It wasn't until two years ago that i was having shortness of breath, heart palpitations and feeling really tired and stressed. I went to a new doctor a specialist and he diagnosed me with MVP(Mitral Valve Prolapse) he then sent me to another specialist a neurologist and she started me on Inderal and Butalbital This has helped tremendously. I also cut out red meat,caffiene,sugar and other foods that can contribute to a migraine. I hope that everyone who suffers from migraines can find the inner peace i now feel knowing it can be controlled. My best wishes to you all and thanks for sharing your stories. It has helped me to better understand some of the things i felt only i was going through.

--TTFN Cynthia

Ihave suffered with migraines since the age of 12...i have tried every medication there is....the only one that has worked is imitrix...usually if i know im getting one ill take 50mgs..then wait half an hour and take 50 more....if its not gone by then im usually no good for the rest of the day...i think the injections work better than the pills but i don't like the side effects either...i get heart throbbing all day and into the night after taking imitrix and i get severe pain down the front of my legs .i have yet to find any doctor that can explain the leg pain...if there is anyone out there that has these symptoms i would like to hear from them..i also have constant tingling in my fingers and hands.

Dear Ronda,

I was going to send separate E-mails to all the women that had stories that related to my menstrual migraines....but....I was afraid that I would miss some of the women that needed to hear my story.

MENSTRUAL MIGRAINES.....all men..pass me by...all women that have migraines on a daily basis, maybe...but you have my deepest empathy!! I, at least know that once my menstrual migraine hits, it will be over in 3 - 5 days....with a hangover feeling 13 days later. Like body is in a cycle.

On the internet, in Ronda's Web, I found an article by Edward M. Lichen, and his hormonal considerations of migraine management in postmenopausal women and in reproductive age women.

Since I am 41 years old, I consider myself close to post menopausal. I have for years suffered with the "headache". I have been on every thing mentioned in all the letters that I have read in your journal. I scoff at imitrex....shots or pills. When we were stationed in Lemoore, CA, one neurologist attempted DHE-45 as an IV. It worked wonders. Ten years later, and now living in Georgia, I have finally found a family practice doctor that was willing to give me the shot in his office. I am not an emergency room candidate....I rebel at the thought of going every month to the ER for demerol....I have suffered through each month with an ice pack and some percocet (narcotic) to take the "edge" off. Do you reallize that percocet is one of the strongest pain meds available and will give relief to a person with a severe fracture?....but no complete relief for a migraine...amazing.

But I digress....

DHE-45 can be given at the onset of a migraine, in the shot per hour...recommended limit for me was 3. Several hours later, I was pain free or at least only had a hang-over feeling. But I lost at least 4 hours of my work day at the doctors office.

So I attempted DANAZOL which was recommended by Edward Lichten. I quote, " Of women over 40 years of age, 75% confirmed headache relief......success was more likely to help the older, more resistant migraine patient."

I have been n DANOCRINE (generic) for 5 months. The first several months, I experienced a 3- 5 day hangover feeling at the beginning of my period. Last month, I had a very short period and slight migraine, and it has been 45 days now and I have been migraine free.

I do have some side effects from this medication. My hands and feet are swollen and my recent blood test had some higher than normal results, which means abnormal liver and thyroid readings. I will be having a consult with my doctor this week to review this blood test.

I have some very good questions regarding DANAZOL.

1. How long can I safely be on these pills.

2. If Danazol has put me into early menopause, how will I know when I am truly in Menopause.....thereby able to stop taking this medication

3. How dangerous is this to my liver and thyroid.....If I am migraine free and living a normal life...will I get screwed in the end?

4. They have now come out with a nasal spray of DHE-45 which is now in my fridge. Do I stop taking the Danocrine and go back to an "as needed' basis? The last nasal spray that I used 6 years ago, made me so violently ill that my husband was afraid to leave me. I hesitate to put anything up my nose.

BUT, I also hate the thought of putting something artificial into my body, day in and day out. The swelling and weight gain is a nuisance, but I love being migraine free. I will be going to the doctor to study my last blood test and I will keep you posted on my difficult decision on whether to maintain the constant daily meds or go to the nasal spray. If I only knew what dangers lay ahead, I would definately stay with the danocrine. My quality of life is 200% better even though I can't fit into my jeans.

So for women over 40, this a VERY POSSIBLE solution for you.

Good luck and thank you Ronda for this journal.....and my love and prayers and hopes for a new medication for all those migraine sufferers that endure their pain day in and day out. I have come to realize that my migraine, though excruciating, is at least gone within 3 days and I have a reprieve until my next cycle.


Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing from other DHE-45 and Danocrine users.

For 9 years I have watched my daughter suffer from migrane headaches. A week did not go by that we did not either go to the hospital or Doctors for some kind of shot of medicine to try and relieve the pain. We tried every drug,accupunture,accupressure sleep studies, mouth piece, etc. We spent thousands of dollars just trying to find help for her. From a friend in Colorado he told us about a NET 1 device that has been in studies for 15 years and was waiting for F.D.A. approval. He gave me a # and I got in touch with the Dr. doing the studies and asked what we could do to get one of these devices. We went to Colorado approx. 2 months ago. My daughter has been on perscription drugs for som many years nasal stadol was the biggest one. When we got home I got rid of all medications . We had one bad night and talking to her M.D. I found out she was going thru perscription drug withdrawls and she used thedevice all thru that night without having to take anymore drugs. My daughter has not been to a Dr.,hospital,or taken any kind of medicine since we got the device. This truley is a miracle. The NET 1 device is the size of a hearing aid and you put it in your ear with a little press. from your finger on the device it works by increasing the brain's own biochemical agents such as analgesic opiods (beta-endorphin and enkephalins).

My daughter has began to jog everyday, she has signed up for college classes which we thought would never be able to happen. She had to quit HighSchool and get her GED because she could not function in the real world for so long. I have never seen her so happy. I have literature I copied of if anyone is interested I will be happy to send it. My E-mail address is

Dear Ronda

First, please be patient with my wrinting since I am french speaking.

I have hormone related migraines and they last about four days every month. The worst part is the nausea and not being able to keep some food in my stomach. I also am celiac, that is the allergy to gluten and it gets worst at that time. I am very thin and cant seem to get stronger since I lose about 10 pounds every time, I get very weak. I cant work anymore because I am getting worst every time. Every medication I tried gave me diarrhea because my intestines are very fragile because of the allergy. Please help me to find a solution to my problem. If someone knows about a good hormonal therapy please tel me.