Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Dear Ronda,

My husband found this journal for me recently. Being the loving, supporting person he is (and knowing me the way he does), he knew it would help me to know that there are others out there with the same problem. I've had migraines since I was a child. I think they may have been a side effect of my Rheumatic Fever. The first attack I remember, was in conjunction with that disease.

I had a brief period of respite during my years after puberty and pre-menopause. I only had one to two attacks a year. However, they came with a vengence when I had a partial hysterectomy in the mid 80's. That's when I had the privelege of being introduced to hemiplegic migraine. At first they thought I'd had a stroke; left sided weaknesses, vision loss, and trouble speaking. After every test in the book, and being called every name in the book, they decided it was just a new side of my migraine. I learned to live with that for about ten years. But now I have a new wrinkle. A couple of weeks ago I began having sharp, shooting pains in my head - - not unlike what I'd envision electric shocks to be. Needless to say, it scared me. So back to the clinic I went. As usual, doctors didn't know what to do with me. We're playing test games again!

I'm writing because it is comforting to see the same symptoms in other sufferers: naseau, dizziness, vomiting, weaknesses in one side of the body, vision problems, speech problems; all around scary stuff. At least I don't feel psychotic anymore. (Although I've had my share of doctors try to convince me that I was.)

The worst part isn't the pain. I've learned to live with that. It isn't even the naseau, although that's horrible. And it isn't the dragging around of my left side; loss of mobility; loss of vision, or loss of speech. It's the way people treat you, in general: like you are some kind of freak of nature or an attention seeker. That's all we migraine sufferers need on top of all the other scary stuff we have to live with. So, here I am letting you out there know that I understand and would welcome the chance to be supportive of other sufferers. Please feel free to contact me at That is my husband's email address but he will forward in on to me.


I am a 22 yrs. old girl with frequent migraine headaches since last about one month. I have tried different medications like Immitrex, Esgic plus. Excedrine etc. with some inconsistent results. I have been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse . I am looking for a natural, herbal or nutritional remedies for my problem. I would appreciate any advise or suggestions in this regards. I would also request you for a copy of the recent issue of Migraine Journal. Awaiting your prompt response. Thanks!

My address :  Ms.Grishma Mehta
                   42-15  81 Street, # 3L
                   Elmhurst, NY 11373

Ronda, you're doing a great job for us migraine sufferers. I'm a 42 year old female, senior nursing student (graduate in May, hooray), and I'm currently having cluster headaches. I have a long history of these, going back as far as 1980. They recur every 4-5 years, and usually in the fall. My last cluster was in 1993, and I wound up in the hospital for 8 days and had every test imaginable run. My headaches started on 9/9, and I'm having one every night. Because I'm in nursing school, I cannot take any type of medication that is going to knock me out or affect my ability to think, function, etc. My doctor gave me some Imitrex samples (50 mg), and what a lifesaver. They work great, bringing relief usually in 20 minutes, with no side effects. However, the samples soon ran out, and guess what? I have no insurance to pay the $13/pill price they have attached to the little darling pills. Another doctor had me take a Medrol dosepak, and they stopped the headaches for 4 days, but then returned. Now my doctor has me taking Cafergot and Inderal to prevent the attacks. He's concerned that because my headaches are occuring at night that there may be something causing intracranial pressure (i.e. tumor). I don't believe that for one minute because these headaches are exactly like the ones I've had before, and I know that eventually they will go away for another 4-5 years.

I guess my biggest frustration is that a cause and cure has not been found for these headaches. My second worst frustration is that no one except other sufferers has any idea of what I'm going through. People associate migraines with staying in bed for a day or so, and don't think that a headache that lasts less than 2 hours can be bad. Boy are they wrong! I actually feel like I'm going to die--like something in my head is about to rupture and I'll just fall over and die.

My worst fear is that these headaches will interfere with my responsibilities at school. Home is no problem, my husband is a sweetheart; but nursing students are not given any slack. I've worked three hard years already for my Bachelors Degree in nursing, and I'm not about to let these stupid headaches defeat me.

Ronda, if you have a chance, I'd love to hear from you. I've done lots of venting over the net, but so far I've not gotten any personal feedback, and I'd like to hear from someone.

Does anyone know of a migraine support group in Phoenix, AZ?


Hello all,

I was just given Paxil as a seratonin inhibitor and was wondering if anyone else out there has used it and if it was effective. I have tried a variety of remedies and am reluctantly trying this one. Any feedback would be helpful..I have also heard that St. John's Wort is a natural seratonin inhibitor and would appreciate any feedback from anyone who may have tried it. I hope that you all are having success in your battles to beat migraines. Thanks for all your past support, I always feel better after I hear from you. :)


Hi Ronda,

I've been looking through your pages since June this year when I began suffering the most excruciating headaches in my life.

To make a longer story short I was diagnosed as having Horton's (cluster) headaches and can look forward to having them for the rest of my life according to the neuroligist. (I am 37.) In addition to perscribing the sumatriptin injection she perscribed a drug called "Sandomigrin 0.5 mg tablets" made by Sandoz. I am supposed to take this as a preventitive when the cluster attacks occur and it will hopefully shorten the period (1 month currently) and intensity. Being the noseybody that I am I have tried to find out more about this drug but can not find any (!!!) information. Have you or any of the people who have contacted you know anything about this stuff? If so, what is it? How does it work?

Best regards,

---Karin Williams


I commend you for your efforts to help migraine sufferers! Please, spread the word, if you would; we are conducting a nursing research study on migraines, to participate, any one who suffers from migraines should send us an e mail at: Subject: migraines, leave the message body blank. This survey is short and CONFIDENTIAL, participants will not be contacted again. Thanks so much!!