Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Just found your site after having a pair of classic migraines over the weekend. I think it's great to have a place to write this stuff down.

I got my first aura my final year in college during a class in 1989. Taking notes, I realized I could not see the portion of the board where the professor was writing. Each eye was affected identically in the same places, not mirrored. Slowly, more and more of my vision grew into a blind spot. After about 20 minutes, the area began to "shake" or vibrate around (which I assume now was probably the blood coming back to wherever lost it) and I got a bit sick to my stomach. I rode my bicycle home and could hardly keep my eyes open because of the intensity of the sunshine. Then I slept for about 20 hours to the next morning.

All subsequent episodes have had almost the same symptoms with slightly less aftershock. My next one didn't occur until two years later at work. I was entering data on my computer by turning my neck looking at a hardcopy listing to my left. This time I mentioned it to other people. Most thought I was nuts. One woman had similar attacks. I had another one the very next day reading the paper. I assumed it was because I was twisting my neck and tried to avoid that.

I've had three since then. One before a sporting event while warming up (I performed very poorly in the game) two years ago, and the most recent two this weekend. The first right after I woke up which was weird, and the second while driving a car the next day. Luckily my wife could take over.

I've been reluctant to mention this to too many people after learning it was a "migraine" because of the reputation migraine sufferers had. Sadly, I had to have one before I though otherwise myself. My experiences are minor compared to some I've read, but thought I'd give them. Good luck to everyone, John K.


I am glad I found your page and I have some interesting self-treatment to share with classic migraine victims. I am male, 47, 6'2", 250lbs. I have had classic migraine attacks since college, sometimes as many as 3 per week, usually about 9-10AM. They start with blind spots for about 10 minutes, then shimmering shapes for maybe 20 minutes, a short pause, then a pounding headache for the rest of the day. The visual stuff is just a nuisance, but the headache is really bad. I have found that a big dose of table salt (a teaspoonful in a glass of warm water) taken when the blind spots start eliminates the headache. This works for me, I would like to hear from anyone else who tries this.


I have them daily I am now 45 years of age and after many years on prescription and non-prescription drugs sought he at the Jefferson Headache Center. My life is better, but cannot function at my job (legal secretary). I have to use IM of DHE45, 40 mg Prozac, 750 mg. Depokate and compazine supository as preventative. The DHE is only when all else fails. That is the problem between 1pm and 4pm at least once a week I need to DHE. I have to leave my job 1-/1 hrs away to go home to to the shot. My boss has complained that during that time my work slips. I cannot see, everythings is blurred. I am out on 2 week disability right now but asked them to put me in another dept (800 people work there) and 24hr. word processing spot where I can work maybe 7am - 12noon. They were not exactly thrilled and gave no answer. Just we don't have anything like that. I told them I need to switch hours because the migrane time of the day leaves me disabled.

Please help.

I got my first migraine when I was 9 years old, at Disney World of all places. I just turned 22 this month and they have gotten progressively worse. I get migraines at least 4 times a week and miss a lot of work because of it. Thank God I have an understanding boss! They start behind an eye, usually my right eye. It feels like an icepick is going into my eye and can last up to 16 days. I see a neurologist regularly and I take Nortryptoline (sp?) every night, Fioricet about twice a week and Imitrex pill form for the really bad ones (though, aren't they all bad?). Fioricet makes me very dizzy, my doctor doubled my dosage because they had stopped working. They have stopped working again. Imitrex does NOT work, it just makes me very nauseous but does nothing for the pain. I'm going to try the shot next. I honestly think I'm immune to pain killers. Over the years I have tried Vicodin, Percoset and Feverfew - none have worked. Migraines run in my family, both of my grandmothers get them, my father gets them, and my 12 year old sister started to get them real bad about two years ago. I can sympathize, I missed a ton of school too. I have a headache every single day, it's been that way for years, the migraines occur at least 4 times a week, but get more intense during my period. I've had to go to the emergency room recently and I will never do that again. I don't know what they gave me, but I couldn't stop shaking for 4 days, nor could I eat or sleep. I only went to the hospital that day because it was the worst migraine I had ever experienced and I was about to break my fingers so I'd have something else to think about. If anyone wants to write, I'd love to hear from you. Especially anyone around my age (21 or 22). People who have never had a migraine will NEVER understand. Thanks for the page, Ronda!

--- Danielle

Thank you for this web page. There must be strength in numbers. I only wish that the doctor who wrote on my husband's emergency room record that he has a "narcotics addiction" and never mentioned migraine would read these pages! He also suggested my husband must be a heavy smoker due to his gravelly voice (never smokes, has always had a gravelly voice and if its sore its from vomiting from a migraine!) and a heavy drinker (never touches alcohol and has given up his italian love for red wine with dinner!)

I could go on as I'm sure many of you could about your experiences with the doctors who have never had a migraine themselves and have entered a profession that they must only be in for the money. I think that if all doctors would just have one migraine day in their lives we would see a change in the way patients are treated.

After 15 years of migraine pain, we find that a good footrub is almost as effective as anything else. It can usually help my husband fall asleep.

Now, how about some advocacy for allowing migraine patients to have a "healthy addiction" to demerol? It is the only thing that really works to stop the pain, and I have seen my husband become his old self again after getting a shot that would knock out someone who would be "faking it"! He does not fit the profile of a drug abuser and doesn't want to involve himself with recreational drugs - he just wants to be PAIN FREE!!! Since our last bad experience (after many) at the hospital, he has not returned and has had continual migraine pain for approx. one year. He's a stubborn one and vows never to be humiliated by the medical profession again.



I am writing this to see if anyone has any information on Ocular or Visual Migranes. I've had migranes for years, but now the Doctors are telling me that I've got Visual Migranes. I used to have the visual aura before the headache, now all I've got is areas of blurred vision that do not go away and have no accompaning headache. The advice of the Opthomalogst is to just live with it ... I'll get used to it. I think the headache would be better since sooner or later it will go away. If you have heard of these types of headaches or even know what they are, would you let me know where I can find more information on them. I'm not willing to "just live with it". The Doctor says that the blurred vision was caused by the migrane storm that I had in July and that though, it may get some better, it will not go away. My question now is will it get bigger with the next migrane, or will I just eventually go blind from the migranes? Thought I'd look here for some info since the Dr's don't seem to have anything else they can tell me. Wonder if they are making it up as they go? Thanx!

I have had about one migraine annually since I was in college, until this year. I am now 47, and beginning in May of this year (1997) I began to have severe migraines as many as three times a week! I have suspected estrogen depletion or fluctuations as the culprit; however, after seeing a neurologist, I began taking 30 milligrams of the tricyclic antidepressant nortriptyline (Pamelor), and it has been a miracle drug for me. I tried Midrin with some success at treating the headaches as they occured, but the headaches became so frequent I couldn't safely take Midrin as many times as I would have had to. But taking Pamelor has allowed me to work without interrupted sick days, and I can resume my normal relationships with my family! I still have the migraine aura every so often, but the headache that follows is so mild that ibuprofin take care of it quite well! The dry mouth, constipation, and slightly blurred vision have not been terrible side effects for me, and I haven't gain the weight I had expected to taking this medication. I hope others can benefit by this medication as miraculously as I have!