Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I wrote the other day and I forgot to ask..... does anyone feel better after they vomit? Why after all that wretching and movement does it seem to almost go away, it's not fair....or am I the only one who experiences this? Let me know.

---Karla Lanch <>
Santa Clara, CA USA -

I have suffered from atypical migraines for the past 10 years. I had the headaches on a daily basis and did the Soma/Fiorinal thing for two years. I really never believed that these headaches were actually Migraines and got confirmationn of my beliefs six years ago. For all of you out there who suffer the way I do ask your MD about occipital neuralgia. I finally diagnosed myself when working for an orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta. He set me up with an anesthesiologist who gave me an occipital nerve block. The headaches immediately went away and stayed away for three years. They did come back and I have since received two more injections with great success every time. I'm sure that this will not help those of you who actually suffer from migraines but many of us, I'm sure, are misdiagnosed. My headaches stem from a C6-7 disk protrusion which causes the occipital nerve irritation. This mimmicks migraines and migraine equivalents and is every bit as painful. The headaches start at the base of the skull, travel up the back of the head and around to the forehead. They also cause photophobia (light sensitivity). Anyway, it's worth a shot!!!!! Good Luck.

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This page is such a lifesaver. I was recently questioned by my OB about overusing my prescription fioricet (I use about 1 pill a day) and felt appalled. When I began reading these journals I realized it was an all too common problem. Since my husband is in the military, we move alot and everytime we move we have to re-establish ourselves with a new set of doctors. When I lived in Hawaii I had no problem with my prescribing doctor. He didn't seem to think I had any problems with my meds. I was on prozac, also for severe depression, compazine, fioricet and inderal. We moved about seven months ago to Florida and I became pregnant. Of course the prescribing doctor, who was a psychiatrist, took me off all meds. Then I started seeing an OB off base ( they don't have OB's on base here) and went 4 months in severe pain without any medication. Finally I told him the migraines were unbearable. (We had first thought it was simply morning sickness). He said no problem, and gave me a script for Darvocet. Didn't work at all. Four days later he put me back on Fioricet. Now he seems to be having second thoughts. Too me, one pill a day is nothing. I usually took three a day. He doesn't say it's dangerous to the fetus, he just doesn't believe I get headaches that often. I am so fearful that he won't do any research and just cut me off. Reading these other articles gave me some strength knowing that this pain is real and not just imagined by me.
Jennifer Jordan <>
Melbourne, FL USA -

This page is such a lifesaver. I was recently questioned by my OB about overusing my prescription fioricet (I use about 1 pill a day) and felt appalled. When I began reading these journals I realized it was an all too common problem.
Jennifer Jordan <>
Melbourne, FL USA -

I used to experience a couple of migraines a year. Then last year I quit smoking cigarettes using the

---P Olcott <ShushMolly @>

Thank God for this site...I have suffered with Migraine since 1984. I found a Dr. in Califonia who was not afraid to give me Nubain and Phenergan to inject my self at home..then we moved to kansas. I found a Dr. after a while who did the same but has now quit and has branded me a hopless opiate adcict. He won't even give me a pill of any sort except Imitrex which does not work, and I have been told by three different Dr.'s that because of strong family history of heart disease, I should not take the med. So I threw away the box and Rx he gave me, and am trying to go it on my own with ice packs, masive doses of Ibuprophen and the hope that my daughter does not want me to baby sit when I have a headache. Does anyone out there live in the Southeast part of kansas that has this dibilitating problem that is getting relief by a Doctor???? I hope so, I am not even allowed to go to the ER anymore. They have been told that they cannot treat me with anything but a placebo or Compazine...Is this a breach of Dr., pt confidentiality since he has apparently discussed my case and the fact that I am "addicted" with the entire staff of the ER, who then tell everyone else in the hospital, who then take the nformation home and tell family ? I have friends that have said they heard I had a serious drug problem and even one that said she did not think that it was a good idea for me to watch my own grand son. I think it is a breach, but I made my dr. mad when I asked that and now he thinks that I'm going to sue him. I don't have the money to fight a case like that. This man has had marrital problems recently, and I have heard that his other chronic pain patients are suffering the same way because he is treating them the same way, I need some information in the worst way. So if there is anyone out there getting relief in my part of the world, give me a jingle on the e-mail. Thanks e-mail

---Linda Long <>
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I am a 37 year old woman.I have had migraines ever since I can remember. I was erroneously treated for sinus headaches until I was about 28. (Afrin nasal spray, humidifier, rhinoplasy to fix a deviated septum) When Ii finally sought the help of neurologist, I tried Naproxyn sodium, Elavil and Inderal as preventative drugs with limited success. Going off the 'pill" did wonders (and that is when I could finally try the inderal) yet I still had bouts of severe headache. When Imitrex finally hit the market it was prescribed to me by my ob/gyn. He didn't prescribe the strength I needed but my GP did and I thought I had found the cure! Unfortunately, I don't get an aura and don't necessarily know when a headache will become a migraine. So I must wait until I am absolutely sure before I can use the Imitrex. I have found Imitrex used with Butalbital to help but I can't perform my daily activities. I have paid attention to possible food triggers and can't say I have found any. The usual ones, chocolate, caffeine etc do not cause headaches with any regularity. Emotional upsetment, drastic weather changes and monthly hormonal fluctuations seem to be my monsters. My headaches usually occur on the right side of my head, my right nostril, cheekbones, forehead and top of my head throb. My paternal grandmother, father, neice and my son all have migraines. The males do not have them with the frequency of the females.

---Leslie K Hysell <>
Webster, NY USA -