Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have been reading through these messages in amazment. I remember my first migrain all to well. I was driving home from Santa Cruz and my vision became dark like I was in a tunnel. It was not until the next day that I got what was the worst headache of my life. It lasted for about 3 weeks on and off. The doctors just kept giving me different medications but none of them seemed to work. Finally the headache went away, but this was just the beginning of my migrains. I went to several different doctors before going to a neurologist who ordered a MRI which atleast rested my mind and reassured me that my headaches were infact migrains and not a brain tumor... I loose my vision, feel like throwing up, feel numbness, fatigue, am totally unable to consintrate, have difficulties with my speach and have severe pain. The only thing that has worked for me is Demerol so when they get unbarable, I go to the ER and they give me a shot of either Demerol or Morphine. I have found one doctor who subscribes me with Demerol pills so I do not have to go to the ER to get relief everytime. I will not take the Imetrex because of the side affects although my mother takes it and swares it works, I am not willing to take the risk at this point. My last job was very stressful and I suffered atleast 3 migrains a week due to what I feel now was the stress of the position. My boss eventually fired me because she felt that I was lying about me migrains and one morning when I went to the ER for a shot of Demerol, she decided I had lied one to many times. She fought my unemployment because she said I had displayed misconduct by not coming to work due to my alleged migrains, we went through the appeals process only for her to admit to the judge that she felt I was a liar, medical records where presented and I won the case. It just goes to show how un-aware people who do not suffer from these headaches really are. Good luck to all of you!

---Khristi <>
San Jose, CA USA -

I've been a migraine sufferer since I was 15, and I am now 37 and nothing has changed. I get the aura, the sparkling lights and disturbed vision, as the first indicator. Then the side of my face and head goes red and hot and prickly, as if all the capillaries were dilated to maximum. Shortly after that comes the pain, like a spear thru the head, sometimes so bad that it is necessary to pack my head in ice and lay in a cool dark room for a couple of days. I've tried Imitrex, no help, and DHE45 IM, which truly frightened me with its side effects. Ergotomines are no use to me. The only thing that removes the pain is a narcotic, like a Demerol shot in severe cases and a couple of Lortabs in milder cases. And like many here, I've experienced the unpleasant inquisitiveness and reluctance of doctors who suspect me of drug seeking, unpleasant because it is so close to calling me a liar. In Ohio a clinic I went to for emergencies stopped accepting me. I have a GP now who keeps me in pills, not enough by far but better than nothing. I read that a migraine is a process of constricting and dilating the capillaries which supply blood to the optic nerves. I realize also that medicine knows no reason for this to occur. I know that people scam narcotics and use great skill and sophistry to achieve their goal, and that doctors hate to be taken advantage of. This situation creates an unavoidable adversarial relationship where empathy is what SHOULD take place. We who suffer migraines are victims of those who chase drugs with fake headaches. I've had MRI and catscan and all the tests, and nothing appears... but the headaches, consistent for 22 years. If there were a research facility for this, I would fund it with a second job. But it seems like nobody is making any great strides in solving this problem. God bless all you sufferers of migraines, plenty of us are empathetic as we can be... life like this is NOT any fun... sometimes I'd rather see a truck about to run over me than see that aura of flashing lights start up. Life goes on... and I will hold out hope of a cure some day soon.

---David Perkins <>
Houston, TX USA -

Another migraine, another 2 days lost. My name is Bob and I've been getting migaines since I was 28 years old. I am now 35. I average about 1 M per week and use the imitrex injection when it gets real bad. I believe I've been prone to migraines since childhood and remember a period around l0 years of age when my mom took me to the doctor because of bad headaches. I have never felt "good" my whole life and in my early 20's was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. ADD is characterize by a short attention span with an inability to concentrate. The diagnosis fit me like a glove. I was put on stimulants without much success and continued to struggle with my ADD condition - some of the drugs did cause headaches but not on an extended basis. Other symptoms I noticed, which the doctor's had no answers for(as usual), as I made my way through my 20's included; floaters in my eyes, ringing in my ears, and an extreme sensitivity to light. Although I felt very unhealthy during this period of my life, I rarely got migraines, maybe once every 8 months or so. Around 28 I met my wife. She drank coffee and soon I picked up the habit. I found the coffee, which is a stimulant, made me feel great for about a 3 hour period. After the coffe I felt "normal" and my attention span was greatly increased. This is exactly the time when I developed migraines. Anyway, to cut to the chase. It has gotten way bad these days. At least once a week with the migraine lasting 3 days at a shot. I'm also starting to get pain in my joints with inflamation. Like I said I take the imitrex when it gets unbearable but I have discovered the imitrex caused pain in my chest for about 3 days after the injection. The doctor did tests and said my heart was fine but I am worried about the long term effects of this med(the med dicks around with serotonin levels just like fen-phen, kinda makes me think it is no good for the heart valves). Therefor, I need my life back, pain free and will be taking measures to do so. I will be cutting back my coffe intake to one cup of weak half caf/half reg per day. I will also swear off all the other migraine triggers I have discovered along the way: 1) Chocolate 2) ice cream 3) citrus products(tomatoes & banannas) 4) cheese(especially pizza) 5) Wheat products(cookies & crackers) 6) msg. 7) narcotic drugs 8) soda 9) sugar 10) ALCOHOL(especially beer, wine, actually especially all of it!!) Well, this is my case history. I will be taking back my life and settle for less short-term pleasure in exchange for long term health (even it it means stronger ADD symptoms). I hope my story gives a glimmer of insight to other migraine suffers. The key to victory is taking charge. To varying degrees we are masters of our own fate. There are decent people out there who can help us along the way but ultimately when the rubber hits the road, the car can only be driven by one person. Migraine is a complex syndrome but there are answers out there we just hasve to keep searching for the right keys.


Hi it's Janet again and I justgot through reading many comments and questions about migranes. I tried to send personal messages to 3 of you people out there but I couldn't get message to go through and I think it is because I did not put in a URL but I am not exactly sure what I am supposed to put so I will check on it tomorrow. I feel the most important thing I have learned recently is that I have given up! Now that sounds really weird so I will explain. I no longer think well this is going to work or that is going to work and this time this will be the magic cure. At this point and time there just plain is no cure so learning to live with that I find I am stronger. I am not saying that I have given up hope I am only saying that for me right here and now I must make the best of it. As far as medication gos for me I have tried it all and some of it works for a while but sooner or later it just does not work anymore so I use my deep heat and my heating pad alot. I dont have much of a life and have trouble staying in relationships cause they get tired of my being sick all the time. My x boyfriend told me I was just lazy cause I didn't want to work and I was fakeing it. Just yesterday my neihbor told me she was tired of supporting us people on disability so we could sit around and play on our computors. I was telling her about what a cool web site I had found all about migranes. I informed her that I worked all my life and I made darn god money(more than she ever did or will) and i put into social security for all those years. Yes I was upset but thats ok its just one more person that does not understand and I am learning to live with it and that IS HALF THE BATTLE!
Janet <>
Cottonwood, Az. USA -

A short comment about Imitrex. I happen to go to the doctor who created the stuff. I take 100 mg when I get a headache. He said that I could repeat that after an hour. This is a higher dose than is in the documentation, which was written early on in the release of the drug. If you are not getting satisfactory relief from your Imitrex prescription, you may just have to take more. Consult with your doctor on this. I too, would like to find a preventative for my nearly daily headaches. Mine are not as severe as some peoples, but still put a major dent in my life. Best wishes to all. Sue

---Susan LaCroix <>
Northfield, Mn USA -

I agree!!! does anyone know of a internet chat line for migraners and their families? There seem to be chat room for everyone else.....what about us...wouldn't it be great to be able to log on and chat to each other. It would really help on the "down" days. Cheers Marilyn

---Marilyn <>

I agree!!! does anyone know of a internet chat line for migraners and their families? There seem to be chat room for everyone else.....what about us...wouldn't it be great to be able to log on and chat to each other. It would really help on the "down" days. Cheers Marilyn

---Marilyn <>