Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Port Aransas, TX USA -

Feb.20 midnight---I'm sitting here with yet another headache,or is it the same one i've had just about all my life? I can't tell anymore.As you can see I am amongst you with head in hands.I've had headaches and migraines since I was 9--i'm 38 now.If you're like me you've probably had enough of it.Imitrex seems to be my almost daily way of life anymore, I eat it like candy.I guess I could either say thanks to the Drs. for keeping me up on my supply or maybe it's just their way of getting me quickly out of their office and hair.Like Terry Bosworth of MD. I too work in a school,in special ed as i have done for 3 years.At this point as much as I love those kids and how much i'd miss them-I may have to leave.There is so much stress from an outside source working on me that my headaches and migraines went from 3-4 daily and 2-3 migraines in Nov. to DAILY headaches(wake up- go to bed), and 3-4 migraines a week.This really bites.If you've heard of the group "Jars of Clay", their song "Flood" is how I feel anymore.My migraine starts to come on,then my left arm and leg start aching/huting really bad- sometimes to the point to where I can hardly walk. It seems to travel around my extremities, but mostly stays on the left side.Sleep is a joke too with an average of 2-3 hrs. a night-i'm so exhausted i am starting to forget peoples names.Does anyone else note the following things with their headaches?Always on one side but really intolerable on the other?Speech and co-ordination problems?Is your personality changing because of the chronic pain?Let me know how you're doing.Also to Terry, I find that I have to turn off most of the lights in the classroom because I cannot tolerate the 3 lights in each fixture.One is all I can handle,none would be even better.Stores are getting brighter too, so half the time I have to wear sunglasses to shop.I wish they would realize not everyone really likes it so bright and perky.Guess I'm a little grouchy.To those of you who have mentioned the new Excedrin Migraine meds;I checked the labels on that and their extra strength---same stuff--same ingredients--same everything(except bigger price-at least here). I guess they thoght we wouldn't notice.Both may not be in your area tho, so try either.It may if nothing else take the edge off your head.I'll try not to ramble on too much more,but I just wanted to let you know that i've also been thru the gamut--cat-scan,bio-feedback,p/t,chiro,tons of drugs(trazadone 200mgs-3 years didn't help),this last set of drugs-Prozac and Amytriptaline together gave me MORE headaches.I researched tham and found out that the Amyt. will CAUSE headaches.Why do these idiot Drs. give you something thatwill give you headaches when you're trying to get rid if them???? Or...they keep up-ing the dose till you are a zombie?My Grandma had mirgraines till she had menopause,I pray i don't have to wait another 10-12 years( I keep telling everyone I will probably die from a migraine.Now my almost 14 year old dauhter is having daily headaches (she's had them for about 1 1/2 yrs. now).Dr. said he'd try her on this ond med. and if that didn't work he'd either do a cat scan or spinal tap.Well gee doc...why don't we just scare the living hell out of a 14 year !!!Well,I've drone on long enough;sorry if this is long, I just needed to vent. Not that my super husband of 17 yrs. hasn't been there to support me because I am amazed he hasn't gotten sick of living with me like this.I also have the support of my 3 kids-thank God for my angels!Well,it is 1 a.m. and I am getting worse at the this typing so i'm out of here.

---kristine <>
spokane, wa USA -

While tryng to find some research for my father, I stumbled upon this site. I am so thakful I did!!! My father (age 70) suffers from Cluster Headaches and we are currently at our wits end trying to control this latest cycle. He had been headache free for approximately 7 years and on December 27,1997, he started having headaches again. He has only been pain free for 2 days since the onset, and is having anywhere from 2 to 7 headaches daily lasting a maximum of four hours. It is so difficult for our family to watch him in agonizing pain and know there is nothing we can do to help. He is seeing a neurologist,who up until this point has used very conservative treatment. He is taking Bellergal daily along with a Calcium channel blocker, 2000mg of Depakote and just recently added 60 mg of Prednisone daily.Dad had some other health problems that limit the use of certain medications, making it even more difficlut. NO PAIN MEDICATION has been prescribed. His neorologist said that this type of headache does not respond to analgesics or narcotics. He has recently talked of suicide rather than endure this pain. My sister and I , both being nurses, have had an especially dificult time dealing with this, and finally confronted his Dr. demanding a second opinion. We are taking him to the Jefferson Headache Clinic in Philadelphia on Tuesday and pray we can get some help. My brother is just starting to suffer from Cluster headaches and my daughter and I both suffer from migraines. (Isn't heredity a wonderful thing). To all you headache sufferers out there, I'm with you and feel you're pain. For any of you with a stong faith, I ask for your prayers for my dad, and I'll certainly keep all of you in mine. MY PRAYER IS THAT WE ALL BECOME HEADACHE FREE PERMANENTLY VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please feel free to write, I'd love to hear from you.

---Lark Milisits <>
Northampton, PA USA -

I am 19 years old and have been suffering from migraines for about 5 years. Nothing has worked. And I mean nothing. I'm getting tired of going to the ER every month just for them to give me a shot of morphine or demoral...depending on the doctor on call that day. About two weeks ago, six people came up to me and told me to go see the dentist to see if my jaw is out of alignment since I have been in a few wrecks. The dentist gave me a splint for my bottom set of teeth to keep me from grinding them at night...if I even do. It has been two days and so far no headache. I just hope this is the closure I have been looking for. Please write to

---Carrie Timmons <>
Levelland, TX USA -

Hi Everyone. Hopefully you are all feeling well. I began to brouse the net to find out if there was any new info on this "disease", sorry but I have to put it that way. I am 25 years old, I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Great cause for a migraine; surprise... not really. They just happen. Whether its because I spelled something, ex. garlic, perfume, or the direct sunlight, the mere thought of something, presure, anything will trigger it. I've had headaches since I was a teen. I also ended up with "seizure disorders", totally unknown what would cause my spells. Then before you know it, I was finally given IMITREX, which I might as well take tylenol, it doesn't help me. I can't understand it. I can wake up with a headache then go back to sleep with the same headache, and wake up two days laters with the same one, yes it will last me up to three days at a time. I avoid crying since I am afraid it will make it worse. You know that tingling feeling you have in your feet when it goes numb and it is finally being relieved, that is how I feel, a major itch inside my head as if there were ants in there. I am sorry , I hope I am not disturbing anyone. I just need to know if that is how you feel. I know I am not the only one suffering from this, but when there is no one at my side to keep me company I feel if it were going to be my last night alive, and I pray to God to Bless my girls from this terrible thing. MIDRIN/DURADRIN were prescribed to me, they did nothing but give me dizzy spells. My neighbor just told me that EXCEDRIN came out with a new medication specially for MIGRAINES, it has caffeine. Does this help? I'd hate to get on something I cannot get off of later. I try my best to stay calm, and not try to think, but I could feel a pin drop on my carpet and get upset again. Unfortunatley, I have no words of wisdem for anyone else, I cannot even begin for myself. I will keep on praying for everyone. God Bless. Cristina --Crisy173@aol

---Cristina <Crisy173@aol>
Miami Beach, Fl USA -

My migraines have become more frequent and my husband and children more frustrated that I am not enjoying life with them that I finally decided I needed to see a doctor. But then I found this website and read every single journal entry. I see a pattern among sufferers - one medication after another and each one does not work after a while. I am afraid of this! I am a 38 year old first grade teacher suffering 2-3 times a week. My triggers are weather and stress and, possibly food. I am in a brand-new school building so I doubt if environmental factors are a problem. I have sought out as much info as I can find and would like to hear from users of the herb "feverfew." How much do you take? Does it really help? Where can I find out more about it? Please e-mail me at My family, my fellow suffering teachers, and I thank you so much!

---Terry Bosworth <>
Annapolis, MD USA -

I'm 51 years old, and have been suffering with migraines since my late 20s. I've used beta blockers, calcium channel blockers for some relief, but not long-term; I'm now on Depakote, but it, too, is beginning to lose its effectiveness. I have unlimited access to Imitrex. If I use the injectable very early on in my migraine, it can wipe it out. Often, however, the headache will return within 8-12 hours, often worse than before. If I continue to use Imitrex, I get rebound migraines that are horrible. Usually, if the first shot doesn't get it, I just try to tough it out. In some cases, I yield after 3-4 days and head to the ER. My last two visits to the ER (about six months apart) have resulted in doctors starting out with demerol, going to toradol and then finally using dilaudid to wipe it out. It concerns me now that I now having to use the most powerful (legal) painkiller available (usually reserved for cancer patients) to subdue my worst migraines. I've never had DHE administered, and wondering if someone could tell me what the side effects are and how effective it is. Thanks.

---Bob Lowry <>
Auburn, AL USA -

My daughter (age 19) is experiencing what I believe are migraine's. She has the classic symptoms with auras and when in the throws of a migraine one of her eyes are slightly more dialated than the other. She also has been getting nose bleeds lately with her headaches and I can't find anywhere where this is a migraine symptom. I have finally succeeded in persueding her to go to the doctor next week. But, I was wondering if anyone has experienced nose bleeds with migraines? Please let me know. This concerns me greatly.

---Valerie <>
Redwood City, CA USA -

I am 51 years old, and just like my deceased father, have had migraines since I was in my early 20's. My father didn't know what kind of headaches he had, and assumed they were "sinus" related problems, due to the location around the eye and the pounding of the headache. I treated them with sinus meds for years, purchased over the counter (sinutab, etc) but it never really helped... just made me goofy on antihistamines. I was finally diagnosed with migraine headaches about 15 yrs ago, and the doc had me try ergotamine tabs and put me on a beta blocker called inderal. The ergotamine tabs did work, but they gave me strange side effects, and the fact that I had the headaches very frequently made that medicine too dangerous to take. The beta blockers had worse side effects than the headaches (depression and impotence), and I stopped taking them too. I get these danged things about 2 - 3 times per week now. I started taking imitrex for the attacks when it was only available in the US as an injectable, and it was a gift from god as far as I was concerned. I've been on that type of treatment regimen (now using tablets, since the insurance companies seem very reluctant to pay for the injectables) for several years. I am quite worried now after learning of the increased risk for stroke for us migrainers, and am also worried that I'm having some sort of long term brain damage from the headaches and meds to get rid of them. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who would like to share some about their feelings regarding this horrible problem. It is very depressing for me, and I sometimes think about how I'd rather shoot myself than have to go through the pain (I don't really think I'm suicidal, but the thought does cross my mind). It does seem a little hopeless though. The insurance company just cut back again on how often they'll allow me to have the tablets, so I have to ration out the pills as much as I can stand it, so as to have them on had when a really big one hits. My headaches are so devastating that I can't stand any light, and if I move my head or cough it feels like my head is going to explode.

---John Theede <>
San Francisco, CA USA -