Journal of Migraine Sufferers

CORRECTIN: meant note below Thanks,Janet

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Hi,FYI on note above I emailed this person back to help and I said yes to his/her question on heart and would write later as I had been so busy on this Oprha thing but then reply letters kept saying don't understant locked in flours and I asked what that meant and kept saying locked in flours and so I said go play somewhere else and how serious migraines were and it was not funny! Sorry to bother youall and if this person has anything else to say they can email me direct and actualy as far as the statement Don't take any advice from Janet I never gave him/her any as I never got the chance!

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ALERT: To everyone who is takeing nat. drugs such as feverfew etc. be careful and get a book on side effects as I was reading one and I was takeing St.Johns wort and noticed what it really is an antidepressant like Docs give for migraines and then I knew why I was hyper cause antidepressants make me hyper so if you are already on an antisepressant you are takeing to much St. Johns wort and also it said if you stop takeing it and stop abrubtly there could be problems. I read Roxys note and the mg. dosage sounded like an awful lot!Don't get me wrong take this stuff if it works but just be aware! janet

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I read a case history by Teri (e-mail on page 3/9 of this list which tells it all. I followed her instructions and definitely had success. I now take GNC brand feverfew, 1000mg in the a.m. and 1000mg in the p.m. I had been having a migraine every 7-10 days for 6-7 years...tried all the preventative stuff - inderal, amitriptline, noritriptline, biofeedback, physical therapy, massage therapy, complete abstenance of all possible trigger foods for 2 months, etc. etc. etc. I had tried feverfew before - but the key is the doseage. gotta try it! Roxy

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HI!!! I´m writing from Argentina.. and my english is not good enough to tell about my Headaches.. but I have been suffering of Cluster Headaches since I was 10 y.o, Now I am 30 y.o, and each cluster come once or twice a year for a period at least of 3 months..with daily attacks to 3 or even 4 attacks.. I've been testing EVERY DRUG on the market..Sumatriptan worked for me fine.. but I found Nalbufine.. a Morfine derivated works too.. He sufrido de ataques desde los 10 aņos aprox, siendo la frecuencia de los mismos de uno al aņo y hasta 2 al aņo.. cada ataque dura aproximadamente 3 meses.. con crisis que varian desde una por dia hasta 4.. He probado todas las drogas que hay en el mercado, siendo el Sumatriptan IV el unico capaz de abortar una crisis.. debido a las contraindicaciones del mismo en cuanto a la dosis maxima diaria, recurri de casualidad a la Nalbufina ( nombre comercial es Nubaina(R) ), habiend encontrado que esta misma, aborta las crisis.. o las hace absolutamente tolerables.. espero mi experiencia les sirva

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Has anyone had heart "races" or Adreline rushes before a migraine?

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I have been suffering from migraines off and on for most of my life. I realize that I was having them when I was in my teens (I'm currently 42) and just thought they were bad headaches. They got really bad about a year after a car accident at the age of 16. By the time I was 19 I was having them often. I was referred to a Chiropractor by a friend who was going to go to school to become one. At first it really didn't help. Then after a few months I started to get some relief. Then when I was around 23 I started having them very intensly again. I went to a neuro and he took me off my birth control pills. In about 30 days I was pain free. From that time til I was 32 I did not have any, then I had one, maybe two. Then I had none til I was about 36-37. During this whole time I took nothing for them. Just went to bed. I, like so many others have alot of the same symtoms. When I started having them in my 20's, I would just lose my sight. Then about a 1/2 hour to hour after I would lose my sight, the pain would come. I have thrown up, but not every time. I see flashing lights, after my vision comes back, it's ususally blurry, my jaw, neck and back of head usually feel like they have pins and needles in them and my neck gets very tight and tense. I started taking Imitrex last year, which helps alot. I also take some form of pain killer, i.e. ibuprofen or Naproxen. I also see a Chiropractor when I get one to help relieve the tension in the back of my neck and to set my neck right just in case it's out of alignment. This seems to work well for me. (But if you have tried Chiropractic and have not found someone who will work with you, then keep looking, they are out there). My migraines have progressively gotten worse over the last couple of years. I believe mine are related to stress, smells and light. I can't really say I've related them to food, but it could be a possiblity. I have also read they can be weather related, low magnesium related, hormone related, food related, etc. If anyone would like to contact me, please do. I feel for those of you who are suffering more than me. PS. I have heard they are also TMJ related and I do wear a night splint made by my dentist for a maloclusion which helps tremendously. But I don't believe mine are related to my jaw, only in the fact that when my jaw is stressed it makes my neck stressed which cause it to tense up. Which in a way could be the cause since I believe my does come from stress and starts in my neck.

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