Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I started getting migranes about seven years ago. My migranes seem to increase with my stress levels. Lately, I get them at least twice a week. It is difficult to deal with them, specially when you have a family who has never experienced one in their lives. They cannot understand that it is not like a normal headaches. Those headaches are a piece of cake compared to the nausea, the pounding, and blinding of a migrane. When I come home with a headache I lock myself in my room, close the shutters, turn of the lights, and place several pillows over my ears to try to eliminate all of the noise. After several years doing the same routine, my family has finally learned to differentiate between a migrane attack and bad mood. It is annoying when someone tells me to take some aspirin as if I have not tried every other pill to get rid of these headaches. I tried Imitrex but that did not relieve the pounding. Of all of the symptoms I think that is the worst. Thanks for allowing a little venting. Only those of us who get migranes really understand.

---Liz Ochoa <>
Santa Ana, CA USA -

I am delighted to find this journal and glad to share my history. I am 41 years old and I have been suffering from migraines since I was a child, though not severely for several years, until recentlys a kid, I (as well as my sister and my mother) got classic migraine: blind spots, flashes of light, wavy lines, slurred speech and disorientation followed by pain over one eye, nausea vomiting and hours of ony which I would sleep off, then have a "migraine haover" for a day or two. I had these headaches three or four times a year throughout chilldhood. Then, in my 30s, they went away almost completely -- sometimes I'd go a year or two without one. Never would I have one more often then every six months. About a year agostarted getting them more often, perhaps every two months or so, but not as severe as in the past. Recently, however, they have suddenly increased in occurrence to almost weekly. And when I don't have a headache, I have mild vision disturbance -- almost like I'm seeing double, a vague sense "something is wrong" and I'm going to get a headache. Usually, no headache flows, but lately they have been. It is terrifying. My doctor prescribed Imitrex and I've tried it a couple of times. It seemed to help with the "aura" and the photophobia, but did not do a lot for the pain. I am especially depressed about this because I am just starting a new career as a school teacher and I don't see how I could possibly do that if I'm going to be knocked our of commission once or twice a week. I'm not without will power -- I could work with a headache, but the migraines seem impossiblbecause working seems to make them worse. Can I take something that will allow me to work through the pain??? Another comlication for me is that I'm a recovering alcoholic and really don't want to take any narcotics or antidepressants. I sure am glad to find this place to talk about my fears. Thanks.

---Charles Kruger <>
Venice, CA USA -

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---Joan P.

Has anyone ever successfully got off of a medication that was causing you REBOUND headaches? I am taking Cafergot suppositories for my migraines, and have to get off of them because they are giving me rebound headaches. What drug were you on, what drug replaced your old medicine, and what preventive medicine are you taking? Did they hospitalize you during your withdrawal from the old drug? Did you use any pain meds during the withdrawal? How long did it take? Could you function and go to work? I would appreciate any information on this subject. Thank-you all in advance! Beverly T

---Beverly T <>
Dedham, MA USA -

About 7 years ago I had my first migraine. I didn't know what was affecting my vision so I went to the doctor who said I had a "Classic" optical migraine. About 3 years ago I started having them regularly. Lately, until about a month ago, I was having them every 7 days. I kept detailed records. Then I read your message about Tannin. Can It be as simple as the hot tea I started drinking when the doctor told me coffee was causing my stomach problems? So I cut back from 3 cups to one or less a day. I am pleased to report that I have been without a migraine for over 4 weeks now. It all makes sense, I had discovered in the past that heavy tea drinking in the summer months had been causing my arms to "go to sleep" when they were imoble for a period of time. Some one told me that since my arms were not cold it was not circulation being cut off so it must have been the nerves getting inflamed. When I started drinking tea instead of coffee it started again but I found that it only occurred when I drank Lipton tea. I thought I had solved the problem, but ,alas, another problem (migraines) had replaced it. I only have the optical disturbances and no headache pain, so I don't mind experimenting with teas. After another month I am going to evaluate wheter the reduced tea consumption has made a difference. If so, I will start drinking again to see if the migraines come back. I'll let you know.

---David Bartlett <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -

I am happy to see that I'm not the only person in the world that has as many migraines as I do. If only someone could come up with something that could help us all!!! Thanks for sharing these experiences. Please feel free to e-amil me for support, or just to correspond. Lana

---Lana <LMorr3854>
Novi, MI USA -

I am 16 years old, and have been suffering migraines on and off since I was 11. Often, I'll go to bed with a ripsnorting headache, and wake up feeling even worse 2-3 hours later. Then I can't get back to sleep until I've thrown up and/or taken something...strange, eh? Is there any other "night" sufferers out there? I'm particularly looking to contact young people up to 18 y.o. My E-Mail address is Thanks a lot.

---Kiera Hart <>
Brisbane, QQ Australia -

I have been sufferung for almost 16 years, I am 46 yrs old .I have taken and done almost everything everyone talks about. The only thing that works for me noe is Imetrex injections not the pills they do not work. But the injections only give me relief for 4-8hrs depending on the severity of the migraine. I get no warning but when I get one it lasts for 72 hrs. Until recently I onky got them on the weekends usually 2-3am on friday and last thru monday early afternoon. I stopped taking the maintenance drugs inderal, verapmal etc since they usually come before or after my period. Still got the headaches so why take the meds for nothning. Hormonal changes I don't know. Alcohol (white wine) sometimes I think is a trigger. Thr pain is on the right side always my eye, side of my head and neck hurts. Cold does not help I like heat. Also smells, noise and light make it worse especially SMELLS. I am going to a headache specialist in NYC . My mom suffers fromCluster headaches and she went to a Dr. Soloman in NYC who wrote a book and is now retired bur she was put on Verapamil and her headache went away the dosage has had tio be increased by it works for her. Anyone with similar headaches please write the 72 hours is a killer. Thanks

---lynn <>
Newburgh, NY USA -