Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hillary, Do to the fact that some or maybe just one don't think we should go public on OPRHA why I don't but don't feel I should give info. on this web site . If you have a friend that has email address maybe you could use there compuor if so email me and I will send info!!! sighning up for email is easiy you can do overphone and its fun!!!!Janet

---Janet <>
Cottonwood, Az. USA -

I usually have migraines 2-5 days every week. My former neurologist (I just moved to Atlanta) prescribed a nasal spray called Stadol and told me to take it whenever I had a bad migraine. Well, considering the redundance of "bad" and "migraine," you can imagine how often I want to take it. I've read it can be addictive, though, so I'm wary of using it frequently. I have been on every preventative and pain relief medicine in existence (tricyclics, beta blockers, Prozac, Imitrex, and countless others I can't remember) and this is the only thing that helps. Stadol isn't perfect -- it knocks me out and I usually wake up four hours later with a slightly lesser version of my migraine. But those four hours are great! It is particularly good if you just need to get some sleep so you can take your migraine to work again tomorrow. (I used to spend many unbearably pain-filled nights wondering how I'd make it through work the next day with no sleep AND an axe going through my head!) Again, any input you have on Stadol would be appreciated.

---Lora <>
Atlanta, GA USA -

Ronda,   Well today is day two of one of my regular migraine attacks.   What is really odd about these most recent migraine headaches is that they are so different then the ones I used to get when I was a child. I am now 36.  All my life I have suffered from headaches. When I was a child I would get the blurred vision, or flying object effects right before the pain. Now I just get the pain. But this pain is the one of the worst pains I have ever had. Before I could somewhat function, I was just sick to my stomach.  In 11/97 I had a miscarriage.  As I was having this miscarriage I had, what I thought at the time to be a severe sinus headache. Then with in the last 5 months I have had at least 12 more of the same sort of thing. A couple of months ago I went to see my Dr. who told me that they were full blown migraine headaches I was having. Although the several On-Call Dr.'s my husband called for me prescribed everything under the sun nothing seemed to really help but time.  My Dr has since given me 600mg Ibuprofen to take along with 500mg of Hydrocodone.  And for my upset stomach 10mg of Metoclopramide (if your not familiar, it is the same drug they give cancer patients after Kimo.)  This combination seems to work providing I can leave work and go home and sleep.     Now after all this, my interest is not getting these headaches to begin with. I don't know if it is some sort of hormonal thing since I was pregnant or what.  Both my father, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother suffered from severe migraines. So I'm thinking the odds are not in my favor for finding a way to stop these from happening.    I swear to you there are times that I feel like I have a brain tumor or something.  Every time I get one of these attacks I think to myself "Ok this is the one where I pass out and fall to the ground"  I can't ever remember having a pain so bad that it made me want to "pass out".   If you have any suggestions.  Or if any readers have any suggestions I would be most grateful. As with everyone else, If I could just find a way to work when I have one of these attacks that would be wonderful.   Thanks for listening.

---Pam Mathis <>

Janet! Hello, I do'nt have an e-mail address and just started using a computer -- so I do'nt know if I can send you mail if I have no address, or how to send mail period. Please explain and I'll check tommorow and get back to you. Thanks!!

---Hillary <NONE>

Hello HEY THERE!! I had a great day today, a migrane started coming on(the behind the eye thing)I took my Duradin and it actully staved it off! That was a first for me.

---Hillary North <I don't have one>
Elk Grove, CA. USA -

Hi everybody! I am 39 yrs old. Migraines started at 16, not to frequent, so I didn't think much of it. I have chronic migraines, about 21 days of the month for the last five years. Name a drug, I've tried it. Name a herb, I've taken it. Name an alternative therapy, and I'm doing it. The fact is, NOTHING works for me except narcotics, anti-etemics and muscle relaxers. And I am tired of everyone judging me, calling me an addict. Guess what - tricyclics are addictive, too. I was sicker kicking those than during any of my yearly narc detoxes. My finance' is breaking up with me - he is tired of being in a relationship with someone who lives in a dark hole 21 days a month. My 6 yr old cries because I can't do things with him. "You're always sick, mom! You always have a headache!" Percodan is the only thing that lets me get out of bed for a few hours. I can't work. I am tired of counting pills between Dr's visits, knowing that he won't give me enough to cope. Every female in my family going back four generations has migraine. I have three aunts on total disability due to migraine. I can't get disability because my Dr. says I'm not sick enough - you have to be 100% disabled these days for SSI. I am very grateful for my son. I count my blessings always. Just wish I knew where my son and I were going to be living next month. I lost everything to migraine - my career as a choreographer, my ability to work, and now the love of my life. Sure would be nice if the people in this world who are supposed to 'help' us, namely DOCTORS, had a friggin' clue what this disorder does to your life. I wish I wasn't allergic to ergotamines, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers and all the tricyclics. But, I am. I envy those of you who only have a couple of migraines a month, even though I know the hell of those days. I long for the day when I can say headache is a thing of the past. That's why I keep trying new things, new meds, any alternative therapy I can find. Pray for me, as I pray for all of you.

---Alice <don't have one currently>
San Diego, CA USA -

Has anyone started using the commercially made form of Dihydroergotomine mesylate or DHE nasal spray? I just got some today 4-07-98. Before this I was having the spray compounded in a lab that does custom RX. I was having great luck with the spray, keeping it refrigerated and using what I needed. The new form must be used by the ampul and then thrown away. It cannot be kept more than 8 hours. I got 4 doses or just enough to deal with 4 headaches which they say is a two week supply. Now I am under this pressure to only have 4 headaches in two weeks. Wish me luck.

---Mary Shultz <MareBare66@AOL>
St. Louis Park, MN USA -