Journal of Migraine Sufferers
To all migraine sufferers, A good massage to Neck and Head helped reducing my migraine headache big time.

Morgan Hill, CA USA -

I have been bothered with menstrual migraines and weather related migraines for several years. After reading some online journals, I decided to try the herb Fevervew and Vitamin B2. This combination has been very effective and I have been headache free for 2 months. I take 380 mg of feverfew and 100 mg of Vitamin B2 once a day. This is 1/3 the recommended dosage of feverfew but has been working for me, so I have not taken more. I hope this can help other migraine sufferers.

---Ginny <>

I have finally found relief from my headaches with Inderal LA. I am a female, 42 years old and have had migraines for about 20 years. I used to think I had allergies, sinus infections, food reactions, stress of a bad marriage, four kids and a working mom or my smoking was causing my headaches. So, over the last 5 years I have been trying to find out which of these factors was causing my headaches. I went to the allergist, none. I went to the ENT, nothing. I eat only natural healthy food, no change. I got a divorce, remarried the most wonderful man in the world, became a born again christian, don't drink, quit smoking, and reduced my hours at work to part time. The headaches are still there, until, my nuerologist prescribed the Inderal. (This was after trying other preventive drugs) My headaches have been reduced from daily to semi-weekly, praise God! My problem now is depression and insomnia. I think these are side effects from the Inderal, but I'm not sure. I don't want my headaches to come back daily, and I'm afraid to tell my Dr. This has been the only thing that has helped me, I also take Imitrex for the days that the migraine does come on which is only about twice a month now. Has anyone else had any of these side effects. My dose is only 60mg a night (I do take this before bed since it makes me tired). But, I end up not sleeping all night long. The depression is getting to me now, Although , It could be because we haven't seen the sun here in California for along time now. Any one out there have any suggestions?

---Donna <>
Sacramento, CA USA -

I am 22 and i think i have started to suffer from migraines. About a month ago my vision started to blur in my left eye. Afetr about 30 mins, my fingers, then hand then fore arm and eventually my left side of my mouth started to tingle (We call it pins and needles) About 1-2 hours later i got a corking headache. I took some pills and it went by the next day. Then again yesterday, exactly the same happened, eyesight, tingles then a massive headache. Took some pills went to bed and after about 20 hours i feel fine again. (The pills are IBUPROFEN) Is this a 'classical migraine'? Any help much appreciated as it is quite a scary feeling. Mark

---mark <>
uk -

Help! I'm the very anxious father of a 12yr old boy who I think may be encountering his first migraine. Can anyone tell me if these symptoms sound familiar? My son had a very active weekend until Sunday afternoon when he complained of sore eyes which looked very puffy. Went to school on Monday but complained of pain behind his left eye that night. Went to GP on Tuesday morning complaining of strong ache behind left eye, blurred vision and left eyelid drooping. GP noted left lens larger than right and eye movement sluggish. Referred to Ophthalmologist who found nothing wrong. My son complained of more intense ache and shooting pain behind left eye especially when head lowered. Today (Wednesday) has found no relief from the pain and complains of being dizzy. I have had three doctors tell me they can find nothing wrong but I still have a 12 year old in distress. I don't suffer from headaches myself so I have no real reference point to begin from but it sounds like it could be a migraine. Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

---Ross Cooper <>
Sydney, NSW Australia -

LISA - FROM VICTORIA, BC CANADA: I can help with some medications if you will submit your e-mail address. Otherwise, you can just e-mail me direct at Michele (Mickey) Maryland

---Mickey <>
Baltimore, md USA -