Journal of Migraine Sufferers
Dear migraine people- I got a note e-mail from a "Debbie." She asked me some questions and she seemed to be having a very bad time right now with her headaches. She was new to e-mail, and she didn't include her address (except dmose at inů) I've tried as many ways as I can think of to locate her, but I can't seem to find her. She doesn't know what's up with headaches, and, as most of us have been, she is desperate. She's at the point were she is afraid she is going to lose everything, but I know we can find a way to help her out. I'm having a hard time too, because I won't let go of until I find her. If someone knows this lady, or can find her, please either let me know or ask her to send me her e-mail address.

---Hugh Hayes <>
Orangeburg, ny USA -

TYPHENI SMITH... e-mail me more about your Hallucination Migraines. I've had hallucinations also and would like to compare what you've experienced. Thanks.

---Michele <>
Baltimore, USA -

I began to have migraine at 18 at a rate of about 1 headache every 3 months. At 27 I had a hysterectomy and the headache s eased considerably both in duration and severity. At 33 I suffered a hypothalmic stroke caused by migraine. Since then I have had two strokes and have a vascular spasm severe enough to hospitalize me about 2 times per year. Migraines are now 3 to 4 days a week with severe auras that may cause me to loose conciousness. I am slowly loosing my sight with the few million brain cells that die each time I have another TIA. This is hereditary. My Grandfather began to have strokes in his early 30's and they eventually killed him at 60. My mother and 2 of my 3 children also suffer from migraine. I am looking for someone with the same type of condition or anyone who has found an effective treatment for this kind of problem. Also, I would like to know if any one has had this condition summarily dismissed without investigation as a psycosis because it is so rare.

---Becky <>

Can someone help me?I have found this site quite interesting!I have been having intense head pain for about a year.It comes up the base of the neck, and across both eyes.I have been told it is a tention headache;there is no nausea. How does one know the true definition of migraine?Whatever this is,it affects the quality of life!Already I have been treated like a hypocondriac by the doctors I have seen,none of which take me seriously.Is a neurologist the next step?Can anyone recommend treatment in the Baton Rouge,La. area?I have been tried on several medications,some help between the eyes,some help neck pain,but none help both.To make matters worse,my 13 yr old has also been having headaches with vomiting and misses a lot of school,but the pediatrician only recommends otc,none which help her.We need advice if someone cares to email us. Thanks!

---Darlene Centeio <>
Baton Rouge, La USA -

I just got back from the Headache Clinic this afternoon. I've been wanting to write, but didn't think I had anything new to add. But I need support and a place to vent. I am a 29 female, recently married (he's WONDERFUL!!!), 2 new full time step children (sometimes WONDERFUL!!!), and have suffered with daily tension headaches since puberty, complicated with menstrual migraines (fairly controllable up until recently) since the birth of my son, complicated by stress, and weather,(I think)triggers that set off a 2-3 day migraine since August, 1997. Since March I have had a SEVERE migraine several times a week. I have been to the ER at least 5 times since mid-March and the Headache clinic twice in the last week for acute treatment. Since I have only recently begun to seek medical assistance with my headaches I am at the beginning of my search for relief, but have already discovered Imitrex, Zomig, Midrin, DHE-45 make my acute attacks worse. I am currently preventing with Depakote and Zoloft. (Remains to be seen.) Demerol/Phenergan is great for those "doozies", but we all know where that attitude will get you in the ER. I love Stadol NS since I can treat at home with significant relief, but doc doesn't like it. I am currently struggling with day #5 of a migraine/tension H/A wave and am miserable. The muscle tension in my neck and shoulders is rock solid, so now my doc thinks my migraines are brought on my tension which is brought on by stress. I think the tension is brought on by the migraine paine. (But who am I? I just live with this body every day) She was sympathetic though (I had to be in tears 1st though). She let me "start over" today with Demerol/Phenergan and gave me permission to "check out" from the stresses of my life for the next 24-hours with Seconal. I guest she could tell I was at the end of my rope with this one. I know we all get weary from time to time with our quest for relief and a normal life (????). I think I am in the middle of a depression wave so any encouragement is greatly appreciated. This H/A got the better of me. Please no "natural remedy" suggestions. I have tried them, and can only take so much advice!!!!

---Amy Hollon <>
New Braunfels, TX USA -

Here is my Migraine story... I have been suffering from migraines since I was about 13 (I'm now 23). Migraines run in my family (grandmother, mother, sister, aunt and uncle). My first migraine happened durring a test in grade school. It started with a blurry spot at the side of my vision. At first I thought I was going blind! This was later followed by numbness in my arm, leg and face. Other effects include upset stomach, and incapability to speak (formulate sentences). These are all followed by a mother of a headache and if I haven't had anything to eat, dry heaves. My migraines have not been restricted to one side of my body or the other they will randomly attack either. I have tracked my migraines back to three major causes: Stress, caffeine, and of all things Chocolate and Coffee. I think the beans used to make chocolate and coffee are the culprit. Large amounts of caffeine over a long period of time is also a cause. As far as stress goes, i believe it's not the pilling on of stress but the relief of the stress that brings on the migraine. I also believe my resently removed wisdom teeth have caused migraines over the years. Lets hope their removal improves my situation. I have not tried any of the latest treatments but have found all manor of pain relievers completely inaffective. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

---Terence J. O'Beirne <>
Cortland, NY USA -

Hi all. I am a thirteen year old female who suffers from Basil, Tension, Stress and Confusion migranes, The doctors who think that my migranes were started by the horrible flu I had almost a year ago and can't really find anything wrong have put me on just about every medication you can think of. Currently I am on Depakote and that seems to work the best for me.Although I have an allegiy to it and can only take a very low dosage. Do any of you suffer from Hallucination Migranes? I was just wondering because I do. This is a wonderful Page and I am proud to be able to enter My own journal entry. God have Mercy!! Typheni Smith 13

---Typheni Smith
Negishi, JP -

I recently received an e-mail from someone trying to recommend nutritional supplements for migraines. They included a "testimonial" on how their daughter is now migraine-free and how it has also helped other family members. Being the skeptical sort, I searched on the web for more info on the products that they were trying to "sell" me, and found: (1) these products are touted to cure just about everything (a good sign that it is probably BS). More importantly, the products are especially touted for diseases that the medical profession has not found good treatments for, or for which the medical profession has been (generally) unsympathetic, such as migraines and fibromyalgia. In other words, they are targeting desperate individuals. Moreover, this specific product is sold via a network of individuals. Therefore, anyone who says how wonderful the product is, may be lying and merely trying to make money off of you. There's no good way to know for sures. Further, although this particular product produced thousands of "hits" on a web search, I found exactly ZERO articles on a search of peer-reviewed journals. This means that this product was never tested against a placebo (sugar pill), and is therefore unlikely to be a very useful "medicine". Basically, I just want to warn everyone. DO NOT send money to anyone, until you have done research on the product that they are trying to sell (no matter how good it sounds, and no matter how desperate you feel -- and believe me, as a menstrual migraine sufferer, I know desperation.) Furthermore, although some nutritional supplements and herbs HAVE been shown to be beneficial to SOME migraine sufferers, just remember that these are also chemicals, and are no more "safe" (and no more "natural") than prescribed medication. So do be careful, and discuss everything with a trusted doctor (which, I realize, can be frustratingly hard to find!!!). Good luck to you all!!

---Marsha Presley <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -