Journal of Migraine Sufferers
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Check the case history of the person with DOFOS treatment - i'm undergoing it and it DOES work! it involves a dental plate...

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Melbourne, Vic Australia -

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Hi fellow migraine suffer's! My migraines started at around age 3. I am certain I probably had them from birth, but didn't know. Through the years I have taken different OTC's and prescription drugs (midrin, cafergot, codeine 3, demerol, fiorinal w/codeine #3, fioricet, sumaptrin, dhea). I am 48 years old, and have been through a lot of Doctors (Internists, Neurologists, Family Practitioners) most recently my Gynectologist. I have been to a pain clinic and have had a tens unit. The ONLY medication that has worked is Fiorinal w/codeine #3. The problem I have encountered is the MD's. The majority feel that the newer migraine meds would be better for me. I have had severe reactions to each and every one of those new meds. I have NEVER had a reaction to fiorinal #3. I am pain free a majority of the time. I can't say every day because a migraine can strike at any time. I have battled these headaches for so long, I can tell when one is coming on. I take the fiorinal go to bed and MOST of the time I beat it! Sometimes, I don't but I then ration out the fiorinal so I don't get a rebound headache. Why of why don't MD's listen to their patients, instead of forcing "miracle" headache cures on them? I cried today when my Gyn. told me he would love to get me on one of those new MEDS. I told him I would talk with him about it, because I know by now if you don't agree to talk about the program the MD will get upset. I don't like changing MD's. I would like to try to start legislation here in New Mexico on "Intractable Pain". A migraine suffer's problem is you cannot see a migraine, you can see an injury, but you cannot see a migraine! Help, give me some ideas on how to explaine to my GYN I don't want to be a Guinea Pig anymore!

---Jeanne Maestas <>
Santa Fe, NM USA -

Hi everyone! I have a funny and embarrassing question to ask all of you. Do any of you take Phenergen Suppositories? If so, do you have problems with them coming out as soon as you insert one? I can only hold a suppositorie in for maximum 10 minutes. I have tried the oral tabs, but they don't work as well. See what I mean by "embarrassing?" I was just curious if anyone else has this problem. Please email me. Thanks! ~Jana~

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Hi fellow Migraine friends...I went to my doctor today and I was in the middle of another headache, (due I think to the smoke from the fires in has traveled this far north)and he was of course his usual polite self. He asked me what types of medication I have tried in the past for the headaches, so I sat for about five minutes telling him what all had been done to this point. Then he said that he would try me on some type of sub linguinal combination of drugs that must be prepared by a pharmacist that does old fashioned mixing of meds. He also ordered Lidocaine drops to be placed in my nose on the side of my head where the headache is at, usually the left side. He also ordered me Motrin 800mg to take 3 times per day along with pepcid and Reglan to help coat my stomach to prevent ulcers. I have been on the Motrin before and it did help. Problem is it takes some time to build up in my system and he was less than cordial when I said that since my head was hurting so bad today I might need a shot later. Well later came and I had to call him again. I got a shot of Demerol and Vistril at the office. He is afraid that the hospital will start investigating him if he gives me shots there and from there the AMA and DEA will start looking into him. I know his feelings but I also know that I am in pain. Anyway the other med that has to be mixed will have to be mailed to me in a few days, so I will have to wait for that. In the meantime I will have to make do as usual. I sometimes think that I am the only one in the boat and it's sinking, but then I need only to see this journal and I find that I am not the only one rowing with me and someone else has stuck their thumb in the hole and we are just drifting along together. I pray that a new drug will be found for us all and that it will come soon. Thanks for all of your letters to me, it helps to know that I am not alone. Linda

---Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA -