Journal of Migraine Sufferers
I'm a 34 y/o female and I am really tired of my having my head hurt. I have had a headache since October. It constantly hurts behind my eyes. It varies in intensity and sometimes resembles a migraine. I've tried pamelor, calan, depakote, and baclafen for prevention, none of which have really helped. I've tried imitrex, zomeg, and now DHE 45 masal spray once I have a headache. They all work to ease the headache for a couple hours then it wears off. Last week when I had an eye appointment the eye doctor found that I had an elevated optic nerve and that might indicate something that might be causing my headache. He said it could be benign intracranial hypertension. My neurologist has scheduled a spinal tap for next week to see if that's the problem. Does anybody know anything about or have any experience with this disorder? I'm real nervous about getting a spinal tap, but if it helps me to get rid of the constant pain its worth it. I just found this site about a week ago and I can't believe all the people suffering out there. Thanks!

---Tami <>
Tipton, IA USA -

Good news folks!!! I just got out of the hospital today after three days of DHE treatments and I am now headache free!!! Life is good again. I hope that some of you can get the relief that we all crave, desire, need, and deserve. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me from my last post. I have truely enjoyed hearing from others that are in the same boat as me. Since I am "fixed" for now, I can help some one else with their oar, okay? Also, Chuck, I tried to email you but couldnt get it to go thru, I think there may be a problem with your address. DO NOT give up. Go to the headache clinic in Chicago! They will help you, they are supposed to be one of the top headache clinics in the country!!!!! Again, thank you to everyone who has emailed me and I hope I can help you and others like I have been helped!!! Good luck to all of us!!!!!

---Pam <>
Southlake, TX USA -

I am a 43 year old female who just started getting migraines two weeks ago. Before taking every painkiller known to man, I would try to go the natural route, i.e. dietary changes, herbs, vitamins, exercise. I would appreciate hearing from people who have been helped by natural means.

---Victoria <>
Oakland, CA USA -

Hello, im wondering are these common migraine symptoms. Numbness in the fingers and tounge, and not being able to remember how to say or type my daughters name or anyting else for that matter for about 15 minutes, seeing jagged edge shapes pass in my vision. Im 36 yrs old and have been having these symptoms for years, an the average once a month. About 5 years ago I was told they were complex migraines by a military doctor(Im in the Army). My aunt which is an RN told me to get it checked out further. I had one last night 21 MAY 98. Also after the main headache is over my head is pressurized for the entire next day. Please someone let me know if this in common I really don not have the time to run to sick call. Thank-You Debbie

---debbie <imhpynow>

I have been an R.N. for 18 years and also suffer from migraine headaches.I take Fiorocet as needed because it works for me.My advice to anyone who suffers from migraines is to take your medication at the onset of one.Secondly do not feel intimidated by any M.D..Migraine headaches are real.Also,never let an M.D.keep perscibing what I call "the K-Mart Special". These are the latest meds on the market.If you have found that a certain medication works for you I suggest you stand your ground with him/her.If your afraid to perscibe for fear of being investigated then find someone else.I do warn you that drugs such as Demerol,Percocet,etc. are highly addictive. The longer you take highly addictive drugs the more you need.Suffering with migraines is the pits but getting addicted is form of suffering you don't ever want to go through.I've been there. Find the right kind of medication that works for you,some foods can also trigger a migraine,don't let your doctor intimidate you and take life slow and easy.GOD BLESS.

---joanne prochaska <>
scottsdale, Az. u.s.a. -

I have a migraines pretty often. Have had since I was 3yrs. old. They gradually increased in frequency over the years. I am 45 now. Have taken many different things. Fiorinal #3 worked best to relieve the pain, but I haven't had it in about 20 years, doctor's want to try all the new stuff. I was put on beta blockers (Verelan) for a few years to prevent them or reduce the frequency, didn't like the side effects, couldn't tell that it helped much, expensive. Recently my new doctor prescribed Serzone 50mg. in am and 150mg. in pm for fibromyalgia. I told him I felt too druggy during the day so he said take 200mg. at night only. That was Tuesday. It is now 11:32 pm on Thursday and I have had 4 migraine like headaches and feel another coming on. These are pretty bad. I am going to reduce the Serzone on my own til I go back in to see Dr. next week. One of the most common side effects of Serzone is headache. I am positive that is what is causing my migaine to act up this time.
Darlene <>
Harrison, AR USA -

fellow migraine sufferers:I have been suffering from migraine since I was 17yrs old. I have been through it all. Ive been to the neurologist, chiropractor, accupunturist, and the rest. I have taken many medications which have caused nauseating side effects! Through the years my migraines have changed pattern. NOw, I only get them when I am menustrating and a little thereafter. I had to got to the hospital the other day and get a shot of motrin, because I had one so bad. Last year I went to the atkins diet. I went on the high protein diet. However i find it hard to be on most of the time. But, when I do follow it somewhat I find that my migraines are less severe. Has anyone else had a similiar response with a high protien diet? Please e-mail me! Until then, don't loose faith. I believe there is an answer. We just have not found it yet.

---karen <level2000>
brooklyn, ny USA -