Journal of Migraine Sufferers
I am a 27 year old female who has suffered on and off for years, the past year my life became a total nightmare. I injuried my left shoulder and neck at work, 2 months later my husband of 8 years walked out leaving me owing over 40 grand, and the next month I was in a car wreck reinjuring my neck and left shoulder. Three months later I started having severe migraine headache again worse than ever. My primary care doctor referred me to a neurologist who I started seeing in November. I should have clued in right away that he was not a good doctor when he told me that I should be over the feelings of depression from my divorce as my six month grieveing period that was he standard was up, and he did not feel that I was under any undue stress considering every thing that had happened to me, even though I was working a full time job and attending college full time. He prescribed Paxil, Imitrex, and Phrenilin forte and told me to come back in a month. The headaches seemed to get better but 2 months later they were back and I suffered for a week in a half with one before I got any relief from Zomig. In April I started another round of headaches, finally after a week I went to the ER and recieved Tordol and Visteril. The following Monday I saw my DR. and while I was at his office I still had the same headache that I had had when I went to the ER. He let me try Migrinal in his office, it help for a little while but the headache came back. All week I had a headache ranging from mild to severe and used the Migrinal by Saturday it was unbearable with new symptons including numbness and pins and needles all through my body. The doctor on call wanted me to go to the emergency room at a different hospital from the one I usually used. I went and the doctor there did not care that he had instructions from another doctor on what to give me, he tried to give me Stadol, which I am allergic to. Luckily the nurse asked me before giving me the injection. I reminded her that it was on my chart that I was allergic to it, it took 2 1/2 hours for me to get the medication that I was supposed to get. When I talked to the doctors nurse on Monday and told her what happened over the weekend the doctor could not give me any answers for the new problems. I soon found out by looking on the internet that my wonderful know it all doctor got his medical degree from Mexico and did his residency in New Foundland. I have since made an appoinment with a new doctor. The lesson that I have learned that from now on to research my doctors before seeing them for medical treatment and I hope that some of you that have not checked into your doctor's background do so, it might help you in your search for releif from the pain we all suffer. I hope that everyone can find a doctor that is truly caring and compassionate to them.

---Kim <>
Petal, Ms USA -

I posted awhile ago and continue to come back to this site for support and tips. I have posted to other sites as well, and am looking for someone who has successfully applied for and got on disability due to severe migraine. I have lost 2 jobs in 2 years due to inability to perform my job. I cannot concentrate or give enough attention to work when I am in the throes of migraine pain. I have heard it can take up to a year before it is approved because most people are denied benefits at first and must appeal. Then there is the cost of representation, whether it is an attorney or an advocating agency. How do you make ends meet in the meantime? If anyone has any advise on this topic please post here or email me. I think there are probably others out there in the same boat. Thanks!!

---Mary Jo <>

Hi there! I don't feel like the "normal" migraine sufferer. I do not have the headaches with my migraines. I know that it sounds strange, but I have been through doctors and tests and they all say that it is migraines. I do suufer though. I will feel terrible, and I can feel a spell coming on. I do however faint and have seizures. I am 17 and these episodes have happened since I was 5 and the doctors have finally told me what they think this all is. I have recently been put on some medication, it is called ceproheptadine. I have a natural tendency to become very strange while on medication, this medication makes me very strange. I am in another world, I become very quiet. My mother became worried and called my doctor, but he would not call me back. So my mother decided that instead of taking the pills 3 times a day like I am supposed to, I should only take them before I go to bed. If anyone suffers as I do or have any suggestions, please contact me via E-mail. Thanks.

---Phoebe Lyon <>
Chelsea, VT USA -

My wife and I have a friend who has had blinding migraines for years. She was recently introducted to some natural products that have made a significant difference in her life. Here is an extract from her testimony: "I have been a migraine sufferer for over 20 years. During my childhood I often experienced such headaches due to an intolerance to fat and sugar. By the time I reached 30 years of age, these sickening headaches had progressed into severe migraines lasting three days and accompanied by vomiting and diarrhoea. During these twenty years I havee sought medical help in many ways - all to no avail. I also have other health problems including osteo-arthritis in my lower head and neck, hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), dermatitis on my face, and all the negative symptoms of menopause. The four triggers for my migraines were my intolerance to fat and sugar, osteo-arthritis, stress and tiredness. My migraines had become so frequent that in the last eight months I was experiencing pain five days out of every week and living on pain killers. I was constantly cancelling my plans and my life was on hold. I was intorduced to some supplement products through a friend who had excellent results. I found instant improvement from many on my symptoms. I then started taking another supplement and for the first time in months got through a week without painkillers, and I had much higher energy levels. I have since added an extra supplement to my intake and have seen even greater improvement, particularly with my oste-arthritis. I also no longer suffer from hypoglycaemia and the dermatitis on my face has disappeared. I thank God for these products, they have been a real answer to my prayers and have given me my life back." Lea We know many people who have had dramatic results by using these products in a diverse range of health problems. They really are quite life changing. If you are interested in more information on these products please email me ( Warmest regards, Grant

---Grant Murray <>
Tweed Heads, NSW Australia -

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I was extremely happy to find this site to know that I am not alone. I have been diagnosed with Familial Hemiplegic Migraines with Amnesia. I have pain on the left side of my head with paralysis to my left arm. I have a strong family history of stroke with migraine. I also have memory lapses with these headaches and black out. I have tried everything and have also been humilited in the ER. I worked in an ER and was still treated like I was seeking drugs. This has been very frustrating. When I have a horrible headache, and am unable to keep anything down at all, I now refuse to go the ER because of the treatment that I have received. My husband is also getting frustrated with all this. He tries to convince me to go the ER and request Demerol (which seems to help knock me out so I can sleep and gets rid of the headache), but I hate the accussing looks you get when you go. I have had it!! My neurologist has run lots of tests and tried lots of meds, right now I am on Verapamil, Depakote, Asprin and feel tired all the time. I do not know what to do. It is nice to know that others have the same problems that I do and that I am not alone. As soon as I get an E-mail address I will put it in so I can get some advice from other suffers. The amnesia and blackouts are what scares me the most. One time I was driving and the other two times I was with my children and I scared them big time. I am 32years old and have been really bad for a year now. Thanks for this place to vent.

---Kimberly Richard
Gardner, MA USA -