Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have been a migraine sufferer for nearly 25 years now. I usually have between 3 or 4 migraines a month - Imitrex is the only med that I have found to be effective. I take the 50mg tablet and have had little side effects (mostly just a feeling of being dizzy for a short while with a little constriction in my throat). Before starting Imitrex I tried everything - found little or no relief and was usually so drugged up on vicadin or demarol(sp?) that I couldn't function. Imitrex has changed my life. I have also noticed that the severity of my migraines has changed (now I only have one monster migraine about every other two.) One thing that I have found that helped me before using Imitrex was taking some Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine and placing an Ice pack on my left temple (I'm usually only a lefty - however after turning 28 my migraines started to jump to the right side.)
My very dear friend has had cluster, migraine and stress headaches for the last . several years. She has gone to a migraine clinic in which they have prescribed everything from anti-depressants to fiorocet. She is now very dependent on fiorocet and is convinced that is the only thing that works for her. I am really afraid because I am told by her doctor that the fiorocet can cause rebound headaches and I feel helpless for her. She is completely helpless when she gets a headache and takes several preventative headache prescriptions. Does anyone have any suggestions to what helps better than fiorocet. She has never taken Imitrex, so please send information that will convince her to try it. Thanks
Grant <>
Post, TX USA - Fri Jun 5 10:08:54 1998
Wow! I knew that I wasnt alone - but I never realized k near my neck and on the side. My latest neurologist at a prominent teaching hospital here in Va. claims I am his 40+ case of not migraines, but muscular pain of the head. He happens to be writing a book on it. How convenient. So, I've been misdiagnosed by umpteen neurologists for 18 years? I think not. And, I am a classic case of the patient the ER thinks is a junkie. I thought I was alone in that department. I've had more medicines than I could list. In 1997, I was hospitalized three times for them. I was on DHE, Imitrex, something self-injected that just tore up my thigh, anti-depressants, stadol NS (which of course noone wants to give you if it works cause then again you're a junkie), toridol, thorazine, I can't even remember them all just from '97. Now, it's Fioricet, which I've taken for at least 5 years, stadol when I don't have to fight the dr. or pharm., and midrin which has almost no effect. Anyone have any suggestions on relief? My personal life is going down the drains, and I'm tired of my children seeing me like this. Noone without migraines understands. I can't even keep a job. By noon I'm nearly a zombie, everyday. HELP, PLEASE!!! Thanks for the support on this great site anyway. My e-mail, Thanks, Cindy
Cindy Lincoln <>
Richmond, Va USA - Thu May 28 8:44:51 1998
I have a question....what happened to the entire journal? I was looking forward to reading the journal and all I see is 3 entries. Can someone help me search for the journal that I cannot seem to find? Thanks!! ~Jana~
Jana <>
GA USA - Thu May 28 0:22:47 1998
Severe Migraine days at a time. Also have ssizure medication for seizures and medication for leg tremors that used to keep me up all night as soon as I would go into my rest stage. Am taking B-12 shots and Potassius. The new medications for headaches have not helped causing me to feel like I can't breath or the nasal helps about 2 hours. The best relief is demoral and sleep in a dark room.
L. Weiland <Lweil7476>
Grand Ledge, Mi USA - Wed May 27 23:33:23 1998
What foods are recommended for migraines sufferers? Please Please e-mail an answer. Thanks.
aleace <>
USA - Wed May 27 22:41:38 1998
I can certainly relate to most of you. I am a 38 year old female and up until about 4 years ago I had disabling migranes. I suffered 2 and 3 times a week and in between headaches I had the migrane "hangover period". It was awful. I finally was healed totally at a church service I attended and have not suffered since. There is hope in God, believe I know!
Kari Karr <>
Denison, TX USA -
I am a 38yo single mom. I have had migraines since I was very young, but during my 20's did not seem to have very many. Then, last January I got one (It took me a while to realize what it was). I got another one every month until July, when I started getting them on a regular basis. By November of last year I was having one everyday!!!! This is no way for anyone to live. My wonderful family doctor finally felt he couldn't do anything further for me and he referred me to a specialist, a Neuro-Opthomologist. She is the Top Headache Specialist in the Intermountain West. It took me 6 months to get in to see her, and it was worth it!!! Within 2 hours she discovered I had what's called Intercranial Pressure (increased pressure in my head). My optic nerves were abnormal. She had a spinal tap ordered to confirm the pressure. She has since put me on some medication to reduce the fluid in my spinal column and taken me off all my other medications. I was taking Zomig everyday and had what's called a Rebound headache from the medication. Now, I'm allowed to take up to TWO doses in a week. If I have a migraine and can't take anymore Zomig, I am to take sleeping pills she ordered to "Knock me out" and allow me to sleep it off. I can take 600mg Motrin 3 times a day for pain and that's about it. I must admit, I am feeling 75% better. The migraines have gone from daily to 3 in Seven days. I am very thankful. NO ONE should have to live with the pain we migraine suffers do. It's no life. Get help. If you're not happy with your doctor, find one that you trust. Keep he faith!!!

---Kathleen <>
Sandy, UT USA -