Journal of Migraine Sufferers

My sister is 25 years old. She suffers from Ocular migraines. She gets one a month or so. She has been experiencing a metal taste in her mouth. Has anyone experienced this before. She is going to have a cat scan done. Doctor doesn't think the two are connected. Any suggestions? Thank you, David
David <>
USA - Thu Jul 2 20:03:52 1998
This Journal is wonderful. Since I found about a it a couple weeks ago I read it daily. It really makes you feel like you are not alone and that you are not crazy. I know that a lot of what I read in other people's stories hit so close to home. I was told I was crazy by an ER doctor because I told him that I would stand in the hottest shower that I could stand with the massage setting at the hardest one and let it hit at the base of my neck. After this I would go to my room with all the lights off and pray that sleep would come. His comment was that I couldn't be having a migraine because if it was, cold would be what would help it. It was refreshing to see that others also get relief from heat. My headaches started after an accident and at first I would have the really bad ones every week with dull lingering pain inbetween, now I am down to 1 or 2 a month and maybe 5 or 6 mild headaches inbetween. After reading some the the other stories I feel lucky. Good bye for now and I hope everyone has a pain free 4th of July.
Eau Claire, WI USA - Thu Jul 2 15:42:13 1998
Is there anyone out there who can tell me more about migranes? I recently went to my doctor who said that she thought my recent headaches are a variation of a migraine, and allergies. She prescribed me both fiorcet (for the migraine) and allegra (for the allergies). After taking them both for 5 days, I was an emotional wreck. I started crying and could not stop. When I told my doctor about this sudden change in my emotions, she didn't think much of it....and told me to keep taking the medicine. Forget that! While I am experiencing headaches, I don't believe that what I'm having is true migraines...mine aren't nearly as bad as some of those I've read about. I do have some vision problems, but I can function. Has anyone else had anything remotely similar to what I'm talking about?
anne williams <>
Denver, CO USA - Thu Jul 2 9:50:27 1998
I wasnt really sure what I was suffering from till recently. My migranes have been getting alot worse. Does anyone have dizzy spells with them and a feeling of fullness in the ears. Sometimes I feel like my eyes are gonna pop out of my head. I have anxiety attacks and generally always get them right before a migrane cycle. I feel sometimes like I am gonna go blind and if I am having a stroke. Sometimes it feels as if I cant move my arms or legs and that I am never standing strait up. Is this normal? I have a fear of taking medicine due to the side effects of the dizziness I always feel so bad I figure why fight the side effects. I have a headache about 2 to 3 times a week. It almost seems as if it never leaves. Is this also normal. I am miserable. My eyes always see everything funny and I am convinced that I am gonna die. Any suggestions or help anyone can offer me is greatly appreciated. I am 25 yrs. old and feel like Im 100. Thanks dianna
dianna <>
lou, ky USA - Thu Jul 2 9:49:51 1998
Hi to all my journal friends. I've been gone a while. and will be again for a longer while. I've gotten rid of all the narcotics, I was on stadol 3 per wk. demerol 50mg all I wanted, Valium 10mg. all I wanted Xanax and on and on. I got to where I didn't know what day it was. I was hospitalized for one day and had a spinal tap. O.K. On Monday the 29th I threw away my stadol and started my life over. My 15 yr. old son just got a new job and was staying with me for the summer for the first time since my divorce 10 yrs or more ago. But his Mom was a basket case and he promptly left. Now , I'm ashamed and heartbroken without my children. They will have 12 days with me for a Fl/disney vacation beginning the 8th. That's all I see of them all summer. Right now I need them more than anything in this world. I bought the Vitamin Bible and made a chart. I haven't had a headache since I threw away the stadol. My reg. phys. put me on Prilosec for ulcers I've had for years and said the xanax was o.k as needed. I've had 3 in 4 days and 2 vistiril for withdarawal from the stadol. I beg all my friends out there STAY AWAY FROM THE STADOL, IT IS JUST LIKE HEROIN. I knew that months ago, but my body was convincing me it was all that helped. I was in a constant "rebound" and knew every time I refilled that stadol my head would hurt worse, That's sick, but that's the reality of the drug. Now I have to go tail-tucked to social security to apply for disability, two weeks ago it was medicaid. I'm only 32. I feel 90. I will get my life back. I'm going on this vacation not only for my children. I have finally decided too to face the evil of my past. I was molested as a child. I am going to my home in South Miami to get that little girl and bring her home and hug her and hold her and heal her and in turn heal me, finally I hope. You see, my headaches started when we left there eighteen years ago. It's time to come full circle and be human again and be able to cuddle with my own children like never before. So, my friends, please excuse my absece for awhile. I am seeing a therapist to help me through, too. I will be back as soon as I am a little stronger.Thanks especially Grant, Pam, Angel, Sandra I think you all know who you are that talk to me regularly. Goodbye for now, for awhile, and good luck to all of you. Many thanks, Cindy
Cindy Lincoln <>
Richmond, Va USA - Thu Jul 2 8:30:39 1998
Hey all, this isn't exactly part of my journal entry but I have a question..I am finally over that 5 day migraine I posted about a couple days ago..Well, now I am feeling really odd and out of sorts. I have classic migraines which already have a good deal of CNS componant to them. How I feel now is like my head is in a fog and I feel like I am clumsy and disoriented. I feel like when I move I am not exactly on target as far as say where I thought I would reach my hand and the fact that I bump it on the door cupboard instead..Anyone else feel this way? I have not noticed this after regular shorter migs..or perhaps the after time is in proportion to the time spent in migraine. Any thoughts? Susan
Susan <>
USA - Thu Jul 2 1:29:35 1998
PS...When I did find Bfamily ( I was 31) I found a ton of migraineurs..Bmom, bsis, aunts aplenty. Bmom brags how hers got better as she got into her 30's like it was a maturity thing or something..I remind her she had a total hysterectomy in her late 20's and that I don't expect mine to get better til menopause. Also pardon all my spelling errors...a few hours ago I would have not been able to write at all. TTFN, Susan
Susan <>
USA - Thu Jul 2 1:25:15 1998
My wife and 3 of 4 girls have migrain headaches. not as severe as some on this panel. In treating my wife for Fibromyalgia, the Dr. prescribed Neurontin, which was developed for epelipsy seizures. She does not get as many headaches, and when they start she can avoid the blindness and most of the pain by taking a pill. this has been an unexpected side benefit from the medicine. very expensive though. hope this info will help someone. LL.
Les Lyons <>
Dallas, TX USA - Thu Jul 2 1:24:37 1998