Journal of Migraine Sufferers

My 17 year old daughter has been experienccing extreme head pain for eight weeks with no let up. We have been to the doctors (ped. neurologists, eeg, cat scans, paing treatment center and chiropractors). So far nothing has helped her. The neurologist feels that it might be stress, but my daughter strongly disagrees with him. The pain is located in two places (1) between the temples -- the pain is a burning sensation and (2) extreme tenderness at the top of her head. She has taken the "usual" prescribed pills and is currently taking an anti-depressent (ambien). Sarah can not find relief and the doctors seem to be throwing in the towel. Her head pain is NOT a typical migraine the pain has never left. On a scale of 1-10 she generally lives with a 4 or 5 pain level but a couple of times a week it goes to a 8 or 9. If any can help please write. I want my daughter back!!
Janice <>
Rochester, NY USA - Sat Jul 4 10:34:07 1998
Lisa again. I forgot to tell everyone that one of the things I did for myself, purely selfish act, was to purchase a GOOD spa, with all the jets and bubbles. It was the best thing I could do for myself. Of course, my husband gets to use it also. When anything hurts, I crawl in and just float for as long as I want. In Florida, if you get a Doctor's note, you don't have to pay sales tax, couple $$ in savings. I can recommend the company we both ours from, if anyone is interested. It certainly takes the stress out and gives you a little peace of mind and body. Planning to throw in chunks of ice and use it today on July 4th as a mini-pool. You gottta make your own fun. Happy Independence Day to all..............Lisa
Lisa Sutton <DVR13@AOL.COM>
LUTZ, FL USA - Sat Jul 4 8:06:05 1998
I am so depressed right now and feel really bad. I wrote in the journal earlier about me getting over yet another migraine. I have a problem with saying things to my loved ones that I do not mean in the midst of my migraine. I notice I become very sad and depressed and angry. I feel really bad because I got upset at my grandmother that is 80 years old while we were chatting online. I haven't seen her in over 3 years, but am planning on going to see her next week with my kids. I have tried to explain to the people in my life that when I am having a migraine to please leave me alone and not to take everything I say to heart. Well, I think I really did it this time! I do not feel like myself at all during a migraine attack; ie, mentally or physically. I think sometimes the worse part of it is at the end of my migraine phase. Something in my head really goes bonkers and then I feel guilty the next day for what I said to people, etc....Does this happen to you or am I just going crazy? I feel awful right now and I have tried to go to sleep as it is 1:30am, but all I can do is toss and turn. Please write me back and let me know if you experience the same thing, and if so, what you do about it. Thank you for listening.
Jana <>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Sat Jul 4 0:33:19 1998
Lisa again. There is a disease called Temporal Arthritis. has anyone heard of this? It acts like a headache/migraine and if left untreated it can cause blindness. I got this information from a migraine newsletter. When/if I get another newsletter, i will post available address for call to call and receive if interested.....Lisa
Lisa Sutton <DVR13@AOL.COM>
LUTZ, FL USA - Fri Jul 3 19:28:32 1998
Hi to all, this is Lisa again. I am starting a 7 day cycle of FEVERFEW TABLEETS twice a day to see if it helps reduce my migraines. Got them at GNC health store, also picked up FEVERFEW EXTRACT. I was told to drop a few drops under tongue or maybe added to food or liquid when migraines hit. Will update you as to results. So far, i usually have the monthly migraines. But for the last 3 weeks since the last big one, I have had a low, low intense pain in the left side of my head. That is where it usually hurts when a major one hits. I am schedule to see Neuro. Aug. 3, will update from there also. I guess the games are just beginning. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE YOU CAN GET FEVERFEW IN A NASAL SPRAY? None of the health store around here, Tampa, FL carries it. Pain free to all............ Lisa
Lisa Sutton <DVR13@AOL.COM>
LUTZ, FL USA - Fri Jul 3 19:23:58 1998
I have had migraines for 3 years. The last 6 months have been terrible. I have taken all the usual drugs such as midrin, inderal, compazine, percet, demoral-vistall, stadol ns, and I am now on an anti-seizure drug depakote. I always feel like I am floating and have a hard time making it out of bed. I have been getting migraines about one a week and sometimes they last 3 or 4 days. My doctor just told me that I could no longer receive demoral-vistral shots in the ER. I can only use stadol. I feel that this is just as addictive as demoral. Does anyone have any answers. God Bless!
Mara <>
Frost, MN USA - Fri Jul 3 18:56:25 1998
I am interested to find out if any of you have had sinus problems in the past as well as mononucleouises(sp?). I am wonder if there is any link as I have meet two others that had mono in their early teens and then later suffered thru sinus surgery, as I did. Thanks!
Mara <>
Frost, MN USA - Fri Jul 3 18:40:12 1998
Hello everyone. Well, here I am again trying to fight off the last stages of my migraine. I have noticed my migraines seem to happen the day after a fun filled day. I get very euphoric and silly 24 hours pre-migraine. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I had such a fun and great day yest. In fact, I didn't even go to sleep until 3:30am because I felt so energetic. Then, BOOM! I wake up with a pounding migraine and of course, it rained not long after my migraine began. My migraines come on before a storm hits. I can always tell when we are going to have a storm or a change in the weather. I get very grumpy during a bad that I send my husband and son out of the house so I can rest peacefully without any interuptions. They have learned when I have a migraine to get the hell outta to speak..or else..ROAR!! They went to a movie and should return soon. They know how long I am incapacitated for approximately, 12 hours. However, I was able to nip this one in the bud by injecting DHE-45 IM, but I still have the "hangover" effect after the actual pain has disapated. At least I know I will feel on top of the world tomorrow for the 4th! I always feel so great the day after my migraine hits me. What about you all? Does that happen to you? I hope I feel good tomorrow because we have a lot of plans for the 4th! I just thought I would journalize my migraine day today. Hope all is well with everyone! I would welcome any/all emails. Take care!
Jana <>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Fri Jul 3 16:22:37 1998