Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have migrain headaches. And sometimes I feel like I am the only one in the whole world that gets them. It is wonderful to see migrain sufferers unite and offer support to each other. I am 21 years old and I have been getting migrains since I was 12. For years I thought that my pain was normal. My mom finally took me to a doctor when I was 14. My doctor was at a total loss for diagnosis because he said children did NOT get migrains. After many CAT scans, specialists, neuroligists, sinus x-rays....ect.... My present doctor believes I am a migrain sufferer. It took 5 long years to get that diagnosis. My "headaches" got worse over the years, and I started all kinds of drug therapy. Like so many of you, I have tried all the migrain cures out there, everything from perscriptions to narcotics to aromatherapy. One bad night two years ago, I went to emergency with migrain. The Doctor told me flat out that "He would not fall for my act. I was just a kid who was making a mockery of him and his hospital. He told me to cut the act and get out. I was so stunned I just sat there with my mouth open, then I started to cry. I have never been so hurt in all my life. I thought it was just me. I thought that because I was young they assumed I was a junkie. I had no idea that happened to migrain sufferers too. It gives me some comfort to know that I am not alone. I have told my husband many times that I would give anything to not have migrains at all. Right now I just wish I could find a good doctor in my area. Preferably a doctor who has migrains. I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. If the Doctor of my dreams is out there, reading me.
Karen Hayes <>
Canada - Mon Jul 6 20:44:11 1998
Hello, I am just adding a note, to say I have suffered for many yrs. also from Migraines and have tried, everything, you can think of, I just tried the new drug Zomig, 2.5mg they are very expensive, but they do seem to work so far, I have only used them twice, they are a Tab and you take it at onset or as soon as you know it is your regular migraine, with in a hour the Migraine is at bay, I used to take Migranal Nasal spray and that worked a few times then stoped I hope this will help some one else also, I am praying that this is the medication for me, this time to continue to work, If some one has a preventative drug that they use I would like to hear from you on your response to it. I would rather find a preventative drug, than one to take every time I have a migraine, they are every two weeks and are begining to be more frequent. I would be happy to hear from some one that has had a good preventative for there migranies I hope maybe Zomig will help anyone of you, My prayers are with all of you..... ~Jeannie
Jeannie <>
USA - Mon Jul 6 17:59:49 1998
Me again - I feel silly! I was so excited about this guestbook, that I posted my suggestion about an artistic site before I finsihed exploring this site - and I just discovered that this site has the same idea I was just talking about. Whoops. ANyway, if you would still like to contribute and share with me, I still welcome it.
Tina Aitala <>
OR USA - Sun Jul 5 19:05:39 1998
I have been getting migraines for about 8 years, starting when I was about 16. In the last 4-5 months, my migraines have gone from maybe 4 a month or less to 2-3 a week, each lasting from 8 hours up to 3 days. The only relief I have found is an injection of Demerol and Phenergan for the really bad ones, and Exedrin in a dark room with an ice pack on my head for the ones that I can stand the pain. This illness is ruining my life. I spend hours in the ER or at my MD office waiting for injections. I wait until I absolutely cannot stand the pain anymore before I go in for an injection. My MD thought I should try getting an injection immediately at onset of migraine (it didn't work). I do not want to keep getting these injections because it is embarrassing, it takes hours, and I am tired of imposing on my family when they have to drive me everywhere. I have tried practically everything on the market ( pain meds, depakote, midrin, fiorinal, DHE, .....) It really does help to vent my frustration here. Thanks for "listening".
Angel <>
Grass Valley, CA USA - Sun Jul 5 16:17:55 1998
This is for Lisa Sutton. I had a complete hysterectomy 4 mo, ago. I also had endometriosis, and hoped it would end my 2-3 mig per wk. Instead I've had them daily ever since. Because of your family history I would be hopeful if I was you. Who knows what causes these migs. I'm kind of hanging on to the hope that El Nino is partially at fault. I just finished a series of DHE shots, something I will never do again. They made me so fidgety and distracted I couldn't do anything. Even now 48 hours after the last shot I'm still jangly, and I've had two headaches. I'm trying to change my diet. It's very hard, I cant believe how many foods have citric acid and msg. It's back to homemade I guess. If anyone has suggestions I'm up for them. Stay well.
Liz <>
burbank, ca USA - Sun Jul 5 11:41:48 1998
Hi. I've suffered with migraines since 12 yrs of age, and I'm now in my mid-forties. I naively thought that only classicall migraine was migraine, and for the next thirty years or so dismissed common migraine attacks as just a bad head with nausea. Ha! Wrong! I now suffer with really bad attacks of migraine (both common and classical) and these merge into one extende migraine attack lasting up to three weeks. Some of the classical attacks occur up to ten times a day, and sometimes I can't move my head without starting up another attack. My consultant has me on beta bolckers (Inderal LA) and Epilim, an anti-convulsant. I can lose consciousness dduring an attack, and I am convinced that I have had some sort of siezure at times. I also have Fibromyalgia, and feel that the increase in migraine attack frequency and intensity is somehow linked in with FM. Anyone else got the same problems? I'm currently trying to convince my doctor that I may have Basilar Artery migraine, but I think she hates having her patients tell her what is wrong with them, which is precisely what happened when I insisted that I had FM, and had this confirmed by a rheumatologist.
catherine mcgrath <>
UK - Sat Jul 4 18:57:47 1998
My migraines began: long before I knew what a migraine was. It was just a real bad headache back then. This was at age 6 or 7. At that time they were very infrequent. maybe one bad 3 or 4 times a year at most. At age 17 the frequency and intensity of the migraines increase. Leadinmg me to my first few presciption meds for them..Darocet and Caffergot. At this time I was getting about 2 or 3 a month. Also my back pain had well as panic attacks. The latter lead to therapy and valium. Then in 89-90...the migraine situtation really changed.... I ws going to the ER for shots of demerol a couple times a week. At my worst. I went to every specialist in the area. Including dr sapiers Headache Pain inpatient program at Chelsea Hospital. I have gone the conventional route med wise...using the preventives: Beta Blockers,Calcium Channel Blockers, Anti-depressents, Anti-Siezure well as diet, allergy testing. Getting a deviated septum fixed. Hours of time at the Chiropractor. The use of all the "new" all the "newest' anti-migraine abortatives...Imatrex,DHE,compazine(cant tolerate these ofcourse). Uing either shots of and or drops of Lidocaine. My search has lead me to a number of unconvetional areas.....the accupunture,REST(restriced enviroment stimulation therapy...aka floation tank session), various viamins and supplements. Out of everything listed above..The Floation Tank worked the best....allowing me to tolerate a bad headacge without meds. As well as work on my Fibermyalgia, back, and neck well as my panic attacks. Unfortuately I am now on SSI and havent had acsess to a floation tank in years. Currently I take Lidocaine,visteral and Fional at onset of aura...If pain goes beyond the Fional.then I use Percodans Even though I have seen so many "experts" amd my family MD is very helpful(and listens) I always seem to be very low if not out of meds by the end of the month. I still go to group therapy for anxiety issues and maybe I will find a migraine trigger along the way. But for now. I have to medications when all else fails......and alot of them.well alot to me(50 percodans and 40 tranqualizers and anti-nuasents).....Until I someday get acsess to my own floation tank......This will have to surfice Biggest thing about pain meds I dont the use of aspirin or tylenon as part of the mix.....niether of those are easy of the body in the long run. Thanks for listenning to my story. I hope it helps...If you have any questions or comments please email me. By the way although I do get fustrated about all the chronic pain problems....I have lived with such long enough so it doesnt get me depressed...I know there is answeres out there. Which I will time Sincerely, Jeffrey W Young email
Jeff Young <>
Petersburg, MI USA - Sat Jul 4 12:36:29 1998