Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi again. Just wanted to ler you guys know that this is the second message i've put in tonight. The first one down further has the wrong e-mail address. So please e-mail me with THIS address. Thank You! Leslie
Leslie <>
Rochester, MI USA - Sun Jul 12 22:10:18 1998
Forgot to add that these sometimes go on for days as I see the classic migraine sufferer go through. But not all the symptoms coincide with those of a migraine. Anyway, just wanted to add the length of time that these sometimes go on for. Again, any help or anyone else suffering in this sense would be helpful to talk with. Thanks, Steve
Steve Tepper <>
Bowie, MD USA - Sun Jul 12 20:55:14 1998
Found this page through browsing (thru Rhonda's Migrane Page. I don't know if I have migraines, cluster, a mix of both, or what. With the symptoms, the doctors aren't sure. But, I'm lucky to be seeing one who cares and I'm seeing a neurologist at the Naval Medical Center (I'm retired USMC). I'm 56, male, and have had these headaches since '95. Everything has been checked out as far as searching for anything causing the headaches. Here are my symptoms: Usually wakes me up in the early morning hours (3 or 4 am). There's a sharp pressure, ususally above the right eye (behind the bone behind the eyebrow, pressure behind the eye, or pressure behind both eyes, temple-to-temple, across the forehead. When they are intense, there is a pulsating throb, and if it is severe enough, there is nausea. From reading some of your histories, mine seem somewhat mild. Until the end of last year, I was using Fiorinal with codeine with good success. after attending the headache clinic at Bethesda Naval Hospital, the neurologist started me on Calan (180 mg) which seems to lessen the severity of the headache onset. Also, he asked me to try the Fiorinal without codeine and see if there was still relief. They worked fine except for cases where the headache would continue all day, whereupon I would take a Fiorinal with codeine and it would finally subside. No one can pin down the type of headache that I'm getting, but the medicine works for me. I am lucky to have doctors that are familiar with pain treatment and are not afraid to use it. I would like to say that I could tie these headaches to a drastic change in barometric pressure, usually going from low to high. Sometimes, after a bad episode, I'll have some blood in the nostril on the side that the headache was most prominant. But, the medicine allows me to work with no pain and to keep on truckin'. Do these symptoms ring a bell with anyone? I don't think that they are migraines in the classic sense that I have seen friends suffer through or from reading some of your summaries. Thanks for any help and hang in there! Steve
Steve Tepper <>
Bowie, MD USA - Sun Jul 12 20:49:17 1998
I am so glad that I have found this web page. I have suffered with migraines for about 18 years now. About 10 years ago, they were at their worst. I felt like I was dealing with a 48 hour flu every month, until I finally realized it was the headache pain that was making me ill. For several years, I would go to the doctor complaining of headache pain and they would look at me as if I was crazy. They'd tell me to take 2 Tylenol and get some sleep and it would go away. RIGHT! Finally, I found a great doctor willing to work with me to help ease and try to alleviate the pain I was having. I have tried many medications, some which did not work at all. Now I am taking Prozac and feverfew, which seems to be working fairly well. I am definately still getting headaches, but, I guess also as I am getting older, the pain is not as bad. I do use the Imitrex injection, the pills did not work quick enough. The injection has done wonders for my life, I never go anywhere without it, and panic hen Iíve been really suffering chronic pain and in that time Iíve tried everything from allopathic to naturopathic to Ayurvedic, Chinese herbs, hypnotherapy, yoga, and now back more with allopathic. Although Iíve consulted with a doctor I still am not certain what kind of headache I have as I have symptoms of the various kinds of headaches. My headaches come behind the right eye but do not have any of the classic migraine symptoms and it debilitates me so that I am not able to function on the days when I get a headache. In more recent years Iíve just been not able to work and losing so much time on the things I want to do but within the last year I had somehow started to work out a strategy that was improving things for me. That was with Esgic Plus. And the strategy was that I could expect five days of headache out of seven and I was able to abort three of those headaches with the Esgic. Previous to that when I first found that Esgic was effective for me I started taking more and more until I became addicted. I was taking two a day and then I was getting rebound headaches. So I completely detoxed from that and now Iíve built up by reading the various literature I understand that I could take as many as three a week without rebound. So within this last year I had built up this strategy of taking three a week. That would take care of three headaches. And on two other days I would normally not have headaches. So only two days a week I was getting the very painful ones which usually last about twenty-four hours and I was getting a lot of up time. But now within the last week Iíve reached a kind of cross-roads or crisis and that is that the Esgic has not been working and Iíve lost my main line of defense. Iíve read the literature about Imitrex and I want to try it although the only symptoms I have that would apply to migraine are sort of general which is headaches that debilitate you so that you cannot function, headaches that come on a frequent basis during the week, and headaches that (well itís almost the same thing) decrease the quality of your life. And then the other thing is whether itís migraine or not. I donít know but itís on one side of the head. I know that Imitrex says you should use it for migraine only, so Iím not sure whether it is good for me. I did try it once in 1996 a couple of times and it didnít work. My doctor also prescribed depakote as preventative. Does anyone have any idea of how I could take Esgic again so that it could be effective? Somebody said if I lay off for a couple of weeks maybe it will be effective again. Or what can I expect from the combination of Imitrex and preventative drugs?
- Wed Jul 8 9:42:43 1998
has anyone tried feverfew migraspray , does it help dave basham dry branch wv
dave basham <>
dry branch, wv USA - Tue Jul 7 23:05:04 1998
I have already written on these pages once before, but this time I would like to find out if anyone has similar frquency of attacks to me. I only seem to get the aura...partial blindness then the scotoma lasting about 20 minutes, and rarely a headache to follow. These have been happening maybe 3 or 4 times a week for the past couple of months. At the time that started I seemed to also have neck pain which I thought was from sleeping at the wrong angle, but the problems have continued and I am wondering whether the auras and the neck pain are associated. I had physiotherapy on the neck this week which doesn't seemed to have helped at all. I am about to purchase a wheat bag to heat and use on my neck. Does this seem familiar to anyone else? I'd love to hear from you.
Peter Siebler <>
Beechworth, VIC Australia - Tue Jul 7 21:02:19 1998
I have had migraines since I had my first child 26 yrs ago. I used to take medrin but it stoped working for me, I'm glad I can take imatrex without a problem. I did have more problems four years ago, but after TMJ surgery the headaches decreased. My sister used to have migraines, but since having extensive TMJ surgery she no longer suffers from them. It's worth a try to rule TMJ out, it helped us.
Charlotte <>
Murchison, Tx USA - Tue Jul 7 21:02:07 1998