Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I am a 31 year old female that was
Sandy Temperly
Dubuque, IA USA - Mon Jul 13 14:49:40 1998
Hi. I suffer from migraines about once a month. I am now doing a research paper on the causes/effects/treatments of migraines. For the effects of migraines part, I would like to get some quotes from people who suffer from them. If anyone would be willing to help me out please email me. Thank you.
Heather <>
Minocqua, Wi USA - Mon Jul 13 14:09:24 1998
Hello, I'm looking for help with my daughter. I had migraines as a teenager, but never like this. My daughter, Lyndsay started having migraines when she was in first grade. They were only once or twice a year until 6th grade. Then they became more frequent...eventually reaching every day. We got through that with the help of our pediatrician, 2 neurologists and a behavioral therapist. She's now headed into her sophomore year of high school and her freshman year was a year from HELL! Stress is the only trigger we can even begin to link things go, but more often than not, that's not the case. We've tried SO many medications. She's on preventatives as well right now, but still having a migraine at least once a week which puts her flat in bed for a day. We just can't seem to find the correct "medication" to pop her back onto her feet. In the interim she's missing work, afraid she'll lose her job, and I'm a nervous wreck worrying about her. When will it end? Does anyone have any ideas to help me? I'm about at the end of the line. Our neurologist seems to have faith in what we're doing, but it's getting ridiculous. We have seen other doctors, even the Chief of Neurology at Tufts University, to no avail. We've tried stadol, hydroxizine, imitrex, migranol...and right now we're trying zomig. We're just guinea pigs! Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
Kathy Melanson <>
Plymouth, NH USA - Mon Jul 13 13:56:15 1998
I just went through another weekend unable to enjoy family activities because of a severe migraine.My husband is very understanding,but mystified about their origin. Heat seems to bring mine on. I have been to the hospital several times to get THE shot.The last time [which was only 3 weeks ago] the doctor gave me Phenigren. That puts me to sleep and does get rid of the ache and nausea that is just as bad as the severe pain in my head! My doctor says now we are going to try different preventions-but I am afraid to plan anything at this time not knowing when I'm going to get HIT.Feverfew Leaf sounds interesting and calcium. When I get hot I must be losing some nutrient in my system. Thanks for letting me visit other sufferers-and I do mean SUFFERING!!
Susan <ALStory@ntrnet>
Ky USA - Mon Jul 13 13:17:03 1998
Well, I've been doing some research on my Cluster headaches and my regular migraines before I go to the doctor. In doing the search, I stubbled onto this site. It's nice to know that there's other people out there. I'm 29 and have been suffering from headaches since I was a teenager. I've been thinking I should go to the doctor for the pain but then either the pain goes away or I get used to it. I've taken everything I can get my hands on the codine Tylenlol pills, aspirin, pain killers and sinus medicine but they just seem to mask the pain to bearable levels. I don't know what to do. It's been about 2 weeks with off and on pain. Mostly on. I'm looking for tips or suggestions on what I should do and what's the best way to sombat this pain. I'm tired on lying on my bed in a pitch black room with tears in my eyes waiting for the pain to go away.
Billy Van Osten <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Mon Jul 13 13:00:00 1998
Hello Again Everyone, I wrote on July 1 about my first migraine which happened 24 June 1998 nad am still having a lingering headache. Not nearly as severe, but a pain! I was wondering if anyone has any comments about head (skin) pain. What I mean is a physical pain when I touch my scalp and various other places. Is this common, or not related at all? Just searching for some input! Thanks Heidi
Heidi Taylor <Heidi_Taylor@CHPPM-CCMAIL.APGEA.ARMY.MIL>
Red Lion, PA USA - Mon Jul 13 11:03:05 1998
Thanks to all of you who sent me encouragement over my last entry. It does help to know that others can understand what it's like. It's also neat to see how many spouses of migraine suffer's are being helped by this web page. I showed my husband this site and he read some the letters from the spouses and I think it helped him to realize that he was also not alone. So far I have been headache free for about a month. This is a record for me...I hope it keeps going this way. Take Care All and again thanks for those e-mails of encouragement.
Dee <>
Eau Claire, WI USA - Mon Jul 13 10:25:22 1998