Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi I am a fellow migraine sufferer in Africa. Are there any side effects to taking Sanomigran and propranolol because lately I have noticed a rash on my hands and fit. Is this a sign that I should panic? Help!!
Lorraine <>
Harare, Zimbabwe - Tue Jul 14 5:11:09 1998
I have a question that I can not seem to find the answer to. I have heard that if you suffer from migranes, then you should not take the pill. Does anyone know if this is true, or just a myth? If it is true, what is the reasoning? Any information you have would be very helpful. Please contact me if you can help. Thank you.
Leslie <>
Rochester, Mi USA - Mon Jul 13 18:32:32 1998
I have the migraines but not the type where your head hurts. I have dizzy spells which I started to get when I was 13. For five years no one had a clue to what was wrong with me. I had numerous tests including a CAT Scan. Finally the docter who treats my mom's migraines suggested that I may have the same problem just with different symptoms. I have been taking a low dose of Amitriptyline which is an anti-depressant for about nine years. They really seem to work. I tried getting off the pills for a year or so and they came back stronger, so I am back to taking 25mg to 50mg a night. I hate the thought of taking these for the rest of my life but it's better than being dizzy and in bad moods all the time. I would like to see more journals about people with the dizzy migraines like myself. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
Theresa <>
Del Mar, Ca USA - Mon Jul 13 17:41:17 1998
Hi, my name is Camilla and I suffer from migraines. This is often triggered by things I eat for instance chocolate or a thing as red wine. So far I have only tried different types of pills... this however does not please me. I would like to try leading a more normal life and not have to go home early from work and things like that.... but you all know what I am talking about. If anyone would like to give me a piece of advise please mail me on the following address: Thanks God bless Camilla Harvey, Denmark
Camilla Harvey <>
Herning, Denmark - Mon Jul 13 16:05:13 1998
JUST SOMETHING INTERESTING: Migraine is not only a disease that can be life threatening, but it can have a devastating and disruptive effect on normal living. Migraine sufferers experience not only excruciating pain, but social ostracism, job loss, disruption to personal relationships, and prejudices in the workplace. Oftentimes people think that those with migraines just can't handle life, or, in reality, are drug addicts or alcoholics. Such perception can be formed when, for example, people see a migraineur wearing sunglasses indoors (photo sensetive), lying in a dark and silent room indoors (photo and sound sensitive), making frequent trips to the restroom (nausea and vomiting), leaving early, working late, slurred speech, all what they may think is erratic behavior. Migraine is one of the most misdiagnosed, mistreated and least understood disease. And the fact that so many doctors don't take Migraine seriously can be as disabling to the migraineur as the disability itself. this medical ignorance and corresponding inaccuracy unfortunately perpetuate the myths and misunderstandings about Migraine and convey this to the general public. This causes stereo-types. I myself have difficulty at my workplace, because of days I suffer the pain of a migraine rather than ask to go home. My boss and fellow workers, as many of you out there have already experienced has no consideration for our pain nor any understanding. I am frustrated and wish I could make all non-migraine sufferers read our journals and hopefully realize the suffering and predudices we live with. I just wanted to let all of you know that I understand what you are going through. Last night, I got absolutly NO SLEEP. I was nauseas to the point of throwing up. I was in the bathroom for a total of 6 hours last night. Soon, I had nothing left to heave, and was spitting up blood. And here I am, the following day, at work, TIRED and still with an uneasy stomach. My boss wouldn't let me go home because he thought my illness was from drinking the night before. I am irrate. Thank you all for listening. Sincerely Jon/
Jon <>
Vancouver, WA USA - Mon Jul 13 15:26:02 1998
I have had migraines since as young as I can remember. I lose vision to a pinhole--all other vision is lost. It looks like I am looking down a hot road before it starts but there isn't enough warning to get home or somewhere safe. I get sick and want to die. Pain like this is awful.
Evelyn Peoples <>
Spring, TX USA - Mon Jul 13 15:00:00 1998
The entry below seems cut I have suffered from migraines since age 16. I thought I was going to die!! I am on Imitrex 50 mgs and it seems to work ok. I will tell you that my headaches are not nearly as bad as they were when I was younger. I now only get them once or twice every 2-3 months. My question is the safety of a drug like Imitrex. I think I would rather endure the pain than find out down the road that the drug I was taking caused lasting damage to my circulatory system and/or heart. Those of you on it know what I am talking about. That quick heart rate and shortness of breath is a little un-nerving.
Dubuque, IA USA - Mon Jul 13 14:59:27 1998