Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi. One of my mom's friends gave me this address. I was surprised to see how many people have migrains. I am 14 years old and have been sick, sick, sick for two years. I'm starting high school in about a week. I would love to talk to someone else in high school and see how they plan to make it through when you spend alomost as much time home sick as you do at school. I made varsity cheerleader this year. I guess I'll get kicked off the squad and taken out of any honors classes for being absent. I don't even like to take all this medicine every day. Oh well, I guess this is enough for now.
Beth <>
atlanta, tx USA - Sat Aug 1 20:36:39 1998
In page two I mentioned the theory of anbalanced preassures(or you may prefer the word 'pulsations')having a role (if not the central role) in the sensation of a Migraine. I use the word sensation because this is what it is. It is a symptom, an end product, an effect, not a cause. I also mentioned that the second theory appealed to me more due to the lack of oxygen (connection) to the brain or onner part of the head that (it is theorized) precedes the attack. If you have ever bent or stooped over then straightened up quickly you will have probably experienced this phenomenon of light headedness amd temporary dizziness. What happened during this movement was that there was a sudden change in pressures causing a decrease in blood/oxygen flow to the head. Once you were erect for a while these pressures(pulsations) equalized and normal balanced blood/oxygen flow returned in the proper ratios. There is a diagram at which shows accupressure points for Migraine. The diagram depicits the the thick ropy muscles of the neck and indicates these pressure points to be rather high up on the neck and the highest to be at the very base of the head or where the neck ends. If cold rather than pressure was applied to these 5 accupressure points would this not produce at least to some extent a slowing of the blood supply and thus bring into closer sync the pressures between the inner(brain) and outer (scalp)regions. This seems like a reasonable assumption and in the desired direction of balancing the inner and outer pressures(pulsations). The lady who wrote this web page to say that her head felt as though there were two little men, one inside trying to chisel his way out while the other little man was inside trying to chisel his way in gives I believe as graphic and accurate description as what is actually happening in a persons head during a Migrain attack. The only difference being of course that the little men are unequal pressure energys attempting to reach equalibriun.Or to put it another way to restore the body to balance and normalcy. I have seen a Migraine described as like having your head in a vice with someone alternating between tightening and relaxing the vice. Daughter MM seems to be tolerating her detox program thus far and she has not had a Migraine since I began writing to this web page. Of course we are well aware that this does not necessarily mean anything except that she has had a sharp drop in the number of rebounders that she had been experiencing over the past couple of years. It still doesnt indicate that she has the problem whipped yet. But with Migraines its one day and one victory at a time. MM has agreed to try this heat to the scalp and cold to the accupressure points method the next time she senses a Migraine in the neighborhood.We are not clear as to just where the heat should be applied so if anyone out there would like to put this hypothesis to the test the next time a Migraine appears we would suggest that one way to locate the best area for the heat to the scalp might be to press lightly over several areas of the scalp to see where the most sensitive locations are and if the whole scalp is sensitive to the touch a halo shaped heating pad or source might work best. Since we lose 40% of our body heat thru the top of our heads it may be better if the whole scalp was not covered so as not to interfer with this normal body process of heat release. If any of you hardy souls decide to try this please let us know if it helps and if not then its back to the drawing board! Hawkshaw 22.
Pittsburgh, Pa. USA - Sat Aug 1 19:03:58 1998
Last week I called my doctor for a refill on Imitrex. He suggested I come by the office for samples of a new drug called Maxalt. Haven't had need to try it yet. Has anyone had experience with this?
Katherine Daniels
Spokane, WA USA - Sat Aug 1 12:52:38 1998
I am a 38 year old female and have suffered from migraines since age 8. I have tried many different drugs, most of which didnt work. I would end up in the ER getting a shot of Demerol. I finally did find a drug that worked Ergostat. i put it under my tongue and let it desolve. it would get rid of the pain but the feeling of weekness and total yuckyness was still there. Then this drug became unavailable so i was back to square one again. A Psychiatrist told me of a treatment that worked for him. He told me when i get the flashing warning signals in my eyes to take 800 mg of ibuprophen right away. I have been using this method for about 2 years now and it works most of the time. 2 days ago i got a migraine that the ibuprophen wouldnt work on. i ended up in the ER where the doctor gave me a shot of 100mg of Visteral i slept in the ER for 2 hours and felt somewhat better. but in the morning the headache was back. this time i took 800mg of ibuprophen and went to work. the headache was much improved by the end of the day but was back again the following morning. That would be today and as i type this i have taken Tylox which my doctor gave me to take home from the ER. The Tylox has worked in getting rid of most of the pain but i am very drowsy and feeling all around crappy. the muscles in the back of my neck are very tight i think a good massage would help
Teresa <>
Crosby, MN USA - Sat Aug 1 9:56:58 1998
I am a massage therapist that has had great success in relieving headaches through massage. I am greatly interested in hearing if any migraine sufferers out there have had any success with relief through massage. I am also interested in seeing if anybody is interested in trying massage and ice packs (cryotherapy) for relief and then getting back to me. I am putting together a web site with a section on massage & migraines and would greatly appreciate any new information that might help others. Thank you
Ronando Long <Nando>
Portland, OR USA - Sat Aug 1 4:21:56 1998