Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have just been reading some journal entries and am relieved to see that I am not nuts. What I'm finding is that non-sufferers just don't get it. The misconceptions that irritate me the most are 1) I am a hypochondriac looking for attention 2)I am exibiting drug seeking behavior 3) I am depressed and need therapy. Let's tackle each issue. 1) I normally don't tell people when I have a HA. Most people close to me can tell just by looking at my eyes. When asked I will usually tell them that I don't have one. 2) I am an RN working in a high stress field with half my time being on 24hour call. I cannot take any kind of drug that will affect my judgement. Plus drugs are very accessable to nurses and if I wanted to be a junkie I wouldn't spend all my money and time seeing Drs. 3) I do get depressed when I am forced to forgo activities I enjoy because I am sick. Depression is a result not a cause. I went to a Dr. I have never seen before last week. MY own Doc was on vacation. I had had the worst HA of my life and was vomitting uncontrolably. This heartless witch had the nerve to tell me I was overreacting and that it was probably allergies. She gave me Allegra and sent me on my way. I can't wait till my own Doc comes home. I have run the gammut of meds but choose not to take narcotics. The reason being this. I have not had an MRI and do not know for sure if I don't have an anurysm or small Subarachnoid bleed. If I feel I need narcotics I will go to the ERor Dr. Just a word of advice my job deals with people who are brain dead. I have seen several women my age who had a history of Migraines and one day had a severe one and self medicated(all meds were prescribed). Well, they were having bleeding in the brain and when they finally decided the med weren't working it was too late and they died. If you are experiening THE WORST HEADACHE OF YOUR LIFE go to the ER or your doctor. It could save your life.
audrey <>
houston, tx USA - Sun Aug 2 18:34:12 1998
2 August Hello all: I was just on the "Headaches" pages just prior to coming here. Under Annual Scientific Meeting for the Study of Headache June 19-22 1997, I read something very interesting about Sumatriptan and Serotonin and Dopamine and migraines. I would highly suggest that youall make a visit to that page and read Dr. Conrad's notes. Then do alittle study on your own type of headaches be it classic,common or rebound etc. Then ask your docs about 5-HTP and St. John's Wort!!!! Do any of you "60"'s people remember what the scientific compound name for LSD is? Look up ergotamine (E) and (DHE) Then get the book Encyclopedia for Natural Medicine and look up Migraine Headache. Come on people get with it! It sounds as if youall don't "know" your headaches! Are they common and how may it be trigger. Are they classic and how may it be trigger. What is the best treatment a dopamine antagonists or a beta blocker?! What causes the nausea what chemical does that?! Please people read!!!! Your answers are there. I have severe headaches too!!! I HATE THEM!!! THEY ARE DEBILATING!!! I CAN"T WORK!! I MISS OUT ON MY OWN SON"S GRADUATION PARTY!!!!!!I am 45 years old and I am not going to let this HA pull me down! I WILL BEAT IT!!! HELP ME TO BEAT THEM TO!!!! Am I mad? Alittle but mustly excited I made a break through I am not going to complain out pain I have a migraine NOW! I am REJOICING!!!!! Please rejoice with me?????? I believe I have found my answer to migraines and ST. JOHN'S wort. Thanks for letting me get excited. LOVE TO ALL AND MAY THE LORD KEEP YOU TILL YOU FIND YOUR FINAL CURE.
denise <>
USA - Sun Aug 2 18:08:36 1998
Hi everyone, I haven't written in awhile. I just wanted an opportunity to update and see if anyone has any experience with this "new" drug. I went to a new neurologist and she suggested that because I have these unusual seizures --like "absence" seizures, she feels that it may be more of a complex migraine syndrone. She said that she was not comfortable with me not being on any preventive meds becasue of my MRI and EEG results. (I've had allergies or reactions to EVERYTHING!). Anyway, she recommended considering "topamax" or (topiramate). It is really a seizure meds, but the side effects sound horrendous eg: difficulty concentrating, word-finding difficulty, mental confusion, nervousness, shaky hands, changes in mood, drowsiness, constipation, tingling of hands or feet, more likely to develop kidney stones, can effect blood cells and organs like liver and kidneys..... shall I go on? I think this sounds nuts !! I can't even imagine how I could tolerate something like this, if I've had such problems with other typical drugs. Also, she was not in favor of the the Lupron, or any other hormone manipulation. I am not suprised. I also stopped using fioricet and starting using phrenilin. It's the same except less tylenol (you can always add more) and no caffeine. I found this allows me to relax more and rest with migraines, and has less of a rebound effect. I was wondering if anyone used this either? One more thing, I had to go to the ER this week, I can only take pain meds, MRI shows some bleeding etc. Anyway, he gave me 100 mg of vistiral for the nausea and then the attending came in and said that the reason I wasn't getting sleepy from the vistiral was because I was probably home "popping pills all day" and then he said " I'm not giving you anything for a buzz, she's discharged, get her out of my ER" I just wanted to share this inhumane attitude. The nurse was humiliated and told me to go to another ER nearby, because I was obviously very sick. My husband reported him the next day and everything, but I will still never get how this guys have the nerve to treat people who are obviously ill that way. There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior. I hope you all have a migraine free day, better yet week !! Please e-mail me if you have any comments or information. Maureen
Maureen Lyons Tashjian <>
Langhorne, `PA USA - Sun Aug 2 17:13:43 1998
Hello, I'm the guy that had severe back pain someday last week and posted here. OK, I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed and back pain went with it. I do wear lower dentures. I would send the page but don't know how or if even possible. The URL for that page does not work. Sooo! Search teeth+back pain This will bring you to search page look for Pain and the TMJ click on and read. When you get to "how does TMJ dysfunction feel" I guess that was me. Scroll to botom and click on "Dr. Wes Shankland's TMJ page" If you have never been their, go. Wish you all well, michael
michael <>
pequea, pa USA - Sun Aug 2 16:03:40 1998
I've been a migraine sufferer since I was 11. I am now 32 and have tried EVERYTHING. Currently I take an Imitrix 50 mg tablet upon getting a migraine. This only works about 50% of the time. Then I supplement with two 7.5/500 Lortab every 6 hours as needed. My neurologist will only allow me to take these medications for three days at one time. This way I am not suffering from rebound headaches. This is okay when I only have a three day migraine but often I will have 5-7 day migraines. I find the "three-day rule" to be beneficial in keeping me from suffering 365 days a year which is what used to be! So, my point is, if you are on narcotics try to limit them to three days at one time with at least a 3-5 day wait in between. It has made my life a little bit easier.
Angie <>
Wichita, KS USA - Sun Aug 2 13:11:21 1998
Hello all....last night was my first real trip to the E.R. with a migraine...luckily i can just go to my family practice clinic and all is o.k....I must say i got in in less than an hour...and as my pain was getting worse the Dr. decided to give me the meds i.v. style...3tries before the nurse got this...i was really hurting then...they used Stadol...Toradol(which I never had before}..and Compazine...i still was nausious...but the headache disappeared...and within 45 minutes I was at home and in bed...slept all night...and i actually feel good today!!! Let's hope the rest of the week continues like today!! Thanks for listening...this board is great...and i love to hear what all have to say...kelli
Kelli <>
Temple, Tx USA - Sun Aug 2 12:31:35 1998
Hello everyone....I am not a frequent migrane sufferer as some of youin the posting that I have read....I do have something to offer to all of you....I have freinds who have suffered with migrane headaches and they have found that through chiropractic and some trigger point work they have been able to gain some relief....I am currently a chiropractic student and I have heard from the Dr.'s that teach at school about the relief that they have given to migrane sufferers....I wholey believe that chiropractic is for more than just neack and back pain...I have noticed in some of the stories that I have read that "alternatives" such as chiropractic, massage, and triggerpoint work where rarely mentioned...that everyone seems to be seeking the cure through drugs and medical doctors that have no clue.... I urge you that if youare tired of the results that youare getting from the medications and the medical doctors not helping you give chiropractic a couldn't make things never know it maybe the thing you are looking for.... Please feel free to contact for more about chiropractic, triggerpoint or anything else....I wish all of you the best luck in sucessfully dealing with your migraines
Robin <>
Davenport, IA USA - Sat Aug 1 23:42:41 1998
Hello again fellow Migraineuers...I have had an unusual afternoon. My cable TV went off and is still off after 6 hours, so I decided to watch a music video that I had not watched completely through as yet. It was the music of Bill and Gloria Gaither. For those of you that do not know of them, they are a Gospel couple that have written many Gospel songs and now put together videos of all types of Gospel singers and the beautiful songs that tell of our Lord. At any rate, I must tell you that I am having one of the worst Migraines that I have had lately and have nothing to take for it except for Ibuprophen and a cold pack for my neck. (where it hurts the most) So sitting in my recliner and watching this video was a God send for me. During the time I watched and sang (yes I said sang) I noticed that my headache was getting better, or at least tolerable. I have never ecperienced this before, though I have sat in the same chair with the same meds and the same TV and the same cold pack on many days before and never had this reaction. I finally decided that I was being healed of this headache by Christ and this beautiful music. During this time I had call to pray and when I did, I want you all to know that I prayed and will pray again for you...some of you I know by name and those I spoke their names and will again. I know that prayer works, it has in the past...I just forget sometimes because I am human and I have gotten away from church since I have been so sick and had two back surgeries. I just don't feel goot enough to get dressed to go, but you know what????...I think that I will make the effort to get up tomorrow and go...the place may fall in but I am going to be there and I will again speak the names of the Migraine friends that I know and ask that God heal all of us...If you want me to speak your name, e-mail me and I will check the computer before I go in the morning. Be well and God bless all of you. Linda
Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA - Sat Aug 1 21:35:37 1998