Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hawkshaw22 Page 4 Within the past week or so I have read on this and another web page dedicated to Migrains a lot about Feaver Few nasel spray and I believe that if your particular Migraine originates in your Sinus Cavities that you may well experience some remarkable dimunition of your symptoms thru its use. If I understand what I have read about this herb accurately it has the ability to open blood vessels. This is another over simplification but is again sufficiant for our purposes. If this be true then the way it may work is by increasing the blood flow to the Sinus areas and by so doing to incourage the sinus cavities to empty themselves of the excess fluids which increase the pressures within the sinus caveties. After researching Migrains over the past eight months and trying to reduce all of the clues to a manageable and understandable number of causes (origins)on of my major suspects were the Sinus Caveties and their connections to the inner ear. I mention the inner ear because this has some influence on the bodies sense or awareness of balance and is the major player in seasickness. If you have ever seen anyone get seasick on a ship it is much like what I have read described by many of you long-suffering Migraine folks. When an investigator begins to investigate a case he always begins by taking note of what is out of place. By what isnt as it should normally be. In the case of Migraines by the both the simularities and differences reported by each of the victims. One of the most constant and recuring complaint is of nausea, vertigo and throwing up. All complaints which can be found in seasickness. In seasickness the throwing up comes first and then the headache just the opposite of Migraine attacks but with the same end result. This inner and middle ear connection lead me to the Sinus Cavities. There were several other clues that led me to begin considering the Sinus Cavities as one of the most probable causes in at least some cases of Migraine. The lady who wrote this web page and reported that she freed herself of Migraines accidently one night when she took some sort of medication which caused her sinuses to drain is I believe another potentially vauable clue. Another persuasive item for this hypothosis is the accupressure diagram at Those of you who have looked this up will notice that along with the five points in the back of the head and skull diagramed there are also five accupressure points right over the sinus cavity area of the face. One might be able to descern wether in their particular case their sinus cavities are envolved by pressing lightly on these five accupressure points when they are not having a Migrain attack and then again when they are just begining to have one. There is a way to drain the sinus cavities every morning and every evening that I came across quite by accident about ten years ago. I have no idea wether or not this would work for everyone but it works like a charm for me. If you have reason to believe that your sinus cavities are envolved in your head pain this simple excercise might help drain your sinus cavities and at least relieve this pressure on your poor head. I know that this goes without saying but never accept anyones ideas or suggestions without first running them by your doctor or other health professional. They if they have been practicing very long have heard it all(several times) and you would be foolish to not to access all these years of experience. In page five I will go over the morning and evening sinus draining excercises. They take 3 min. Hawkshaw22
J. Brown <Hawkshaw22>
Pittsburgh, Pa. USA - Wed Aug 5 18:45:59 1998
My doctor just put me on Toprol for my migraines. I've heard that beta blockers can make you gain a lot of weight. I've noticed a difference in my workouts, my heart rate isn't getting up as high as it used to. Can any one verify this information? Thanks!
Nichole <>
ventura, USA - Wed Aug 5 16:02:50 1998
Hi everyone. It's me again, Jana. Guess what?! I was supposed to be admitted to the hospital this morning to detox from all the pain meds I have had to take for my severe migraines and I was stood up!! Yep, STOOD UP!! I showed up at the hospital only to be turned away. Apparently, the doc *forgot* to write orders and never let anyone know of my admission. Was I pissed or what!! You better believe I was and still am!! I called my docs office and found out that he had to leave town on a "family emergency" last night and would not return until about a week to 10 days or so. You would think though that one of his staff employees would have called me and let me know. However, NO ONE called me to tell me; thus, I went to the hospital looking stupid becuz he *forgot* to write my orders! Can you believe it?! I had enough anxiety about going into the hospital to begin with and what a waste this whole thing has been! Plus, my husband had to take off work to take me there! For what? NOTHING!!!! Like I said, what a waste!! So, now my husband has put a call into my doc's office to see if there is anyway possible that I can detox at home being my husband is a nurse and can give me the DHE shots (as he already does for me) and give me the Decadron and Phenobarbital so I do not have to endure such a painful ordeal again with going into the hospital. I do want to thank everyone that has written to me and given me encouraging words. You know who you are. I really appreciate it a lot!! Please write back with any suggestions/advice you may have for me. Thanks! I hope everyone is doing well. I do not wish anyone to go through what I just went through this morning.
Jana <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Wed Aug 5 12:47:50 1998
Well I have been having these damn things for about three years of ever increasing hell! They started out as just soreness in my neck musles and now have gone to the full extent of puking and light sensitivity. I was put on Duradrin yesterday and was told that I have both classical and cluster migraines, but I also need to go get my eyes checked out. Sometimes just using a computer can trigger this or just looking at light coming thru a verticle window shade can trigger them and put me down for the rest of the day. The only person(s) that seems to beleive me about this is my wife (and maybe my doctor). I just wish these would go away a let me enjoy life when I want to. Thanks for this great website.
Dave Rawe <>
Colorado Springs, CO USA - Wed Aug 5 9:26:34 1998
I have s long-term history of migraines (x30 years), have tried everything in the book and have them more frequently now than ever (daily). I am so tired of trying to justify my absences at work (no one understands), does anyone know about the law and disability for migraine suffering? I just do not see how I can contine to work. I have FML but am still chastised. I am so "sick of being sick"! Some one please help me..... Charlotte (
Charlotte Hatton <>
Mt. Sterling, KY USA - Wed Aug 5 8:28:22 1998
Just hoping and wishing that each and every one of you have a pain free day. I am past the migraine but I am still suffering from headaches and stiffness in my neck. I am very scaared because my headache is due to come back next week when I ovulate, it may be even harder to get rid of this time than the last... Well instead of fearing the inevitable, I have to start preparing myself. Again, I hope you all have a pain free day, hell, lets shoot for a week!! Thinking of you all, Lisa
Lisa <>
Boston, MA USA - Wed Aug 5 7:34:15 1998
Here is my story. I am 34 and have suffered from migraines since I was about 7 or 8. Over the years my parents tried many different sorts of treatments, but nothing seemed to relieve the pain. I finally resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to deal with the pain and did not seek any sort of help for years. One day I woke up with a migraine, called in sick, crawled into bed, turned out the lights, pulled the shades,(etc.- you know the routine), and dealt with the pain. The migraine proceeded to get worse and worse until finally it reached the "Just Shoot Me Phase". On the pain scale this one was a ten. "Normal" migraine pain for me would have been a 9 1/2 on this scale, but this one was a little worse than usual. The situation finally became so bad that I went to the doctor. His initial diagnosis was viral meningitis and immediately sent me to a neurologist. I was admitted into the hospital and I ended up having a bulging disk in my neck. I was in the hospital for 7 days heavily medicated, (demerol, visteral). I started seeing this neurologist about my migraines. He put me on some caffeine-based pill which for me meant was that I was wired during my migraines. He had me try midrin and codeine. This was the magical elixir that stopped the pain. I now take imitrex if I catch it early enough. It seemes to help 50% of the time. The Moral Of The Story: I know and have known people who say they have a migraine and p proceed to go about their daily business in a cheerful manner. A true migraine is powerful and debilitating. It strikes with deadly force denying its victim any recourse other than a dark room and time. And while in its grip one is pushed to the edge of their tolerance, where persevering means lying still for as long as it takes for the pain to leave. If you experience migraines, true migraines, I hope my story helps you to see that there is help for you; something can be done for your pain, but not until you act.
Scott Vanatta <>
Fountain Valley, CA USA - Tue Aug 4 22:11:03 1998