Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have been suffering from migraines for over 20 years. Just as most of the people I have tried everything I could. It wasn't untill I found a miracle drug that never fails to give complete relief within 10 minutes. Nothing else has come close to the tremendous response that I achieve with this medicine. It is an old medicine that has been around for years. Most physicians are not familiar with it. I have found myself needing to instruct the physician on it. Since it is not a narcotic-it is not addicting or mood-altering. I can not live without this medicine. If someone tries it and it doesn't work, that would be an indication that their headache needs reassessing. It is either not a migrane (could be a cluster,tension etc.) or a complex headache. The miracle drug is D.H.E. 45.(dihyroergotomine 45) The route of administration is 1 cc intramuscular. I must warn, there are associated side effects(palpitations,flushed feeling,nausea,) these subside very quickly-less than 10 minutes. But the almost instant relief is worth these side-effects. A recent nasal spray form of DHE 45 was approved for US release. I haven't found it to be as effective as the injection and it is quite expensive. ATTENTION:ALL MIGRAINE SUFFERERS-please, please try this,I thought I would be destined to endure these incapacitating headaches from now on. I am so very excited about the response I have gotten from DHE 45.
debbie54 <>
ardmore, ok USA - Date: 08/22/98 (Sat) Time: 10:29:07 PM
Hey,where are all my e-mail friends? There are several people who were e-mailing me prior to my trip to Disneyworld. Where is everybody? I sure miss your messages and worry about you when I don't hear from you. It feel so lonely when I come down and check my mail and there is nothing there. So let me here from you Pam, Stacey, Julie, Dollie (you have written lately, thanks)Patricia, Jana, Rollerball, etc. Even if you don't have anything to say just write and b.s. I spend about 10 hours a day at the computer if not more. I would rather be making friends with people who can relate than chatting with people who can't. Take care and love you all, Chuck
Chuck Raines <>
Reidsville, NC USA - Date: 08/22/98 (Sat) Time: 08:00:02 PM
Hello all. Been a while since I posted so I thought I would do so. Hope this finds everyone being able to deal with our afflictions okay. Well, my current problem is that I am still having at least a migraine a week, like so many others on here, but the doctor will only give me one bottle of Stadol a month. The Stadol is the only thing that keeps me out of the emergency room. As you all know, those bottles of Stadol are very small. I can go through a bottle in a week's time, depending on the severity of the headache. I am sick and tired of the emergency room and all the "looks" that you get when you go there, not to mention the $50.00 co-pay and the hours upon hours of waiting!!!!! I guess I am just venting unless someone out there has a suggestion. I even tried to get a friend to go to her doctor to see if she could get a prescription for the Stadol and I would pay her costs. She said she would but so far has not even made an effort to make an appointment. I can't stand it when someone says they will do something for you and then they dont, especially when it means the difference between pain and relief!!!! Oh well. Thanks for letting me vent. Let me hear back from yall! Hope you are all pain free, at least for today.
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tx USA -
Now that the journal is back up--------is there a reason why the dates and times of submission are not on each posting? This is the way I keep track of those entries I have and haven't read. It would be nice if the date, time, AND day of the week would appear. I can't remember if it used to or not. Stay well..............Mary Jo
Mary Jo <>
This is not really my history, but actually a concern. I have been reading the postings for a couple months now, but in the last couple weeks I don't remember seeing a posting from Angel in California. I had talked with her by email and she was having a horrible time with her migraines, but it seems like like forever since she's posted. Angel, if you read this please email me so I know you're okay. I'm just a concerned fellow sufferer. Best Wishes, Pam
Pam <>
Hello fellow migraineurs...I thought that I would check in here today to see how everything was going and found that the journal has apparently had a case of a Migraine. Oh, a bit of sense of humor...ha, ha, ha. I used to have a great sense of humor...somtimes it makes a comeback, however weak it might be. At any rate, just a bit of an update...I have had a headache now since Sunday...I did have a Nubain and Phenergan shot on Sunday evening, but the nurse hit a spot in my hip where a previous shot had left a hard spot. So, consequently, the medicine didn't go anywhere...I did feel it slightly, but the pain did not go away. So, on Monday I called to see if I could get my Stadol refilled. No luck. My doctor was out of town until Wednesday and the other doctors didn't feel comfortable refilling it. Oh bother. So, on Wednesday I called again and was told I had to wait until Thursday to get it filled. By now I am ready to bang my head on the walls, but knowing how that will feel, I restrained from that activity. I got the medication yesterday and took it right away...for whatever reason, it made the headache worse. I have to admit that I did take more than one spray, so maybe that is why it made it worse. After a bit of nausea, I was able to fall asleep and the headache went today I feel a bit better with the exception of the usual after migraine hangover. I do have a stupid (or at least curious) question to those that take Stadol. Have you ever noticed an urge to eat something after taking the drug?? I have noticed this each time I take it. It does not matter that I am nauseated...I still have an urge to eat something...anything. I don't know why, except that it might have something to do with the taste that I get after taking it...YUCK!! It might be that I want to get rid of that taste...don't know. I would appreciate it if any of you have the same sensation would let me know...or perhaps I am alone in this particular boat. Anyway, I hope that all of you are doing well and that all new ones will find this journal helpful and informative. Good health to you all....Linda
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Coffeyville, KS USA -
I am VERY, VERY sorry for the interruption in the journal. My service provider did some updates and the script needed modification. It appears to be OK now, but unfortunately a bunch of entries got zapped somehow (don't ask me why 'cause I can't figure it out myself.) Once again, I apologize and please re-submit if your entry is missing. Thanks!
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