Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I would like to find out how many of you have used Stadol NS and how it works for you. I take Inderal, Elavil, and Prozac as preventives, and Stadol and Zomig as rescue meds. I try the Zomig first---it works about one third of the time. Then I use the Stadol as a last resort. I end up using about one bottle a week. Some think that is a lot. I have 3-4 migraines a week. What do others think of this med?
Mary Jo <>
IA USA - Date: 08/25/98 (Tue) Time: 04:50:05 PM
Greetings fellow headache sufferers. I have read your postings and can relate to many. Has anyone ever visited the Jefferson Headache Clinic in Philadelphia PA, Dr. Stephen Silberstein? I've heard he's written several books on headaches but I haven't located any yet. I am scheduled to visit them in October. I have had severe migraines for about eight years now. I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck with specialty headache clinics, or is this going to be another waste of time and money. Dana D. Simonsen
Dana D. Simonsen <>
Chester, VA USA - Date: 08/25/98 (Tue) Time: 04:16:24 PM
Ni Hao, Hello, Hi My name is Clare and I have been reading a vast catalogue of horrible woes from a large number of people in pain. I'm still not sure I fit into this category, but would appreciate some advice away from the Drs. I used to live in China and caught some sort of a bug (virus) in April , since then I had a crashing headache always behind my left eye and became photophobic and phonophobic with faceache. No auras or feeling sick. No need to take to my bed; until dizziness, vertigo, numbness in my hands and feet started up and stiff legs. Whereupon mu headquarters asked me to come and see my company Dr. I have been through the gamut of tests here is Singapore incl. MRIs, lumbar punctures etc and no nasty disease shows up. I collapsed in spasm/cramp type pain which had me in hospital for a fortnight and the diagnosis came out eat Imigran for migraines which I had no history of before! Yes the headaches have eased up from a screaming 9 out of 10 to a 5, but little else has improved. MS was discussed but seems to have been left behind, so my question is to you who know better than them, is is this migraine? Both my neurologist and Doctor are very considerate and have tried really hard I know, but I just feel like a big hypochondriac with a headache and bizarre sensations that come and go as they please.
Clare <>
Singapore, - Date: 08/25/98 (Tue) Time: 02:15:39 PM
I had a dfferent migraine expereince last week and was wondering if anyone had the same thing happen to them. Thursday afternoon my hubby had a tooth pulled and whike we were waiting for his prescriptions we decided to get a slush. Two or three times when I took a sip I got one of those "Brain Freezes" behind my left eye. I really didn't think anything of it because it only lasteda minute. Well I woke up at 5:00am Friday morning and couldn't move,my head hurt so bad behind my left eye. Tried Vicodin ES and Phenergan and that didn't work, so ended up at the Dr.'s office for a BIG shot of Nubane and Vistaril. Still had the headache all weekend, but not quite as bad. Has anyone else had an episode like this? Rhonda
Rhonda <>
TX USA - Date: 08/25/98 (Tue) Time: 01:54:29 PM
I am desperate. I have been suffering with this stupid headache for 4 days now and I don't know what to do anymore. I have a prescription for Darvocet that I am supposed to take for the pain, but my gosh! I'm afraid if I take it as often as I hurt then I will get addicted or something. I have tried everything... massage, excedrin migraine (what a joke that one was... no relief at all), hot shower, dark room, all to no avail. I know if I go to the doctor he will just give me a shot of Emetrex (sp?) which I don't want because I'm scared of the side effects from it. I had never had a headache like this until after my son was born in January. He was 6 weeks old and one day I was preparing a bottle and I went "blind". It was the most terrifying thing I have ever been thru. All alone at home with my 6 week old child who was crying and I couldn't even see to get to him. I called an ambulance and was taken to the ER, to be told it was "just a migraine". When I got home, the pain hit. I thought I would die. The sound of my son crying made me nauseated, normal room lights made me feel like someone was boring a hole thru my eyes. I have had at least one episode per week since then. When will this stop? Sorry. I think I just need to whine for a while.
Jennifer <>
Birmingham, AL USA - Date: 08/25/98 (Tue) Time: 01:03:45 PM
So glad to see the journal up and running again (Or should I say hobbling along, soon to be running?) Since I seem to have lost alot of what I had written here, I will summise it and hope someone has a clue what Im talking about. I was doing well with the med I was on (Pamalour) had seen Doc and he was keeping me on it for another 6 weeks... Two nights later, an hour and a half after taking dosage of meds, had severe reaction to them. Crushing pain in chest and nausea for about two hours..... Honestly thought I was having some sort of attack. End result. EKG came back normal and I was taken off the meds... Will be seeing Doc on Wed - Todays tuesday - and will have to take things from there.... Ahhhhhhh well, the human guniea pig continues. Now that I am finally able to sleep again (Was terrified to try for about 40 or so hours was wide awake)sorta, getting about 4 hours or so at a time... not normal for me but at least sleeping. Just thought I would post this so that if anyone else had this happen, they would know they werent alone... I have never had ANY reaction to ANY med before this one.... was quite a suprise Ill tell you that! Just SOOOOOO thankful that all is ok now.... been without meds for about 6 days now.... so far no migraines - Im thinking my head has been relying on all that was still in my system as I still feel those darn twinges in my head from time to time. Hope all are doing well and looking foward to being able to continue to read the journal entries... Thanks Rhonda! Kristen Leigh
Kristen Leigh <KLeigh888@AOL.COM>
Jericho, NY USA - Date: 08/25/98 (Tue) Time: 10:52:47 AM
i have suffered from migraines for about 10 i went to the doctor and was prescribed a new drug called worked for less than 2 hours but relief started in about 15 minutes.i hope this will be the medicine that will control the headaches.i have taken all of the other meds available....Stadol NS....oxycontin...oxycodone.. name it and i have tried it....the best relief was from the Stadol NS but there is no way i can work while taking it.i myself think the emergency room physicians don't understand the pain we are having conclude,i hope the MAXALT will do the job.....
tommy <>
seneca, sc USA - Date: 08/24/98 (Mon) Time: 11:35:58 PM
It's been great to read all of the case histories on this page. I began having migraines about 30 years ago. When they started I thought I was going to die. I had the visual ora then a headach that lasted for a week. Doctors gave me cafergot to begin with and let me know about the food triggers. Through the years they got better off and on with the changing of medications. Over the last couple of years there has been a change. It started out my thinking the axis was off on my glasses, they weren't. My right eye was out of focus all of the time without any headache. My eye Doctor sent me to the nuraligist. After many xrays and scanns he said I was experiencing MIGRAINE VERIBLE. He started me on Dilicor, a low dosage at first. But soon the symptoms changed again. I started getting dizzy almost every afternoon. So he increased the Dilicor. It seems to be making the dizziness not happen as often. Now, lately I've been experiencing severe nausous feelings and then get a headache. It's not savere enough for Midrin so I take Excederin. That seems to work. I'd like to know if anyone out there has experienced symptoms like this? Symptoms and not headach? I would appreciate any e-mail on this.
Jo Anna <>
topeka, ks USA - Date: 08/24/98 (Mon) Time: 09:06:42 PM
This is a response to Lovisa entry. The anti-depressants are useful for people with migraines because they help to keep seritonin where it belongs and that's in the synapse. Researchers have found that those who suffer from migraines have low seritonin levels. These medications are used for migraines as well as depression. You do not need to be depressed to take them, they have been found to be useful in cases of migraines and fibromyalgia. Pat
Pat <>
USA - Date: 08/24/98 (Mon) Time: 03:28:13 PM