Journal of Migraine Sufferers

dear other head pain suffers, i am new to this site and have never seen it before.i was involved in an accident close to 5 years ago,since that time i have suffered whaat was diagnosed as post tramatic migraine syndrome with muscle contracture headache.i also have a sleep disorder and seizure like activity when i sleep.i recieved 2 skull fractures and a small cerebal bleed,loss of consciousness and memory husband was driving our van in a bad snow storm when ther were white oout conditions,we hit the back of a snow plowwho was traveling at about 40 mph and we were going 55,he was sited for driving to fast for conditions and had to pay a fine,now 5 years later i am taking prozac,verapamil,neurontin,dilantin,limbatrol,lipator on a daily basis,there is also a list of meds i use for increased pain in my head.i have run the gambet on the drug list,was treated at the diamond headache clinic,have been seen by countless number of doctors without any add to this horrible medical condition which forced me to lose my business and my professional job as a r.n. my husband is now tired of having a sick wife,he thinks i should be like i was before and i have been told that i never will.i find it difficult to perform even easy daily task let alone have the energy to be the wife and mother i was before.he told my good friend that he was getting sick of this,but what i don't understand is how he can feel this way when this accident was his mistake.i am blamingm him now because he is no longer the loving concerned person.i have enoough trouble dealing with the pain and the loses,i have been in therapy to help this but i fear my marriage is over.he is unhappy and i am too,our love life is nothing because i can't relatee to a person who is no longer interesred in me.there is so much more to say but thanks for the time.rhonda
rhonda <>
danville, il USA - Date: 08/26/98 (Wed) Time: 07:55:33 PM
I've been suffering from migraines since I was 7 years old (almost 40 years
millburn, nj USA - Date: 08/26/98 (Wed) Time: 04:58:13 PM
I'm 28 years old and migranes used to be my living hell. My main problem was that I could not accept that I have a handicap. If I would wake up in the morning with a migrane, I would just swallow any pain killer I could see... and my doctor keep on treating me for stomach problems... This went on untill I ended out in the Hospital and lost my job. Since then I have learned to accept myself as I am, migraines or not. I had a talk with my doctor and he started treating me for migranes. First, I got Imigran. That worked but I became addicted to it. Now I take sandomigran and my life changed. The migranes are much less frequent and they go away much easier. Also, two important side-effects of Sandomigran forced me to change my lifestyle in a positive way: I eat more and I sleep more. I don't know what really helped me, if the medication itself or the change in my lifestyle, but I could not be more positive about Sandomigran. I have now a new job which demands a lot of resposability, in a company that was glad to take me as I am, and who understands when I have to stay home. If you are having problems with youself or at work because of the migranes, please feel free to write to me. Beleive me, I know how you feel, I have also been in hell.
Joana van der Leeuw <>
Amsterdam, Holland - Date: 08/26/98 (Wed) Time: 10:34:14 AM
Hi yall, My letter was one of those that was somehow deleted and I felt it was important because it talked about Social Security Disability. I wanted all of you to know that I have been awarded Social Security disability due to my migraines. My family doctor, who has been treating me since I was 18, I'm now 44, went with me to the hearing. My lawyer said that is why I won. He said in all his years of practice that was the first time a doctor came to the the hearing. If any of you are going ffor disability and have a doctor that will back you up 100% and believes you should be on disability and can't work, ask him to please go to the hearing with you to talk to the Judge unless you win prior to a hearing. I still have migraines EVERYDAY. I go for nubane, talwin, demerol,DHE and/or phenergan shots and take pills like crazy. I have my husband keep my ppills so I don't take too many or forget that I took them. I am now going to a pain clinic and the doctor said there are 3 types of headaches, 1) nerve damage 2) muscular pain 3) vascular She said if nerve or muscular then my headaches can be cured, but if vascular then only thing to to for them is pain medicine. I hope she has pain medicine that will kick my head into lala land, because if I can go to sleep thhen I feel better. I hope my letter has maybe given others hope regarding disability if they feel, or their doctor feels they can't work. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS JOHNNIE KAY LAND JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
johnnie kay land <>
jacksonville, fl USA - Date: 08/26/98 (Wed) Time: 10:33:12 AM
I've been taking Imitrex for several years now to stop migrane headaches and consider it a "wonder drug." But now my doctor tells me I can't take it anymore because I also take Paxil and the combination of the two can cause "serotonin syndrome." Do any of you know what this is? I'm devastated. Imitrex gave me back my life and I can't stand the thought of not being able to take it anymore.
bonnie wright <>
leesburg, fl USA - Date: 08/26/98 (Wed) Time: 10:11:19 AM
This is a great page, I have read about different medicines that I have never heard of and that my doctor has never mentioned. I have had migraines for about ten years now. In the past they were very infrequent (1-2 a year), so I did not do anything about it. In the past two years they have become much more frequent (3-5 per month). I was using Flouricet (sp?) until that became ineffective and I was recently prescribed Imitrex ttablets. The Imitrex takes about 2 1/2 hours for me to feel releief. Is this normal? I also consulted a neurologist had an MRI, that was fine. He mentioned antidepressants, has anyone had any postive/negative experiences with them? Please let me know as I have to call my doctor and let him know I am unhappy with Imitrex.
Kendra Shurtleff <>
Boston, MA USA - Date: 08/26/98 (Wed) Time: 09:44:58 AM
This is a helpful site. Thank you, Rhonda. I've suffered from classic migraine and thunderclap migraine for 20+ years. I take Inderal LA and was able to use Imitrex until I had some problems with my heart in Nov. 1997. Now I use a combination of painkillers at the onset of a headache. If they work, I'm lucky. If not, I ride it out. I feel fortunate because the headaches rarely last more than 10-12 hours. I know there are those of you the suffer for days or even weeks with some forms of headache. I am writing to ask your readers to email me two lists -- one of food triggers they have identified, and another list of "comfort" foods that do not produce symptoms for them. For instance, if I eat yellow cheese, MSG, or chocolate I usually wake the next morning with a headache. On the other hand, I'm not bothered by tomatoes and can eat tomato-based dishes to my heart's content without symptoms. I think most headache sufferers have foods they avoid (out of experience) and foods they turn to for comfort (particularly right after a headache has ended). I'm interested in those foods. My email is ---Thanks!
Wilma Scott <>
Battle Ground, WA USA - Date: 08/26/98 (Wed) Time: 02:53:29 AM