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USA - Date: 09/10/98 (Thu) Time: 08:01:03 AM
I first began having migraine headaches at 23 years old. My first migraine lasted 6 weeks, and remained completely untreated by the HMO doctors. I have, over the past 14 years taken a wide variety of medications, but most become ineffective in time. Now at 37 I always have at least a low level headache, but generally only have 3-5 migraines per year (and count myself lucky). I usually don't bother with medication for them - just tough it out for a day or two and they usually fade back into the background. But now I am pregnant with my second child. I have had an ongoing migraine for three and a half weeks and have tried Fiorinal and shots of Demerol to no avail. I know that the doctors are trying, and there is the health of the baby to consider (I have no interest in killing a baby to get rid of the headache), but I can't exsist like this for another 14 weeks. I am an executive sales manager for an international corporation and have people who depend on me for guidance and support in addition to a three year old daughter who is almost always with me. The doctor I saw today - a very knowledgable GP who is also a migraine sufferer - suggested that I take two Fiorinal and drink two cups of coffee (for a nice little caffine effect) and go to bed. Unfortunately, I neglected to realize that my near total elimination of caffine during my pregnacy also was eliminating my tolerance. It is now past 3 am and I still cannot sleep. I can't wait to see what they want me to try next!!!! I feel for all of the rest of you - I really do understand and I know how frustrating it can be to find help. I know that some natural remedies can be helpful, as can chiropractics, massage, accupuncture, accupressure, etc. But many of us are trapped in the catch of limited finances and being boxed in by our insurance companies. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me, but don't expect a quick response - I'm not supposed to be using my computer as it makes my headaches worse so I limit my exposure to just two or three sessions per week. Best to all of you.
Kathleen Brady <>
Escondido, CA USA - Date: 09/10/98 (Thu) Time: 05:23:34 AM
hello this is my first time on here.I am 46 yrs.old and suffer from headaches everyday(migraines) I take cafergot at the onset with a #3 tylenol codine if that doesn't stop it then I Must wait hours to take something else. If the pain starts out unbearable I take Imitrx shot self given. I hate needles but it does stop the pain most of the time , there are times nothing seems to help. The doctor says the headaches are from fibromyalgia and problems with systemic lupus. It's hard to talk to anyone because unless they are going through it they don't understand the pain and the fact you'll do about anything to make it stop. I personally am researching different herbal remedies. There has to be something out there to help us besides perscription drugs. At least on this journal if someone says they understand you know that they really do. God Bless each one of you May you have peaceful days and sweet dreams
Laura <>
modesto, ca USA - Date: 09/10/98 (Thu) Time: 12:53:33 AM
Hi, First I would like to tell everyone how I sympathise with you all. I am at a point where I can have 4-5 migraines in a week, so believe me I understand your pain. I would really appreciate hearing from women who have had migraines during their pregnancy. What I want to know is if you still had a lot of migraines during your pregnancy? I would also like to know if you took medications during your pregnancy? Thanks, Genevieve
Genevieve <>
Plymouth, MN USA - Date: 09/09/98 (Wed) Time: 02:57:09 PM
I have suffered with migraines for 25 years and presently manage with Stadol and Imitrex. However, a year ago I began to keep an ice pack in the freezer and at the very first sign of a migraine, put it on the back of my neck. It often can abort the migraine before it begins. I now know that many people use this procedure but I wish I would have tried it long ago. The only trouble is that I cannot always be in a place where I can use the ice pack.
Gloria <>
Grand Rapids, MI USA - Date: 09/09/98 (Wed) Time: 01:32:03 PM
I have just come across this migraine journal. Fortunatly I am not the one suffering from headaches, migraine etc., BUT one of my close friends, a man of 55, suffers severely from frequent attacks of what has been described to him as HORTON's HEADACHE. The conventional treatment he has been offered only consists of loads of medecin and painkillers. WHAT ARE THE SUGGESTIONS FOR UNCONVENTIONAL TREATMENT? I sincerely hope that some of you out there will take a few minutes of your time to let me in on your personal experiences in the battle against the awesome disease. Sincerely yours, Jakob
Jakob B. <>
Copenhagen, Denmark - Date: 09/09/98 (Wed) Time: 02:17:42 AM
Hi fellow migraineurs; Well it has been an interesting week. For whatever reason I have gone for about 5 days without a headache, but of course it didn't last. I have a headache this evening which actually started last night. I had an appointment with my doctor today so I thought that I would get the help that I needed. WRONG!! He did give me a refill on my Fioricet but did not want to give me a shot to rid myself of the intense pain that I was then and am still in. Oh well, guess I will tough it out yet again. I am still having trouble getting prescription refilled...the pharmacy calls the doctor's office for the ok to refill the RX and then they are supposed to call back, well that just does not happen. I have gone for as much as two weeks trying to get something refilled, calling the pharmacy and the doctors office everyday. They get tired of hearing from me and I get extremly tired of calling them and being treated like a crazy person. I tell the doctor about all this and he just shrugs it off and says, "well, the girls are really busy," in that condesending doctor voice. You all know the voice that I am talking about. I looked into calling a neuorologist in a nearby town that deals in pain management, but I found that he is not listed on my list of providers for the insurance company. I just cannot start going to a doctor that is not listed...I can't afford it. We had to declare bankrupsey last year due to medical expenses I encured during a time when we had no insurance. That was a nightmare that is on going. The bankrupsey is over, but the nightmare continues when we try to get something on credit...I am sure that there are some out there that know exactly what I am going through. BUT THROUGH THE DARKNESS THERE IS A BRIGHT LIGHT...A TINY, BUT VERY GOOD LIGHT. Last Wednesday afternoon my daughter gave birth to my second Grandson...he is the bright light at the end of my dark tunnel and so is his big brother. They are my precious little guys. The baby was 6 pounds, 4 ounces and is 20 inches long. Like I said, a tiny but good light. More good news is in the near son and daughter in law are expecting TRIPLETS!!! How cool is that??? We are all very excited, so since you all and this journal have become my lifeline, I will keep all informed of the news. Thanks all, for listening and thank all of you for writing encouraging notes...feel free to continue to e-mail me. The notes keep me sane. Thanks again.
Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA - Date: 09/08/98 (Tue) Time: 08:38:45 PM
hello....well i havent had the pleasure of migraines but for 5 years. I started having them when i was 24. I am now 29. I had great treatment while my husband was in the military, my nuerologist was the best. The treatment that worked for my migraines was pamelor 75mg for a preventive along with valporic acid(anti sezuire med) i cant remember the doseage. And for acute treatment i was prescribed demerol elixer 50 to 100mg every four hours and phenergan suppositories 50 mg. I was also given seconal 100mg to take if not asleep within one hour. I was given 30 doses of the demerol, 15 of the seconal and 60 of the phenergan for a two month supply. I thought this was adaquate. I went from 3 or 4 headaches a week to 3 or 4 a month. I was very pleased with the reduction. But i did not notice a reduction in severity. Usually I would not have to fill the seconal at visits, I told my doctor that the combo scared me. THought i would never wake up if i took all that medication. Now that my husband is out of the military I have met such appalled looks from doctors i am wondering if i got bad medical attention while in the military? I use to bring my medical record to doctors visits but they dont want to read them anyways ......Is this normal? Are all doctors like this? i have had to resort to useing the Er and that was a horrible experience. now i refuse to subject myself to the ER or doctors and i have become very depressed about my life. I dont even consider this a life. I wake up wishing i would die i fall asleep wishing i would not wake up....The funny thing is that this doesnt bother me. All i know is pain i have no joy in anything. I still work full time i never call in sick. My body has become my prision......I dont want to tell anyone i know for fear of being labeled a complainer. I use to voice my distress but was told i was a whinner and i should just learn to live with it by my family, and doctors. I dont know what else to do all i know is that i have no feelings anymore inside i feel totally numb. ANy advice would be taken.....i just cant find the answers myself anymore.
jess <>
plano, tx USA - Date: 09/08/98 (Tue) Time: 07:27:04 PM