Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Dear Friends: I have readen with big attention your pages about migraine, becouse I'm a pacient of it since a long time ago. I supose that, as other many pacients, desperate by the very often pain, I have tried everything. Besides the medicines that I have been taken and that have helped me, and triyng to get a faster time for the acute headacke , I have designed a simple product that doesn't pretend to be miracoulose, but helps to reach before the resolution fase. In a small sample with same pacients I have sean that it works. It relax you, pain calms, and with a complementary and adequate medicine the course of the migraine runs better. What I only need now is somebody's colaboration to make run this proyect and be able to offer it to many other migraine pacients. Could you please inform me if somebody, private individual or legal entity, could be interested in colaborating in the developement and launch of the proyect? Best regards, Juan José Duelo Barcelona - Spain
BARCELONA, CATALUÑA SPAIN - Date: 09/12/98 (Sat) Time: 04:36:20 PM
I stumbled into this site while doing a search on ocular migraines. Reading the journal has been a very humbling experience. My case is probably nowhere as intense and painful as some of the other histories described here. However I would greatly appreciate hearing from others who have had similar experiences. I had my first ocular migraine about a month and a half after having my first child, about 2 years ago. It was a visual disturbance. It occurred while I was reading and was the most terrifying thing that I had ever experienced. I could not see the entire line at one shot. As my eyes moved along the line the words would become progressively apparent. It lasted for about 20 minutes. The next one occurred after about seven to eight months. However since then I have had another six episodes each after a gap of about 3-4 months on an everage. The visual disturbance is also accompanied by these colored zig-zag lines that I think I see on the periphery of the eyes. After I am able to see clearly(in about 20 minutes or so) I feel this dull pain over one eye and nausea and a general feeling of letharg. I never get a headache. Even otherwise I do not have headaches. I started out thinking that there was something terribly wrog going on in my head(tumor/stroke). Howeveer a friend who is a doctor mentioned that my symptom ssounded like an ocular migraine. Going through some of the case histories on this web-site it seems that a number of migraines seem to start out this way and then get progressively worse. I am worried and would lik eto hear from people who have experienced similar symptoms and who may have tried treatment options/diet changes etc that may have proven effective in treating this. Thanks
Poonam Kumar <>
Fremont, CA USA - Date: 09/12/98 (Sat) Time: 03:09:48 AM
Hi everyone. I love this journal. I am so glad that their are other people out there that know what I am going through. My life would be so normal if I did not get migraines, I am so sick of getting them. I have a question, if anyone has an answer. I have been taking Imitrex injections with great success for about 2 years now. Imitrex pills did nothing, neither did the nasal spray. Has anyone taken the new medication Maxalt? I have that also now, but, am afraid to take it after having such good luck with Imitrex. Does it work quicker than Imitrex? Anyone with any information please email me. I would greatly appreciate it. Hope everyone cures their migraines soon!! NCMDP@AOL.COM
Marilyn <>
Morrisville, NC USA - Date: 09/11/98 (Fri) Time: 09:50:05 PM
Hi everyone-this is my first time to see this migraine journal and would love to know if anyone out there has taken "Amerge" (naratriptan hydrochloride) which I guess effects serotonin availability in a little different way than Imitrex. It works within a couple of hours but now I seem to be getting them more often (every few days)Has anyone used this drug?? Please write me. Thanks so much.
donna <>
USA - Date: 09/11/98 (Fri) Time: 08:40:23 PM
Rhonda...well, I have been thnking about the new background and though the new one causes me no problems, perhaps it does to others. There have been studies done regarding "restful" and non anger producing colors and some of the studies say that a "pale" green (VERY LIGHT green), blue (VERY LIGHT) and some shades of pink are very restful. Pink, for me is not a good color but the very light greens and blues are good. I think the blue is restful and easy on the eyes because of the fact that it is associated with water and water is very restful, such as a mountain stream and the sounds of a light rain or a trickling stream. (From my bio-feedback CD's). Perhaps one of these colors would be better for those that have a problem with the beige. Maybe a light blue with a hint of a water concept (if that is possible.) Thanks for keeping all of us, yourself included, informed and thanks for caring.
Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA - Date: 09/11/98 (Fri) Time: 04:19:51 PM
I know the purpose of this site isn't to vote on the background but I have to add my two cents. Initially, I liked the change. After 10 minutes, it really began to bother my eyes. Maybe beige to cut the glare but without the parchment effect?
Mary <>
NYC, NY USA - Date: 09/11/98 (Fri) Time: 01:05:14 PM
Hello Everyone! I stumbled onto this incredible page several months ago, and I have to say that is has changed my life. My story is not that different than most. I am 25 years old and have suffered from migraine as long as I can remember. It seems only to get worse over the years, not better. Like many, it's been passed onto me through my family --- my mother and grandmother both have migraines. I've tried a long list of meds on both the preventative and abortive side. As with most, I get extremely tired of popping pills and not having much quality of life. In March of 1997, I had my very first ER visit. Scared the living crap out of me. I was living in North Carolina at the time and found an adequate Neuro down there. He wasn't great, but he put me on yet another anti-depressant, which I thought was working. I went about an entire year with only 3 or 4 migraines a month. I was in heaven. I moved back to Michigan in December 1997 and about March or April of 1998 I started getting migraines about 80% of each month. I decided it was time to find a Neuro here and did. He is excellent. He told me that the dosage of anti-depressant I was taking was doing virtually no good. At first I was upset. I had spent all this money for a year on refills of a drug that wasn't working. Great! Then, I realized, that wasn't all bad. Okay, I wasted money, but the reality was that I went a whole year on my own. That meant that I didn't necessarily need to be on drugs the rest of my life. My new Doc in MI is awesome. We spent a few months trying different preventatives --- Prozac (again!), Depakote (only 6 weeks and a 15 lb. weight gain). During all this trying, my migraines were still pretty much every day. I found great support from this site, and wonderful ideas. Anyone remember "Hawkshaw"'s posts? He was talking about his daughter and how he wanted her to detox and live healthier. Well, it made a lot of sense to me? I talked it over with my Doc and we both felt that, although I have migraines, probably 60% of what I thought were migraines were probably rebound headaches from all the pain killers I was taking (Imitrex (shots, pills, and nasal spray), Codeine, lots of OTC stuff). So, I stop taking all medication!! No more daily meds. I still keep the pain killers on deck, but try not to use them. I changed my eating habits --- I usually ate pretty healthy foods, but wasn't eating regular meals. I also was mostly eating veggies due to all my vegetarian friends, however I've since learned that I need to eat meats. I now eat at least 3 meals a day, sometimes more, and I eat meat more regularly. I have started taking a multi-vitamin once a day. I'm looking into also taking a B-complex as I've heard that is good too. Needless to say, with the changes I have made, since August 10th, I've only had 2 migraines!! I saw my Doc yesterday and he does not want to attempt to alter a good situation. He is very happy and just wants to keep tabs on my progress. As everyone on here says, what worked for me may not work for you, but it's all worth a try. I decided to try all of this because I feel that migraine sufferers are some of the most over medicated people. If you are taking painkillers almost every day, then there's quite possibly an addiction problem. Some people would need Doc supervision through the detox process, and some people's Docs will talk them out of it, but I was able to do it on my own. I wish everyone the best of luck with anything you try. I hope that someday we will have a cure, but until then, I wish everyone a migraine and drug free life.
Melissa Roy <>
Grand Rapids, MI USA - Date: 09/11/98 (Fri) Time: 10:25:17 AM