Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Nancy, you wrote to me and asked me about the pump. Did my email get to you or were you the one I accidently lost sending it. Please let me know if you didn't get a reply from me. Thanks Denise
Denise <>
Midland, Tx USA - Date: 09/11/98 (Fri) Time: 01:07:41 AM
Hi I"ve written a message in the journal before and I"ve had several helpful replies. This time I have a question about the new imitrex nose spray. I use imitrex tablets right now and they work about 80% of the time. What I really would lke to know if there is anybody out there that has used the imitrex nose spray and what kind of results they've had with it. Thanks Carol
carol <>
North Syracuse north syracuse, ny usa - Date: 09/11/98 (Fri) Time: 12:42:41 AM
Hello all! I was not sure whether to be comforted by all my fellow migraine sufferers or depressed because there is so many of us! My story sounds like a lot of yours. My migraines started at 12 (I'm now 26) and they have occurred in varying intensities over the last few years. After I had the second of my two children, they have gotten progressively worse but I have found a new medication that works like magic for me. It is 50 mg of ANSAID. I have no idea why it works but have found some studies that support the use of it to treat migraines. If taken right at the beginning of my migraine, I need to take only one. If I don't catch it in time, I take two. It has always worked for me. I hope it can help others. Feel free to e-mail me if you need more info! Best wishes to you all!
Sarena <>
USA - Date: 09/10/98 (Thu) Time: 08:04:07 PM
Ok, I need some help here. I've tried three types of backgrounds now with problems with each of them. Granted the first attempt (quite a while ago, probably before the journal even started) was not good. I had been receiving complaints on the "paper" background due to the lines, etc. being a problem when people have migraines. I guess I tend not to work on the page when I'm feeling really bad, (I look at a computer all day at work and just can't stand to do so in my spare time sometimes) so I tested it a couple of times, and decided, yes, the lines can be a problem. Hence, with a slight migraine going at the time, I chose this new background. Which, apparently, is good for some but awful for others. Can you guys help me out here. What WOULD be a good background? The current one doesn't bother me when I have a headache, but that's just me. I tried to avoid stark white (and will probalby change the rest of the page as well when I figure out what works), 'cause I've been finding that can sometimes be bothersome. Too dark, and the text won't show up unless it's in reverse, which is much, much worse than black on white (painwise, that is). I personally have a problem with the "standard gray" with black text, but maybe that's just me as well... So, I guess I'm open to suggestions. I realize I can't please all the people all the time, but I just would like a little input. Thanks!
Ronda <>
USA - Date: 09/10/98 (Thu) Time: 04:48:32 PM
Hi Rhonda...just a quick note to tell you that I really appreciate the new background. It is much better than the white background with the blue lines. That was a "cute" concept, but very hard on me (and I am sure others) when I had a headache. The beige is much more "restful." There are some that might have a problem with it, but then some would have a problem with whatever the background would be. That is just the nature of Migraine. What might be restful for some prople would be a major pain to others. As for myself, I like the new back ground. Thanks.
Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA - Date: 09/10/98 (Thu) Time: 04:16:56 PM
Hi ya'll! I have been reading many of the entries on this journal and I can definitely relate to many. I have approximately 3 migraines a week - and it does not make it very easy to deal with LIFE! I have two samll children - actually not THAT small anymore! My eldest is a boy who is 9 years old, and my youngest, another boy is 6 years old. I feel that all they ever see of MOM is laying in bed in a dark room! I feel like I miss out on so much! My husband is extremely understanding, (I believe that his mother has had migraines all her life and my husband is very good to his Mom - I sure that is where he got his "training" for treating his family!) and does a lot with the kids as I lay in bed feeling like I want to end it all! This is not what I want my children to remember as their upbringing! I have tried all kinds of different treatments, from narcotic (codiene "stuff")to wholesome good 'ole natural treatments - nothing seems to work the same way twice! I never know - it's trial and error and hopefully along the way I won't over medicate myself or end up "hooked" on something! It is very frustrating - and/but I have a super relationship with my doctor and we talk a lot about what to do next - what has worked (sometimes!) etc. It is very important to have a great "talking" relationship with your doctor and make sure you trust him/her! I have a very level head, I do not get stressed out over very much - but I'll tell you - these migraines definitely try one's patience and "stress levels"! But then again - why am I telling you guys! I guess that is why we all write to as many places as possible - still hoping that one day a "miracle cure" will be found! (My mother is still waiting for that same cure - I thank her for passing this on to me through her genes! She couldn't have just given me her eyes?!?!?!?!?) Okay - I must depart - and if someone happens to hit upon a miracle (I think I would have to keep this in the "legal" category!) PLEASE ring the bells and let us all know!!!!!!!
Denyse Ford <>
Edmonton, AB CANADA - Date: 09/10/98 (Thu) Time: 02:03:41 PM
Hey Ronda! The new background on the online migraine journal gave me a migraine trying to read it. I'm serious, sometimes change is better, but not this time. I read the journal several times a day, but as long as the new background is there I'll just have to pass. Sorry,
Va USA - Date: 09/10/98 (Thu) Time: 11:56:20 AM