Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Well, after reading several stories I felt the need to add my own. I am 47 and have had migraines since I was about 14. Over the years I have had numerous tests, taken "prevention" medication, tried a lot of different things. My problem is that I really don't feel comfortable taking all these meds and try to only take OTC stuff to help ease the pain. Well, you know how successful that is! I generally don't know when a migraine is coming on so it's hard to take stuff when I first feel it coming on. My symptoms are these: throbbing head, usually one side or the other and then a day or two later it switches to the other side; feels like an ice pick being stabbed into temple; skull feels like "the alien" is trying to escape through it; eyes water, sensitive to light; sinuses get blocked up; sick to my stomach...need I go on? Several times in my life I've gone several years without too many migraines, but I seem to have a headache every day. Anyone else out there have "normal" headaches that frequently? I am in phase now of having migraines frequently. My husband is very understanding and will do whatever necessary to help me out. He doesn't even get headaches himself, so it's hard for him to know what's happening to me. The frustration level is very high, as you all must know. I am in the process of trying to get a new job and can only hope that I can learn to work through the pain during my probationary period. I'm learning to just try to live with it and work even though my head is splitting. It's really tough to do and I take lots of OTC stuff, which isn't good for you either. Well, enough of my woes...we've all been there and ARE there. Nice to discover this page, I'll be back to read more stories. Thanks!
Pat <>
Pasadena, CA USA - Date: 09/28/98 (Mon) Time: 01:31:28 AM
Hello! Wow, I was really glad to find this page! Sooo much information shared I have the dreaded Menses migraines, and my diagnosis is the following: "Chronic Menses Migraines with cluster features". By cluster features this includes: Droopy eye, tearing of the eye, sometimes profuse sweating, and nasal stuffiness. FIRST question is: has anyone else been diagnosed with these symptoms or perhaps something similar to this "phenomenon"!!!??? I have also run the gamut on the "migraine meds" as well as the preventative ones. At present, the neuro wants to try me back on Verapamil. And she also gave me something ive never tried before which is MIGRANAL. (I am allergic to all triptan medication). OKK...My next question is about the Migranal. I used it once and got a bit of releif from it. The relief was not near 100%, hence, I woke to the same headache the next morning. I tried to suffer it out. By the evening, the pain was getting quite severe, so I administered another nasal dosage of the Migranal. (This is the kicker)---- This time absolutley NOOO relief was obtained from the Migranal. AND furthermore, I think it might have intensified the migraine (is that strange??). I ended up in the ER, and they had to give me an injection in EACH hip for the pain. I would love to hear from anyone please on this medication or any helpful hints in dealing with these Menstrual Migraine Monsters!!! Thanks a million.
B. Thomas <>
NC USA - Date: 09/27/98 (Sun) Time: 10:21:47 PM
Hi, i suffer migraines on occasion but not too often. I am writing in reference to my husband. He generally has one every 3 to 5 weeks, and it usually last 3 to 7 days. He is currently going through one now. We have been to the Dr twice since Friday for shots.He takes Depakote and inderal on a daily basis and has the immitrex shots for when he has an attack. He has tried almost all meds on the market to which none have worked. The problem is that he does not get a warning sign of it coming. We are finally going to a neurologist on Oct. 7th, hopefully we can find something out. We have never tried to use a diary but will be starting one tomorrow. Well thanks for listening. Anyone with suggestions please email me.
DWIGHT, IL USA - Date: 09/27/98 (Sun) Time: 08:16:36 PM
Hi. Does anyone else out there have epilepsy along with migraine headaches? I have heard that the 2 are often seen together, but was interested in hearing from others who might share the same. My husband has had migraine headaches along with complex partial epilepsy since he was 11. As a result of the epilepsy he has seizures when he just "spaces out" for a few minutes, then is ok again. These are very infrequent; he can go 5 years without having one then have many in a month. His migraines however, are frequent. He is currently trying Depakoke which worked for both the migraines and the seizures, but now is not working. I love to hear from anyone with the similar problems. Thanks and God bless. Heidi Email me:
Heidi Abbotoni <>
Houlton, ME USA - Date: 09/27/98 (Sun) Time: 07:58:21 PM
I do not know if what I have is considered a migraine headache or not. All I know is it is the weekend, and of course, I cannot call my Dr until Monday morning. Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to work on the computer and I had a pain shoot through my head- very similar to an icecream headache. It was very intense, but also very short-lived. The pain has continued in a pulsing fashion for the past 24 hours- coming and going every 5 minutes to a half an hour. The only time I am not aware of the pain is when I am sleeping. The thing I am most concerned about is the fact that it is not a constant pain, but the shooting pain is always in the same place when it hits. Could this be a migraine? Any ideas would be helpful!
stacey <>
USA - Date: 09/27/98 (Sun) Time: 06:16:23 PM
I am a 40 year old woman who has suffered from migraine headaches for most of my life. I have tried just about everything on the market. The latest I am giving a try in Zomig and Amerge. What I would like to know is if there is anyone out there who has had success with accupuncture. My husband just had it to stop smoking and the Dr. said he could stop my headaches. His success rate to stop smoking has been very good. I know of several people who has went to him for it. I hope it works for my husband. The doctor is in corpus Christi. He is pretty expensive so I was hoping for some feedback before I try it. Please write me and let me know if anyone has tried it. Thanks, Betty
Betty Satterfield <>
League City, Tx. USA - Date: 09/27/98 (Sun) Time: 04:20:33 PM
Greetings, I am a new migraine(?) sufferer and here are some of my symptons: Localized pain which begins behind my left eye moves behind my right eye or remains localized in the back of my head. The pain is moderate to severe, constant, and mostly I can still function. Three kids ages 5, 4, and 3 is my fulltime job. In the past 24 hours I have had a tingling sensation in the left side of my mouth, tounge, and lips. Much like coming out of a visit to the dentist and the medication is starting to wear off. A friend gave me an Imitrex tablet which did absolutly nothing for my pain. I have mainly been taking extra strengh Tylenol. I am especially concerned over the tingling sensation in my mouth. If any one else is familiar with this sympton, please let me know your experiences. Thanks in advance. Mary Jean
Mary Jean <>
Birmingham, AL USA - Date: 09/27/98 (Sun) Time: 07:21:38 AM